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The transcripted version of this episode is available in the shownotes. If you're wondering what is a podcast and how is it started, this episode will answer your questions. The podcast is a modern-day radio that is subscribed to and heard o the Internet. A podcast can also be described as a collection of audio files that are themed around a similar topic and uploaded on the Internet. Find out what is a podcast host, RSS feed of the podcast and the differences between podcast and radio shows and podcast vs audio files on this episode.  You can submit your questions and feedback on my website.  
Shownotes of this episode are available in the Blog. Instagram is becoming a hub of content. Just a couple of days back, Instagram rolled out a new feature named Instagram Guides.  Guides can be used to share long texts or blogs accompanied by the user's posts or saved posts and products from the Instagram shop. But they do not support likes, comments or insights, neither are they explorable through hashtags. So how can these Guides be useful for Content Creators and Brands? On this episode, I share a list of advantages of using Instagram Guides.  02.10: How to Create Instagram Guide 04.20: Advantages of Using Instagram Guides 05.55: Instagram is filling the gap to become a Hub of Content 07.05: How Instagram Guides will be useful for Bloggers & Writers 08.50: How are Guides useful for Business Marketing 10.45: How can Instagram Influencers make the most of Guides 12.45: How to Pin posts on Instagram 14.50: How to promote your Guide You can submit your questions and feedback on my website
Shownotes of this episode are available in the Blog. Every artist has the potential to scale up their passion for art into a well-performing profession, thereby becoming Artpreneurs. If you’re an amateur artist and wish to find out how to begin a career in visual art, or how to start your art business, or scale up your existing art career, check out my conversation with Catherine Orer, an award-winning Business and PR strategist who counsels visual artists on how to build a sustainable enterprise. She started her venture, The Artist Entrepreneur and the podcast The Artist Entrepreneur that changed the lives of many artists. Her clients tag her brilliant work as, “bridging the gap between creativity and being business savvy”.  On this episode, she shares tips and tricks for artists and art businesses. Timeline for this episode: 00.22: Show Intro 01.40: Guest Intro 02.56: Gist of Catherine Orer's Life and Career 05.30: What is The Artist Entrepreneur 08.25: Steps to become an Artist Entrepreneur 10.55: How to find time to strategize and sell art 13.25: How to promote Art on Instagram 16.50: Instagram Business Strategies for Artists 18.50: Role of Storytelling 20.20: Should Artists have their Website? 22.00: How to Set Prices for Artworks 24.55: Which Art sells the best 26.30: Books for Artist Entrepreneurship Skills 28.00: The Artist Entrepreneur Podcast 29.05: Final Message for the Artists You can submit your queries and feedback on my website
Shownotes of this episode are available in the Blog. Our guest on this episode is Bhavdeep Kaur, an Entrepreneur, Fashion designer, Blogger and an Influencer. Her passion for fashion was so intense that she set her foot on the entrepreneurial journey at a young age by establishing her clothing brand Youngberry. Her elegant line of clothing emerged from Ludhiana and has gone up to the cities of Canada and New York. She has been one of the most viral brides of 2020. She shares her experiences, a gist of her fashion designing journey and some valuable inputs for all the emerging fashion designers. Timeline for this episode:  01.01: Guest Intro 02.33: Beginning of the Journey 04.11: The Brand Youngberry 06.50: Marketing Techniques of Youngberry 08.05: Instagram Growth Hacks of Bhavdeep Kaur 09.15: Impact of Instagram Reels 10.30: Bhavdeep Kaur’s Lockdown Wedding Inspiration 15.35: Inspiration for New Designs 17.55: Evergreen Fashion Trend 19.10: How did Youngberry reach Abroad 20.55: Final Message for Emerging Fashion Designers You can submit your queries and feedback on my website
I dedicate this episode exclusively to all the passionate artists out there. Shownotes of this episode are available in the Blog. The lockdown period brought the creative side out for many. I witnessed my friends trying their hands at different forms of art and craft and the artworks were so enthralling that I felt if they could sell them at potential marketplaces, they had the potential of becoming an Artpreneur.  Hence on this episode, I list down a few websites or marketplaces where you can not only showcase your artworks but also sell them at good prices.  As mentioned in the episode, click here to find out How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Bio & also how to design your landing pages/webpage/website using website builder applications. You can submit your queries and feedback on my website
