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Today I’m talking about website accessibility. Specifically, I'm sharing: What web accessibility is Why it’s important How it can boost your SEO I’m also sharing an update on my email marketing strategy... ...including details about a new service I’ve been testing. If you're ready to get nerdy on all things advisor marketing today, you're going to enjoy this episode.  *** 📬 Subscribe to the Newsletter ✏️ Grab the Episode Show Notes
What is the quickest path to marketing success? What marketing strategy has the most impact on generating new business? What is the best use of my time and dollars? If you're a financial advisor asking these same questions, today's episode is for you.  👉  Click here to register for the upcoming Kitces Marketing Summit on April 19th To view the show notes for this episode, click here.
Today I'm joined by Carl Richards. I've heard Carl speak dozens of times, read his books, and used his drawings for years. But today's conversation is truly unique. We cover: Why financial advisors struggle to find success with their marketing What advisors can do to improve their marketing approach How to get over the fear of sharing your work in public Carl also shares step-by-step one of the most successful advisor marketing projects he's ever worked on. If you want to learn the tactics behind this proven marketing strategy + get over your fear of taking action, this episode is for you. 👉 Click Here for Show Notes & Resources Mentioned
Today I’m bringing you up to speed on all the marketing things I’ve been working on since the last episode aired. I’m sharing: What’s been working What’s not working What I have up my sleeve for the rest of the year, and more! If you're ready to (finally!) get back to nerding out on marketing with me, today's episode is for you.  👉 Click Here for Show Notes & Resources Mentioned
Today I’m sharing a recent conversation I had with Jay Coulter, host of the Resilient Advisor Show. We expand on my recent interview with Michael Kitces and talk about three big things: What is a marketing funnel and how to create one Examples of marketing activities at each stage of the funnel What you can expect from the upcoming Kitces Digital Marketing Summit  If you haven’t registered for the Kitces Marketing Summit, get on it! The 4-hour event is this Thursday at 12pm EST, and it's followed by a community hour where we'll be joined by a special guest to help us unwind and let loose after a jam-packed day. To learn more and register, head over to And yes, the event is being recorded! So if you can’t make it live, get registered and you’ll receive the replay + all of the resources and deliverables from the event shortly after it ends. Lastly, if you haven’t checked out Jay’s live show and podcast for financial advisors, head over to He’s covered everything from how to market to CPAs, effective email marketing strategies, how to execute successful webinar campaigns, and more! 👉 Click here to access the show notes for this episode
Do you want to look "over the shoulder" of some of the top financial advisors to see exactly what successful marketing looks like? 👉   Click here to register for the Kitces Digital Marketing Summit No boring PPT presentations. No vendors. No sponsors. Just successful advisory firms taking you behind the scenes and showing exactly what they're doing to reach & help more people. =========================== Today I'm joined by the one and only Michael Kitces. Yes, he's widely known for his nerdy financial planning skills... ...but he’s also a sneaky good marketer. 🤫 And today he’s joining us to dive into a marketing topic we don't talk about enough -- Client Acquisition Cost (CAC). Specifically, we cover three BIG things in this episode: Why knowing your CAC is critical to marketing success + how to calculate it Where the Lifetime Client Value (LCV) metric fits into the equation What's working right now in advisor marketing, what isn't working, and why  If you're a financial advisor who wants to make more informed decisions about how + where to spend your marketing dollars, this episode is for you.
Today I'm talking about User Experience (UX). Specifically, I'm sharing: Why UX might be the most important SEO ranking factor in 2021 Why it's important...even if you are NOT interested in digital marketing 3 UX improvements I recently made that boosted organic traffic by 5x If you want to get ahead of a major update Google is rolling out in May 2021 + learn some simple tips for improving your marketing, today's episode is for you. 
Today I'm talking about media and press releases. Specifically, I'm sharing: How my firm approaches our media strategy Our step-by-step process for writing + marketing press releases How these activities fit into our marketing wheel If you're a financial advisor interested in improving your media and press release strategy (without hiring a PR agency!), today's episode is for you.
Today I’m talking end of year marketing planning + sharing an update on my Snappy Kraken experiment. I’m also sharing a super-simple marketing template to help advisors take action. If you're ready to work on your 2021 marketing plan and struggling to find a starting point, today's episode is for you.  
The EIAM podcast has been hacked! Thankfully, the culprits used their hacking skills to add massive value to our listeners. In this episode, they're sharing how to convert leads into clients.  And many of the strategies they share have directly helped me grow my revenue by over 200% in the last three years. Best of all, they don't require any uncomfortable sales tactics or fancy presentations. If you're an advisor who wants to learn how to naturally encourage leads to take action, you're going to love today's episode. 
Today I’m finally diving into the world of backlinks. My goal? To help financial advisor's nail down the basics around Google’s #1 search ranking signal. I’m sharing exactly what I’ve done and giving you 5 simple steps to take action. A special guest also drops by to share some tips :)  If improving your SEO has been on your list and you’re not sure where to start or what to do next, you’re gonna love today's episode.
Today I'm joined by Dennis Moseley-Williams who is one of only two certified Experience Economy in the financial services industry. In this episode, Dennis shares why customer experience is an advisor's best marketing strategy + how to put this concept into action. If you've joined the members-only section at, Dennis will be joining us for marketing office hours this month on Thursday, August 27th.  We'll be continuing today's conversation and diving deeper into actionable strategies advisors can adopt to improve their customer experience.
Trends With Benefits

