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The Etsy Success podcast is your source for tips on improving your creative business and inspiration from the Etsy community.
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In our second installment of Meet the Maker, we called up Laura Preston of textile shop Vacilando Quilting in San Marcos, Texas. The quiltress tells the story behind the business she launched while roaming the US in a travel trailer. Find out how the former oil painter turned a spontaneous road trip into a six-year adventure, changing the course of her life in the process.
This week, we’re bringing you a special episode of the podcast that might just have you adding new items to your cart. We chat with jewelry maker Alicia Goodwin of Etsy shop Lingua Nigra about how she built a business inspired by her childhood dreams. Find out what makes her creation process so unique, which celebrities are wearing Lingua Nigra pieces, and why customers keep coming back to Alicia for their special-occasion needs.Check out Alicia’s Featured Shop story on the Etsy Journal.
From interesting insects to outdoor celebrations, find out which trends have been popping up this season. Our trend expert shares updates on how shoppers are gifting differently in 2020, plus find out what’s on the rise for New Year’s.
Etsy seller Latoya Johnston of the Etsy shop Fresh Seed Glow shares her experience as a co-captain of the new Black-Owned Etsy Shops Team. Since launching the group with fellow shop owner Alicia Goodwin, Latoya has gained meaningful connections with other members and insightful tips that directly impacted her shop. Find out how the Team provides a safe space for mutual support among sellers, and how the group has helped Latoya grow, both as a business owner and community leader.Shop the Black-Owned Etsy Shops Favorites page and the Black-Owned Etsy shops Editors’ Picks page. Etsy Teams are groups run by sellers, for sellers, to provide support to one another. Each group comes together for different reasons—some connect members who live in the same area; others sell items in similar categories; and some groups are created around a common interest; like woodworking, photography, or marketing. Check out this article to learn how to join a Team.
Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson talks about top holiday trends, from sunny citrus to DIY decor. Find out which motifs are on the rise, what gifts will be at the top of shoppers’ lists, and how people will look to Etsy to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and beyond.Read our holiday 2020 shopping trends report for more trend insights and tips at
Get tips from an experienced seller and an Etsy expert on how to get the most out of your Etsy Ads campaign. First Etsy Product Manager Arjun Malhotra shares insights into how Etsy Ads works and how to build a campaign to help you reach your business goals. Then Brie Moore of Etsy shop Breezy Tee explains how she came up with an advertising strategy that took her business to the next level.Learn more about advertising in our Ultimate Guide to Advertising and set up an Etsy Ads campaign by visiting
Get top tips from some of the 2019 winners and Etsy's trend expert on how to submit an entry that's sure to dazzle this year's judges. First we chat with Sian Zeng, whose magnetic dinosaur print wallpaper won last year’s Grand Prize. Then hear from Vicky and Stam of Etsy shop Eating the Goober about how they snagged the Earth-Friendly Award with their upcycled, transformable sandals. Finally, trend expert and Etsy Design Award judge Dayna Isom Johnson shares what she (and the rest of the judges) will be looking for when selecting winners. Plus learn about two new ways to win through our Buyer Nomination Sweepstakes and the People’s Choice Award.Check out for more information on how to submit an entry for this year’s Etsy Design Awards.
From backyard movie theaters to drive-by birthday parties, our resident trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson shares how shoppers will be spending their days this summer. Find out the creative ways buyers are approaching their usual warm weather activities and what they’ll be searching for on Etsy to bring their plans to life.To learn more about trends on the rise right now, check out our Seller Handbook article Marketplace Insights: Emerging Etsy Buyer Behaviors and Trends.
To celebrate Earth Month, we talk with Devi Chand about how she transforms magazine pages and newspapers into beautiful beads for her jewelry shop, Papermelon. Devi left her office job with no safety net to pursue a creative career in 2009, and since then she’s built a sustainable business inspired by her colorful surroundings in India and connected with both like-minded customers and eco-conscious Etsy sellers. Devi shares how she carved out a routine that helps her balance work and family, how she’s gotten her daughter involved in her work process, and how she handles challenging times in her business.For more tips on bringing sustainable practices into your shop, read Why You Should Weave Sustainability Into Your Brand Story. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Running Your Shop During COVID-19 for shop management strategies, emerging shopping trends, and small business resources during this challenging time.
Our trend expert gives a sneak peek into what’s heating up across categories this year and shares her pro tips on how to get featured. Learn how to put these trends to work in your shop, plus get an in-depth look at 2020 wedding trends. And, as always, Dayna will answer questions you submitted in the Forums.Read Dayna’s wedding trend guide and our early 2020 Marketplace Insights report to find out more about what to expect this year. Watch Dayna and Isabella’s trend video about ‘80s fashion trends on YouTube.
