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Exploring Filipino Kitchens

Author: Nastasha Alli

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Every month, host Nastasha Alli chats with Filipino food lovers across the world to ask: what does your Filipino kitchen look like?
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This month I share some clips from "The New Filipino Kitchen" book launch in Toronto - including an excerpt from my recipe in the cookbook - plus an incredibly fun panel chat with local restaurateurs and community leaders. When something this special happens on the first weekend of the first nationally declared Filipino Heritage Month in bet I'm doing a whole episode on it!
This episode we're going behind the scenes on a book called "No Forks Given" by Yana Gilbuena. It's a collection of recipes from her 50 U.S. state SALO Series pop-up dinner tour from 2014 to 2015 . Every week, Yana would hold a kamayan (hands-only) feast of Filipino food in a new state; she’d find someplace to stay, someplace to shop and someplace to host her dinner, often as she went along. I learned a lot of things from this book, so let's get to it!
This episode, we chat about Filipino drinking food - called “pulutan” in Tagalog - with cookbook author Marvin Gapultos and some friends from the Pluma Writing Collective. I also finally threw the kind of dinner party I wanted…it ain’t a real “inuman” session without the right drinking food!
This episode we chat with Jenn de la Vega, a New York-based cookbook author, editor, food stylist and caterer. We talk about cooking, eating, writing, why we especially love these 3 things, seeing our story in others and why nothing beats a classic Filipino "silog" with fried rice and a runny egg.
This episode we chat with Charlene Tan, who started the Good Food Community CSA (community supported agriculture) program with a small group of volunteers in 2010. Back then, the idea of fresh vegetables delivered weekly to your door wasn’t a common concept in Manila.
Alexandra Cuerdo is a California-raised, New York-based filmmaker who graduated from the UCLA Film School. In this episode, we talk about Filipino restaurants, chefs and Filipino food culture in North America - and why community support is vital for the restaurants featured in her film.
This episode, we’re talking with Marie Cavosora, who founded a company called CalaBoo and leads a team of dairy entrepreneurs in the Philippines. With milk from naturally grass-fed carabaos - the Philippine water buffalo - they make butter, cheese and yogurt. There’s so much more to the story of carabaos - and their dairy - than meets the eye.
"Food Holidays Philippines" is a culinary travel guidebook that won "Best In The World" at the 2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. This episode we're talking with Clang Garcia about what it was like to collect stories and recipes from around the country to feature in this incredible guide. This episode is about my two great loves!
Cherrie Atilano is the founder of a social enterprise called AGREA, whose goals are to help eradicate poverty for farming and fishing families, alleviate the effects of climate change and help establish food security in the Philippines. But how does a young Filipina farmer even begin to address those challenges?
How exactly did Filipinos come to love American food so much? I asked Rene Alexander Orquiza, a professor whose research and teaching interests focus on 20th century American and Philippine history.
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