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Investigating TRUTH - whether in politics, science, medicine, economics, journalism or life. Erskine's wit and humor has reached millions for nearly 30 years, on local stations around the country; major radio networks, and the net. Fast-paced, entertaining and informative programs with ideas and concerns for your social, political and economic life;

Leaders from the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, leading doctors, columnists and business leaders, all informative, interesting and timely content not heard on every other station, network, or cable show!
Erskine is the Sacred Fire of Liberty winner of the Voice of Liberty and Excellence In Health Journalism awards.
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110 Episodes
Karen Kataline is a columnist and talk show host of Spouting Off, a live, internet, call-in show featuring politics, pop culture, and psychology. Her op-eds have appeared at Investor’s Business Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, Western Journal, and The American Thinker. She is the author of Fatlash! Food Police & Fear of Thin. This is a personal account of her own child beauty pageants, food restrictions, and her “stage door mother on steroids”. Spouting Off” is now heard Fridays @ 2:00 Eastern. Our topics “Why Socialists are threatened by individuality” and “Don’t Comply With A Lie”. www.KarenKataline.comFor updates follow @erskineradio on Twitter
Jim O’Connor worked 42 years in the securities industry, responsible for regulatory compliance, investment portfolio management, and enterprise leadership. He advised the California Senate Select Committee on rewriting investment law to prevent future bankruptcies as occurred in 1994 with Orange County. Mr. O’Connor is running for an important seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission. For updates Follow @erskineradio on Twitter
Brent Magnussen author, speaker, former U.S Army Engineer, entrepreneur, and adventure seeker. Brent enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cooking, reading, hunting, fishing, and learning about other cultures and languages. He is on the board of Resilient Warrior Foundation, helping U.S. Veterans and first responders who suffer with PTSD. His book ROGER UP is a blueprint for living life to the fullest and thriving in the face of adversity. For updates Follow @erskineradio on Twitter
Professor John M. Ellis is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He taught at Universities in England, Wales, and Canada. Author of 10 books including Literature Lost and his latest THE BREAKDOWN OF HIGHER EDUCATION: How it Happened, The Damage it Does, and What Can Be Done. updates follow @erskineradio on Twitter
Brigitte Gabriel is the Founder and President of Act for America. She is a leading national security expert providing information and analysis on the rise of Islamic terrorism. Ms. Gabriel has addressed major political leaders and U.S. Pentagon, FBI, and our military leadership and organizations. She is a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. She also is fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew. In her spare time she has written 2 NY Times Best Sellers, BECAUSE THEY HATE: A survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America and THEY MUST BE STOPPED. www.ActforAmerica.orgFollow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Dr. Jim Roach MD, from beautiful Midway Kentucky, believes we need to become centered, focused, and respect our bodies through targeting treatments that will treat us kindly. Dr. Roach, “America’s Healer” is American Board of Family Medicine certified and also American Board of Holistic Medicine Certified. He uses an integrative approach that leads to healing, longevity, and wellness. His Amazon bestselling God’s House Calls: Finding God through My Patients, shows how important it is to incorporate spirituality into his practice. Learn the latest information on cancer with VITAL STRATEGIES IN CANCER., www.vitalstrategiesincancer.comFollow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Kiril Mugerman is President and CEO of Geomega Resources a mining and technology company that is building the first rare earth refining and recycling plant outside of Asia. He grew up in 4 countries and is fluent in English, French, Russian, Hebrew, and Spanish. He wants to establish a reliable supply of rare earth elements without relying on China. His Quebec operation is a first for North America allowing us to declare our independence from China. http://Ressourcesgeomega.caFollow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand author, speaker, and political activist. His blog New Zeal and his website KeyWiki exposes American politcians. He has been called the World’s most determined Communist hunter”. His “Campaign for a Soviet Free New Zealand”, exposed the workings of Soviet/Marxist subversion throughout the world. His books Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and his latest Enemies Within expose the ties of over 100 representatives and 20 Senators with ties to Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, Institute for Policy Studies, and the Council for a Livable World. Mr.Loudon has turned his sights on Joe Biden. www.TrevorLoudon.TV enemyWithinMovie.comFor updates follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
John Guandolo a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy served nearly 7 years as an infantry/reconnaissance Marine Officer. In 1996 he joined the FBI where he was assigned to the Counterterrorism Division in the Washington Field Office. Mr. Guandolo created and implemented the FBI’s first Counterterrorism Training and Educational Program. His emphasis was on the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. and the global Islamic movement. He was an adjunct instructor at the U.S. Army War College. His books include, Shariah: The Threat to America, Raising A Jihadi Generation, and his just-released ISLAM’S DECEPTION: The Truth About Sharia. www.UnderstandingTheThreat.comFor updates follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Lawrence W. Reed is President emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Freedom. He served as President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy for 21 years and taught economics at Northwood University from 1987 to 1984 and served as Chairman of the department. Reed has authored over 2000 columns and authored or co-authored 8 books. His most recent we’ll discuss is, Was Jesus A Socialist. For updates follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. in 2004 co-authored the #1 New York Times bestseller Unfit for Command-Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry. In