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Ethereum News - DeFi, Web3, Crypto


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A daily crypto news podcast covering the latest in Ethereum. Tune in for updates about Ethereum upgrades, layer 2 rollups, ZK-EVMs, DeFi, NFTs, and greater Web3. Follow us @ethdaily or subscribe at
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Truffle Suite winds down operations. Matter Labs introduces a zkSync fellowship program. Caldera introduces ecosystem integrations. And Rainbow releases its browser extension wallet for all users.
Aztec releases a local testnet for private smart contracts. L2Beat introduces a new TVL framework. Balancer suffers a DNS highjack attack And the Holesky testnet is set to relaunch on September 28th.
Optimism opens applications for RetroPGF 3. Base introduces the Pessimism monitoring system. Arbitrum announces the return of Arbitrum Odyssey. And Safe introduces ERC-7512.
Optimism announces OP Airdrop 3. Canto migrates to a ZK chain built on Polygon CDK. Aztec Network announces its Decentralized Sequencer Selection Protocol winner. And Go Ethereum issues a hotfix release for Geth. 
Ethereum’s Hokesky testnet experiences a launch failure. 472 Nouns opt-in to join a fork of the NounsDAO. Optimism distributes unclaimed OP airdrop tokens. And DevConnect announces a censorship resistance event. Read more:
Developers add two last-minute EIPs to Dencun. Frame unveils its Ethereum rollup focused on NFTs. Aztec introduces a private smart contract framework. And Polygon announces a Phase 0 Frontier upgrade. Read more:
Developers introduce an EIP for a new blob base-fee opcode. Dappradar releases a zkSync ecosystem portal. The SEC sues the Stoner Cats NFT project. And the Lazarus Group siphons over $54 million from CoinEx. Subscribe to the newsletter:
MetaMask releases Snaps to open beta. Go Ethereum releases Geth v1.13.0. Hashdex files for an Ethereum ETF. And Lodestar shares the results of its solo staker incentive program. Subscribe to the newsletter:
Synapse Chain goes live on testnet. Safe deploys on Polygon ZK-EVM. Offchain Labs partners with Espresso Systems. And Uniswap releases a feature to detect fee on transfer tokens.
Espresso Systems integrates the OP Stack. Aztec Network introduces privacy abstraction. The CFTC files charges against three DeFi protocols. And Synthetix extends OP incentives for perpetual traders.
EigenLayer releases an intro to EigenDA. introduces the Tokenized Asset Coalition. WalletConnect releases the Modal SDK. And Base announces initial ecosystem fund investments.
ARK Invest and 21Shares file for an Ethereum spot ETF. Vitalik Buterin co-authors a privacy paper. The EF announces ERC-4337 grant recipients. And Synthetix explores a multi-chain approach.
Base experiences a temporary halt in block production. Native USDC goes live on Base. DeFi Saver introduces ETH Saver. And MetaMask integrates a crypto-to-fiat off-ramp.
Danny Ryan introduces PeerDAS. Vitalik sells 500 MKR tokens and suggests RAI should support staked ETH collateral. And Stake suffers a $40 million exploit.
Ethereum developers prepare for a final Dencun devnet. Vitalik proposes unifying Verkle Trie and State Expiry implementations. Gearbox introduces leveraged Curve V2 pools. And Aerodrom surpasses $190 million in TVL. Subscribe to the newsletter:
Offchain Labs releases Arbitrum Stylus. Prisma Finance goes live on Ethereum mainnet. Gitcoin Passport introduces onchain stamps. And PoolTogether V5 is now live in private beta. Subscribe to the newsletter:
Aevo integrates zero-fee bridging for Optimism and Arbitrum. A judge dismisses a Uniswap class action lawsuit. DeFragDAO releases ENS Shortcuts. And Argent releases mobile support for Starknet.
Polygon introduces the Chain Development Kit. Grayscale wins a lawsuit against the SEC. The EF releases an execution layer specification. And X acquires a currency transmitter license. Subscribe to the newsletter:
AltLayer integrates the OP Stack. Balancer suffers a $978k exploit. ​​Aztec Network shares an upgrade proposal. And Farcaster begins its V3 migration.
The U.S. Treasury releases proposed regulations for digital asset exchanges. ethOS sells out pre-orders for its Ethereum Phone. Flashbots publishes a transparency report. And Noir is now supported on VS Code.
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