Social Media Specialist Brigette Muller shares tips on how to attract shoppers through your social channels during the busy season. Find out how to put that holiday shine on your photos, captions, and hashtags, plus learn how often to post and which trends to incorporate into your photography. Brigette also gives the inside scoop on how to increase your chances of getting featured on the Etsy social channels.Read our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing on the Seller Handbook for more tips for promoting your shop on social.Watch the trend video Brigette mentioned for examples of how to explore the latest seasonal styles in your shop.
How important is it to offer gift wrap? Is it helpful to update your listing tags for the holidays? Do shoppers care about thank-you notes? Get the answers to these questions and more from Senior Market Researcher Rosa Levitan. Rosa joins us in the studio to share how, when, and why buyers shop on Etsy for the holidays, and what motivates them to purchase. Plus, find out how to use these insights in your business to reach more shoppers this season.Check out How to Get 5-Star Reviews for info on the customer service tips mentioned in the show, and read Keywords 101 to learn more about how to tag and list your items.
Attributes are one of the most important factors in helping items appear in relevant searches. That’s why this week we’re chatting with Senior Taxonomy Manager Jenny Benevento about best practices on how to use them. Jenny shares her top tips for adding accurate attributes to listings to help connect your items with the right shoppers, plus she dives deep on how and why attributes are created.Learn more about attributes in our new chapter of the Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search.
Hear Dayna Isom Johnson in conversation with education specialist and Etsy shop owner Isabella Diaz about what holiday shoppers will be looking for this season. Learn about rising trends like woodland wonder and starry nights from Dayna, then get tips from Isabella about how to bring these trends to life in your business.Find out more about holiday 2019 trends in our latest Marketplace Insights report.
Our team paid a visit to the workspace of Etsy shop Automic Gold to get a behind-the-scenes look at their fine jewelry brand. Co-founders Al and Kiera discuss their mission to make jewelry that’s accessible and inclusive for people of all genders and sizes, and how they develop products for their diverse buyers. Plus, listen in on their making process and hear from two employees about what it’s like to be part of the Automic Gold family.Meet the Automic Gold team and get a glimpse at a typical day in their New York studio by checking out our video on YouTube.
Experienced shop owners share insights on how to find a shipping strategy that works for your business and keeps customers coming back. Hear from leather bags and accessories seller Meital Lev about how great customer service and top-notch packaging ties into her approach to international shipping. Then get advice from the founder of eco-conscious furniture brand Year of None about shipping large, heavy items and packaging them sustainably.Get more tips in our Ultimate Guide to Shipping, where you’ll find more info on shipping challenging items and developing an international shipping strategy.If you’re interested in offering a free shipping guarantee in your shop, read our Site Update for more info on how to get started.
From burnt orange to maximalism, get Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson’s top tips for incorporating this year’s trends into your shop. Dayna shares how to stay up-to-date on fresh designs and styles, and how to know if these themes are right for your brand.Check out our Spring and Summer Marketplace Insights report for more data and tips about this season’s trends.If you’re a wedding seller, read 8 Fresh Wedding Trends for 2019 to find out how brides and grooms are looking to showcase their unique styles.
We gathered your most recent questions about Etsy search and took them straight to the experts for answers. Three pros dive deep on everything from titles, tags, and attributes to misspellings and plurals. (Don’t worry—we’ve got those typos covered!)For more insight into how search works, check out the Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search.Share your feedback about categories by filling out our taxonomy feedback form.
Chasten Harmon of Etsy shop Plush Armour discusses how she connects with buyers and earns repeat customers through excellent customer service. Plus, go behind-the-scenes of the custom order experience with a conversation between Chasten and one of her returning customers.Learn more customer service tips in our Seller Handbook article How to Get Five-Star Reviews.
Three Team Captains share their top tips for using Etsy Teams to improve your business and expand your network. Learn how to find a Team that’s right for you and get the most out of your experience in this roundtable discussion.Read our Site Update to learn about the exciting updates to our community spaces.Check out our guests’ Teams:JayDee’s Vintage Etsy Society Street TeamCrystal’s Etsy Vancouver TeamRebecca’s SF Etsy Team
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Felicity Bridges

nice wonderful information thank you

Mar 19th

Angelica Chavez

I would've loved to hear more actionable tips, like: have your gift wrap and shipping supplies ready to go, add photos of what your gift wrapped items look like, talk or post a video about your gift wrapping on social media. Things like that and more. I felt like half of what was said wasn't related to holiday prepping, just Etsy info in general.

Nov 3rd
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