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Author: Dujuana Sharese

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Everything is a Story (eias) shares experiences of Artist and Extraordinary People of their Rites of Passage (transitions) from breakup to breakthrough. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. We will explore our better selves from breakup to breakthrough.
27 Episodes
Educator  Encourager and International Artist Ameerah Shabazz - Bilal shares her mind blowing story of about love, life and inspiration. Shabazz's consistant  breakthroughs  has empowered her voice  to  encourage, empower and elevate children and women around the world.
Eias is starting the new year off with self exploration.  Author Maiya Katherine talks about the inspiration and exploration of her book An Apology To My Demons.  The journey of her breakup up to breakthrough will pull you in with identification and  clarification.   Check out Maiya's book on Amazon or contact directly
Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening


A Spiritual Awakening is the first element of change or is it? LeTonia Jones, poet, writer and social justice advocate, provides cooking techniques  to combat systemic racism  and sets the table for Artist and Activist.
Beat Poet Laureate Paul Richmond talks about his experience with his Poetry Festival, Juggling and relationships. "Paul's work is best described as political and deadpan, delivered wryly humorously in his own style. He has been called Assassin of Apathy – "power of words / humor - on the unthinkable, the unsolvable, to analyze, to digest, to give birth, to creativity and hope" His work has been published in six books, in many journals, magazines, anthologies and poetry collections.
Quick and Determined

Quick and Determined


We have all been in relationships that were not healthy and  we  did everything we could to save it.  We tried different methods, changed our behaviors and even went to couples therapy.  We either worked it out, became tired of being sick and tired and left  or become comfortable with pain.   Well Neeve  explains how she worked out  her relationship.  She shares with us her Breakup, Rites of Passage and Breakthrough to strengthen her relationship with Food.   Looking for help with like minded women in your journey check out (Black Lesbian Accountability Krew)
This episode of Everything is a Story Recording Artist  and  Actress Monday Michiru shares her journey through her  extensive music and acting  career and growth pass suppression. Monday explains about being propelled past blaming to get to the other side of the pain.   Check out more of Monday!!
Breaking the Pattern

Breaking the Pattern


Ursula Rucker the legendary  Poet  and ,Activist is an international power house who has been in the art industry for over 20 years.  Ursula  the Philadelphia native shares her raw unadulterated truth about her the struggles and triumphs of breaking patterners to  improve the balance of her well being.   Click below for music
The Robin Syndrome

The Robin Syndrome


Lila Diaz urban city community Activist  and Liaison shares breakups and breakthroughs of her journeys growing up in Jersey City.  Lila walks us through the Robin Syndrome to illustrate her power of a behind the scenes leader.   Music powered by TPI, Rescue Poetix and Fisher H.  For more information please send an email to .
I broke up with Anger

I broke up with Anger


Abolitionist, Educator and Artist  Dennis Febo walks us on his journey of activism and  consciousness.  Dennis broke up with anger to achieve heights on a greater plain of community .   Mr. Febo shares his many breakups to breakthroughs  while fighting to level the fields for black and brown communities.
Oveous  Spoken Word Artist, Musician and Performer shared his story of  growth from the stages of the  Nuyorican to performing in other countries.  Music Powered by  Oveous,  Krom the Abbot  and  TPI.
Phillip James  Actor, Writer and Pod Caster shares his Rites of Passage journey from working in corporate america to pursue  a successful career in acting and  pod caster.  PJ explains the  blessings after his breakthrough, the power of belief and overcoming toxic relationships to shatter depression. You can follow PJ on  IG: Philnomenal, Facebook: Pillip James  and Twitter: Philnomenal007 Music Powered by  Rescue Poetix and DJ ERV- Tap3 Fisher H-  August Leaves TPI  (The Plush Interior) African Skies - Intro Song
Zamara Perri shares  about a past relationship that has helped her build stronger foundations in new relationships.  If you would like to be on the Quick and Determined segment of Eias send your story to
Chef Pearl Thompson Director of a culinary school shares her story of growing up, raising a son at fifteen while,discovering her passion for food.  Pearl touches on her knowledge of  healing foods,  religion and the pain of  colorism while navigating her way to a Culinary career.   To reach Chef Pearl for private engagements: Music  powered by: Fisher F -Waiting for an Answer Rescue Poetix- Barrio Dreams-  Maeja- Cultura Plush Interior-African Skies For more information  contact
Abuse is not Love

Abuse is not Love


Gabby Rivera Bronx born queer Puerto Rican author shares her journey  through writing Juliet  takes a breath,  America Chavez   and B.B Free comic series . Gabby's breakthrough opened the doors to a new found  creative freedom along with greater sense  of self worth.   For more information about Gabby Rivera visit her website.    The podcast music selection was generated by: Plush Interior, Krom the Abbot, Rescue Poetix, Fotis Mentor Monos  To be a guest on Everything is a Story please send an email.
This episode of the Quick & Determined is the part 2 of Peter and Catalina married couple 20  share about the break up that almost ended relationship prior to and after marriage.   Music by :Plush Interior, Fisher H and Krom the Abbot.  Host: Dujuana Sharese and Rescue Poetix.
Part 1. Married couple Peter  and Catalina both artist had to break up with the original concept of their art to start a family.  They discuss their  breakups with art,  compromises, and determination to succeed in marriage  for over 20 years.  Music by Plush Interior, Fisher H and Krom the Abbott  Produced By Dujuana Sharese and Rescue Poetix
Jo Jo from Los Vegas shares her  journey of  the passing of her mom, her breakthrough  with repairing and raising powerful family unit and  her perspective  of the pandemic and reopening states. Music  Krom the Abbott  Dujuana Sharese, Plush Interior Scored, Edited by Dujuana Sharese, Produced by Dujuana Sharese and Rescue Poetix For more information please contact:
Rashad Wright Poet Laureate of Jersey City New Jersey shares his rites of passage while in boot camp and discovers his breakup with sacrifice led him to freedom.
Lilia Diaz graces the Quick & Determined  with her breakthrough surrounding  masturbation.  This episode  covers  how  Women have been conditioned to be ashamed of their  bodies.
Mural Artist Artistic Afro shares about about their Rites of Passage from living in Italy to being homeless in Harlem.  Afro's breakup with toxicity led them to becoming a Mural Artist in New York an New Jersey. For more info contact Artistic Afro Music  Plush Interior African Skies-intro June Star- Free Krom the Abbot-Soul Sounds -Outro  For all inquires
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