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Experiencing God's Word

Author: Matthew Broxterman

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Bible based messages recorded live each week at
First Christian Church - Atchison, Kansas.

Pastor Matt Broxterman offers words of encouragement and insights into the Bible's message for ALL of us - that God loves us deeply and has a profound plan for each of our lives.

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29 Episodes
Pastor Matt shares personal testimony (where he's been and where he is now) in the area of stewardship. Stewardship (the way we manage the gifts God has entrusted to us) was the 3rd most frequent topic of Jesus' teaching - so it must be pretty important!Primary text is Matthew 6:19-21
This message (the most important in the entire series) dives into truths Jesus shared in a very intimate & private conversation with his closest friends and followers. Primary Text Is John 14:1-6
Why did Jesus teach in Parables? The answer to this question opens the door to understanding just about every spiritual truth we can ever hope to. It's not found in a classroom or a laboratory or even a sanctuary though.This look at one of Jesus' most famous parables (the one about the Good Samaritan) shows us what that door looks like. Whether or not we will choose to walk through it is our decision.Primary Text is Luke 10:25-37
Jesus did not give specific instructions for every situation we might encounter - instead he taught VALUES & PRINCIPALS that we can use to navigate our unique circumstances. The Beatitudes (from Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount) cover some of the principals that God values. These are very different from the things the world around us tells us are important.Because our lives are so short (compared to eternity) having the right values to guide us is absolutely crucial.Primary Text is Matthew 5:1-12
This message launches a brand new series (Jesus: Greatest Hits) that will explore six of Jesus' most famous teachings. We begin with Jesus' Debut (his very first sermon in Nazareth). Only 9 words of what he said that day were recorded in the Bible, but they are 9 words that altered the course of history and still possess the power to change lives today.Primary Passage is Luke 4:16-21
A Firm Foundation

A Firm Foundation


When it comes to storms in life - it's not a matter of "if" it's a matter of "when." This message explores three truths that are essential to building and maintaining a strong foundation - one that will stand even when the waters rise and the winds begin to blow.Primary Text is Luke 6:46-49
As we wrap up our Bible 101 Series (and our look at the Book of Revelation) we explore three KEYS to living an abundant & successful life. These three KEYS are emphasized as we review some of the highlights of our study.Primary text is - Revelation 21:1-7
This message gets into the heart of some of the most controversial images found in the entire Book of Revelation. The Dragon and the Beasts (just to name a few) can be incredibly frightening, but there is an amazing message of hope and encouragement to be found for those who are willing to look for it.Primary Text is Revelation 8:1-19:9.
God's Adventure Story

God's Adventure Story


Pastor Brad Greene (our new Director of Youth and Children's Ministries) reflects on the journey that brought him (and his family) from Central California to FCC Atchison.Parallels are drawn with the story of Jonah as we are reminded that GOD'S PLAN FOR OUR LIFE is always better than anything we could ever come up with!Primary text is Jonah 4:1-4.
Action and suspense continue to build in Chapter 6 as the hidden scroll of Daniel (sealed up for 700 years) is opened in the Throne Room of Heaven.In this message we begin to explore some of the most infamous images in the book: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Rapture, The Tribulation, and The Millennium. We also touch on what the whole Pre-Trib vs. Post-Trib debate is all about.Primary text is Revelation 6:1-14
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