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Author: Kehinde Adegoke ( Kennie Crown)

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Welcome to EPHPHATHA! The Era of confinement is over, time to be free. It is hard to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel when you are still trapped, however, exploring sharing wisdom and methods with eachother we will find hope, a feeling of expectation, reassuring the greater world that liberation is possible, glory in your crisis, pain to purpose, heart filled with joy, peace through illumination, it start with the readiness to open up, when you open your wounds then you can recieve your healing. If you have been living in fear, self denial, pain of the past etc, and you are looking for liberation to fulfill your purpose then this podcast is for you. Every forthnight, join Kennie Crown, your favourite and passionate host, who believes no one deserve to live in limitation, pain or should remain in any confinement but thrive above it and maximize their God-given potential. As she uses this medium to motivate, educate, inform, impact into freedom, purpose, precision and power. Also interview guests who had rocked the same boat, triumph and fulling their purpose. Ephphatha...propelling you to action!
33 Episodes
On this episode with me is Terry Nightingale...Meet Terry belowTerry is a pastor serving in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, having previouslyworked in Christian education both in the UK and Perth. He graduated from Vose Seminary with aMasters in Divinity in 2016. He loves sharing the Gospel and teaching the Word of God.Terry and Sue arrived in Australia in 2003 from the UK for a 1-year adventure. They never returned!The beaches, the sun and God’s call upon their lives persuaded them to settle in the land ‘down-under’. Today they have two grown-up children both married, with four grandchildren and counting.Terry writes a popular weekly blog at called ‘4-minute Devotions’, short Bible -centred messages for the busy Christian on the go. He also writes Christian worship music and playsthe guitar.‘Looking Back to Move Forward’ is his first non-fiction book for Christian leaders – in fact for anyonewho occasionally faces discouragement or setbacks. His second book, based on his blog, is entitled‘Bite-size devotions for the busy Christian’. Both are published by Kharis Publishing.💥He took us through how we can walk through the journey of disappointment and break free into 💥a fulfilled life.💥What does looking back to move forward mean?💥Why is it important?Don't listen alone, listen with friends and family.
On this Episode with me is Beth Thorp. We spoke on the following;💥5 years of uncertainty! Waiting for the cause and cure of her child but none found, all seemed quiet, until he finally took his last breathe.💥How can you surrender after losing a child without any confirmed diagnosis or in the midst of tragedy?💥How can you see the dot connecting even in the midst of chaos?💥How do you find healing?💥How can you find meaning to any tragedy?💥Can you hear God through grief? How can you fill the vacuum left behind?💥Where is a new creation in all of this?💥What meaning did you find in the midst of this tragedy?Meet Beth belowBeth Thorp is a philanthropist, author, speaker, and Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Mitchell Thorp Foundation, a public 501c3 organization. The mission is to support families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases, and disorders, by providing financial, emotional and resources to their desperate situation. Beth’s new book, ANEW Creation, was written as a labor of love for her son Mitchell who passed away from an undiagnosed illness after five years searching the planet for answers. This journey took her and the family’s life experiences, and turned it from tragedy into inspiration to help other children fighting for their tomorrow. Her work in philanthropy and leadership has been recognized and awarded nationwide, most recently:2022 Community Impact Award and 2020 Non-Profit of the Year, by Carlsbad Chamber of CommerceMarquis Who’s Who in America honored her with the Distinguished Humanitarian Award 2019ABC-10 News and Lead San Diego honored Mitchell Thorp Foundation with the 2019 Leadership Award2016 Starfish Leadership Award by City of Carlsbad to those who Inspire, Engage, and Lead 2011 Professional Women of the Year from National Association of Professional WomenShe has been featured and interviewed on numerous TV stations, podcasts, radio shows, and magazines Beth is passionate about being the light in the dark to others and to bring hope and encouragement in the direst of circumstances. She loves to share God’s love, His word, encouragement, and impartation to others. She is a mother of two children and resides in Carlsbad, California and enjoys long walks along the beach with her husband and two Golden Doodles. Beth enjoys traveling, cooking, and exercising. 
