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David and Jason Benham are former professional baseball players, best selling authors, and serial entrepreneurs. With dozens of businesses and over 100 offices in 35 states the twins have topped charts like Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies, Franchise 500’s Top New Franchises, and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists. They recently launched an online coaching series and podcast called Expert Ownership, where they talk about how you can achieve financial freedom, a thriving business, and a life of impact.

In Season 1 of the EO Podcast they talk all things COVID-19 and how you can navigate this season as a small business owner and make it to the other side. They interview faith-forward experts and entrepreneurs who give you all the help you need to make the most of this crisis. For more about the bro's check out

22 Episodes
From fighting in Afghanistan to owning one of the fastest growing Crossfit gyms in America, Steve Pinkerton talks about how courageous leadership leads to significant profits, specifically through the Covid crisis!
In this episode, Keanu discusses with us the different personality types and how knowing our type helps us be much better leaders! Keanu also explains enneagram characteristics from type 1 all the way to type 9 and goes in depth with each one!
From real estate professional to coffee shop owner, Dustin Hepburn is our latest guest on the expert ownership podcast. Dustin was one of our first franchisees and took his experience with franchising into the world of retail. He is a cultural catalyst who knows how to motivate his employees and walk the fine line between being a friend and being a boss. His story is motivating and his advice is equipping.
Not all entrepreneurs wear shirts! WWE superstar Chad Lail shows us what it’s like to live out your faith in the ring and the steps he took to make his dream a reality. Listen to his story!
In this episode, Dana talks about how he was faithful in the little things, which led him to becoming the head strength coach for the New York Yankees! He also explains his five core pillar method that YOU need to include in your everyday life in order to become a better entrepreneur! You're not going to wanna miss this!
Meet Josh Richardson. After helping his dad start Otter Box he branched off and built Angel Armor, a multi-million dollar international company - and he never even went to college! Josh also talks about how he incorporates faith into his every day work life as well as his corporate culture! This episode is filled with simple tips to help you in your business!
Successful entrepreneur, Ken Harrison, shares what he had learned throughout his career as a police officer, and how he built and sold a multi-million dollar business before reviving a massive men's ministry, Promise Keepers!
Casey Crawford, former NFL tight end and CEO of Movement Mortgage, brings back the all of our old business memories of when we first met, and how our relationship has taught him the value of resisting business norms in order to be more comfortable and able to create a corporate culture like the one he has today!
Chris Hogan, author of Retire Inspired and Everyday Millionaires, teaches us how we can resist financial stupid in order to make more money, stay out of debt, and retire early!
Memorial Day Always brings us back to our baseball roots, where every single game paused at the seventh inning to honor those who fight for our freedom. That’s why we are pumped about our latest podcast episode featuring Jason Baker, scout for the Los Angeles Angels. He shares some crazy things that are happening in baseball and what we can expect for changes in the game post COVID. So go grab some popcorn and maybe a ballpark frank, and enjoy this episode!
When you work for year on a project and it's just not clicking the way it needs to, it's time to get creative. Dallas Jenkins and Derral Eves, the creators of The Chosen have a story that will inspire, convict, and move you. Their app is being downloaded 100,000 times a day and at the time of this post, over 31 million people have viewed the series. But it didn't start out this way. Hear their story of how they made space for God to do his thing and took the necessary leaps of faith along the way, ultimately leading to massive success.
Christy Wright, founder of the Business Boutique, a business formed to help entrepreneurial driven women, explains the important and unique roles of women in the marketplace and where their men can step in and help out!
Justin Batt - DadBoss

Justin Batt - DadBoss


Over 24 million children in the U.S. alone are growing up without a dad. Millions more have a father physically present in the home, but emotionally absent from their lives. This epidemic is deeply harming the next generation. It’s time for the reign of fatherlessness to end. YOU are the solution! Justin Batt teaches us the tips and tricks to becoming a DadBoss!
Global superstar, Jeremy Camp, has 11 albums, a book, and a movie about his life. He's been through the storms in ways most people will never understand, yet is still healthy, happy, and successful in the true, deep ways that matter. In this episode, we talk to him about his journey, and how he's pivoting in this time.
Business owners around the country are pivoting their goods & services to meet the new demands Covid19 has brought upon us - and with us today is an entrepreneur with 100 employees that stood to lose them all, but he pivoted and had his best week in over a year! In today's episode, we talk with Justin Reeder, a small business owner with a company spanning several states who is thriving in the midst of COVID-19. Not only that, he’s taken the success of his company for over 10 years and has now shifted his focus to significance in the community by being a voice for the unborn.
Flyover America is making drastic changes to life as a result of Covid19, but what about the culture creating cities on the coasts? What about Hollywood? How are the movie producers, actors, and folks that entertain us making pivots right now, and is there anything useful we can learn from those folks?! Today, we’re talking with Kirk Cameron, former teenage heartthrob, star of the 80’s hit show Growing Pains, and he’s the founder of CamFam Studios and the FireFly Foundation. This superstar actor decided to put his faith & family above his career, and instead of going backward he’s been propelled forward with influence that carries around the world.
Millions of business owners around the world close their doors because of the COVID-19 crisis! Anxiety and stress are rising to unprecedented levels. So how are we going to navigate all this and keep our sanity... How do we stay positive?? On today's episode, we talk with Jon Gordon, best selling author of the Energy Bus and Positive Leadership. He’s a business coach to countless Fortune 500 companies, including Dell, Southwest Airlines, Snapchat, BB&T Bank, Northwestern Mutual, and more.
In today's episode, we talk with Al Robertson of Duck Commander fame. Al grew up working in his family’s small business, which grew to a big business - one you’ve probably heard about from the hit reality show Duck Dynasty. Al Robertson with us today talking about how his family is responding to the recent shutdown of their family-owned restaurant and the pivots they’re making with the rest of their companies.
Small businesses are closing all over, churches are doing the same, and every major gathering in our nation has been cancelled. So How can we draw strength from each other in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis? On today's episode, we talk with Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council and a leading voice in DC for Family Values.
Covid-19 is descending on us – while unemployment is ascending. And right now things are only getting business owners all across the country are closing their doors, forced by state and local governments to shelter in place. As leaders, what are we going to do? How do we lead our people well in times of uncertainty and crisis? In this episode, we talk with Ken Coleman, a best-selling author, host of Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership Podcast, and now hosts his own nationally-syndicated radio show – the Ken Coleman Show.
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