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The Experience Milwaukee podcast highlights the people and places that make Milwaukee great. Hosted by Steve Glynn, Adam Derus, and Tia, the trio keeps things light and humorous, often making fun of themselves and the things they share with listeners. Maybe that’s because the podcast is typically (ok always) recorded over a few drinks!
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How can ice cream save a life? You'll have to listen to find out. Join Adam and Steve and their new BFFs Justin Povlick and Dusty Garley, two of the owners at Scratch Ice Cream, for another great Milwaukee story. Get the scoop (ha ha) on how Scratch got started in the back of a frozen yogurt shop, how the company pays attention to the details, and how to get your hands on this fantastic ice cream!
This might sound like a complicated episode, but it's really not. Jump in with Adam and Steve as they catch up with washbnb founder and CEO Daniel Cruz while getting an Airbnb perspective of the city from Cream City Stays founder John Kroeger. What will you get from this one besides some serious laughs? Daniel's perspective on the washbnb business through a pandemic and entering a crowdfunding raise. And how John infuses local artists and local experiences within his Airbnbs. Maybe a bit on skid marks. Anyway, here are some reference links from the episode:,,
Adam is on vacation so Steve goes solo on this one. In honor of Milwaukee Day, April 14 (414, Milwaukee's main area code), the team thought it'd be fun to learn more about the inception of the day that celebrates the city. Steve is joined by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee Day co-founders Andy Silverman and Mocha Harris, Milwaukee Downtown CEO Beth Weirick, and more than 20 Milwaukeeans who emotionally share what the city means to them. 
In this East Side neighborhood feature episode, Adam and Steve get to know more about Triciclo Peru, including how to properly pronounce the name! Joined by the restaurant's owner, Amy Narr, you too can learn more about her background in the Pease Corps and Peru and back to Milwaukee as an entrepreneur. You can find Triciclo Peru everywhere in the city and specifically at the Crossroads Collective on the East Side. Take a listen and get more info on the inspiration behind the menu and the restaurant, their upcoming beer garden tour, and *breaking news*! Also, Steve's admission that he needs better friends.
This is exactly the episode you'd expect after several drinks. And what better day to publish it than April Fool's Day?!? If you were in Milwaukee in your 20's in the 90's, you'll love this one. And if you weren't, you'll still love the laughs and mayhem (also, please share this with someone who was)! Adam and Steve welcome Molly Snyder, senior writer at Good times. From shower beers to cream puff championships to the bars, malls, movie theaters, and times we remember (or don't) on Milwaukee's East Side, this laid back conversation is sure to brighten and lighten your day! NOTE: This a more explicit episode than our others. Probably don't want the kids to listen.
After 5 years, Milwaukee Makers Market founder, curator, and organizer Ryan Laessig still works tirelessly to keep the events fresh and exciting. Consider that goal accomplished. This week, Adam and Steve learn more about what's in store for the 2021 Milwaukee Makers Market season, how it supports local, small businesses (who make what they sell btw), and what you can expect from this year's events. Whether you're looking for a family friendly activity, or want to have some fun with friends (mimosa in hand), you should check out the Milwaukee Makers Market. It's always FREE to get in and you'll definitely find something for yourself or someone else, made by neighbors. Learn more and get the full schedule at
This is an episode for the future. Or from the past. Or something like that. Anyway, enjoy this fun conversation that Adam and Steve have with former journalist for the Milwaukee Business Journal and Wisconsin Inno, Nick Williams. Learn about what brought him to Milwaukee while getting super insightful perspective on the city's tech and innovation scene, including how others see it. You don't have to be "midwest nice" or a startup founder to enjoy this episode, it's for anyone who loves Milwaukee. Oh, and follow Nick's next journey by connecting with him on LinkedIn:
In this episode, Adam and Steve learn all about Thum from owner Darleen Vanmanivong. Her passion and love for food is inspiring. Located in Crossroads Collective in Milwaukee's welcoming East Side neighborhood, Thum launched in the middle of the pandemic and is doing so well that Darleen recently committed to another two years. Learn more about how she and Thum got started, what family meal means, what to pair with Thum dishes, and some secret hidden Milwaukee gems to experience. 
In this episode, Adam and Steve chat with Katie Daly Weiss, owner and Chief Yeti Wrangler at Big White Yeti. What the hell is Big White Yeti? Well, a company that makes seriously good smelling candles with some seriously silly names! Learn how it was named, how they're made (hint: Yeti magic!), how and why to trim your wick, what a cold throw is, and so much more fun stuff. Also, how Adam and Steve could not accurately describe a Yeti. And, is an Experience Milwaukee candle in our future...? (what would that even smell like?). Take a listen then head over to to check out the goods!