Trends With Benefits


A quick reminder that discounted pricing ($15/mo) for the members-only section ends TODAY.  If you want to ramp up your marketing + gain access to more marketing resources, head over to On today's bonus EIAM episode, I'm sharing an interview I recently did on the Trends With Benefits podcast hosted by Ed Lopez. We talk about how I got started in financial planning, the transition to starting my firm, and, of course, some advisor marketing :)
Jeremy Schneider grew his personal finance Instagram account to 80k+ followers in less than two years.‎ ‎ He didn't pay for followers.‎ ‎ He never played the "follow for follow" game.‎ ‎ And he doesn't outsource anything.‎ ‎ In this conversation, you'll learn 3 big things:‎ ‎ 1.) How and why he uses "lead and lag" metrics to fuel his growth‎ ‎ 2.) What his strategy is for hashtags + a pitfall to watch out for‎ ‎ 3.) His advice for financial advisors looking to use Instagram to market and grow their firm‎ ‎ Jeremy also shares a FREE Instagram tool he coded himself + the exact spreadsheet he still uses to track his daily progress.‎ ‎ If you want to learn tips and tricks to grow your Instagram following the right way, you're going to love this episode.
Today I’m sharing a big announcement, which includes the opportunity for two of our listeners to work with me on their digital marketing efforts for the rest of 2020. I’m also sharing: An update on my Snappy Kraken experiment + an important tweak to my Facebook business page Why the Start Here button is missing from my website Best practices for writing email subject lines An experiment I’m running in July with my retirement podcast A new potential application for network sites like the San Diego Financial Advisors Network If you’re ready to ramp up your marketing and crush the second half of 2020, this episode is for you.
Today I'm sharing my firm's step-by-step process for writing high-quality blog posts that are optimized for search. Specifically, I’m sharing: How and why we leverage professional writers as a part of this process Where in the process the content gets optimized for SEO Why images are more important than you might think How we go about repurposing the content into other formats Things we can do to improve the process I’m also going to share a quick update on my 6-month Snappy Kraken experiment...which includes an early success story!
It's no secret that podcasting is REALLY popular. In fact, there are now over one million podcasts! Recording and publishing audio is easy. Creating a high-quality podcast with a growing base of raving fans is another story. That's why I asked two podcasting pro's, Mathew Passy and Benjamin Brandt, to help me with today's episode. We cover: Equipment you need to host a studio-quality podcast Resources for how to DIY the editing & production process Common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid Tips for growing and marketing your podcast How to turn raving fans into clients We also talk about best practices for recording remotely, an extremely timely topic given the state of our world. If you're a financial advisor who wants to start a podcast or take your existing show to the next level, this episode is for you.
Today I'm joined by Robert Sofia, founder of Snappy Kraken. We talk: How financial advisors should prospect in a volatile market What Snappy Kraken is + who is and isn't a good fit Tips for creating successful email marketing campaigns The details of a 6-month experiment I'll be running with Snappy on this podcast If you're interested in learning how to prospect in a volatile market and the ins and outs of marketing automation platforms, today's episode is for you. For all the links and resources mentioned, visit 
Today I’m sharing 5 (more) of my favorite tech and marketing tools for financial advisors. Get this... 26% of users who sign up for your email newsletter (or lead magnet, free PDF guide, etc.) will never confirm their email address. Thankfully, one of our listeners shared a free tool with me to change that. I'll be sharing what it is and how I'm using it + a handful of other tech tools I've implemented in the last year. If you love using technology to save time, improve marketing results, and create a better client experience, today’s episode is for you. For all the links and resources mentioned, visit
Today I'm FINALLY sharing the results from the snail mail marketing campaign I ran last summer. I'm also going to be sharing my top three marketing strategies for 2020. These strategies are simple, effective, and apply to almost every financial advisor. So if you want to up your marketing game in 2020, you'll enjoy this episode. For all the links and resources mentioned this episode, visit 
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Mark Rosinski

Crazy amount of value in this podcast with Matthew Jarvis, great topics and questions from Taylor. The best episode yet!

Jul 17th
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