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Everyday Courage with Jillian Johnsrud

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Want a life that's true to yourself and your values and dreams? The Everyday Courage podcast will help you get unstuck, find direction and overcome challenges. Using insights and humor from her professional and personal experience, Jillian Johnsrud will help you become a little more courageous every day in the choices you make to develop your career, your relationships, and your mindset.
70 Episodes
Behind every successful, married entrepreneur is a supportive partner. Jamila Souffrant offers helpful advice on how to get on the same page as your spouse on the journey to self-employment. 
Peter Polson of Tiller Money brings practical advice on learning to ask the right questions and finding the right tools when collaborating with your partner to reach your shared money goals. 
Investing as a couple is more than just the technical aspects; it also means learning to work through the emotions of market fluctuations together. 
By shaking free of their parents’ patterns and broader cultural mindsets regarding money, Ken and Mary have been able to forge a different path towards wealth that doesn’t come at the expense of their marriage. 
Jillian and Adam discuss the pros and cons of supercharging your allocation plan or mixing it up with something different when receiving a lump sum of money.
One Hour Millionaire money coach Mel joins Jillian to talk about making money compromises with her partner on the way to FIRE. 
Join Jillian (the saver) and Adam (the spender) for practical advice on how separate “fun money” accounts can help resolve conflict and offer stress-free opportunities to enjoy your money.
Guest, Andy Hill, talks about how good financial advice went wrong early in his life and how inviting a third-party facilitator into the money conversation in his marriage made a world of difference in achieving their financial and life goals.  For more, visit
Talking with your partner about money can be challenging. Join Jillian and Adam as they share how they navigated the very different money patterns they brought into their marriage on their way to becoming millionaires. 
Is there a silver lining to 2020? Clients and friends join Jillian to share their best moments from the last year. You will be surprised and encouraged by the progress made during an unpredictable year.
What can happen in a decade? Join Jillian, her husband Adam, and six guests as they recount their own ten year time capsules and the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way as they pursue financial independence and strive to create a life they love.
Coach Carson is a trusted voice that Jillian seeks out when it comes to real estate investments. Hear helpful advice on how to make real estate a part of your ten year plan towards financial independence on this episode of Everyday Courage. 
“Nobody cares”, is an unusual nugget of advice, but MK Williams is here to bring her honest and helpful encouragement to anyone ready to make the next decade worthwhile.
For most, the idea of a four hour work day sounds like perfection on the way to financial independence. Jillian reminds us that attaining that goal will take time, curiosity, and courageous growing along the way.
Longtime friend and author, August Cabrara, shares how the blog she started with Jillian ten years ago helped give her the courage to tell her whole truth about her mental health issues, grief, and everyday life.
How realistic is it for the average person to pursue financial independence (FI)? Jillian offers a hopeful message about making progress in the next decade toward FI.
Inherit Learning Company CEO, Nicole Walters, shares how she went from corporate darling to living the self-employed dream. Finding contentment, purpose, and learning to banish fear paved the way to her success.
Hot Mess Joy Club #5

Hot Mess Joy Club #5


If you dug up Jillian’s ten year time capsule to success it may surprise you. She shares how naked butts and basement floods have impacted her progress in this season's Hot Mess Joy Club.
Millennial Revolutionaries, Kristy and Bryce, talk about how 2020 forced them to take a closer look at their relational portfolio and deal with the problems money couldn’t fix.
The always delightful, Alan Donegan, shares how focusing on personal development has helped him create a life that is unrecognizable from where he was a decade ago.
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