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This time I will start adding a parenthesis as a general question: Why are those fu%ing quotes so catchy? How did fast-food manage to rule even the brain? No need to answer, it is a simple rhetorical question, if you want, just think about it and act accordingly. Time for dessert! Every dessert starts with a reference on the courses that have been priorly served. Therefore I too shall begin with what I consider the most essential point of my whole effort, understanding the concept of individuality. Since the divine spark, is characterized by the adjective’ divine,’ it can ONLY be of the same nature that represents the divinity, which for me, is the One. From this alone comes the conclusion that it is neither its child nor any other unit because then the deity would not be the One but a single group within the One. The divine spark is, therefore, merely one of the faces of this absolute Unit. --- Send in a voice message:
The difficult task of writing down the unspeakable goes on. At this point, I have to start with a parenthesis that clarifies my personal bio-theory. Everything I write is based on the fundamental axiom upon which everything originates from the ONE that multiplies with an internal division, creating inner conscious totals. The units within these ensembles are embodied by a divine spark, the Hyper Essence Ego, also known as Hyper Ego, which is NOT an individuality but a different state of divinity. Divinity is like an actor who is always asked to play a different role. The knowledge and experience of this role is the goal of ensoulment. It is what, under certain circumstances, can be the beginning of a new Hyper Ego of a higher consciousness that is asked to play a new role bearing the memory of the past. Not the memory of the past life but a piece of specific and unique information that I personally mention as the information of “I AM.” --- Send in a voice message:
I wish this were our only concern! I will make an effort though, putting aside what I have read, to set a basis with what I have figured out. We come to the conclusion that there is a space between here and beyond, it is a logical outcome, in which these two states of consciousness coexist. The first difficulty that emerges from the very beginning is the approach of beyond as a consciousness level. I would blithely say that since it is part of the same set of creation, its approach can only be a pure matter of consciousness. I have personally accepted that there, as well as here, will exist a different form that, as a component, can only consist of spirit, matter, and soul that can operate in that environment. However, this set, which composes once again a peculiar form, can only perceive the situation there through the state of awareness that characterizes it. --- Send in a voice message:
There are many things I do not understand, what can I do? I have only one mind, and for many of my friends, it operates with burned flanges. Fortunately, this does not prevent me from trying to figure out the bizarre things I am listening and reading as an amateur Esoterist. The subject is Creation and the so-called Astral plane. This Astral plane has nothing to do with stars or constellations, and I have no idea why they named it like that. But even if the writer doesn’t agree if the godfather wishes it,  … my dear Christ you too have to walk wearing red shoes (for those who know the relative joke). So let’s start with the idea of ​​Creation. --- Send in a voice message:
Do you honestly believe what you say? I asked myself. Well to be totally honest, I consider it to be the most complete idea of what a human is and where he is heading to. But let’s take it from the start, one step at a time. As beings, we are part of a set whose edges are not at all defined. This set contains not only the physical perception of things but also the paraphysics, the metaphysics, the transcendent, and recent addition, the quantum view of the whole. And this, more or less, is self-evident. If we wish to stay only on one of its sides, we have only ourselves to blame. The key to understanding what really happens is understanding the connection between the creator and its creation on the one hand, and the analysis of our qualities on the other. --- Send in a voice message:
Isn’t karma the same with destiny? Is there anything else? What about the pattern of life? Oh no… additional headache! How can we not make matters worse? Someone states: I do not believe in karma. And almost immediately after he talks about the lessons of life you have to learn. Why in God’s name, does my neighbor collect all the comfortable experiences, and I am left with the ones that rip me to pieces? “It is a matter of destiny” claim the  Greek-scholars. Let’s start with the dictionary – not the common one – but that of the Epitome of the Great Dictionary of the Ancient Greek Language of the H.G. Liddell & R. Scott. That one, states: Destiny, ancient Greek: destined, “what is already presumed, by fate, to happen.” Expressions: you cannot escape from your destiny. And next to that: fate, past tense of a verb that in Greek means ‘I get my share.’ The Moirae (fates) are spinning the thread of destiny. --- Send in a voice message:
Even this One does not exist. (N. Kazantzakis-The Saviors of God) Even this One does not exist, my dear friend. I wish it were just that! But even if I accept to take up the gauntlet that you very skillfully threw to me, it still needs a lot of audacity since the above quote belongs in my opinion to the most significant thinker, poet, and philosopher of our days. And I call him only a poet and not a writer because his books are not novels, they are poems. In this respect, there are two words that I personally think we need to understand by ourselves since he is gone and we cannot ask him. The word ‘One’ and the word ‘exist’ (obviously). --- Send in a voice message:
Pour passer le temps