On this episode, I had the honour of hosting RL Shawver.Meet RL ShawverI am an Amazon Best Selling Author with my first book - "For This Child I Have Prayed: 6 Heart Surgeries, 18 Months." I tell, from my perspective, how I fought in faith to see my son healthy as we battled two congenital heart defects and countless trips to the Emergency Room. I grew up in small town West Virginia and have made a career over- analysing everything.I am now turning those analytical and communication skills into a venture in writing and processing my traumas and victories.The biggest problem I face is putting together a bio that shares what I've learned without glossing over my accomplishments, and doesn't make me sound like a nut-job. So, here's my attempt to do so.I have:Faced my son's seventh open heart surgery without fear or worryStayed married, and kept a good relationship with my older son who doesn't live with meLearned how to face the demons of hell and grin in their face, knowing I will have victoryLearned how to stand in faith and pray protection over my childrenLearned how to see the promises of God fulfilled even when I don't feel like God will do soAside from that, in my career and life, I have:work on intersecting data and law and money and engineeringworked for a S&P 500 preparing analyses and reportsanalysed companies worth upwards of $10 Billionlearned to lead in any positiontrained for 15 years in leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, and hearing people's heartsAnd in case you need any more info - I am a father of 2 boys (but you probably already gathered that), am the proud husband of Stephanie, and have been pouring my focus into mental, physical, and spiritual health and where we are getting it wrong and how we can get it right in 2022 and beyond.On this episode he gave us a tour into his story, his vulnerability, who held his hands, his faith and when they had a breakthrough. What an amazing and empowering story. I hope your faith his rekindled and ready to fight through your challenges to becoming an overcomer. Be opened!
This episode is a reminder that no matter what we may face or currently going through, it is a phase and we will overcome. Regardless all life ordeals, it does not change who we are, our core being remains intact but hidden within. When we recognise this, we can connect with God and breakfree.It is a word of encouragement to stir your heart, restore hope and propel you to action.
On this episode with me is a fantastic Transformational Coach; Ray Hurst|Senior Coach at ILAP Coaching and training. He is passionate about helping family/individual heal from fatherly abuse/absence. He’s been through this journey and now on an intentional journey of liberation.TOPIC: How to heal from the wound of absent/abusive father.In Papa Ray’s words ‘I wasted 40years of my life in anger, bitterness and rage, I suffer 2 major depression, the last was 2minute away from suicide because I was hiding from that pain’💥Who is an absent father?💥Who is an abusive father?💥Do you believe an absent father can also be an abusive father?💥Signs of absent fathers💥How can you heal from carrying the burden of an abusive father?💥Majority of crimes in the world are result of absent/abusive father.💥Can I love my children when I hate my father?💥The importance of healing/healthy relationship with your father.💥The importance of changing the narrative.This is your Ephphatha moment, there are no perfect children, we are work in progress, put a stop to shaming and blaming and start healing.It is your time to start fulfilling purpose.
On this episode with me is Kim Sorrelle.Who is Kim? Kim Sorrelle is the director of a humanitarian organization, popular speaker, and the author of two books. Her first book, Cry Until You Laugh, is about her breast cancer journey and her husband's battle with pancreatic cancer after being diagnosed just four months a part. Her second book, Love Is, chronicles her year long quest to figure out the true meaning of love, a sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enlightening journey that led to life-changing discoveries found mostly on the streets of HaitiShould you love for just one year? No!  Kim sacrifice a whole year to study love after she was diagnosed with breast cancer ,4month later her husband of 29years together was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and pass away 6weeks later.She was unsure where love was in the midst of this….Love is not just an emotion; fear nor excitement, rather it is walking, living, giving, talking and breathing, it is who you are or can become.Have you ever met a power house woman, Kim Sorrelle is sure one, her is full of love even in the midst of trials and turmoils.This is your Ephphatha moment; are you going through grief or a certain diagnosis? Be liberated and set free by this episode.Don’t watch or listen alone, grab a friend and loved one for this episode.
