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Entrepreneur Hour with Chris Michael Harris

Author: Chris Michael Harris - Serial Entrepreneur, Business & Performance Coach, A

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Chris Michael Harris is a serial entrepreneur, business & Performance Coach and host of Entrepreneur Hour Podcast. The show is intended to help people with their entrepreneurial journeys and provide them with valuable insights from Chris and a variety of his guests.
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Benjamin Shapiro, President of BenJShap and Host of the MarTech Podcast, drops by to talk about how to create your brand and marketing message when you don't yet know who your ideal customers are. Today’s Sponsor: Burnout Quiz Continue Reading:
Leo Manzione, Business Coach at Run Right Consulting, drops by the show to talk about why people find themselves "stuck" in their business building efforts. Today’s Sponsor: Business Burnout Breakthrough Continue Reading:
David Wood, CEO at Play For Real, drops by the show to talk about how playing it safe is the WORST thing you can do as an Entrepreneur. Today’s Sponsor: Wix Continue Reading:
Shay Rowbottom, CEO at Rowbottom Marketing, drops by to talk about the amazing opportunity to grow your organically grow your business with LinkedIn Video. Today’s Sponsor: The Business Lounge Continue Reading:
Phillip Stutts, Author & Founder of WIN Big Media, drops by chat about big data in your marketing and how, even as a startup, you can find affordable solutions. Today’s Sponsor: Belay Continue Reading:
David Schnurman, Founder of, drops by talk about his new book, The Fast Forward Mindset, plus how to transition from Service Provider to selling Digital Products. Today’s Sponsor: 99 Designs Continue Reading:
Rick Smith, Founder of Axon (Formerly Taser), drops by the show to talk about how he scaled his startup from a garage business to IPO status and the #1 player in his industry. Today’s Sponsor: VIP Book Club Continue Reading:
Jason Bond, Co-Founder, drops by the pod to chat about how he fell into $250,000 worth of debt but got himself out of it as an early entrepreneur. Today’s Sponsor: Uber Continue Reading:
Adi, Arezzini, Founder of Teami, drops by the pod to chat about how she navigated the early stages of growing her eCommerce Business + how you can take advantage of Influencer Marketing. Today’s Sponsor: Spotify Continue Reading:
John Mitchell, Founder of Think It Be It, drops by the chat about revenue breakthrough and his unique 12-step formula to achieve it based on the work of Think and Grow Rich. Today’s Sponsor: The VIP Book Club Continue Reading:
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WOW! I literally experienced this several days ago, and ultimately declined an opportunity based on EVERY single factor you referenced. I feel even more validated now. Thank you for this message, and keep up the fantastic work, Chris.

Aug 13th
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