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Author: Josh Summers

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The Everyday Sublime podcast explores a full spectrum spirituality. Each week begins with a dharma talk, and each month Josh has an in-depth conversation with a thought leader in the field. As Stephen Batchelor says, "the mystical does not transcend the world, but saturates it."
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Compassion without wisdom can lead to emotional burnout. Wisdom without compassion can lead to detached apathy. Together they balance and complement each other on the path. The post The Wings of Awakening: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
If the straight-ahead, conscious approach fails to render a solution, the "lateral drift" approach can be employed by allowing the mind to stop thinking about the problem which allows a solution to suggest itself. The post Lateral Drift: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
From the safe experience of fundamental consciousness - a consciousness that is awake to, within and beyond the body - we can release and unburden the body's holding of trauma within the fascia. The post Dr. Judith Blackstone: Healing Within Fundamental Consciousness appeared first on Josh Summers.
As the Buddha said, "The rain could turn to gold and still your thirst would not be slaked." In many ways, the entire path pivots on the skillful relationship to desire. The post The Knowing Ungrasps Tanha: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
The initial experience of awakening is not often one of calm, serenity, and bliss; rather, the initial encounter is one of waking up to confusion, uncertainty, and despair. We can map our own psychological experience to the mythological story of the Buddha's biography. The post The Heavenly Stings: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
If you let it, reality will wake you up out of your drifting state into a naturally awake state. This transitional pivot is the key moment upon which the entire spiritual path unfolds. The post Ungrasping This Moment: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
"The 'I' that is looking for pure awareness can't find it, just as a wave can't do something to find the ocean." The post The Movie, The Viewer, and The Light: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
If we respond to every television advertisement by purchasing the thing being advertised, we'd go bankrupt. In the same way, if we reflexively identify as the thinker of our thoughts, we make ourselves vulnerable to the demands of their message. The post I Am Not My Green Jumper: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
When two things interact, a third dynamic emerges. When two people come together a relationship emerges. When Yin and Yang come to harmony, a Third Way emerges as the Path. The post Robin Wang: Yinyang Theory in Chinese Thought appeared first on Josh Summers.
All experience, if you let it, will reveal the vast empty space from which all things arise and cease. Recognizing that open space as the source of your own awareness facilitates the emergence of an undefended Heart. The post The Antifragile Heart: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
The Inner Critic seems to present an obstacle on the spiritual path, judging and disparaging our practice at every turn. But what if there was gold to be found in even its nastiest of statements? The post The Critic’s Gold: Dharma Talk and Meditation appeared first on Josh Summers.
Josh considers wise friendship as the foundational energy of the spiritual path. The Buddha is believed to have said that wise friendship is, "the entirety of the holy life." How might we weave this statement into our meditation and practice of yoga? The post Dharma Talk and Meditation: The First Step as Friendship appeared first on Josh Summers.
"You re flying the plane and have to figure out what works. We - teachers - are just ground control." The post Bernie Clark: Beyond the Binary appeared first on Josh Summers.
In this tribute, I'd like to mention three potential primary source thinkers and their books that I think had a strong influence on the man that Michael Brooks became. These three are what I'm calling the Triple Gem of Michael Brooks' Dharma. The post The Dharma of Michael Brooks appeared first on Josh Summers.
And it can be like that internally when a dynamic of tension between parts or within a part, when that tension dissolves or unravels or is unburdened, there can be an experience of calm and quiet that unfolds, similar to the experience of a distant hum suddenly switching off. The post The Path of the Inner Bodhisattva appeared first on Josh Summers.
If you can be an inner Bodhisattva it's much easier to be an outer Bodhisattva. In other words, if we can relate to our inner world with care and tender compassion, it s easier to relate to our outer world with care and tender compassion. The post Dr. Richard Schwartz: Healing the Internal Family appeared first on Josh Summers.
Not giving into the craving, but simply observing it until it fades, allows us to heal in that we grow out of a strategy that seeks happiness in very limited ways (seeking pleasant sights, sounds, feelings, sensations, etc.) and starts to taste a happiness and well-being that is intrinsic to being, itself when we aren t hooked by the seductive messaging of craving or tanha. The post Kissing Tanha As It Flies appeared first on Josh Summers.
With regard to coming to a better understanding of addiction, "we need to learn how to de-stigmatize the human condition." Whether the addiction is to alcohol, nicotine, smartphones, this interview with Dr. Judson Brewer holds many insights for our individual and collective freedom. The post Dr. Judson Brewer: Saving Ourselves From Ourselves appeared first on Josh Summers.
Loch Kelly explains the relationship between two distinct neural structures in the brain: The Default Mode Network and the Task Positive Network. Learn how non-dual mindfulness harmonizes these two networks, priming your mind for greater creativity and flow. The post Loch Kelly: Neuroscience of Non-Dual Mindfulness appeared first on Josh Summers.
"Let's introduce the solution before we tackle the problem. Let's introduce what can bear what seems unbearable then we can deal with what [seems] unbearable." - Loch Kelly The post Loch Kelly: Self-Realization and Self-Detox appeared first on Josh Summers.
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Daire Fitzpatrick

amazing episode!! thanks Josh

Oct 17th

Sarah Reinsdorf

Are those functions not in some way to compare with the 5 vayus?

Mar 5th

Sarah Reinsdorf

So great inside on yoga and Chinese medicine. Help me to understand a lot of things. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Nov 29th
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