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Author: Nikki Eisenhauer

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Hosted by Nikki Eisenhauer M.ED. LPC, LCDC, International Life Coach and Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. The weekly podcast explores mental health & healing for survivors, thrivers, seekers, healers, highly sensitive people (HSP) & empaths.

Expand and awaken to your higher purpose, be more present and authentic while finding strength in spirituality. Quiet the monkey mind of modern society with meditation, and connect deeply with yourself and safe others. We let go of what doesn't serve us to heal old wounds, find our voice guilt-free, and learn to be the hero in our own story. Embrace guerrilla self care, and laugh with lightness on the self development path. This show is designed mindfully to be the emotional education so many of us crave.
137 Episodes
How empaths experience the world and the permission to explore, expand, and own our callings. Nikki explores self esteem, resiliency, challenge, vulnerability, and expression. I hope this week's episode offers a deeper understanding of our highly sensitive empathic gifts, and how to grow into our worth by taking up space and claiming our callings. Shout outs to the courageous and inspiring Lisa Tahir and Marianne Williamson. Light and love! For bonus podcast episodes visit
The Bob Ross inspired episode is HERE! Wisdom from one of my favorite Wise Men, The Joy of Painting creator and PBS star, Bob Ross. I share what he meant to me as a child and how I'm channeling his grounded peace. I hope I do his memory justice with this episode. We dive deep into some of his favorite sayings and unpack the wisdom of 'no mistakes, just happy little accidents.' Light and love, Nikki
What are we made of? Have you been thinking about this since hearing the nursery rhyme; snips & snails & puppy dogs' tails? I HAVE. This episode is about the differences & similarities between HSPs & Energy Vampires. It takes understanding of these dynamics for a HSP to shield (with boundaries) against emotional vampire-ing & stop allowing yourself to get sucked in. As adults we can do what we couldn't as children---learn how to keep energy vampires OUT and our energy IN.
I share something vulnerable and ripe for judgement in this week's episode. A personal story about the highly sensitive struggle to manage stress, create peace, calm, & act in love. Featuring Queen Dagmar. Most Highly Sensitive People& trauma survivors report a love-hate relationship with high sensitivity. Radical personal assertiveness and acceptance is required (yes I'm saying REQUIRED) to shift from sensitivity feeling like a burden to a superpower. Exclusive episodes
I'm excited to share with you a passage from a favorite healing book by Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light. It inspired a meditation I wrote to help us flow when life throws obstacles in our path. Most of us have heard the fun fact that our bodies are mostly water. I hope this episode and meditation help you feel how powerful you truly are and how you can learn to use your energy & power to flow around, through, above, below, and beyond. For exclusive episodes visit
Hello Tribe! Today we break down what it means to check in with ourselves & grow mindful muscles to take the very best care of deep, expansive selves. A little intuition vs. anxiety, internal vs. external, and oldie-but-goodie borrowed from Alcoholics Anonymous sayings, HALT: exploring Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, as a check in strategy. Sometimes it's the simple things that go over our heads or we can over complicate as Highly Sensitive People. For exclusive episodes
I've had negotiation on my mind, Ya'll. Negotiation. It's as inescapable as grief and we get just as much education in how to do it. Zilch! Nada! Nothing! Sensitives and Survivors can really struggle in the face of the vibes that come from hard-ball negotiation tactics. I hope this week's episode helps shine light on the areas we can own and grow to become better negotiators in life. Light and love! For exclusive episodes visit:
Please vote for us at in the People's Choice and Health category. Imagination, worry, holding onto what's negative and facing change to let go of worst case scenario thinking and Nikki models a script of healing self talk.
On top of the general tensions & chaos of 2020, I'm seeing lots of heartache & change for highly sensitive people. Energies are a-churnin' Ya'll!!!! As we face big changes & big unknowns as a tribe and individually we will be challenged to let go and move on in many ways. I share a story about my old supervisor, Gus, a Spiritual Father, who lovingly helped me when I was a super green therapist & human being & taught me by showing me simplicity & truth in letting go.
To consider compatibility I had to first understand and accept more about my personality and temperament--not what I thought my temperament and personality were supposed to be, but how I was made, how I am, what's changeable within myself and what isn't. I hope this week's episode opens the conversation of compatibility and workability in partnership to help us strengthen our existing relationship with self, current partners, inner circle. Visit for exclusive episodes
Those of us in the Highly Sensitive Tribe can be so so hard on ourselves. I've learned over the years that HSPs and survivors tend to double down on personal pressure to 'just figure it out' when figuring it out might not be on the table in any given moment. This week's episode is about THAT--I share what I've learned to do when I just don't know what to do. Hope you enjoy it! Light and love! Nikki Visit for exclusive episodes
Let's talk about burnout compassion fatigue, compartmentalization and denial. Therapists are taught about burnout before we see our 1st patient. lots of you know about burnout. I like the physical definitions of burnout to explain how it feels emotionally. "The failure of an electrical device or component through overheating. physical and mental collapse." Visit for exclusive episodes and our monthly livestream
Exploring the Book Toxic Parents by Susan Forward Overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life, levels of dysfunction, healing and boundaries. For more information visit
So much to process when it comes to coming out of the shadows of racism to heal individually, as Americans, and around the world. Stress management, letting go and meditating to help us pace for the marathon of an awakened life. For exclusive episodes visit
Interview with Tracie Collins of National Black Doulas Association and support for Black Lives Matter.This interview was recorded a week or so before protesting began in the US. I hope this episode shines light on the broader issues beyond police brutality and violence that affect Black people, like 5x higher birthing mortality rate. The healing we must do as a country is immense and it is happening. I'm committed to teaching about change, personal responsibility, and the inner family dynamics of the white racist police family--I come from one--and what it takes to evolve and shed the poison as we move forward as individuals and as a society. Things always seem darkest before dawn, as the saying goes. I plan to be here for the clean, bright, morning we are all ready for. Find Tracie Collins, learn, give or receive support at and spread her life saving message.
In this episode we read The Book Of Possibility Understanding the primal ways we are programmed to look for problems helps us understand our task to mindfully shift to possibility in the modern world. Honored to read ya'll a book! Find Courtney Cox Smith's The Book of Possibility, now available on Amazon.
Sharing some of my own road through poverty, struggle, and humbling myself in the name of survival. I hope it helps anyone who is out there facing economic uncertainty, fear, and (hopefully not) desperation. I name the societal shame trap of facing 'taking a job that's beneath me,' and that financial hardship is a major player in suicidal ideation and a continuation of anxiety/depression and PTSD symptoms. As many enter (or deepen) financial uncertainty within our covid economy, I want to keep talking about money, hope, resiliency, surviving to thriving, understanding these deep and tender, generational and worth-impacting dynamics. For the record, our worth as individuals does not change. My worth and your worth remain, fixed, no matter our financial value or comfort, if there is one dollar or millions, even when our feelings try to say otherwise.  Visit Https:// for exclusive episodes
There’s so much for us to learn by observing our relationship to irritability, anxiety, and making mistakes as we evolve, break cycles, and grow emotional intelligence for introverts and extroverts. I hope there’s something in this episode to help us own what needs owning and help us let go of what doesn’t serve us. Might want to pull out a journal for this one! Visit for exclusive episodes
If you wait for courage before you act, then this episode is for you! I share how I found courage through the experience of skydiving--I hope it helps you understand your own relationship with bravery and challenge. Light and love! Visit https:/ for exclusive episodes
Slowing down is essential in healing and easier said than done. This longer meditation supports rewiring and retraining the nervous system with mindfulness, intention, and grounded calm to slow down to integrate mind and body. Strongly recommended for anyone experiencing, FNET Fear of Not Enough Time and healing performance based esteem or perfectionism. for exclusive content
Comments (24)

