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Author: Equalign Wendy Coren DC and Dave Lundquist DC

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Bringing Tools Techniques and Ideas to you for Animal Health and Fitness
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I was once told that if you know a technique than you have a technique. If you have a method you will understand a thousand techniques. Knowing just one technique can be limiting. Knowing a method increases flexibility and possibility. Listen along as we discuss how having a methodology will increase your results and build your practice. 
We have found in all the years we have been treating animals that the best results come when the owner/client/trainer/rider/groom/human are  involved directly with the animals care. Giving them something to do in the meantime helps speed healing, strengthen the human/animal bond and creates a better pack mentality. Animals are part of our team. When something happens to them it affects both partners in the relationship. The more involved you get the client the better the results, the follow through and the speed of recovery. Listen along and find out how we do it.
Sequence gives order to chaos. When seeing a client how do you start and how do you determine what to do and to what means do you perform it. Once you establish a sequence it will relieve stress and confusion. Having an order that is consistent takes out a margin of error. having proper order can in itself be a practice building tool. It creates better efficiency which allows you to see more clients and get better results. Listen to the Equalign sequence and find out how you can better serve your clients.
In our 40 years of practice  we have used a multitude of modalities for the improvement of ones health. Some now rest comfortably in the closet and others continue to be work horses for us and we are always amazed at the benefits the clients/patients receive. Listen along as we discuss our favorite modalities and how they are used in our practice.
Graded exposure is a treatment technique that used to reduce physical sensations of anxiety and discomfort. When working with animals and humans sometimes jumping right into treatments can create a reaction that is over emphasized compared to the stimulus. When starting fascial work with a tool and the subject pulls away at the slightest touch is a great example. Graded exposure is starting slowly, lightly and gradually increasing pressure to tolerance. Listen along on how important graded exposure is for outcomes. 
Knowing when to tape is key for producing desired results. We get asked all the time how to tape "x". X being some body part. There is a lot more to that like evaluation of the area in question, what type of injury has occurred, can motion be restored at this time or is there too much inflammation. Tape is an adjunct to your technique. Do what you do first and then you will know when, how and what to tape. 
In todays world of numerous distractions being present is not as easy. Something or someone is always trying to pull you away from the present. When dealing with animals  not having present time consciousness will lead to misbehavior and longer training times. Our brains are wired on automatic to perceive presence but perceiving absence requires time, effort and attention. Listen now and find out how that can be detrimental to training our animals.
Stress is part of our lives. Stress can make you stronger, healthier, happier or miserable, grouchy, irritable and mean. A lot of how we perceive our experiences, how we label them, is how we respond to the environment. We can either choose the dis-stress or make changes in our brains and create eu-stress to better the quality of our lives. Remember, you are the driver of the bus called life.
Ever read one of those books that really changes your perception of reality. This is one of those books and we highly recommend that you pick this up and read it. The book will allow you to understand the inner workings of horse perception on how it views the world. It give amazing in-site into how a prey animal uses it instincts to survive in the human world and how and why they react to minute differences. Reading this book will change how you work with your horse. 
Second person shift is a great technique that will enable you to attain information thru personal connection with animals and people. It is simple and not easy. It allows you to "walk the mile in someone else's shoes". It can help you analyze gaits and feel for internal body tension. This is a technique that you already do unconsciously with the people and animals you are around all the time. Ever say something and the person you are with says "I was just thinking that". Listen now to this podcast and learn how to become more efficient at second person shifting.
The CBD market is so confusing and there are so many companies touting their product as the best and they tell you they have more cad in their product than anyone else. Today we have Dr Alyson Evans who is co-CEO of Fringe, a new water soluble CBD to give us some real facts and real research to this amazing plant extract. She will help you understand the body's endocannabanoid system and how it functions and why CBD works with our body. 
Activities of daily living are the things you do every day in your life. It can involve household chore like making the bed to washing dishes. It can involve the things you do every day at work. For the horse people, tacking up your horse, cleaning stalls, carrying water buckets, feeding, riding and the lists go on and on. Most of these ADLs we take for granted because they are apart of our everyday life. The do at least until one day for some reason you are unable to perform an ADL due to injury most likely from overuse and not being well balance. Listen along to how you can avoid putting yourself into this scenario.
If you wear your body out where are you going to live? This is a tag line used in the chiropractic profession for many years. People  take health for granted generally until it is too late. It is amazing how often we have heard someone tell us they wished they had taken better care of themselves. It is kind of like the people showing up in the emergency room at the hospital with COVID and asking if it is too late to get the vaccine. If you wait for an emergency to take care of yourself or your animal, it is too late. You reached the final straw. What happened to all the straws before that. You need to be better self aware and do self care for you and your four legged friends. 
Round the Edges

Round the Edges


Round the edges is not the name of the book that Dr Wendy just wrote even though the editor suggested that the title should be what we say the most. Rounding the edges has become a metaphor for life that we like to use not just for teaching how to use kinesiotape. Listen in to find out how you can use "Round the edges" in your life!
Consistency is conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy or fairness. Consistency can assist the streamlining of your routine. It is important in so many aspects of your personal and professional life. Consistency in training, nutrition, exercise with the proper purpose and intent can lead to your success.
What's Up in Equalgn

What's Up in Equalgn


Today's podcast is to let you know what exciting things are going on and available at Equalign coming up in the next few months. Summer horse shows are going strong and before we know it the Winter Equestrian Festival will be around the corner. We have travel and speaking engagements coming up and our Equalign South venue us now open. 
Ageless Wisdom

Ageless Wisdom


Where does your wisdom come from? Personal experience? Books? Others? How we attain our knowledge is based on the filtering mechanism we have set in place. Recently we heard someone say "People over 50 have no knowledge of how social media works." Imagine how that limited belief system will shape the life experience. Knowledge can come from anywhere and anytime if you are open to receive the information. Listen along as we discuss how ageless wisdom affects you.
This is the perfect place to discuss balance. Balance in your mind, body, spirit and community. It is a goal that you may always be striving towards. How do you know when you are out of balance? Do you wait until you reach the level of burnout? If you do you have gone way to far and too long without balance. Don't wait until you break the scale before you do something about it because it will take so much longer to get back to balance. It is okay to be out of balance as long as you recognize it and plan time to correct the imbalance. This episode will help you begin the journey of finding your balance.
Sustainability is such an important concept. How has Wellington Agriculture created their own sustainability and how does it benefit you? Jose Gomez is one of the principle partners in Wellington Agriculture and they have remodeling their business to keep up with the times. Listen in and find out how their company can benefit you. 
Amanda Orlando is a professional horse trainer in Wellington Florida and she has a unique way of building relationships with horses. Listen along as Amanda explains how she got into the horse business and how a difficult horse taught her lessons that she is now passing along to her clients. 
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