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Excelsior Journeys puts a weekly spotlight on creative people - authors, actors, directors, producers, painters, dancers, musicians, voice actors, pastors, life coaches, etc. - and allows them to tell the story of their personal journey to success.
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This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with film & video game music composer, performer, and arranger Vince DiCola. They discuss how Vince got into the music business, how his collaboration with Frank Stallone led to co-writing the hit song "Far From Over" for Staying Alive, how he went on to compose the score for the 1985 smash hit Rocky IV, how his work on the sequel caught the attention of Sunbow Productions who would approach him to create the score to 1986's TransFormers: The Movie, and more!  This is Part 1 of their conversation. Part 2 will be recorded later this year for the Excelsior Journeys TransFormers: The Movie 35th Anniversary Retrospective Miniseries in August 2021.  To learn more about Vince and his work - and to purchase his albums - click here:
This week, host & producer George Sirois sat down with Tracy Staten, performance coach and founder of Magical Mindset, a program dedicated to tapping into your passions and bringing them out in ways you never thought possible. We discussed how she realized her calling in life, the steps she's taken to making it a reality, what she offers to potential clients, and more! Stay to the end to hear some more New Year's Resolutions from listeners, and don't forget to send me yours so you can hear your own voice on a podcast. Send an audio recording of your name, where you're from, and what your resolution is for 2021, and send it to This week's episode was sponsored by Kimberly Spencer and the Princess Process Program. Find out more at:
For the Season 3 premiere of Excelsior Journeys, host & producer George Sirois sits down with Kimberly Spencer, a high performance coach who founded her own company Crown Yourself and has helped more than 800,000 people over the past several years. They talk about how Kim was inspired to move into this field, her early clients, the success she has built for both herself and those around her, and much more. Crown Yourself Website:   For Private Coaching:   For the Mindful Monarchs Website:
Host & producer George Sirois sits down with seven-time award-winning author Jennifer Irwin, whose debut novel A Dress the Color of the Sky has become a sensation on social media among readers around the world. They discuss Jennifer's inspiration for her main character, the unexpected twists and turns that accompanied the book's development, the upcoming sequel and unrelated third novel, and more! For more on Jennifer Irwin, please visit
This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with multiple National Novel Writing Month winner and USA Today Bestselling Author Jason J. Nugent, and they discuss how Jason got into writing, the feeling of pride you get when you complete NaNoWriMo, the selection of his pen name while writing in the horror genre, his first public signing at Wizard World St. Louis, and much more!  For more information on Jason and his books, please visit
For the third week of National Novel Writing Month, host & producer George Sirois sits down with USA Today Bestselling Author Cameo Renae. The two spoke about Cameo's team - beta readers, editor, formatter, etc. - as well as her journey from writing short stories to becoming a novelist and dealing with fans almost overnight, how she reached the USA Today bestselling charts, and so much more. To learn more about Cameo and her work, please go to her website: 
This week, host & producer George Sirois sat down with K.M. Robinson, a bestselling young adult / fantasy author and multimedia marketing strategist. They discussed K.M.'s history as a writer, how she discovered the maximum usage for social media tools such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and much more!
We're starting off National Novel Writing Month 2020 with a conversation with New York Times and Seven-Time USA Today Bestselling Author Melissa Storm. Melissa not only shares her writing history, but also how her marketing expertise, how she created her multiple businesses including LitRing, Novel Publicity, Your Author Engine, and more!
It's only fitting that, on the week of Halloween, host & producer George Sirois sat down with Daniel Farrands, who was not only the screenwriter of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers but its most vocal champion of the infamous Producer's Cut that was finally given a commercial release in 2015. The two had a very detailed discussion about how Daniel was inspired to come up with this storyline, how he pitched it to Moustapha Akaad and Galaxy International, the twists and turns behind the scenes as Miramax's executives impacted the filmmakers, and much more. 
