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Reviews and commentary on recent internet articles that involve UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other exopolitical topics.
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On July 19th, Politico’s defense editor, Bryan Bender, moderated a panel at the Aspen Institute’s annual Aspen Security Forum, in Aspen Colorado. Bender has been following the recent UFO developments at the nation’s capital, and he broke the story regarding the US Navy developing new guidelines for reporting UFOs.
In October 1973, Charlie Hickson and his young friend, Calvin Parker, were fishing on the banks of the Pascagoula River in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Suddenly a UFO landed nearby. Strange humanoid alien creatures came out and took the men into their spacecraft.
Scientific American interviewed University of Virginia astronomer Professor Kelsey Johnson (pictured above) on her personal opinions of the existence of extraterrestrial life, which was published in UVA Today. Here are some paraphrased excerpts from this interview:
Fast Radio Bursts (FRB’s) are very brief and “mysterious space signals” that originate from galaxies throughout our universe, though not from our own Milky Way galaxy. FRBs are composed of compact, complex radio waves, and are difficult to track and pin down. Many of the intense flashes have traveled billions of light-years across space.
Mathew Roberts sounded a call to “Storm Area 51” in Nevada, as a joke. Then 2 million people signed on to the Facebook event, the Air Force warned people not to raid a military base, and things got out of hand. So now, he and Arkansas college student Brock Daily are turning the entire September 20th event into a three-day festival called “Alien Stock”.
US Representative Mark Walker wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Navy expressing concern over the recent surge in UFO-related events affecting American military forces. Walker noted a December 2017 article in the New York Times about the secret Pentagon UFO program called AATIP and revelations that Navy pilots encountered anomalous aerial objects off of the coast of California in 2004 and off of the East Coast in 2015, ...
In July, London’s Royal Society and the U.K. SETI Research Network launched a survey on the subject of public attitudes toward alien contact. Martin Dominik, an astronomer at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland joined the discussion by advocating a legally binding framework in international law for responding to a signal received from an alien civilization. It would be prudent to make these policy determinations now, rather than sometime in the future in the midst of the inevitable media circus that would erupt with proof of other intelligent life in the universe.
The world is choking on carbon emissions and drowning in plastic garbage, all primarily caused by the oil industry and fracking, which also adds environmental waste to the picture. But at the same time it appears that government entities have gleaned new energy technologies, such as anti-matter, anti-gravity and electro-magnetic propulsion technology, from sources including retrieved extraterrestrial UFOs. Why then is the government and industry aggressively continuing down this fossil fuel road toward a Blade Runner-type dystopia?
In June it was reported that the US Navy had filed patent applications for seemingly implausible technologies, including a room temperature superconductor and a high-energy electromagnetic field generator. ‘The Drive’ website has obtained documentation that states unequivocally that these technologies may in fact already be in operation.
The $100 million 10-year project funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, called the “Breakthrough Listen” project, is the most extensive SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program in history. The project, which began in 2015, has surveyed over 1,000 stars within 160 light-years away from Earth for signs of alien radio signals, with no positive results.
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