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Author: Ali Juten and Phil Stepp

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Join Ali Juten and Phil Stepp while they share their passion for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Ali brings a unique female perspective to the outdoor world, while Phil shares his years of knowledge in DIY hunting and fishing. They also interview a variety of outdoor personalities and experts in the field! Support this podcast:
24 Episodes
We love talkin' Turkey! Especially when we can talk turkey calling and tactics with Scott C. Ellis, a 3X Grand National Turkey calling Champ. Scott also has his own show, Hunt Quest, and was an integral part in developing a turkey calling app, "Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis".In this episode, you'll find that turkey hunting is more than just great woodsmanship, it is about combining that knowledge with proficient calling. When it all comes together, you will be able to be successful wherever you go.  Scott also touches on factors like daylight and weather that trigger testosterone in Toms. This knowledge can help hunters understand when they will likely start to breed. Have you ever wondered what you should do when turkey's just aren't answering to calls? Or what a good calling method would be for folks unable to use mouth calls? Listen to the episode to find out!--- Support this podcast:
Empower Outdoors co-host, Phil Stepp is back on the show to help recap our fall hunting seasons and celebrate Empower Outdoors' 1 year mark! We talk everything from deer season, our lack of ice fishing time, thoughts about shooting small bucks, our thoughts about shed hunting and upcoming turkey hunts! Lots of laughter included!--- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Ali Juten speaks with GoWild App Chief Marketing Officer, Jenn Callahan.  GoWild is one of the fastest growing social media and activity tracking platforms for outdoors enthusiasts and truly is a space for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to share their experiences, expertise, learn, and track their activity.  Jenn shares a little about the type of community you'll find in the app, as well as functionality, why it was started, and their partnerships with Garmin and National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). Music by Steven James and the RevivalSong: Lover of the Silver Moon --- Support this podcast:
If you’ve ever been curious about what it would be like to attend an all ladies fishing or hunting trip, this episode will give you a pretty good idea. Even if you’re a guy, you’ll find value in this conversation and be able to to share with your wife/girlfriend or daughter why they should be on the lookout for ladies trips, too. And, let me tell you, the benefits of an all ladies trip is more than just a full pan of fish…enjoy the episode!Music by Steven James & The RevivalSong: Lover of the Silver Moon--- Support this podcast:
If you’re a hunter, without even knowing it, you’re contributing to conservation. Each year, equipment, ammunition, licenses, tags and fees that are purchased in order to hunt contribute to conservation efforts. Sportsmen and women have contributed more than $14 billion to conservation since 1937. In this episode, Allison Rauscher joins the show to discuss how hunting is conservation and how to get involved in local conservation chapters.Music by Steven James & the RevivalSong: Lover of the Silver Moon--- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Ali interviews Cara Harper about her 2018 hunting season. Cara and her husband have been living in their camper traveling the country hunting. She shares stories of her turkey, elk, waterfowl and deer hunts with her husband, Grant. We talk about her passion for hunting, dog training, and her advice for new hunters wanting to get into the sport. She also shares a little about her career that makes "hunting for a living" possible.  You won't want to miss it! Support this podcast:
Motivational Speaker, author, and outdoorswoman, Ashlee Lundvall joins the show! Ashlee shares some of the hunting knowledge she has learned over the years, specifically about antelope hunting. She's also a woman who is passionate about accessibility to the outdoors. After a ranch accident in 1999 left her paralyzed, she has made it her mission to redefine her life by helping others who may have similar circumstances. Ashlee shares her perspective of hunting in an action-track chair and how she preps for a hunting trip. In May 2018 she was also appointed by Pres. Trump for a two-year term to the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. It's an episode you won't want to miss! For more about Ashlee and the resources she has put together to help others access the outdoors, visit her website by Steven James and the RevivalSong: Lover of the Silver Moon--- Support this podcast:
Ali and Phil chat with Angie Scott, host of the Woman Angler and Adventurer Podcast. Angie discusses finding her way to fish in Tennessee as well as her passion for the sport. She also discusses her podcast mission and how she hopes to inspire women to get out fishing and experience the outdoors.Music by Steven James and the RevivalSong: Lover of the Silver Moon--- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Duluth Pack President, Tom Sega joins the show to share the Duluth Pack story and their legacy of outdoor and hunting products. Sega and Duluth Pack are not newbies in the hunting world, in fact at 136 years old, the brand is the oldest, hand-crafted canvas and leather bag and pack maker in the USA. As an avid outdoorsman, hunter and family man, Sega also shares some of his favorite hunting memories including: prepping for a hunt, the harvest, and creating excellent table fare.Read the full blog post here --> by Steven James and the RevivalSong title: Lover of the Silver Moon--- Support this podcast:
Founder of, Alex Comstock, joins the show to talk about whitetail hunting! WhitetailDNA is a deer hunting blog for people who are whitetail obsessed. From prepping for season to planning for out of state hunts on a budget, WhitetailDNA has covered it. Alex is also an outdoor writer published in Bowhunter, QDMA, and North American Whitetail magazine. In this episode, Alex shares how he is personally prepping for season, finding great spots on public land, and how he has been successful in gaining access to private land. He also shares the story of his massive North Dakota buck as well as his goals within the outdoor industry. You won't want to miss this one!.Read the blog post here --> by Steven James and the Revival (used with permission)Song: Lover of the Silver Moon--- Support this podcast:
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