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This November, at 73 years old, Dr. David Minkoff will head to Hawaii to compete in the Ironman—the famed triathlon known for testing physical endurance and mental toughness. It won’t be Minkoff’s first. It will be his 44th. In today’s episode, Dr. Minkoff will tell you why he pushes himself to finish a race men a third of his age don’t dare to enter, and how you can benefit both mentally and physically from challenging yourself no matter how old you are. His story will inspire you to get up, get out, and push yourself past your perceived limits.
Jason Van Camp knows the value and power of being uncomfortable. Of deliberately pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Jason pushed himself while at West Point. He pushed himself to earn his US Army Ranger tab and Green Beret. As Detachment Commander for the 10th Special Forces Group he led nearly 300 combat missions. Now, as leader of Mission Six Zero, he trains executives to get comfortable being uncomfortable so they can win at business and at life. And on today’s episode, Jason will give you some of those same strategies you can use to get comfortable getting uncomfortable.
Today’s guest, Ian Lobas, is a successful entrepreneur, a personal performance coach, and the host of the highly popular podcast, Men On Purpose. When Ian and I get together our conversations always revolve around ways to continually push ourselves and be better as men. And a big part of that is finding your purpose and living it every day, without excuses. In this episode Ian and I talk about what it means to truly be on purpose, how to find your purpose, and the impact it can have on your life, and the lives of those around you.
Nordine Zouareg is a world champion bodybuilder who has held the titles of Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe. But as a kid, he was sickly, skinny, and bullied constantly. In today’s episode, Nordine will tell you how he forged the mindset to go from getting thrown out of his first gym because he was so skinny they were afraid he was going to hurt himself, to posing, and winning, on the Mr. Olympia stage.
Before he was even born Nelson Tressler’s name was notorious in his hometown. Murder, abuse, public trials, and extreme poverty were all anyone thought of when they heard it. Tressler had the kind of upbringing that would doom most to a life of hardship and crime. But he knew he could have better. He made decisions and set goals that instead took him on a path to success and wealth. He’ll tell you his unbelievable story, and how you can use the same strategies he used to overcome any challenges and win.
Scott Becker was a respected pediatrician. Until he became Inmate 03655159 in a federal prison, serving a 5 ½ sentence. Stripped of his identity and status, and in a dangerous environment he knew nothing about, Becker had to learn the rules of survival quickly. A highly educated man whose intellect had served him for more than 50 years, he now had to step up as a man and earn respect from other inmates. In today’s episode Becker shares the hard-won lessons on manhood, respect, courage, and more that he took from his time behind bars.
There are times when overcoming challenges and solving problems can be done by sheer force of will. Other times, creative and innovative solutions are required. That’s where Nir Bashan comes in. He has taught thousands of leaders around the world how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales, and ultimately create more meaning in their work. And in today’s episode, Nir will show you how to tap into your own natural creativity to see the same results in your life. It’s a powerful, highly effective, set of tools to have in your arsenal.
My guest today, Rusty Gaillard, had it all. A great family, an MBA from Stamford, and his dream job as the Worldwide Director of Finance at Apple. But something was missing. He felt he wasn't living in integrity with who he was and what he wanted to do with his life. So after 13 years, he walked away from Apple and started a new career helping other high achievers live the lives they want, instead of the lives they were told they should. In this episode he’ll tell you how he navigated the challenges he faced, and how you can find the courage to live your best life.
If you had the opportunity to leave your job, jump on an old motorcycle and ride through the Himalayas in the dead of winter would you take it? Or would leaving your comfort zone and the fear of facing unknown challenges stop you? Josh Koepel had the opportunity to take that ride, and he didn’t hesitate. And in this episode he’ll tell you how the increasingly difficult challenges he faced changed him forever. Made him stronger. More capable. Gave him the confidence to take on even bigger challenges. It’s proof of the value of choosing challenge over comfort.
“What legacy am I going to leave?” That’s the question Hank McLarty asked himself after he turned 50. He had already battled back from a devastating business failure that cost him everything, before founding one the top wealth advisory firms in the country with just over $2B under management. But Hank wanted more. He wanted to make an impact on the world and leave a legacy. In our interview he’ll tell you how he created a huge vision and uses it as his “North Star” to guide his goals and decisions. And how it’s already impacting his business, team, and life. It’s a strategy you can use right now.
Doesn’t matter if you’re an NFL defensive back, a C-Level exec, or a non-profit volunteer, having the right coaching, strategy and mindset will separate the greats from everyone else. My guest today, Alex Molden, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints with the 11th overall pick in the 1996 NFL draft. Amazing accomplishment. But even more impressive considering his drill instructor father didn’t want him playing, he got started later than most, and he didn’t know a thing about the game. But rather than fall victim to excuses, he got to work. Today Alex works with elite level athletes getting them prepared to transition from the field to the next stage of their lives. And he tells you how the wisdom of the 7 head coaches he played under can help you achieve your next level of greatness.