Amber Pratt

This is really good, and validating.

Aug 28th

Jenn Bruner

This show feels like a gentle poultice for a hurting heart. I listen regularly and each episode points guides me toward healing. Yes, that all sounds over-the-top sappy. Nonetheless, it's true! Thank you!

Aug 18th

Rachael Whitney

thanks im 9 years old and i am an inphath in Colorado

Jul 29th

Kate Barham-Maurer

I needed this so badly today. thank you.

Jul 25th

Juli Cailin

where have you been all my life, Dr. Nikki lol ✌️🙂

Jun 29th
Reply (2)

Miss T

TY TY Nice. Let's be bad asses Namaste

May 19th

bookaddict 4real

Thanks for sharing this art of healing and a different perspective

Jul 29th
Reply (1)

Lynsey Burnham

Nikki thank you for being you. I realize that I am late in responding to this episode from May of 2018, but I just started listening! I wanted you to know that I am grateful to have you to listen to! I am a Reiki Practitioner and felt a spiritual spark upon listening to you in the first episode. Love and light to you.

Jul 25th
Reply (1)


I LOVE your podcast! so much learning and self reflection. I listened to one episode 3 times! thanks for the good vibes.

Jun 11th

B. m Nguyen

I'm extremely happy to have found this show

May 29th

Carly Valenzuela

love this show

Feb 21st

Hannah Faith

Love love love this podcast. Recently got out of a toxic relationship and by listening, I'm learning so much about how to heal myself and develop a healthier mindset in order to prevent getting in a relationship like that again. Thank you :)

Jan 13th

Jennifer Walker

I just wanna say thank you for what you do. I am also a HSP and I suspect an empath as well. I now feel confident that I may be able to heal myself, as well as my daughter who is HSP as well. thank you again

Dec 20th

Paul Halupka

YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND :) thank you for taking the leap to make this and introducing me to the tribe i never knew i had!

Nov 24th

Amber Fields

I've been begging my partner for a hug for years... I will be taking this course. I love the podcast! keep up the uplifting work!

Nov 1st

Amber Fields

umm... your show is phenomenal! keep up the amazing work! I'll continue listening!

Oct 24th

Kensie Innes

Love love soo much

Sep 4th

Krystal Patterson

This was by far my favorite episode. I feel so relaxed now after listening. Exactly what I needed before this long work day!

Aug 3rd

Kayla Arielle

What a great episode! I feel so blessed to have been guided to this podcast today. Looking forward to listening to so much more and following my intuition increasingly 😄🦋☄

Jul 9th

Al Flo

I've been searching for this exact pod cast. If you are searching for emotional healing and finding your tribe, this is it. My #1 podcast.

Jun 16th
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