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In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.
179 Episodes
Michael Cassell of Global Markets gives a quick update on how investors are approaching market risks, from U.S.-China tensions to ongoing COVID-19 uncertainty.
Heath Terry of Goldman Sachs Research explores clean energy and the advances in nuclear power technology as part of his team’s Venture Capital Horizon series.
Tony Pasquariello, global head of hedge fund coverage for Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division, provides an update on how investors are reacting to the gradual re-opening of the U.S. economy, historic government stimulus efforts, potential vaccine developments, and ongoing US-China tensions.
Goldman Sachs has committed $500 million in lending capital to provide Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, loans to small businesses suffering in this crisis. In this episode, Margaret Anadu, head of the firm’s Urban Investment Group, provides an update on the more than 8,000 small businesses across the country that the firm has reached through partnerships with community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and other mission-driven lenders.
In this episode, leveraging a client call from Goldman Sachs Investment Banking, leaders from across the financial services industry discuss the pandemic’s impact on the ESG landscape, including how corporations and investors are responding. The conversation features Mark Wiedman, a senior managing director at BlackRock, Katherine Collins, head of Putnam Investment’s sustainable investing, Martin Whittaker, CEO of JUST Capital, and John Goldstein, head of Goldman Sachs’ Sustainable Finance Group.
Asahi Pompey, global head of Corporate Engagement and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, interviews three graduates of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program to talk about their experiences with PPP loans, what’s keeping them up at night, and how they’re pivoting to adapt to changing industries and a changing society. The entrepreneurs are Khari Parker, co-founder of Connie’s Chicken and Waffles based in Baltimore, Dana White, founder and CEO of Paralee Boyd, a blow-dry salon in Detroit, and Jennie Ripps, founder and CEO of Owl’s Brew, a New York-based beverage company that specializes in teas and botanical-based drinks.
Jen Roth of Goldman Sachs' Global Markets Division provides an update on how COVID-19 is impacting investor sentiment in emerging markets.
In a recent client call held by Goldman Sachs Research, Brian Dodge, President of the Retail Industry Leaders Association, discusses how retailers will re-open. Dodge is joined by Goldman Sachs Research’s Kate McShane, Alex Walvis, and Jenna Giannelli, who all cover the retail sector.
Alex Blanchard of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division shares an update on how global central banks are responding to liquidity concerns.
Goldman Sachs CFO Stephen Scherr and other senior leaders across the firm discuss topics that are top of mind for CFOs in the current environment, from financing markets and liquidity concerns, to earnings guidance and economic outlooks.
Sarah Kiernan of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division gives her quick take on the latest market volatility, including investors’ reactions to record-low oil prices.
To share Goldman Sachs’ latest analysis on record price declines in oil markets, this episode leverages a client call, featuring Jeff Currie, Damien Courvalin and Brian Singer of Goldman Sachs Research, and Anthony Dewell of EMEA Commodity Trading in Global Markets. The call was held the morning of April 21st, 2020.
In this episode, Terry Hagerty, co-head of homebuilding & building products investment banking for Goldman Sachs, discusses how COVID-19 has impacted the outlook for housing and the broader building products sector. Despite the severity of the current slowdown, Hagerty points to favorable demographic tailwinds as reasons to expect a return to industry growth into 2021. Additionally, Hagerty explains why the sector may be poised to rebound more quickly from this crisis than that of 2008, driven by more favorable supply/demand dynamics, consumers’ relatively strong financial position, and healthy corporate balance sheets. “When I look at the balance sheets and liquidity positions of my clients, both in home building and building products, it’s quite strong,” Hagerty says. “Most of them have access to the capital markets, given some of the Fed action that we’ve seen, and generally they’re all positioned to weather what could potentially be a very extended downturn. So the outlook today is much different than 2008.”
As volatility continues in the public markets, Meena Flynn of Goldman Sachs’ Consumer and Investment Management Division gives her analysis on the latest swings and explains how investors with permanent capital are positioning themselves.
Ashok Varadhan, global co-head of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division, talks about how financial trading has adapted to a primarily remote workforce and also shares takeaways from the division’s strong first quarter performance.
Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO David Solomon shares his views on the pandemic and the economic impact, alongside other of the firm’s senior leaders.
In this episode, Margaret Anadu, head of Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group, talks about COVID-19’s impact on US small businesses and explains the firm’s recent announcement to commit $500 million in capital for emergency loans to small businesses. Then, three entrepreneurs and graduates of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program share their personal stories -- Erin Andrews of Indi Chocolate, a Seattle-based chocolate factory, Ellen McNulty-Brown of Lotuff Leather, a Rhode-Island based leather maker, and Matt Jozwiak of Rethink Food, a New York City-based nonprofit.
Anne Marie Darling of Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division analyzes the S&P 500 index’s historically fast fall into bear market territory and shares results of the April Marquee QuickPoll, a survey of institutional clients which found that about half of respondents don’t believe lows have been set yet.
In an effort to provide timely and valuable updates regarding ongoing market volatility and potential economic impacts, we’re sharing a “Market Update” call hosted by our Investment Banking Division. In the conversation, Goldman Sachs President and COO John Waldron provides an update on the current environment, alongside other senior leaders across the firm.
Andrew Wilson of Goldman Sachs Asset Management explains how volatility in U.S. financial markets from the COVID-19 outbreak is playing out across Europe as well. “European markets have been very much in the eye of the storm,” Wilson says. “So the focus is on what policy responses are coming out of Europe, just as much as it is out of the U.S.”
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