Pour passer le temps


My dear child, Yesterday I felt nostalgic and decided to write you this letter. In doing that, at least for the next 10 minutes, we will walk side by side while following my thoughts. Do you remember me visiting you in the maternity hospital the day you were born? What am I saying?! You can not possibly remember these years. Those years while you were yourself, it was like you were not. Yes, I can say with certainty it was you the person I was holding in my hands, the one I embraced with tenderness, the reason you don’t remember any of these is simply because your memory is not you. You are something else. And of course, you are not your body cells because all of your cells have changed since that time including the very cells of your brain. --- Send in a voice message:
Get bang for the buck

Get bang for the buck


Come on, give it a try! Get bang for the buck, heaven or hell! Let’s get serious now, there is no Paradise nor Hell. Whoever dies, is dead for good. Maybe he strolls around for a while, unknown where, and then he shows up for his final transfer. “I don’t know how I spend my life, my friend,” he says, wanting to change Saint Peters’ mind – by the way we have to consider that there was another doorman before him since that door existed from the beginning of time – “but I have a list with a thousand signatures of my fellow humans forgiving me. May I pass?” --- Send in a voice message:
I was doing fine, minding my own business. The mirror was reflecting the image of a satisfied personality, and then Harry showed up! “I brought you the program I was telling you about.” “Which one?” I asked him, puzzled. “The one that turns your computer into a planetarium. Sit down, I will install it for you!” Two hours later, all my astronomical knowledge was back, and I found myself more informed than ever, but what about my metaphysics status? At the bottom! If you try to go further down, you're dead! The closest dot in the sky, four light years away. Their amount? Oh, to hell with it. --- Send in a voice message:
Don’t claim you have never said that! Your theory is that we are all waiting in the anteroom of the souls, in such a rush to come down in the beautiful living conditions of planet Earth, that the minute one more idiot decides to play the role of a parent, we, overlooking his stupidity, hurry to occupy his genetic product! Several reasonable questions arise with this theory, as it so often happens with many concepts. Are the pre-existing souls of such inferior quality, don’t judge me as elitist, that match with that of the average man on the planet? We are over eight billion, don’t forget that, and apparently, everyone has a soul. So, back to the drawing board. Is there a warehouse of crowded souls from where they take the train to the planet of their incarnation or, even worse, are they packed in the local hospitality center, something like a local immigration camp. --- Send in a voice message:
God and Nietzsche died? Yep, they are dead (très chic) The book of people (and especially of faces) is full of wisdom. Each one is stating his opinion. And they are all right. “God died,” signs Nietzsche. Someone posts Nietzsche’s profound quote, and by all means, who am I to tell him the opposite? I did not see him anywhere (God) nor do I know anything about the murder. “Nietzsche died,” signs God. That’s right too. Nietzsche is for sure not with us and that I countersign even if I wasn’t present when he kicked the bucket. The term might be a bit offensive, but since God is dead for him, there is no one left to “punish” me. Maybe at the most, some Facebook friends will delete me from their lists. Life goes on! One thing is essential, as one Greek saying states: The baklava (a dessert) must be a corner piece (it is the best crunchy part)! Let us be serious now. Between these two extremes, the profound apophthegm of Nietzsche and that of God, I am sure hides a truth ultimately more correct than both. Because in the Book of People (FB), whoever does not post hearts and flowers, writes quotes full of wisdom. --- Send in a voice message:
"Light at the end of the tunnel?" That's what the quote states, and that works fine for me since I found the opportunity I was looking for to tell my story. Ok, I'll sum up. The tunnels have two ends. You enter from one; you exit from the other. Unless the tunnel is not finished. In that case, you get in, but you have to go back to get out. Have in mind though that the tunnels we are referring to are labyrinthine, so the light that can be seen is not always that of the exit. Also, when we usually talk about life, we speak about doors. "Life has two doors. I opened the first and went in, and until the sunset, I went out of the other!" (famous Greek song). --- Send in a voice message:
The snake is to blame!

