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Entering the Black Hole with Rick & Ant

Author: Rick and Anthony

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Do you like drunken, belligerent, loud, poor quality podcasts where everyone talks over everyone with run-on sentences? Well, have we got a show for you! This is Entering the Black Hole with Rick and Anthony , originally an anti-religion - science oriented podcast. We were "borne" from the News Junkie app, specifically the chat room function. We interview local chatters here in the Orlando area and talk about whatever is going on in their/our live's at the time. We are still a new show and finding our groove, so come listen ! Leave feedback! Help us make that groove.
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And you're the feature. Enjoy the clit, and the bait !!
We have a blast learning about the "My Pillow" former CEO and his history and current standings with politics, and his business/scientific adventures. Aaron joins us as usual and does his "Up the Ante" bit after Anthony's "Put some stank on it" which was a horrific tragedy that possibly involves rabies. Enjoy !
We FINALLY get back to our routine after a break, and its all Aaron's fault, details inside. We do "Tonight in Orlando" and avoid politics in this hard time to do so... After the break, we discuss "Good music" according to Anthony, and "Put some stank on it and "Up the Ante" with some good discussion. Thanks for listening guys, we will see you next week. Enjoy !



We don't have Aaron on the show today, he can explain why if he chooses to do so for next weeks show. We have Brandon Hodges on the show to fill in, unfortunately, and he ruins the show again. It's still worth a listen though... enjoy !



It's the last show of 2020 and we wanted to give you something to laugh about one last time for the year. So here's an hour with a very not-so-special guest for you guys to enjoy. See ya next year !!
Happy holidays !! This is the first time we named a show after a very poor commercial at the start of the show, but don't worry, it gets worse. We will have another show for you guys on new years eve to kick off the new year. Until then, happy holidays and be safe.
And you're the president. We give you guys another show, sorry its late. We have more coming for you very soon. Enjoy !
After a little Turkey Day break we bring you a fresh episode of ETBH. Anthony says a few things he wants to share with our listeners and forces us to make fun of him. We all tell some Thanksgiving stories and try to lighten the mood. We will be back next week and you should be seeing old shows re-appearing in your podcast apps very soon. Enjoy, happy holidays from ETBH Pocast.



Yep. It's dick talk. Featuring your mom. We tried really hard to make you guys enjoy this, but per the disclaimer, you can't sue us or be mad for bad content. Enjoy your dick talk as much as your mom did. See you next week ! :)
After a rough couple of weeks we manage to get back to it. We have some things coming up soon so make sure to stay tuned !
Ummm... I don't feel like I have to explain myself. In regards to the name of the show , that is. We have the usual crew in, Rick talks about his hurdles he's experiencing in his life, and explains it in his bit with "Tonight in Orlando"... After the break, Anthony kills it with his bit "Put some stank on it" where Aaron shortly after fails with his bit of "Up the Ante" . We had fun on this one and we hope you enjoy it half as much as we did recording it. Be safe out there !!



Unfortunately, we have another episode for you. And we explain some of the weird things going on with our show lately. Hang in there we will be back to normal soon, until then, enjoy this one.
ETBH - 268 - #CLM

ETBH - 268 - #CLM


We have THE WHOLE CREW in today, and we all do our segments and bash each other as usual. We cover a range of topics and you'll have to listen to understand what #CLM means. We have some things coming up in the near future that you all will want to hear, so stay tuned in the upcoming shows. Enjoy !
We have a not so special guest on the show Brandon Hodges from The Big Red Truck Show on this episode, he tells a story about a really shitty day he had, involving his... wallage? Aaron fires back on Colombian Papi about his previous appearance. We kick the can around a bit... not our best work, but its something, so don't bitch :) Enjoy
With the "All - Mighty" return of Colombian Papi (sometimes) we decide to give you guys another show this week since we have been slackers. Colombian Papi tells us some stories about his recent vacation (and the vacation from the show). We kick the can around a little bit and head to a break. After the break we have Colombian Papi's 'sought - out - for' segment which was about Cocaine.. again. Play along with us and guess how much? What? What are you talking about?
And I'm the president of Titty town... On this show we have the normal crew, we talk about some current event stories and since Anthony is black he wanted to share his opinion... yay... Subsequently Rick and Anthony skip their segments. After the break, Aaron gives us "Up the Ante" about a strange town in India. Enjoy !!
This was a fun one. We have the normal crew in today, we don't bother with any segments, especially since Anthony threw up in the middle of the show... After the break we talk about Anthony's favorite radio character, Ryan Holmes, and we discuss the Jay-Z effect.... Enjoy !
It was a fun run.. thanks to everyone.
Well, we're baaack !!! .... ??? wait what? Idk what the fuck is going on anymore. Rick and Anthony decide to get back to the mic finally, since they are such hot-shots and found time for us listeners... Rick decides to bring an old friend on the show who is a complete animal, and then drops the bomb on us for a new segment from ... Pedro !?!?! Totally unrelated to "Colombian Papi" ... whoever the fuck that is... Pedro tells us a crazy dream story which we are going to make a weekly segment of.. what do you guys think? Leave us a voicemail at 321-972-4662 or go to and leave an email and it will be played on the next show. Enjoy !
As he says at the beginning of the show, "It was quite a day today" , referring to a recently lost friend of all of us.. little does he know that 2 years almost to the day, we would be saying the same about him. Me and Anthony do our best to re-cap our memories of him and stories but of course it does not make us feel any better. We will always remember Glenn, as he was there with us from the very beginning, literally. You will be forever missed Glenn, and never forgotten.
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