On this episode I spoke on the importance of COLOURS in our life.When we focus on life challenges, remain in confinement, we fence all other colours from gaining expression and allow the colour black (challenges and Unforgiveness) overwhelm and dominate our livesYou don’t want to miss this episode, grab your earbud, headphones, earpiece and start listening Don’t forget to follow, share and leave your comments.Happy listening😍
Hello family and friends. On this episode with me is Emmanuel Enime.Emmanuel’s is a Character Coach. His purpose is to make you look more attractive - the real you - and help you maximize performance.On this episode, we spoke about Unforgiveness; The unwanted baggage against fulfilment.💥Emmanuel define Unforgiveness as the greatest mental health disease on this planet.💥Unforgiveness makes you unattractive 💥Forgivess is part of human experience; feel it and experience the difference.💥What is the workout approach?💥How does it affect your inward person?💥Do you know what a shower moment mean? How can shower moment impact There is so much to learn in this episode, tag a friend along for this episode. Don’t forget to leave a comment, like, follow and share.Have a peaceful transition to fulfilment.
On this episode with me is Pascale Lane. Therapeutic family and relationship coach with 2 decades of experience as a social worker.She is passionate about mending generational wounds and making sure the cycle stops with that.💥Childhood wound does not necessarily have to be trauma, it could be many things 💥What is unconditional love and how does that affect nurturing our children.💥The impact of emotional neglect in children 💥 The Impact of self sabotage💥How untreated childhood wound can unconsciously re-create same experience in our children.💥How do you manage your stress level💥How can your relationships influence the new you.💥Your world needs you and the change start with you.And lots more…. So grab a friend, loved one and enjoy this episode together.
On this episode with me is Tonbra Nwosuagwu. THE ACTIVATOR. Do you find yourself in a confused state filled with fear  and WHAT IFS? thinking if I stand what do I do? What if I fall? What if I fail? What if no one accept me? What if no one needs it? What if am not good enough? What if I don't know enough?When you cannot see a way create the pathArw you familiar with the principle of polarity?How does analysis paralysis affect your MORE? Do you know the 3 dimension of MORESlide in and enjoy this amazing episode.
On this episode with me is Bridget Elesin.We spoke about ‘Marriage; Enjoyed or Endured’Bridget Elesin is a graduate of Edo State University , now Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State where she studied Geography and Regional planning. She has a post graduate diploma in Public administration from the University of Benin , Benin City, Edo State and a diploma from the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute in Benin City, Edo State. Bridget is a certified marriage master mentor, Board member, Executive affiliate, plus mental health and addiction counsellor of the Institute of marriage and family Affairs. TIMFA USA. She is a John C.Maxwell Coach, Speaker, Teacher and trainer. She is also a family life Practitioner,  master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a certified creativity coach and ambassador. Bridget Elesin is big on personal growth and helps individuals to take their own personal development journey. She also teaches the concept of team to families and organizations as well as self care, emotional and mental wellness.Bridget is the author of several books and articles amongst which is the self love guide for the complete family, Fathers;  you must take the lead, Father- Mentor, leaving a worthy legacy for your sons and daughters,  21 days complete woman marriage challenge and BridgetlySpeaking. She is joyfully married to Tunde Elesin and makes her home in Lagos Nigeria with her three blessed and prophetic children. She and her husband are the publishers of the complete family magazine. She loves reading, speaking to encourage people to become a better version of self, content creation , travelling and meeting people.Short link attached:Conversations where around the following:🔑The 3Ps of Marriage🔑How long must you endure in marriage?🔑What can you endure in Marriage🔑What stage should you seek help?🔑What are enjoyment in Marriage?🔑Key factors to enjoy Marriage🔑Types of Intimacy in Marriage🔑Importance of respect in your Marriage.*Give presence not just Present (gifts)*When you give in, you cash out 😀🔑How can a Marriage at the hedge of divorce rebuild their relationship and many more….This is your Ephphatha moment, don’t stay silence (confinement) if you are not enjoying marriage, seek help.Don’t listen or watch this alone, grab a friend or family member with a popcorn or enjoy on buzzsprout during workout
On this episode with me is Tolu Osula.We spoke about an amazing Topic: His Most Treasured PossessionTolu Osula shared her peculiar story on how she was liberated from traumatic relationship seeking validation from people, low self esteem, wrong exposure, hated education, traumatic experiences, loneliness, feeling disvalued, sense of powerlessness into THE MOST TREASURED POSSESSION.She took us through what LOVE means and how it can shape us to being and knowing you are a TREASURE.Her story, her journey is outstanding.Listen while driving or jogging on buzzsprout or grab a seat with friends and watch on YouTube with some popcorn and drinks, don’t forget to share, and send in your questions.