Shownotes of this episode are available in the Blog “Travelling awards experiences, it bestows memories to cherish forever and stimulates the storyteller within to weave fascinating stories of the journey.” One of the top travel bloggers from India, Lakshmi Sharath is our guest on this episode who has travelled to 5 continents, 25 countries and many more to go. She is a multi-talented personality having a great experience in the field of travelling, travel vlogging, blogging, photography, story-telling and content creation.  Speaking about the achievements, her blog has won Indibloggies - India’s best travel blog of the year, worked with more than 50 clients, tourism boards of Canada, Spain, Germany, Jordan, Poland, South Africa and Indian tourism boards of Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP and MP.  You can find out more about her on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube channel. On this episode, she shares her experiences as a travel blogger and also highlights the skills to be possessed by a blogger.  The timeline of this episode:  01.20 - Guest Intro 03.50 - Beginning of the Career as a Travel Blogger 06.00 - Evolution of Blogging 08.20 - Significance of Storytelling 09.48 - Travel Blogging vs Travel Writing 12.45  - Availability of Indian food in various parts of the world 15.30  - Knowledge of Foreign languages necessary for travel? 17.00  - How to stay Healthy & Fit during travels? 18.08 - A Travel Hack  19.00 - Favourite Destinations 20.30 - Financial Stability of Travel Bloggers 23.00 - Impact of Covid on Travel Industry 24.15 - Final Message for Bloggers You can submit your queries and feedback on my website
Shownotes of this episode are available in the blog The best way to connect with people is to share a bond of smiles, emotions and humour. So, what is the prominent form of humour that is flooding the Internet these days?  The prominent form of humour that is flooding the Internet and Social Media is none other than the MEMES. Majority of the content on social media is in the form of memes because they are being liked and shared by people all over the world irrespective of age constraints. Memes do provide humour but at the same time, they have become cornerstones of marketing and branding as well.  Let's get to know more about memes from our guest on this episode. I’m happy to share that Khushbhu Gyanchandani aka Memeswalibandi is our guest on the current episode who has won the hearts of thousands of people on Instagram through her witty memes. Her journey from being an Engineer to a Memer to a Digital Marketer is a perfect story of following one’s passion and dreams. Tune in to this episode and find out how the Meme page of Memesawalibandi landed her up in a great career as a Digital Marketer as well as a Digital Influencer. The timestamp of the episode: 00.32 - Show Intro 01.23 - Significance of Memes 02.14 - Introducing the Guest - MEMESWALIBANDI 03.28 - Initial life of Khushbu Gyanchandaani 05.03 - Advent of Memeswalibandi in Social Media 05.46 - Leaving a Full-time job to make memes 07.54 - Transformation of a Memer to a Digital Marketer 08.30 - Milestones achieved by Memeswalibandi 10.00 - Instagram Marketing Strategies used by Memeswalibandi 12.22 - Meme Marketing (Significance of Memes in Marketing) 13.43 - Brand Collaborations and Promotions 14.34 - Video Memes vs Picture Memes 15.07 - Questions from the Followers/Chahnewaale of Memeswalibandi 15.21 - How to regularly get new ideas for content creation 16.58 - How does Memeswalibandi deal with Negative Comments on SM 18.32 - Inspiration for creating memes 19.46 - Fun Activity - Instant Meme Creation 22.07 - Memeswalibandi's message to people You can submit your queries and feedback on my website



Enough of living in dreams. It’s time to live life in a way that the whole world dreams to live. Welcome to the podcast 'ECO - Exploring Career Opportunities.' Here's your host O Priya Jain nicknamed OPJ. This is an inaugural episode of this podcast where I’ll be answering two important questions regarding the show.  First one is why I have come up with this show? And then what benefit will you as a listener get from this show? Before I answer these let me put forward a few questions to you. Do you have a passion in life? Have you thought about making a career out of your passion? If you’re still dubious about your answer, this show is intended to help you. I feel that though people have a passion still, they feel insecure about making a career in it. Though not as a full-time career, we can build a part-time career out of our passion. All that we need is a little bit of guidance to help select the best path.  There are many such exemplary professionals who have gained success in life by taking their passion to the next level. When we hear the stories of people who converted their passion into a profession, we realize that we can make a living out of our passion too. And I guess it would be perfect to hear those success stories right from the people who achieved them. So yeah this is the reason I have come up with this show. The prime aim of the show is to help people find a roadmap of how to make a promising full-time or a part-time career out of their passion. Hence, on this show, I’ll interact with professionals from distinct work fields who will guide us on the diverse career opportunities available. In short, it would be an interview-based talk show where every episode will be of 30 minutes approximately. The underlying motive is to present a slice of life of all those inspiring people who have converted their passion into a profession. Meet you soon in the next episode where I'll be interacting with the first guest of the show. Until then keep motivating yourself and follow your passion that could become a promising career one day. You can submit your queries and feedback on my website
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