This is an episode of lies and deceit. Ok, not really. As much as we try to distract you with misinformation, in the end, you'll get all the info you need to find and enjoy this top secret Milwaukee speakeasy. Jump in with Adam and Steve as they interrogate Daniel Dufek, Beverage Director, Hospitality at New Land Enterprises and controller of true and accurate information about Shanghai. We're sure you'll love the humor in this one!
How will Milwaukee capture otherwise lost knowledge and transform regional leadership? Ian Abston, founder of Forward 48 has an answer. This episode, also with Betsy Brenner, former president & publisher at The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, takes Adam and Steve on journey into this new accelerator for leaders. From networking to experiential learning, Forward 48 comes with tons of FREE perks, too! Take a listen, then jump over to to learn more and apply today.
In this episode, Adam and Steve chat with Adventure Rock co-owner Craig Burzynski. Jump in and learn more about Milwaukee's indoor climbing gym, with three locations for your convenience. From "easier than climbing a ladder" to Spiderman level routes, learn more about how simple it is to get started or keep challenging yourself if you're an experienced climber. Oh, and Adam and Steve share their fav climbing music! NOTE: there is also a special preview of Indeed Brewing's new beer that will be released on Saturday, February 13 (Star Crossed, Mexican Chocolate Stout, 8.5%) at the END of the episode.
In this East Side ON episode, Adam and Steve bring you the story of Celesta Restaurant with its energetic and engaging chef/owner, Melanie Manuel. From creative writing teacher to helping food stamp recipients get their high school equivalency diploma and traveling across the US and around the world, Melanie has seen it all. But what led her to making delicious food (and cakes!) from scratch? You'll have to listen to find out!! 
As is often discussed on this podcast, success takes time. For Indeed Brewing, that meant working through the grind of self-distribution from Minnesota to Wisconsin. Several Culver's and Kwik Trip stops later, a beautiful taproom in the Walker's Point neighborhood emerged. Take a listen as Adam and Steve chat with Indeed's Jeff Gray (Sales/Marketing Manager) and Patrick Nickelson (Head Brewer). What's the difference between the taproom in Minneapolis and our local fav stop here? What inspires the beer that's made? And what's coming up next? You'll have to jump in to find out. Pro tip: enjoy this one with a cold one!
Wantable, a try-before-you-buy apparel service powered by personal stylists and data science, is experiencing tremendous growth. In this episode, Adam and Steve dig in with founder and CEO, Jalem Getz, and longtime employee and current copywriter, Lindsay Unick, to learn more about how the company is keeping employees engaged in an environment where talent matters. Though Wantable has launched world-changing employee initiated programs, Adam was most impressed by the new Wantable Cafe: 5,000 square feet of goodness plus FREE food and beverages for Wantable employees. WAIT--if you stop by for takeout anytime from February 1-5 and mention the podcast, you too can enjoy a FREE coffee!! (just like a lucky Wantable employee!)
This episode, focused on events planned for St. Patrick's day 2020, was never released. We found it while digging through the archives. We took a listen and realized it highlights so many of the things we love about Milwaukee from a time when we were all out experiencing the city. So, we dusted it off and we're sharing it with you. In gratitude, and in the spirit of looking forward, we hope you enjoy it.
What do you do when you sell your house and walk away from your dream job? You start a successful business, of course. Learn about this and more as Adam and Steve get the scoop from Margaux Chandler, owner of Shred415, a community-focused fitness studio on Milwaukee's East Side. With options for you to join in-person or through live streams, Shred415 will have you feeling good physically and mentally - whether you have all the equipment at home or not. Want more? Well, the first class is FREE. By the end of this episode you'll want to be a shredder!
Jump in on this one as Adam and Steve learn more about Von Trier, a unique German beer bar and cocktail lounge, from its owner, Mark Zierath. From the history of the bar, which runs deep, to what's new, you'll come to love this East Side establishment! Oh, and listen in to see if Mark felt any pressure taking over such a historic place. 
Ok, here it is. We put together what we think sums up the podcast for 2020. It's fast and funny and has a little Black Belt Theatre in the background. Thanks so much to our 2020 sponsors: Transfer Pizzeria Cafe, FEW Spirits, KOSS Stereophones, and Indeed Brewing. And thanks so much more to you, our loyal listeners! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Thanks. Just Thanks. This is a short one, so jump in for a message from Steve and an announcement about how to snag some pizza and FREE KOSS headphones next week. Oh, and a FULL version of our intro and outro song by Black Belt Theatre. 
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