the last 7 years Dr. Corsi has written 7 New-York Times Bestselling non-fiction books including Obama Nation and Atomic Iran, Bad Samaritans, his Who Really Killed Kennedy, the best book ever on the Kennedy assassination, and Partners In Crime about the Clinton’s. His blockbuster Killing the Deep State, Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s “Witch Hunt”, and Coup d” Etat: Exposing Deep State Treason and the Plan to Re-Elect President Trump. His latest book e-Book THE PLAN: To Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency. www.corsination.comFollow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Kurt Schlichter was personally recruited by Andrew Breitbart to write conservative commentary. He is a named partner at a growing Los Angeles trial lawyer firm, a retired Army Infantry Colonel with a master's in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College, and a former stand up comic. His, soon to be best-seller The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and You) is available July 7. His podcast Unredacted every Monday and Fighting Words Wednesdays. Get his novels Fighting Words, People’s Republic, Indian Country, Wildfire & Collapse before they come true. Follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Karen Tiber Leland over 25 years has successfully worked as a management and marketing consultant, freelance writer, keynote speaker, spokesperson, reporter, artist, and actress. Her books have been translated into 10 languages and sold over 350,000 copies. We’ll talk about her amazing book, The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build, and Accelerate Your Brand. This is necessary for the “new normal”. Follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Dr. Charles B. Simone M.D. is an internist, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, tumor immunologist, author, inventor, and health advocate. He has been called “Cancers Worst Enemy” and founded the Simone Protective Cancer Institute. His Cancer and Nutrition: a ten-point Plan for Prevention and Cancer Life Extension is in its 3rd printing. The Truth about Breast Cancer, and The Truth About Prostate Cancer set the bar for increased understanding. How to Save Yourself From A Terrorist Attack and Medical Hydration: Military Strategy for Military and Athletic Warriors, have aided the military and Olympians. Dr. Simone has a plan to overhaul healthcare to save our healthcare system, and our country. He has appeared on 60 Minutes, Prime Time Live, Fox News Channel. We’ll discuss Corona Virus as a bioweapon and faulty studies can cost lives. www.SimoneSuperEnergy.comFollow @ErskineRadio on twitter for updates
Lowell Ponte is the man for all reasons. A veteran think tank futurist, he worked as Roving Editor of Reader's Digest for 15 years and has done investigative reporting in 33 countries. He hosted radio talk programs syndicated to 300 stations. He's author of The Cooling, , and co-author with Craig R. Smith of Crashing the Dollar; The Inflation Deception; The Great Debasement; The Great Withdrawal; Don’t Bank On It: The Unsafe World of 21st Century Banking; We Have Seen the Future and it Looks Like Baltimore; and , China White Paper FREE, POSTPAID call (800) 630-1492. Our topics will include “Who’s Behind the Rioting and Looting”, and “The Outlaw Left and the Roaring 2020’s” www.WND.comFollow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Dr. Steve Turley Ph.D. author of over 20 books including The Return of Christendom: Demography, Politics, and the Coming Christian Majority, The New Nationalism, and Classical vs. Modern Education. Dr. Turley is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and one of the most exciting voices on the Dark Web. His popular YouTube channel showcases his expertise in the rise of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism worldwide. You’ll find his analysis of current events optimistic and uplifting. We’ll discuss “Riots are red pilling us like nothing else” and “4 Reasons Trump is Poised to Crush the Democrats in November. Follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
David Horowitz is the author of Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, New York Times best-seller and now DARK AGENDA: The War to Destroy Christian America. Just this week David Horowitz has released BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and WIN. Horowitz was a founder of the New Left and an editor of Ramparts in the 1960’s. Mr. Horowitz traced his odyssey from “Red Diaper Baby” to the conservative activist founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His Black Book of the American Left is the seminal work on the leftist agenda. We’ll discuss the left’s efforts to create a Godless, American society and how to stop these Satanic efforts. , www.davidhorowitzfreedomcenter.orgFollow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Jack Haney has worked in the financial markets for over 20 years. At the age of 20, he studied under William O’Neill, America’s most successful investor and founder of Investor’s Business Daily. He is now one of the owners of the Patriot Gold Group. Jack has written over $200 million in business and trades with Patriot. We’ll discuss why buy gold, storing gold and type of gold is best for you. You can have a safe IRA for your retirement. Gold and silver may be our ONLY secure investment. Call (800) 974-GOLD (4653) We're proud to have Patriot Gold Group as a sponsor of Erskine Radio. Be sure to visit them for all your gold and silver needs.Follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Dr. Carl Goldberg became seriously interested in Islam after 9/11’s hijackers were reported to quote the Koran for justification. What God could justify such an act of murdering 3000 innocent Americans. He purchased a copy of the Koran and studied other Moslem works. He has since made it his patriotic duty to educate his fellow Americans of the negative impact of their jihad against the Western world, and all non-Muslems. In 2014 Dr. Goldberg was honored as one of America’s leading “Islamophobes by the Council on American Islamic Relations. We’ll discuss Islamic efforts to achieve political power and their participation in the riots. Free quotes about Moslem and peace from their own writings contact Dr. Goldberg @ Follow @ErskineRadio on Twitter
Donna Fiducia former Fox News Channel Anchor and Don Neuen, a Constitutional Conservative founded Donna Fiducia Productions and started Cowboy Logic Radio, unfiltered, politically incorrect, common sense radio. You can listen Tuesdays at 10 pm over WJHC, WDDQ, and WLBB radio, iHeartRadio & MoJo50. We’ll discuss “shutdown, can we recover?”
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