It can take waking up in a ditch to give you the kick in the pants needed to turn your life around. Even if on the surface your life seems like what most people would consider a dream life. That’s what happened to my guest, Tommy Breedlove, author of the bestselling book, Legendary. Tommy was living the multimillionaire lifestyle that went along with his top-level job in one of the largest consulting firms in the country. Until he realized he was using material things to try to fill a hole he felt inside. Now he lives a life of passion and purpose, helping other men create a legendary life of their own and leave a lasting legacy. Today he tells his story of how he went from a life of empty excess, to that ditch, to “participating in his own rescue” and living a legendary life. And how you can do the same.
We all need mentors and coaches. For retired NFL linebacker Henri Crockett, the men who helped guide him came from dramatically different backgrounds: Drug dealers. Gang members. Hall of Fame coaches. A highly regarded orthopedic surgeon. Their guidance took him from the streets of one of the worst neighborhoods in Florida, to college and pro football fields, to the boardroom of his charitable foundation where his mission is to leave footprints in his old neighborhood. Henri tells his story of how he almost blew his chance at a pro career, learning to start with the end in mind, and how watching men on the sidelines can tell you their true character.
Andre Norman had a goal: Go to Harvard. But as an inmate in the Massachusetts prison system serving a 100-year sentence for serious crimes, he was told by everyone—fellow inmates, guards, family—that it was impossible. To not waste his time trying. When driving toward a goal or dream, there are times we hit up against incredible odds, or come face to face with those who try to talk us out of it. For many, the response is to quit. Give up. Andre tells his story of how he proved them all wrong. And how his belief and determination got him out of prison and into Harvard.
How to lead in a crisis is a big question a lot of people are looking for the answer to right now. And part of this is how to do this with a diverse group of people without offending anyone. On today’s show Eric explains the one strategy that works with anyone in any situation… and it has nothing to do with pacifying anyone.
When you meet someone you don't like, do you respond with jealousy, anger or a desire to tear them down? We don’t have to look far to see this happening all around us right now. On today’s show, Eric shows you how to look past the initial “I don’t like that guy” reactions and go deeper, finding the things about them you can appreciate, honor, and learn from. And the three benefits you’ll see by doing this.
Battling against the expectations and labels others pin on us is one of the toughest challenges we face. Today Eric is joined by “Cowboy” Jax Young, a man who fought to overcome many labels: Product of a broken home. Victim of abuse. Troubled youth. Traumatic Brain Injury sufferer. Suicide survivor. Jax tells his story of how he fought to overcome those labels, and replace them with ones he chose and wears proudly: Disabled veteran. Country singer. And founder of S.A.V.E. Home Front.
From 11 years old, Tyrus McCloud was surviving on the streets in one of the most dangerous zip codes in the country. He used his size and aggression to bully and shakedown other kids for the money he needed to eat. But that same size and aggression caught the eyes of his high school football coaches. Good men who saw greatness in McCloud and guided him off the path to prison, to a college scholarship, and then to the NFL, as a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. McCloud tells how it was experiencing that guidance and mentorship from great men that led him to his true purpose: Back to the streets he grew up on, to help young men there escape from the streets and influences that almost consumed him. McCloud holds nothing back, and tells the real story of his family tragedies, his own personal demons, and the frustration and struggle to keep young men on the right path.
My guest today, Alan Schwarz, proves that warriors show up in all different ways. A self-described “math geek,” Schwarz saw the results of the NFL’s study on the effects of concussions on its players, and knew their conclusions were wrong. So, in his series of Pulitzer-Prize nominated articles for The New York Times, he set out to prove what their numbers really showed, using math as his weapon. And for more than three years, the NFL did everything they could to discredit him and his findings. Schwarz tells the true story behind the public story, the real motivation behind his articles, how it affected him, his career, and his family, and the people who stood behind him during this three and a half year battle. Schwarz is an inspiration for all those who believe they aren’t strong enough to be a warrior. Proving that all it takes is a man who stands up for what he believes, no matter who is staring at him across the ring.
Today I talk with actor and star of the blockbuster hit movie, Avatar, Stephen Lang. With courage, belief, passion, and a commitment to succeed, Lang has been successful on both stage and screen for more than four decades. He shares how men like Dustin Hoffman, John Malkovich, James Cameron, and Lang’s father, noted philanthropist, Eugene Lang, all impacted his career and his life. Lang also tells how he uses the influences from his life to bring a humanity, a purpose, to the characters he portrays—especially anti-heroes and antagonists like Avatar’s Col Quaritch—bringing a deeper understanding of these men who might otherwise come off as one-dimensional bad guys and villains. Lang’s ability to make us root for them is a testament to the honor and appreciation he brings to each man. And listening to his story, you’ll understand why.
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