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More than 80 women from around the world have accused the fast-fashion mogul Peter Nygard of rape, sexual assault and human trafficking in incidents across four decades and at least four countries. He denies it all, and claims his accusers are lying as part of a vast conspiracy. The Winnipegger had built a sprawling international retail empire over the past 50 years — but now, Nygard's professional achievements are being overshadowed by a sinister personal life, earning him the moniker, ‘Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein’.
Host Timothy Sawa has been an investigative journalist at the CBC for more than two decades. For almost half that time, he’s been part of a team investigating Peter Nygard and defending his journalism in court.
Now, he helms a new podcast that asks the key questions: Who are the women and men who have stepped forward? Which systems failed them? And how did Nygard get away with it for so long?
8 Episodes
Once thought to be the heir to the international clothing empire, he is now a fierce defender of his father’s accusers. Meet Peter Nygard’s son, Kai.
Surveillance, threats, and criminal prosecutions. Host Timothy Sawa saw, up close, the extreme lengths that Peter Nygard and his associates were willing to go to, in order to stop the CBC’s reporting.
Journalists have been trying to report on the allegations against Peter Nygard for decades now. How has so much been kept so quiet for so long?
It didn’t just happen at Nygard Cay; it wasn’t just in the Bahamas. There are sexual assault allegations against Nygard that date back more than 40 years ago, in his hometown of Winnipeg.
Episode 3: Richette

Episode 3: Richette


If girls and women had been abused at Nygard Cay, Richette Ross would be key in exposing those secrets. The former employee tells us what she witnessed; why she worked for Nygard for as long as she did; and how someone can be an accomplice, whistleblower, and a victim.
Episode 2: Carte Blanche

Episode 2: Carte Blanche


Who is Peter Nygard? The son of Finnish immigrants to Canada, he rose to become boss of an eponymous fashion label that once boasted hundreds of stores around the world. Nygard’s success gave him the means to move to the Bahamas and build a fantastical resort estate, which he also named after himself. But it was Nygard’s limitless ambitions for this property that would eventually see him forced out of the country… setting the stage for the wave of allegations to come.
Episode 1: The Jane Does

Episode 1: The Jane Does


The world would not be talking about ‘Peter Nygard, the predator’ if it weren’t for a group of ten mostly Bahamian girls and young women who accused the fashion mogul of raping them. Two original ‘Jane Does’ tell their stories. They say, in their early teens, they were lured with false promises to Nygard’s palatial estate in the Bahamas, and attacked. We also learn about the so-called “pamper parties”: events thrown by Nygard made to sound luxurious and fun ... but whose purpose was far more sinister.
Trailer: Evil By Design

Trailer: Evil By Design


Canadian fashion retail mogul Peter Nygard was arrested on Dec. 14 in Winnipeg, and is in custody facing extradition to the United States. He has been indicted for crimes related to sex trafficking and racketeering, following an extensive FBI investigation. CBC journalist Timothy Sawa has been investigating Nygard for almost a decade. Now, he hosts ‘Evil by Design’, an eight-part series that asks the key questions: who are the women and men who have stepped forward with accusations? Which systems failed them? And how did Peter Nygard get away with it for so long? ‘Evil by Design’ will be available on the CBC Listen App or wherever you get your podcasts, from January 28, 2021.
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Janice Jackson

I loved hearing from Doneth Cartwright. Such a powerful voice for the victims. I learned a lot from her words in this episode.

Feb 28th

Chuck Norris

CBC is incapable of making bad podcasts, everything I heard so far from them is great! Can highly recommend this one to, can't wait for the next episode to drop.

Jan 31st

Dustin & Piper Severson

Had to Google him to see what he looks likes like, creepy af honestly. He looks like Jimmy Saville, another downright evil bastard. Devil's among us, gives me the creeps, and the title of the pod is very fitting.

Jan 31st


Holy smokes! This is such a troubling and heartbreaking story of how these young girls are raped & abused, and how the country, police, and the country's poverty actively engage in empowering sexual predators. Heartbreaking.

Jan 29th


This old fuck. What a piece of shit.

Jan 28th
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