On this episode with me is Dorothy O’Dell, the amazing author of THE OVERCOMER and a Coach.She was a certified people pleaser, overcame being bullied, low self esteem and surviving abusive relationship.📌She shared how  the world could perceive you as not ‘normal’ affecting your self esteem, thinking worthy of nothing and allowing herself being in a relationship that does not suit her. 📌She demonstrate  how resilient she can be by never giving up.📌It took Dorothy years to figure this out stating 'Sometimes you don’t know how broken you are until someone voiced it out to you, because you needed to hear it to make the necessary adjustment/change'📌Rising will help you not settle for less.📌When you get knocked down, you just have to rise again.📌We are overcomers through God by seeking help.📌God will give you the people and tools you need for every situation, just obey His instructions.📌We go through certain challenges so that we can hold others hands.....and many more.Click the link for an amazing time, don't forget to share with friends and family.
This episode is faya🔥🔥🔥loaded with gems,structured to propel you to action.On this episode with me is Slyvester Jenkins III, An author of WINNING THE BATTLE WITHIN and a Mental health Advocate. We spoke on the topic:  Combat to ComebackOvercoming by becoming.🔥Combat is financial adversity, social, mental adversity on a daily basis with a way to win the battle. 🔥He shared his story from returning from War to War at home, loss of love ones, emotional neglect, divorce etc.🔥Combat does not discriminate nor need any permission.🔥Reflecting can save your life from confinement.🔥The Four Canteens of life.🔥When you think about the future you develop anxiety, when you think about the past you get depressed, stay in the moment of the present.🔥Principle of the wells🔥Suicidal thought is a killer of your becoming.🔥The more you uncover, the more you become.🔥God has created you on purpose with a purpose for a purpose.🔥Until you decide to move from your comfort zone, becoming will not become a reality.🔥Have a attitude to gratitudeI tell you this episode is another bomber. Don’t just listen alone, tag a friend, share with family and send me your thought, this is your Ephphatha Moment.From confinement to fulfilling your purpose.
Graciously prepared and colourfully served!On this episode with me is Oluwaseun Adejumobi aka Mike Bamiloye junior in a viral movie THE TRAIN.Mr Oluwaseun is a certified Marine Engineer, Actor(Drama minister) writer, Producer and Film Director, Alumnus of Mount Zion film institute.We spoke about Wilderness experience (Grass to Grace). Mr Seun took us through his childhood and ministry experience, from MARINE ENGINEERING to full time MINISTRY, the process, yielding, obeying and not allowing his background determine his progress.He shared with us exclusive stories on disappointment, hurts, that could have place him in confinement also how his decision lead to triump, unlimited favour and victories.Kindly share this episode with your friend, colleagues and family.  Also don't forget to follow us on all our social media platforms. @ephphathapodcastMany blessings 🙌
Our very first episode for this year.This episode is power packed, filled with so much laughter, deep thinking, valley and victory story with great insight. We started off with Unforgettable IJ’s love quote; To live intentionally, love fiercely, laugh freely, learn continually and lift always.Gratitude is being thankful, positioning yourself to appreciate all things in and around you.Should we only show gratitude when all is good and rosy?Do you have to be happy to be grateful?Can comparing yourself with other people push you in a place of confinement?Unforgettable IJ was generous to share her powerful personal story, impactful and relatable.This episode will liberate you from staying confined in a fix/challenges but soaring in gratitude will break the barrier.This is your Ephphatha Moment, stay back, relax and enjoy.