The snake is to blame!


You can not imagine the damage that some films currently on cinemas and TV screens can do! Zombies, sub-humans, the man from Sirius [the planet Sirius not the country Syria] they all come and go to Gaia, commonly known as Earth, with spaceships and other spectacular means of transportation and so far, fortunately, all they do is look for a place to park. And we, the natives of this insignificant planet, enjoy every night the view of a space lighten with stars, whispering: OMG, what miracles you can create when you are in the right mood! The good God, sometime in the furthest past, took water and soil and made a first-class mud. With this mud, he made Adam. He liked what he saw and said: “Wouldn’t it be cool, now that I mastered the art, to create something more? And he created Eve. An improved model since it came second. I believe they were made the other way around since Eves’ of this world have the first say, as if they were the firstborn kids. Anyway, pick your preferred option. It’s of little importance to my story. --- Send in a voice message:
Let's talk about death

Let's talk about death


I cannot stand anymore what I am hearing, so let's talk about death! Yes, about death and stop acting like you saw a ghost! Since we all have to face it eventually, let's get it from scratch and stop whining and try to avoid it. The first thing we have to admit is that all the sobbing and the weeping, with a few exceptions, are from those left behind and not from the one who is about to “depart.” The emotions, the financial, the strange new way of life, stress most of the people and lead them to tears. Most cry out of habit, but everyone sobs out of ignorance. --- Send in a voice message:
Are you serious, are you gonna talk again about dreams? As a friend of mine wrote, according to a Greek saying: if you don’t like it, take your bucket and go play at another beach. Actually, we are all holding a bucket, going from one beach to another. Surrounded by all these fancy flyers advertising some kind of new playground for you and your bucket. Leaflets full of interesting quotes, which I think are trolling us. He said that the other said this, only God knows what the actual truth is. So I go back to the fact of my dream and whoever wants, may believe it. --- Send in a voice message:
How many times have we all gazed at the starry night, wondering where we come from. As Saint-Exupéry wrote, "For some who are travellers, the stars are guides. For others they are only little lights in the sky." For us, the stars will be the inspiration to discover more about our origin! Is it essential to know our origin to live a more fulfilling life? My opinion on such matters is yes. We really need to know the meaning of that and to think of a plan that can put order in our life. Of course, it is not harmful to change this plan during our life when the data is also changed. Reforming our own plan is the only necessary condition to stay alive in the game of life and to continue alive in the journey that follows. --- Send in a voice message:
Some people say a man is made out of mud. A poor man's made out of muscle and blood. Muscle and blood, skin and bone. A mind that's weak but a back that's strong. I loaded 16 tons. What do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter, don't you call me. 'Cause I can't go. I owe my soul to the company store. Man, stop singing and start podcasting! --- Send in a voice message:
Isn’t it interesting how, by dividing something, you end up multiplying it? Let's dive into the mathematical interpretation of the divine! I should mention something before though. The primary consumption of what I want to say is that everything originated from a single one principle. If that’s enough for you, then what follows will have some kind of meaning. If not, I’m sorry, but I’m not your man. You can believe whatever theory you want, but an appropriate conclusion must come out of your minds and not something prefabricated from others. --- Send in a voice message:
Plenty of light is needed, after all, to be cast on the metaphysical meaning of Christmas in order to enhance our interpretation of the jolliest time of the year…! And remember, Mary and Jesus are placed in the center of my heart not because they have accepted to descend from the upper levels, but because they have struggled to ascend to them. --- Send in a voice message:
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