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At a time when online content consumption seems to be witnessing a dramatic shift due to a multitude of avenues available, we aim to trace the evolution of content and its current shape with our guest, Deepak Raj, on this episode of our podcast series Everything Business. Deepak, who currently leads Loco (a part of the Pocket Aces group) brings his unique experience to the discussion to help us gain an insight into the online content market scenario in India and how we’re currently placed in the streaming market as well as compared to our global competitors. He further discusses the rise of streaming in India as part of the shift towards immersive content, where OTT streaming via a variety of platforms as well as online game streaming is picking up traction in India. Our conversation with Deepak further dives into how the Indian market fares in terms of providing opportunities to domestic as well as foreign entrants in the streaming space, how online content can change in the future, the rise of super apps over the years and how marketing strategies for various brands have shifted greatly in terms of interacting with their consumers across different platforms, where social media plays a big role. All this and much more on this episode of Everything Business, featuring Deepak Raj. The complete podcast can also be accessed at the following platforms: YouTube: read more of such interesting topics and gain insights about the Indian market, visit our official website for The Brief: Follow The Brief on our social media accounts/channels: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: SoundCloud: CastBox: Instagram: 
The latest episode of our podcast series, Everything Business, features Rajiv Ramchandra, an eminent expert on the concept of circular economy. He talks about the challenges for implementing circular economy across various stakeholders – ranging from those on the manufacturing or product development side to the consumers who will integrate this as a lifestyle choice. Discussing circular economy as a practice which promotes sustainability and focuses on using renewable energy as its core driver, Rajiv also touches upon on what can be done from a public policy point of view to boost a circular economic ecosystem and how the services industry can look at circular economy. Further, he talks about how doing business in the arena of circular economy might require revisiting business models and incorporating cultural changes – be it incorporating design thinking, setting up the required infrastructure for minimal waste management, and focusing on on-ground implementation. All this and much more as Rajiv Ramchandra talks to us on our podcast, Everything Business!Do listen and share your thoughts with us in the comments!The entire podcast can also be listened to on YouTube The Brief on:Website:…iewAsMember=trueFacebook:
Ehtesham Haque, currently serving as the resident Director at DCI India, carefully analyses the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the global supply chains in the manufacturing arena as well as other aspects. He goes into detail as to how India can capitalize on the changing worldview and position itself as a supply chain leader, by adding certain more incentives and clearing a few other clouds.He further talks about the relatively contrasting impact of the pandemic on labor-based workforce as well as white-collar jobs, and how there are certain segments/sectors compared to others which might remain relatively unaffected by the pandemic. Further, he shares his insights on how supply chains will be significantly relooked not just during the pandemic, but after the pandemic as well.Follow The Brief on:Facebook:…=admin_todo_tourTwitter:
In this podcast, we're in discussion with Nitin Garg, who's a business advisor and currently serves as the Founding Partner at Coinmen Consultants. The podcast is about his opinions on the current state and future projections of the Indian economy, the short-term and long-term public policy-related changes undertaken by the Government, and what can be done to increase the confidence of the investor community towards India as a business destination. Listen and share your thoughts!
Abhijeet Sinha, project director for the NHforEV project discusses the various challenges which arise in the electric vehicle ecosystem of the country, via this podcast. He elaborates on the challenges on adoption, technology transfer and public policy, as well as how the Government’s mandate continues its attempt to push EV into the mainstream.He also covers the major issue of developing a robust charging infrastructure for the Indian demographic, something which has persisted over the years and also touches base on the perspective of e-mobility as a service and its pertaining business opportunities.Do listen and share your thoughts with us in the comments!You can also check out the podcast on YouTube on the following link: The Brief on:
In this podcast, our host, Shoan Shinde, speaks with Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, a technocrat who is the CEO of the National Solar Energy Federation Of India (NSEFI). Through this podcast, Pulipaka provides detailed insights into the Indian Solar Sector by addressing the evolution of policy, the various challenges that the sector faces, business opportunities, and why the sector continues to have a potential for foreign investors looking for impact investing.Listen and share your thoughts!
In this podcast, we dive deep into a conversation about setting up joint ventures (JVs) in and outside India, with a man who has entertained both sides of the spectrum, Tejbir Singh Anand. Currently associated with the ALP Group as its Managing Director, Tejbir brings invaluable experience to the table owed to his successful joint ventures in over six different geographies across the world.He analyzes the nuances of setting up inbound and outbound JVs, ranging from setting up processes to understanding the mindset and operations in order to sustain successful synergies between two parties. He further discusses the importance of defining clear roles, maintaining transparency, and understanding the future growth possibilities involved in undertaking a JV.
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