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Author: Tofer Luis/© 2023

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Every Thing Awful is an insightfully blunt satirical social commentary. Nothing is safe as we dive into everything from social trends, current events and just about every thing absurd, every thing ridiculous, every thing hilarious, every thing puzzling and every thing awful about the human condition and the crazy ass world we live in.

Every Thing Awful features weekly episodes hosted by comedian Tofer Luis and will feature special guests, interviews and more!
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About Podcast Trailers

About Podcast Trailers


This is every thing weird, every thing crazy, every thing confusing and most of all, every thing awful. These are very strange times and we are all strapped in for the ride. I am your host, Tofer Luis and I want to bring a little humor and levity into your life. Join me as I discuss every thing from awful news to awful trends, to awful stories and even provide some awful advice to those who call in. Every Thing Awful is an insightfully blunt satirical social commentary that will feature guests, special segments and more. If you are in the need of some Awful Advice or want to leave a comment or suggestion call the toll free Every Thing Awful Hotline now! 1 -(877)-IM-AWFUL or 1-(877)-462-9385 You can also submit something awful by emailing me at:
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