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Experiencing God's Word

Author: Matthew Broxterman

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Bible based messages recorded live each week at
First Christian Church - Atchison, Kansas.

Pastor Matt Broxterman offers words of encouragement and insights into the Bible's message for ALL of us - that God loves us deeply and has a profound plan for each of our lives.

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A stranger walked into my office 17 years ago and taught me a lesson I will never forget.Those who have the courage to follow his example will never forget it either.Primary text is 2 Chronicles 7:14
What do Muhammad Ali and the Book of Revelation have in common? More than you might think!It turns out that both have a tried and true strategy for OVERCOMING the attack of our enemy.This message explores God's surprising one-two punch and some of the ways we can use it in our own lives today.Primary text is Revelation 12:11
Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear


FEAR is something that EVERYONE experiences - ESPECIALLY in this day and age! This message explores what may be THE SINGLE GREATEST TRUTH to help us overcome those fears.Primary text is Romans 8:15.
Freedom Isn't Free

Freedom Isn't Free


Whether we are talking about PHYSICAL or SPIRITUAL FREEDOM the same holds true - Freedom Is Not Free.Many have given their lives and many will continue to pay the ultimate price to establish & defend the freedom we enjoy today.The question it raises is this - What will we choose to do with the freedom we have been blessed with. This message explores 3 options.Primary text is Galatians 5:13-14
On the Beam

On the Beam


What does living a spiritual life have in common with flying a 1950's fighter plane? You might be surprised!This message explores ways we can find God's path and plan for our life. It also explores how we can stay there once we find it.Primary text is Proverbs 3:5-6
This is the Day!

This is the Day!


Every day is an opportunity to start fresh and start over - to find JOY in this life that God has blessed us with! In addition, there are some (VERY RARE) moments in our lives when everything seems to slow down - just enough for us to catch a glimpse of a bigger picture. I believe we are living in such a time.These are opportunities to reevaluate and even reorient the direction our lives are heading - to make sure we are making the most of every 24 hours we are given.Primary text is Psalm 118:19-24.
In 1973, Dr. Billy Graham spoke in Johannesburg, South Africa - to a crowd of TENS of THOUSANDS! On that day, he talked about something he never had before (at least publicly) and over 3,000 people gave their lives to Christ!This message contains words spoken by Graham in that famous sermon. It also explores parallels between the reality he confronted, the reality that confronts us today, and the ministry of Jesus Christ. Primary text is Luke 4:16-20.
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


In the history of our country we have seen multiple health pandemics come and go. We have also experienced (and recovered from) multiple seasons of economic crisis.One crisis that our nation has yet to overcome, however, is that of racism. This message is a call to action and a word of hope. It is also a reminder that our past does not (and cannot) dictate the future of God's people.Primary text is James 3:13-18.
"Every man dies, but not every man truly lives."Bonus points if you can name the movie that quote comes from! This message celebrates those who have given their lives to protect our freedom & invites us to consider what kind of difference these heroes can continue to make in our lives today.Primary text is Romans 5:6-11
Trying to RUN THE SHOW - those of us who have tried it can tell you that it rarely works out well. It can also be very stressful!Fortunately God's Word provides us with another (much better) alternative!Primary text is Proverbs 3:5-6.
HOW ARE YOU DOING?It's a question we hear so often that we rarely take time to think before we respond.This message takes a closer look at the question and also encourages us to realize the profound significance of our daily decisions.Primary text is Matthew 16:13-18.
Thanks Mom!

Thanks Mom!


This "mom inspired message" celebrates all of the incredible women who have made a difference in our lives.Join us as we explore the story of Mary (the mother of Jesus) and find encouragement from her example of courage and a trusting relationship with The Father. Primary text is Luke 1:26-38
These past few weeks have felt strange & uncertain and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. We are not the first followers of Jesus who have had to navigate strange situations though.This message explores Luke's account of Jesus' last appearance to his disciples before he returns to his Father in heaven. The words that Jesus spoke to them were very powerful & they are just as true for us today.Primary text is Luke 24:36-49.
This message picks up where we left off last week - after Thomas had his LIFE-CHANGING experience with Jesus.As we explore some similar experiences (with other followers of Jesus), we are reminded that God wants to reveal himself to each of us.God knows what we need and He ALWAYS comes through - especially when we go looking for Him.Primary text is Matthew 28:16-20.
What do we learn from the EVENTS of EASTER & what can it all mean for us - in our lives today?This message explores these timeless questions as we take a look at Thomas & pick up the story where we left off last week...Primary text is John 20:24-29.
As Mary made her way to the tomb on the first Easter morning, John tells us, "it was still dark outside." The sun (in the sky) had not yet risen, but the Son (of God) already had! Sometimes it takes a little time for the rest of the story to unfold - even when God's work is done and the war is already won. This, of course, is still true today... Primary text is John 20:1-18.
Dr. Daniel Valle (our guest speaker in this episode) explores the rich history of the Passover meal and a few things that made The Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples so incredibly unique and significant. Dr. Valle (a former medical doctor from Barcelona, Spain) currently pastors a Messianic Jewish congregation in Houston, Texas. He and his family are preparing to move to Sydney, Australia - where they will serve as Christian missionaries to the Jewish people through Chosen People Ministries.
The story of Joseph and his brothers is an incredible example of how God can create profound blessing - even through the most adverse and difficult of circumstances. This is a message about the importance of family, the power of forgiveness, and making the most of trying times. Primary text is Genesis 50:14-21
As we reflect on stories of scripture (where God comes through for His people) & as we reflect on times in our own lives (where God has come through for us), we can be confident that God will bring us through our present circumstances. The real question is HOW we will navigate the days ahead. This message is for anyone who is interested in doing so with GRACE, with PEACE and with NO REGRETS. Primary text is Isaiah 7:3-4
SO MUCH has changed in the past few weeks - it almost seems like a DIFFERENT WORLD. This encouraging message reminds us that (no matter what is happening) we need not fear - because God has promised to be with us - always. With that said, God does not call us to stand idly by in challenging times & expect him to do everything for us. We have a part to play too. Primary text is Isaiah 41:10
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