This episode opens your heart to possibilities, reminding you of the things that matter, most expecially why you should move from your current state to a higher ground.Everyone needs a move, someone who is stuck or someone who wants to remain relevant.The most important question is "Where are you now" do you think that is the highest you would be or the lowest you can ever be.Listen and carefully digest every word. Don't forget to like, share and follow us. Your review is important to us, don't forget to send them in Soar high like an Eagle.
On this episode with me is Naomi Adedoyin. She is a #1 best selling author and prolific writer, whose works have been published on several reputable platforms. She is a single mom with three amazing kids. She is passionate about transforming lives and empowering women. She is also deeply concerned about women and redefining society's perception of women and the gender based obstacles that diverse women experience. She writes cardinal nonfiction and fiction novellas that shape lives and help people make the best out of life.Through programs in her foundation (Enough Woman Foundation), she empowers abused and vulnerable women to rewrite their stories and live a meaningful life. She also writes articles on to help traumatised people through everyday challenges as they commence their journey of healing and self-discovery. She runs a business consultancy where she uses gained industry skills to empower small-medium sized businesses to get visible, grow and sustain profitability in the long run.Finally, she runs a platform called Single Parent Axis (SPA). A safe space for single parents, to help them cope with unspoken everyday life challenges as well as provide them with tips that’d help their parenting journey.We spoke about Enough: love booming or bombing! When someone start showering you with gift before you get too familiar, pay attention to their motive, expecially when used with an intention and affection excessively.Do you know anyone can be a naccessiste?Your friend, partner, your children, even colleagues at work.🌟 Subtle manipulation , they love bomb you so you can depend on their affection.🌟Every abuser might not be a naccessiste.🌟Your children may be developing trait of naccessiste…pay more attention.🌟Little signs of love bombing is when they should apolozies they decide to buy a gift to avoid the apologies.🌟They deprive your need (attention,gift etc)🌟Healthy people can also become toxic🌟7 stages for trauma bonding🌟They love bombed you before they love boom you.🌟Naomi shared her story.Naomi is the author of ENOUGH #1 best selling and she is willing to give out 5 books as a gift, so if you want  1  or if you know anyone going through such moment, kindly send me an email and it is yours.Kindly like, share this post with your friend and family. 
On this episode my guest was able to dig into this topic Embracing your story, owning your journey, using his story to shed light into the topic, awakening the giant you, opening your eyes to see the power in your story. What is your story, are you the victim or the perpetrator? How do you own it and be a blessing.Meet ITOFA IVARA Ivarah Itofa is a Non Profit Management Consultant & the Principal Consultant at ID Consulting; a management Consulting firm helping medium and small NGO's in  the U.K & Nigeria.A recepient of the 2020 United Nations Millennium Fellowship in recognition of his contribution towards working on sustainable projects to end food insecurity among children in remote communities in Nigeria through his organization Church on The Street he founded at Nineteen.Ivarah Itofa is a seasoned Speaker passionate about sharing a message of Hope and transformation to Millennials and Gen-Z through his story of struggle & triumph.Don't forget to share with your friends and family, no doubt, today is your Ephphatha Moment, claim it and start fulfilling purpose. 



This episode is a special one and can't wait to share with you.As I was preparing to speak at the just concluded programme at @fiercefederation, thanks @peacegeorge for the opportunity. God said tell them 'YOU ARE A GIFT' I prepared and delivered as instructed. After the programme I couldn't sleep, God woke me up again with the same word, so I stood up and recorded this very episode and been waiting to share with you.Often time we forget we are God’s most treasured possession, we believe because we have been battered on the outside God’s deposition/treasures in us have been affected also but that is a lie. Why not listen to find out, I hope this episode stir up the hunger to be who you are mearnt to be.Please take your time, listen to the episode, also feel free to pass it on to your friends and family. Don't forget to send me your reviews and topic you would like me to touch on next.Lots of love
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