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Everyday Photography, Every Day

Author: M.H. Rubin and Suzanne Fritz-Hanson

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Everyday Photography (Every Day)" is a bi-weekly podcast where you get to listen in on a chat between a photographer (Rubin) and a regular human (Suzanne Fritz-Hanson) with an eye on making your pictures amazing and helping you enjoy your photography more. No technical stuff. No talk of gear or software. Just photography for the fun of it.
Rubin brings a unique perspective to consumer media: a student of Jerry Uelsmann; an amateur photographer for 40 years; formerly of Lucasfilm, Netflix and Adobe; director of The Rubin Collection of Photography; and founder of Neomodern, he's long been passionate about advancing the language of photography.
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70 Episodes
67: The Life-Time Project

67: The Life-Time Project


I want to say this once: a LIFE SIZE PHOTOGRAPH of a whale. Think about that. And think about the power of an image. To connect us to the things around us, and our place in the world, from our tiny vantage point. I wanted to talk to someone about the importance of SCALE for an image, whether it's small or giant, in communicating about the subject. It's not just an abstract attribute of a photograph, the size itself confers meanings. My guest is a photographic artist who feels deeply about the world, and uses scale to contribute to his thoughtful and powerful photographs.
I think this is my favorite episode. Is that nuts?
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