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Scott S. Powell has been a fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution and is currently senior fellow at Discovery Institute. He has published over 250 articles. Mr. Powell has been called on twice to provide expert witness testimony for the U.S. Senate Committees: the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. His latest positive book is REDISCOVERING AMERICA and “Mounting Debt and Misguided Foreign Policy Risk A Dollar Doomsday.” ,
Daniel Turner Daniel Turner is the Founder and Executive Director of Power the Future (PTF) For nearly 20 years he has worked in communications and public affairs for several non-profits and various campaigns. He advocates for American energy jobs and energy issues at Fox News , RealClearEnergy, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, and The Federalist. Can we return to energy independence? .
Jack Hanney has worked in the financial markets for over 20 years. At the age of 25 he studied under William O’Neill founder of Investor’s Business Daily. Jack is CEO and co-founder of Patriot Gold Group the number 1 rated Gold & Silver dealer 6 years in a row. We’ll tell why more than ever now is the time to diversify into gold & silver. Patriots Protecting Patriots. Call (800) 974-GOLD (4653) David Stoddard Served in the U.S. Army 1966-through 1968. He joined the U.S. Border Patrol in 1969 in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida. Puerto Rico for 27 years retiring in 1996. He testified before two Congressional Committees about illegal immigration and served as advisor to Pat Bucannon and Tom Tancredo. David served as Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers. Learn the facts from OUR border. The Biden administration is pushing for repeal of title 42 while still pushing Covid shots.
Robert Mazur spent 5 years laundering money for Columbian drug cartels, working undercover, to bring down their hierarchy and the international banks that laundered their fortunes. His work led to prosecution of the world’s 7th largest privately held bank BCCI and convictions of many of their senior bank officials. His book The Infiltrator, was adapted into a major motion picture starring Bryan Cranston, is more amazing and intriguing than any fictional account. His latest, just published book, BETRAYAL tells of his brush with death. Mr. Mazur is a court-certified expert in international drug trafficking, and money laundering. He is President of KYC Solutions Inc. www.freedommail.usxjfBZqNjwijJQQ0EdUY0
Daniel Greenfield is an Israeli born author and columnist who is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Mr. Greenfield has been quoted by almost every major talk radio host. We’ll examine Biden Warns Israel Against 'Freedom of Worship and his blog
Cheryl Chumley is a Christian, Conservative, writer, and speaker. She is noted for aggressive use of Freedom of Information Act laws to hold officials accountable. Cheryl is the online opinion editor and host of “Bold and Blunt” podcast for The Washington Times. Subscribe to her newsletter at The Washington Times and get her daily commentaries, along with her weekly “Bold and Blunt” podcasts, delivered straight to your email box three times a week! She is the author of Police State USA, The Devil In D.C, Socialists Don’t Sleep, now LOCKDOWN: The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom. › topics › cheryl-k-chumleywww.freedommail.usxjfBZqNjwijJQQ0EdUY0
Susan Bradford is a writer, author, public speaker, and investigative reporter covering the machinations of the Deep State. She founded the European Review the departmental publication for The University of Essex in the UK. She was a news writer for KNX news radio in LA, producer for Fox News Channel, assignment editor for Voice of America and lead investigator on the Abramoff investigation. Her books include, Royal Blood Lines, Tartar Treachery, Unmasked: Corona Virus Story, The United Church Of Heist, F133c3d: Unmasking Elon Musk, and her latest The End of Globalism: How the Rothschilds Used Donald Trump as a Trojan Horse to Deceive Patriots. We’ll discuss the REAL Elon Musk and THE END OF GLOBALISM
Mike Gonzalez is a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. since 2009. He spent close to twenty years as a journalist, fifteen of them writing from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He left journalism to join the Bush administration, serving as a speechwriter before moving on to the State Department’s European Bureau, where he wrote speeches and op-eds. In the explosive new book, BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution, he takes on a terrorist organization that is methodically destroying America - Black Lives Matter - and exposes them for what they really are revealing grifting on a major scale. He exposes them by “following the money”. › staff ›
Dr. Naomi Wolf is one of the world's most influential feminists, Dr. Naomi Wolf doesn't just comment on the world's most pervasive problems, she aims to solve them. Dr. Wolf is a bestselling author, columnist and professor. She is co-founder and CEO of, a successful civic tech company. Dr. Wolf, in her speeches and seminars, exposes the threats to liberty and democracy, providing audiences with the tools to fight back against powerful institutional forces. Wolf has written eight bestselling works of nonfiction, including The Beauty Myth, Give Me Liberty, The End of America, and NOW The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human › dr-naomi-wolf-on-pfizer
Lowell Ponte is the man for all reasons. A veteran think tank futurist, was Roving Editor of Reader's Digest for 15 years did investigative reporting in 33 countries. He hosted radio talk programs syndicated to 300 stations, and dean of a distance-learning university. He's author of The Cooling, We Have Seen the Future and it Looks Like Baltimore, and Money Morality and the Machine. Our topics include inflation, the future of our economy. Lowell, explains what is behind our current condition, it’s supernatural.
