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Author: Josh Summers

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Yin Yoga and meditation are refinements of awareness. The purpose of this podcast is to illuminate the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, and meditation as three interwoven tools for apprehending the Everyday Sublime. As Stephen Batchelor says, "the mystical does not transcend the world, but saturates it."

Hosted by Josh Summers, a practicing acupuncturist and Yin Yoga and meditation teacher. He is the founder of the Summers School of Yin Yoga:
66 Episodes
In this episode, Dr. Timothy McCall speaks about the problems inherent in trying to evaluate the efficacy of alternative therapies from a reductionistic model. He also discusses the problems of implementing alternative therapies with a reductionistic mindset.The post Dr. Timothy McCall: Holism vs. Reductionism in Medicine appeared first on Josh Summers.
Intermittent fasting is a popular fitness trend to improve insulin sensitivity, decrease inflammation, promote cellular autophagy, and help manage weight. But what if fasting can also reduce the chances of getting cancer and help support one through cancer treatment? Dr. Timothy McCall shares his story of fasting through cancer therapy.The post Dr. Timothy McCall: Starving Cancer appeared first on Josh Summers.
In the first part of my interview with Dr. Timothy McCall, we talk about what it was like for him to receive his cancer diagnosis and how he thought about approaching his treatment, bringing together the very best of Eastern and Western medical modalities.The post Dr. Timothy McCall: When the Doctor Gets Cancer appeared first on Josh Summers.
The themes of power abuse, toxic group dynamics, and victim blaming are important themes for anyone who occupies the space of a yoga mat or a meditation cushion in the modern yoga landscape. Matthew Remski explains what reform might look like as yoga culture moves forward.The post Matthew Remski: Lighting a Path Forward for Safety and Transparency appeared first on Josh Summers.
The Jois family held tightly to its narrative of legitimacy until, well, they didn t. And this is what is both eerie and fascinating about the recent developments in the Ashtanga community. Here we see, in real time, the efforts of an organization to "brandwash" its unfortunate history.The post Matthew Remski: The Dynamics of Deception and Enablement appeared first on Josh Summers.
Although Yin Yoga looks quite simple, being an effective Yin Yoga teacher is not so simple. There are five primary reasons someone should invest in proper training if they plan to teach others the practice of Yin Yoga. Let's go over each of them individually.The post Why Train in Yin Yoga? appeared first on Josh Summers.
Before pausing for my summer break in August, I highlight some of the top episodes of the year so far, giving you a distilled recap of some of the conversations to catch up on or review again. I also announce the fall line-up and include suggestions for your summer reading. The post Summer Break: Looking Back, Looking Ahead appeared first on Josh Summers.
For over three decades, Pattabhi Jois sexually and physically abused his yoga students, mostly women. This abuse happened in plain sight. To understand how this was possible requires an exploration of toxic group dynamics, methods of deception, and networks of complicity. Matthew Remski explains this all in his book, "Practice and All Is Coming."The post Matthew Remski: Exposing Yoga’s Culture of Sexual Abuse appeared first on Josh Summers.
In our yoga and meditation practice, we often value the cultivation of attention and awareness. But how might we better design our environment to support the development of attention? How might this redesign reinforce the intentions of our practice?The post 4 Principles for Designing a Better Relationship with Our Digital Devices appeared first on Josh Summers.
"Pack your rain gear before you leave home," says meditation teacher Oren Jay Sofer. In this episode, Oren explores how we can "pack" tools of stability, balance, and non-attachment, better preparing us to face the inevitable foul weather of life.The post Oren Jay Sofer: Trauma, Somatic Experiencing, and Integration appeared first on Josh Summers.
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