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Entrepreneur Hour with Chris Michael Harris

Author: Chris Michael Harris - Serial Entrepreneur, Business & Performance Coach, A

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Chris Michael Harris is a serial entrepreneur, business & Performance Coach and host of Entrepreneur Hour Podcast. The show is intended to help people with their entrepreneurial journeys and provide them with valuable insights from Chris and a variety of his guests.
218 Episodes
Talking about how you can overcome your fear of failure... 50% My Book Club: YouTube Channel: Work With Me:
David Wood and I talk about having difficult conversations and how it can impact your business dealings + personal relationships. Audible Trial: YouTube Channel: Work With Me:
In this episode, I break down 7 steps to identify your Ideal Client/Customer Avatar. 50% Off 1st Month of My VIP Book Club: My Ideal Client Avatar Workshop: Work With Me:
Raj Jana drops by to talk about the benefits of gratitude and how to practice it in your life and business JavaPresse: Stay Grounded with Raj Jana: Work With Me:
You need experience but nobody wants to give it to do you lie and fake it? I tell you what you can do to stay within integrity. Today’s Sponsor: VIP Book Club 50% Coupon Work With Me:
Genecia Alluora drops by the pod to talk about the power of Personal Branding + how to use them to grow a business. Genecia's Site: Today’s Sponsor: Wix Work With Me:
Getting Things Done is a science, not a God-given ability. In this episode, we talk about what your structure needs to look like and how it creates a more stress-free environment.  Today's Resource: Getting Things Down: By David Allen Today’s Sponsor: Belay Work With Me:
Sami Rusani, CRO at ShipChain, drops by to talk about how you can analyze your marketing strategies and assess whether they are working or not. ShipChain's Website: Today’s Sponsor: Active Campaign Work With Me:
Moby Hayat, Host of The Fire Show, talks about his journey as an immigrant with an H1B Visa and laying the foundation to starting his business in the meantime.  Prowess Project Website: Today’s Sponsor: Uber Work With Me:
Ashley Connell, Founder of Prowess Project, drops by to talk about working moms and the Motherhood Penalty + how her platform aims to alleviate the problem. Prowess Project Website: Today’s Sponsor: FreshBooks Work With Me:
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WOW! I literally experienced this several days ago, and ultimately declined an opportunity based on EVERY single factor you referenced. I feel even more validated now. Thank you for this message, and keep up the fantastic work, Chris.

Aug 13th
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