For this week's episode, host & producer George Sirois sits down with acclaimed New York Times Bestselling Horror & Fantasy Author John Skipp. The two talk about John's evolution from short stories to novels, his musical collaborations with the original guitarist from Megadeth, his journey to Hollywood which resulted in the painful experience of working on A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, his latest release - the anthology "Video Palace: In Search of the Eyeless Man" - and so much more! 
This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with Bram Stoker Award-winning author Tim Waggoner. They discuss how Tim discovered writing in his teens, his evolution through several short story submissions, how he moved to writing novels, his start in movie tie-in novelizations, and much more! For more information, please go to
On Saturday, October 3, host & producer George Sirois was invited by fellow author Dara Kalima to be part of a 5-person panel on Zoom, presented by IIPublishing, the New York Urban League Young Professionals, The Black Authors Collaborative, and Poetix University. The presentation was called Publish Me: The Business of Writing, and George was graciously allowed to present the audio in its entirety right here.  For more information, please visit and  
Host & producer George Sirois has teamed up with a nonprofit organization called Make Way for Books, which provides proven programs, services, and resources to over 30,000 young children, parents, and educators throughout southern Arizona every year. This week, he speaks with Make Way for Books representative Ethan Myerson, who gives some great detail about the organization, its progress, how you can contribute, etc.  For more information, please go to
This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with Joe Ruback, one of the most visible New York Giants fans in the past twenty years, and discusses how he started the look that earned him the persona "License Plate Guy," how his fandom of the Giants began and evolved, the players he's met as a result of attending all home & away games for nearly two decades, how his connections with the team led to various highly successful charitable events (including one where he crossed enemy lines and coordinated with a Philadelphia Eagles superfan), how his annual charitable softball game began, and more!  To contribute to the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund, which is dedicated to helping families tackle childhood cancer, please go to:
Voice Over Actor Neil Ross

Voice Over Actor Neil Ross


This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with one of his personal heroes: voice over actor Neil Ross. They discuss Neil's years in radio, his transition into voice over work with commercials and industrial videos, his move into animation where he became the voice of such iconic characters as Shipwreck in G.I.Joe and Springer in Transformers: The Movie, working with Hollywood legends Warren Beatty and Robert Redford, and more! Make sure you get your copy of Neil's book Vocal Recall by clicking HERE. Producer's Note: All apologies to the late great Steve Gerber, who wrote the G.I.Joe two-parter "There's No Place Like Springfield." Neil and I had his name on the tip of our tongues when discussing the writing of that particular episode.
If you're a fan of classic TV, then you know the name Stanley Livingston, most well-known for playing the role of Chip, the youngest son on My Three Sons. But you may not know about his acting experience before and after, his transition into producing, his experience with Cinerama, and much more. Host and producer George Sirois sits down with Stanley, who has some amazing stories to tell.
Host & producer George Sirois sits down with two-time Emmy nominated actress Kathleen Gati, who has been on an amazing journey over the past several decades. Kathleen shares quite a few stories about being a part of daytime and prime-time television, acting in both America and Hungary, being a part of two vastly different Emmy Awards events, and much more! For more information about Kathleen, please visit:
To start off the next 50 episodes of Excelsior Journeys, host and producer George Sirois sits down with accomplished voice over artist and vocal coach Christina Smith. They talk about how she was inspired to go into voice over, her training, working in various media such as radio commercials, animation, and video game, and much more!
For Episode 50 of the Excelsior Journeys podcast, host & producer George Sirois sits down for a fascinating chat with Ryan Kasprzak about his decades of experience in acting, dancing, choreographing, competing on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, and his latest venture as Dance Supervisor for the #AndPeggy tour of Hamilton. 
The duo of authors that make up the name E.G. Scott (Liz Keenan & Greg Wands) chat with host & producer George Sirois about their upcoming novel In Case of Emergency, the spark that started their partnership with the debut novel The Woman Inside, their shared history at Marymount Manhattan College, and much more!
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