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Entrepreneur Hour with Chris Michael Harris

Author: Chris Michael Harris - Serial Entrepreneur, Business & Performance Coach, A

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Chris Michael Harris is a serial entrepreneur, business & Performance Coach and host of Entrepreneur Hour Podcast. The show is intended to help people with their entrepreneurial journeys and provide them with valuable insights from Chris and a variety of his guests.
194 Episodes
Jason Bond, Co-Founder, drops by the pod to chat about how he fell into $250,000 worth of debt but got himself out of it as an early entrepreneur. Today’s Sponsor: Uber Continue Reading:
Adi, Arezzini, Founder of Teami, drops by the pod to chat about how she navigated the early stages of growing her eCommerce Business + how you can take advantage of Influencer Marketing. Today’s Sponsor: Spotify Continue Reading:
John Mitchell, Founder of Think It Be It, drops by the chat about revenue breakthrough and his unique 12-step formula to achieve it based on the work of Think and Grow Rich. Today’s Sponsor: The VIP Book Club Continue Reading:
Laura Sandefer, Founder of Acton Academy, drops by the show talk about her alternative school geared towards young entrepreneurs. Today’s Sponsor: Onnit Continue Reading:
Michael Odiari, Founder of Check, Drops by to talk about how he turned a very traumatic life experience into a passion project and social impact startup venture. Today’s Sponsor: 99 Designs Continue Reading:
Ben Hodge, Founder of EEVET, drops by the pod to talk about how to effectively grow a two-sided marketplace app.  Today’s Sponsor: Uber Continue Reading:
Michele Molitor, Founder of Nectar Consulting, drops back by the show to chat about our 90-Day Hypnotherapy Sessions together + how you can literally rewire your brain for success. Today’s Sponsor: How to Fascinate (FREE ASSESSMENT w/code: Chris18) Resources: Garmin Vivosmart 4 Continue Reading:
Jessica Camerata, Founder of My Style Vita, drops by the pod to talk about why blogging is still great to grow your business and how she's built a highly successful company around her blog.  Today’s Sponsor: The Business Lounge Resources: HotJar Continue Reading:
Adeo Ressi, Founder & CEO of Founder Institute, drops by the show to talk about the future for entrepreneurs and how you need to be focused on yourself first before your startup. Today’s Sponsor: Onnit Resources: Apply to join Founder Institute Continue Reading:
Amy Nelson, Founder & CEO of The Riveter, drops by to chat about women entrepreneurs and how we can create an environment that further supports them in business.  Today’s Sponsor: The Business Lounge Resources: Check for a Riveter Location Near You! Continue Reading:
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WOW! I literally experienced this several days ago, and ultimately declined an opportunity based on EVERY single factor you referenced. I feel even more validated now. Thank you for this message, and keep up the fantastic work, Chris.

Aug 13th
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