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Experiencing God's Word

Author: Matthew Broxterman

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Bible based messages recorded live each week at
First Christian Church - Atchison, Kansas.

Pastor Matt Broxterman offers words of encouragement and insights into the Bible's message for ALL of us - that God loves us deeply and has a profound plan for each of our lives.

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37 Episodes
Beyond Love (Part 1)

Beyond Love (Part 1)


The first installment of this two-part mini-series wrestles with a question that we are all bound to ask ourselves at some point in our life - DOES GOD LOVE ME ?The answer to that question is, of course, YES. But you don't have to take my word for it...Primary text is Romans 8:33-39.
Pastor Russ Cooper explores some answers to the question we were all thinking, but were afraid to ask - What's in it for Me? Whether we have been faithfully ON MISSION for decades or we are still ON THE FENCE about the whole FAITH THING, the same Biblical Principals (shared in this message) still apply. Primary text is John 15:8
This message (the most important in the series) dives into the difference between Belief & Faith. Many people use these words interchangeably, but in truth they are very, VERY different.Pastor Matt shares personal testimony about how this discovery not only changed his life - it actually saved it.Primary text is Hebrews 11:1-3.
Guest speaker Dr. Jose Martinez explores three essential "postures" of missional living. Learning these principals and putting them into practice quickens our faith and leads to incredible blessing - in the lives of others and in our own hearts as well.Primary text is Matthew 25:34-40.
It's easy to get overwhelmed when we talk about the BIGNESS of God's call on our lives. Fortunately God meets us where we are and as we are. And he never goes too fast for us to keep up. Occasionally we encounter growth spurts in our spiritual walk, but they are rare. More often than not, he simply asks us to take Baby Steps.This message explores the call of the first Disciples and what we can learn from their decision to follow Jesus.Primary text is Matthew 4:18-25
On A Mission

On A Mission


God is On A Mission - to bring Hope & Help & Healing to his people. God entrusted this Mission to Jesus and Jesus, in turn, entrusts that same Mission to us.This new mini-series opens with a look at the moment Jesus commissioned his Disciples to carry on and carry out this important task. The events of the story unfold in a surprising (but encouraging) way... Primary text is John 20:19-22
Salt & Light

Salt & Light


Salt & Light - Jesus used these images to paint a picture of the kind of life God created us to enjoy (and share with others). This message explores the significance of each image (one odd & one familiar), celebrates those who choose to make a difference in the world around them, and reminds us that EVERYONE is welcome to join the party!
Advancements in technology continue to change the way we communicate with each other. Scripture reveals some pretty amazing breakthroughs in the way we can communicate with God as well. This message explores practical advice that Jesus gave on the most important form of communication of all time - PRAYER.
Pastor Matt shares personal testimony (where he's been and where he is now) in the area of stewardship. Stewardship (the way we manage the gifts God has entrusted to us) was the 3rd most frequent topic of Jesus' teaching - so it must be pretty important!Primary text is Matthew 6:19-21
This message (the most important in the entire series) dives into truths Jesus shared in a very intimate & private conversation with his closest friends and followers. Primary Text Is John 14:1-6
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