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A daily Ethereum news roundup. Tune in for updates about Ethereum upgrades, DeFi, LSTFi, and the layer 2 rollup ecosystem. Follow us @ethdaily and subscribe to the newsletter at
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The crypto market sees $878 million in liquidations. EigenLayer announces an unpause for LST caps. EspressoSys expands its testnet to run on 100 nodes. And Uniswap deploys on Blast. Read more:
Core developers add EIP-3074 to the Pectra upgrade. Six new AVSs go live on EigenLayer. Uniswap proposes ERC-7683 as a cross-chain intents standard. And Chainlink CCIP supports native ETH transfers. Read more:
Uniswap receives a Wells notice from the SEC. Chainlink Functions go live on Base. Layer N launches its phase 1 testnet. And Swell opens deposits for its L2 network. Read more:
EigenLayer and EigenDA go live on mainnet. Relay launches Canonical +. Ethereum researchers analyze correlated attestation penalties. And Aerodrome announces a launch date for Slipstream. Read more:
MakerDAO approves a vote for Project Ethena. Degen Chain launches a grants program. Angle launches USDA to private beta. And Base reaches $4 billion in TVL. Read more:
Farcaster introduces actions. Crypto advocacy groups file amicus briefs for the Tornado Cash legal case. TLX unveils its governance token launch. And MadFi raises a $1 million angel round. Read more:
Synthetix V3 goes live on Base. The ZK Stack supports Valadium Mode. Lattice deploys Redstone to mainnet. And Form Network introduces its SocialFi L2. Read more: 
A vote to enable SAFE token transferability goes live. The SEC solicits public comment on ETH ETFs. Ethereum researchers release a study on EIP-7623. And OpenZeppelin Defender supports the Holesky testnet. Read more:
The Aave DAO publishes a proposal to remove DAI as collateral. Arbitrum introduces a proposal to activate Stylus. And Blobstream goes live on Arbitrum One. Read more:
Vitalik outlines the next steps for The Purge. Prisma Finance proposes a path forward following an exploit. OpenSea integrates bridging via Socket. And Maker proposes to allocate 600 million DAI to USDe pools. Read more:
EigenLayer launches EigenDA on the Holesky testnet. ConsenSys writes a comment letter to the SEC. And Fire sunsets its browser extension. Read more:
Syndicate introduces Degen Chain as an L3 on Arbirtum Orbit. AltLayer launches ALT token staking. Vitalik Buterin shared insights on directions for Ethereum scaling. And Circle will support native USDC on zkSync Era. Read more:
Celestia deploys Blobstream on Base mainnet. Blobs hit a 100% utilization rate due to inscriptions. A judge drops the SEC’s claims against Coinbase Wallet. And Ethana announces its ENA token launch. Read more:
Optimism announces new RetroPGF rounds for 2024. A Tornado Cash trial begins in the Netherlands. Angle Protocol introduces USDA. And the CFTC classifies ETH as a commodity. Read more:
Optimism launches the Superchain Developer Console. Securitize formally introduces the BUIDL fund with BlackRock. EigenLayer outlines the risks of liquid restaking. And Sablier raises a $4.5 million seed round. Read more
Developers agree to add Max Effective Balance to Electra. Developers disclose a security vulnerability that existed on Ethereum. Frax Finance releases a fee switch proposal. And Espresso Systems raises a $28 million Series B. Read more:
RIP-7212 goes live on Polygon PoS. Base postpones its planned bridge maintenance. DeFi Saver introduces automated debt payback. And Nethermind releases a post-mortem for its consensus issue in January. Read more:
BlackRock launches a tokenized asset fund on Ethereum.  Ethereum community members propose to increase the block gas limit. Arbitrum completes phase 2 of its ArbOS update. And fault proofs go live on OP Sepolia. Read more:
EtherFi launches its ETHFI token airdrop. The Ethereum Foundation issues a final reminder to migrate away from Goerli. Gnosis Chain unveils uRamp. And Aavegotchi selects Base as its settlement layer. Read more:
OP Labs plans to implement fault proofs on OP Sepolia. Alchemix goes live on Arbitrum One. Uniswap releases research on L2 network efficiency. And two U.S. senators request the SEC not to approve crypto ETFs. Read more:
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