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Author: Josh Summers

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Yin Yoga and meditation are refinements of awareness. The purpose of this podcast is to illuminate the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, and meditation as three interwoven tools for apprehending the Everyday Sublime. As Stephen Batchelor says, "the mystical does not transcend the world, but saturates it."

Hosted by Josh Summers, a practicing acupuncturist and Yin Yoga and meditation teacher. He is the founder of the Summers School of Yin Yoga:
85 Episodes
If you can be an inner Bodhisattva it's much easier to be an outer Bodhisattva. In other words, if we can relate to our inner world with care and tender compassion, it s easier to relate to our outer world with care and tender compassion. The post Dr. Richard Schwartz: Healing the Internal Family appeared first on Josh Summers.
Not giving into the craving, but simply observing it until it fades, allows us to heal in that we grow out of a strategy that seeks happiness in very limited ways (seeking pleasant sights, sounds, feelings, sensations, etc.) and starts to taste a happiness and well-being that is intrinsic to being, itself when we aren t hooked by the seductive messaging of craving or tanha. The post Kissing Tanha As It Flies appeared first on Josh Summers.
With regard to coming to a better understanding of addiction, "we need to learn how to de-stigmatize the human condition." Whether the addiction is to alcohol, nicotine, smartphones, this interview with Dr. Judson Brewer holds many insights for our individual and collective freedom. The post Dr. Judson Brewer: Saving Ourselves From Ourselves appeared first on Josh Summers.
Loch Kelly explains the relationship between two distinct neural structures in the brain: The Default Mode Network and the Task Positive Network. Learn how non-dual mindfulness harmonizes these two networks, priming your mind for greater creativity and flow. The post Loch Kelly: Neuroscience of Non-Dual Mindfulness appeared first on Josh Summers.
"Let's introduce the solution before we tackle the problem. Let's introduce what can bear what seems unbearable then we can deal with what [seems] unbearable." - Loch Kelly The post Loch Kelly: Self-Realization and Self-Detox appeared first on Josh Summers.
"What shifts is not you the meditator, not you the doer, not you the seeker or the small self the beginning is to invite your already awake awareness which is identified [with something] to separate itself out. Let awareness be aware of the space from the space." - Loch Kelly The post Loch Kelly: Everywhere, Nowhere, and Here appeared first on Josh Summers.
We are pleased to announce that the Foundations Module is now available in an online and on-demand format. I explain the details in the brief special episode. The post Yin Yoga in Place: Online Teacher Trainings appeared first on Josh Summers.
"From the cloud [of egoic, thought-based identity] we can drop below it, we can shift above it, or behind it, or to the side of it, to discover that we are also the sky." - Loch Kelly The post Loch Kelly: The Way of Effortless Mindfulness appeared first on Josh Summers.
"My approach and my goal in my religious practices is to have a mystical experience. I do not believe that I need to be a perfect human being before I have that mystical experience. I believe that you can have a mystical experience as an imperfect human being." - Paul Grilley The post Paul Grilley: Psychology, Spirituality, and Yin Yoga appeared first on Josh Summers.
"If the snake is still in you, then you have to transmute that into a higher function. And that's where philosophy and introspection are incredibly important." - Paul Grilley The post Paul Grilley: The Evolution of Consciousness appeared first on Josh Summers.
In this special episode of Everyday Sublime, Josh Summers answers the six most important questions about how Yin Yoga can help you stay safe and healthy in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn valuable ways to raise the vibration of your frequency and heal the collective consciousness of humanity. The post Yin Yoga and COVID-19: Josh Answers Your Questions appeared first on Josh Summers.
"Technique can only take you so far... you gotta have the courage to go beyond your tradition and step off." - Paul Grilley The post Paul Grilley: Suffering and Samadhi appeared first on Josh Summers.
"The goal of yoga is to abide in your true nature... If you are not abiding in your own true nature, then you are identifying with the vrittis in your consciousness, and that is suffering." - Paul Grilley, paraphrasing Patanjali The post Paul Grilley: The Tao of Paul appeared first on Josh Summers.
It's important as practitioners and teachers that we don't fall into a kind of "alternative reductionism" when we apply principles of Chinese Medicine to how we work with our bodies and minds in Yin Yoga. Stefanie Arend and I explore how we think about the interface between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga. The post Stefanie Arend: Energetic Sequencing in Yin Yoga appeared first on Josh Summers.
Meridian massage, meridian tracing and tapping, cultivating an intuitive listening to the needs of your body and mind with Yin Yoga. These are some of the themes Stefanie Arend and I discuss as we explore her new book, Be Healthy With Yin Yoga. The post Stefanie Arend: Meridian Massage appeared first on Josh Summers.
Yin Yoga supports a mechanism of self-healing by opening up stagnations and blockages within the fascial network. This in turn allows for the body's energy to circulate in an unimpeded manner. The post Stefanie Arend: Be Healthy With Yin Yoga appeared first on Josh Summers.
In many of the traditions I've studied, the sublime is to be found literally hiding in plain site. To quote Stephen Batchelor, "the mystical does not transcend this world, it saturates it." In the season opener of 2020, I reflect on the podcast's name, the (slightly new) direction of the podcast, and make a key suggestion for your time of winter hibernation. The post The Point of Vanishing appeared first on Josh Summers.
When we become stripped of our illusory perceptions of being separate, we can experience two simultaneous feelings. The first is a deep and liberating truth of interconnection and love. But we may also feel a profound sadness and mourning for all the energy invested in protecting and defending a self-image that was never actually there in the first place. The post Winter: The Sacred Portal appeared first on Josh Summers.
Dr. Timothy McCall looks at how illness can be a real moment of opening to lots of unfinished business, and we consider all the various levels of healing that can occur when we start to open to things that have been walled off to our conscious minds. The post Dr. Timothy McCall: A Story of Healing appeared first on Josh Summers.
In this episode, Dr. Timothy McCall speaks about the problems inherent in trying to evaluate the efficacy of alternative therapies from a reductionistic model. He also discusses the problems of implementing alternative therapies with a reductionistic mindset. The post Dr. Timothy McCall: Holism vs. Reductionism in Medicine appeared first on Josh Summers.
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Daire Fitzpatrick

amazing episode!! thanks Josh

Oct 17th

Sarah Reinsdorf

Are those functions not in some way to compare with the 5 vayus?

Mar 5th

Sarah Reinsdorf

So great inside on yoga and Chinese medicine. Help me to understand a lot of things. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Nov 29th
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