Selwyn Duke has written for The New American for more than a decade. He has also written for The Hill, Observer, The American Conservative, WorldNetDaily, American Thinker, and many other print and online publications. In addition, he has contributed to college textbooks published by Gale-Cengage Learning, has appeared as a frequent guest on television and radio. We’ll discuss “Covid and the Ghosts of Nuremberg” and “Democrats Are Kicking Blacks to the Curb”
Riley G Matthews Jr. is a former NYPD police officer who retired after a career ending injury. Riley became a Hollywood stunt man appearing in many pre-covid movies. He was 1st Vice President of Nevada SAG and was the first President and founder of the Blood Brothers MC.He was a gun and robbery specialist for the NYPD. Our topic crime and especially the gun violence and assaults on police. www.RileyG.comRalph Friedman is the NYPD’s most decorated Detective in New York. Working out of the 41st Precinct “Ft. Apache, The Bronx”, he made more than 2,000 arrests. Over a period of less than 15 years he was involved in 15 shootouts, forced to shoot eight criminal perpetrators, killing four. He fought for the good of New York City in what some have considered to be the toughest years all to protect the public from crime, drugs and violence. A nearly fatal car crash abruptly ended his career in 1983. His best-selling book Street Warrior was the basis of his TV show: “Street Justice: The Bronx “
Rebecca Terrell is a senior editor and regular contributor for The New American. I just read an article in this week’s The New American titled “Covid Hospitals: The New Killing Fields?”. This is the personal story of “Nineteen-year-old Grace Schara died on October 13 at a hospital in Wisconsin. It was not COVID that took her life but a murderous treatment protocol that her family believes may claim many unfortunate victims.” This is a story not only about Grace Schara, but all of the potential Grace Schara’s.
Gene Gomulka is a retired Navy Chaplain, author, screenwriter, and Roman Catholic priest. His books include The Survival Guide for Married Military Couples, and Core Values of “Honor, Courage, and Commitment” adopted by the Marine Corp & later the Navy. Saint Pope John Paul II named him Monsignor with Prelate of Honor. He suffered reprisals in 2004 for exposing clerical abuse in the Roman Catholic Church the seminaries. We’ll also talk about abortion and much more. ,
Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple journals and sites. Her writings appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, and international publications and many university websites. Sher’s book My Astounding Journey Home: The Gift, is inspired. We’ll discuss “Control Has Always Been THE Central Core of Tyranny”.
Dr. Karladine Graves D.O. is a Family Medicine Specialist at Cornerstone Family Care in North Kansas City, MO. She is affiliated with Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City. She has specialty expertise in immunization and influenza. Dr Graves has the courage to come out of retirement to expose dangers of the “Clot Shot” for the last 20 months. We’ll discusses the medical tyranny that CDC, Fauci and Bill Gates have forced on the American people. She has dedicated her life to fighting for medical freedom and bringing the truth to light about the COVID injections in order to save lives. Joining Dr. Graves is the courageous whistleblower Sasha Latytova who worked for Pfizer. Her information will totally shock you. Please write to: to stop the vote at World Health Assembly May 22-28,
Ken Timmerman is an internationally acclaimed investigative journalist and war correspondent was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for exposure of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. His book St. Peter’s Bones bears witness to the persecution of Christians in Iraq. Mr. Timmerman covered both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict for over 30 years including in 1982 taken hostage by West Beirut Palestinian guerilla fighters, when he became born again to his Christian faith. His book Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi , Deception: The Making of the You Tube Video Hillary and Obama Blamed for Benghazi, Isis Begins, and now THE ELECTION HEIST. We'll examine the "real election heist of 2020 and if we are now more secure.
David Stoddard Served in the U.S. Army 1966-through 1968. He joined the U.S. Border Patrol in 1969 and served in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida. Puerto Rico for 27 years until his retirement in 1996. He testified before two Congressional Committees about illegal immigration and served as advisor to Pat Bucannon and Tom Tancredo. David Stoddard served as Chairman for the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers. See for latest border crossing
Jonathan W. Emord, principal of Emord and Associates, practices constitutional and Food and Drug law in Washington D.C. before the federal courts and agencies. He is the only attorney in American history to defeat the FDA eight times in federal court, seven times on First Amendment grounds. Mr. Emord is the author of Global Censorship of Health Information, The Rise of Tyranny, and the incredible Restore the Republic. Mr. Emord will tell us about his latest book, THE AUTHORITARIANS and how “Covid Treatment Suppression is killing Americans”
Ron Boat, founder, Executive Producer and script writer for Production Services/AZ since 1971. Ron has produced corporate marketing and training materials for some of the largest companies in the world and took his writing skills to op-ed pieces in 2011 interviewing leaders such as LTG Flynn, Gordon Chang, Victor Davis Hanson, Sidney Powell and others. He since has been writing for major websites including Red Nation Rising, Western Free Press, Freedommail and World Net Daily.
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