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How many of us know how to request information from public authorities? What do we do with it when we are concerned about it? Who or what will help us in case of cyber threats and frauds? How do we spot and disrupt the spread of false information? What are the things that we, as commoners look forward to our public authorities and government for? Every Indian’s Checklist, a new show from Suno India will get you answers to all these questions. The show will be hosted by Vaishali Pandiyen, our reporter along with Rakesh Kamal, our production lead.
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How to file an RTI?

How to file an RTI?


Almost all the government data is either on their websites or just behind the curtain, as official records. It only takes a letter or request to gain access to those, to be used at our disposal. As the name rightly suggests, Right To Information act is in place for facilitating the access these government records. But how does one file a RTI? In this episode of Every Indian’s Checklist, we along with an RTI activist, Rakesh Reddy Dubbudu tell you how can file a RTI.
All of us have used the incognito mode on different web browser at some point of time. Of late, it has also come to our notice that most if not all browsers also collect our browsing data for various purposes from advertising to understanding user behavior. So does browsing in private mode actually protects our data? To answer these questions,  the host Vaishali and co-host Rakesh Kamal, reached out to Ranjith Raj Vasam, a Community Development Leader in the Free Software Movement of India.
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Pratap Nair

Very informative show

Feb 5th
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