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In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.

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Andrew Tilton, chief Asia-Pacific economist for Goldman Sachs Research, talks about his team’s economic outlook for Asia-Pacific in 2021, and why they’re forecasting above-consensus growth. “We’re optimistic about growth in Asia-Pacific next year,” Tilton says. “We think the region could grow more than 7% in 2021. We’re optimistic about the world also – we think the world can grow about 6% – but especially optimistic about Asia-Pacific.”
Goldman Sachs Research remains confident about the global recovery in 2021, says Peter Oppenheimer, the firm’s chief global equity strategist. “We are optimistic for equity markets, risk assets and indeed the economy,” Oppenheimer says in this episode, and goes on to explain why he thinks the current bull market is transitioning from a “hope” phase to a “growth” phase. “As we move forwards in time, we do expect to see more even returns globally – less so than extreme outperformance of the US,” says Oppenheimer. “We would expect people to be diversifying more by country, region and by industry.”
Wolfgang Fink, CEO of Germany and Austria for Goldman Sachs, talks about why Germany’s economy has weathered the pandemic better than that of many of its European neighbors and what’s ahead on the road to recovery.
David Kostin, Goldman Sachs Research’s Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, looks back at an events-heavy week and what it means for markets in the days ahead.
Salveen Richter, lead analyst for the US Biotechnology sector in Goldman Sachs Research, talks about Pfizer’s clinical-trial results for its COVID-19 vaccine and the obstacles that still lie ahead for FDA approval and widespread distribution.
Jan Hatzius, Chief Economist for Goldman Sachs, and Alec Phillips, Chief Political Economist, discuss the outlook for economic recovery and the impact of the US election on global growth in 2021. This podcast leverages a Goldman Sachs Research client call, hosted the morning of November 9th, 2020.
Ashok Varadhan, global co-head of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division, on how markets have moved in response to the US election and what investors expect in terms of economic recovery and policy agendas looking ahead.
Amelia Garnett of Goldman Sachs' Global Markets Division talks about the key conversations she's having with investors ahead of the November 3rd election.
From the 2020 virtual Builders + Innovators Summit, Goldman Sachs' Kim Posnett speaks with two founders -- Irving Fain of Bowery Farming and Sheila Gujrathi of Gossamer Bio -- about their experiences leading through an unexpected year and the backdrop for entrepreneurship more broadly.
Alec Phillips, chief US political economist for Goldman Sachs Research, provides an update on investors’ expectations for the upcoming election on November 3rd.
Jason Granet, head of the firm’s LIBOR transition effort, gives an update on the timing and impact of the industry-wide transition away from the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR).
Tony Pasquariello of Goldman Sachs' Global Markets Division gives an update on US equity performance and why 2020 has driven so much trading activity.
Charlotte Keenan, head of the Office of Corporate Engagement’s international responsibilities, talks about how small businesses in the U.K. are pivoting and persevering through the pandemic.
Jason Mathews of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division explains what the futures market indicates about investors’ outlook for the election and another round of U.S. fiscal stimulus.
Mike Moran, senior pension strategist for Goldman Sachs Asset Management, discusses how COVID-19 and the resulting market volatility have impacted defined benefit pension plans and participants in defined contribution plans, and what to consider going forward.
Back in February, Erin Riley of Goldman Sachs’ Markets Coverage Group was our first podcast guest to discuss the coronavirus and its implications for markets. In this episode, she’s back on the show to discuss the current state of things and where investors go from here after the equity market’s stunning recovery. Riley says her clients are looking ahead to two key milestones: the U.S. election and the potential for a COVID-19 vaccine, both of which have the potential to kickstart thematic portfolio rotations.
Matt McClure, co-head of the Global Industrials Group in Goldman Sachs' Investment Banking Division, discusses the high volume and velocity of deal activity in the sector since March.
As the pandemic has increased our reliance on digital platforms and services, debate around tech regulation has come into the spotlight, from antitrust enforcement to consumer privacy protection to national security concerns. In this episode, Faryar Shirzad, global head of Goldman Sachs’ Office of Government Affairs, gives an overview of the moving parts of tech policy today – including the latest analysis of the U.S.’s stance toward TikTok – and explains why these issues don’t fall clearly down political party lines. This is the final episode of a four-part miniseries: Exchanges Deep Dive: The Battle for Our Screens, which brings together experts from across Goldman Sachs to analyze how the pandemic has shifted our lives digitally and forever changed how we rely on technology.
Jennifer Roth of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division talks about how emerging-market economies are trying to steer their way toward a recovery, and how investors are responding to those efforts.
As lockdown measures turned our real lives digital, we’ve looked to social media to connect with the outside world. This has only accelerated trends within the industry, like the increasing appetite for user-generated short-form video. To explore these shifting habits, Heather Bellini and Piyush Mubayi of Goldman Sachs Research discuss consumers’ social media consumption in the U.S. and Asia. Then, Jane Dunlevie from the Investment Banking Division discusses the state of play among her social media clients and how the pandemic has impacted their corporate strategies. This is the third episode of a four-part miniseries: Exchanges Deep Dive: The Battle for Our Screens, which brings together experts from across Goldman Sachs to analyze how the pandemic has shifted our lives digitally and forever changed how we rely on technology.
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