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David, Hawthorn, and Tim discuss our interview with Eugen Rochko — newborn tech celebrity (as of yesterday,) and originator of Mastodon, the new federated, open-source social media platform. Mastodon Eugen Between the night of our first emails to the time of our interview, his instance has doubled in users. Less than two hours after we said our goodbye’s, his name was on The Verge’s front page, just under the new iPad review. Welcome to Mastodon, Learning from Twitter’s mistakes, Two reasons why organizations should switch to self-hosting social media, and Rochko’s response to Mark Zuckerberg on Medium.  List of known Mastodon instances Amaroq for Mastodon (iOS app) The Design --- Send in a voice message:
Tim Marx and David Blue forget the future consistently in this distinctly sober episode. T W I T T E R  David Tim Meta  Redirects  Sick clouds  YouTube Poop with Jab - Drycast Medium’s new subscription model - NiemanLab The Todd Post The Contemporary Facial Recognition Debacle - ComputerWorld Anchor is like Snapchat for audio - The Verge Telegram is publishing software, now - The Outline Twitter finally cracks the egg - The Outline --- Send in a voice message:
For Drycast's second episode, David Blue and Kale check in with a Thanksgiving update. --- Send in a voice message:
CONTENT WARNING PARTS OF THIS CONVERSATION ARE EXTREMELY FOUL [TW: SEXUAL ASSAULT]. For Episode 1, David Blue sat down with Sveino, Kale, Peaches, Rusk, and Tyga from Anime Twitter. --- Send in a voice message:
David Blue crammed himself in a closet with tabletop gamer and self-described "dapper Wil Wheaton" Terry Cox for a particularly nerdy discussion on the writing process. In this episode: Tech Byte Flying Kites Tabletop Gaming Model Railroading Writing Special Character creation and the process of creating an entire IP. --- Send in a voice message:
The German producer's second project for Delsin Records is such an impressive experience, we're just going to shut up and let it play. ⊵⊵ --- Send in a voice message:



A display of the breadth of music in which Aretha Franklin will live on. --- Send in a voice message:
Prolific beatmaker DSCRDD discusses FL Studio and their process of expressing visual dreams in audio form with CollinP, BMW, and David Blue. --- Send in a voice message:
Extremely talented Sydney videographer, graphic designer, and YouTuber Ryan Dell visits Studio Eat to talk about his comedic and graphic accomplishments in video, the greater One Direction conspiracy, Australian culture, and Furious 7. --- Send in a voice message:
Director of The Vidya Gaem Awards and film authority PhoneEatingBear joins James Wilson, Dysrexia, BMW, Maddie Probably, and David Blue to discuss the past and future of the incredibly original online game industry video project, 4chan, and boneless chicken. --- Send in a voice message:
Sam visits Studio Eat to discuss her music, Lil Uzi Vert and DJ Paypal; Maddie also visits for the first time in this Spring Music Extravaganza, joining Captain Ersatz, Dysrexia, Syrup, Shinji, CollinP, Kale, BMW, and David Blue. --- Send in a voice message:
Detroit techno master CollinP joins Dysrexia, James Wilson, BMW, and David Blue to discuss his new album, DJ Khaled, bitcoin mining, colonialism, the destruction of weaboos, Paul Harvey, word processing, and stanning Joseph Stalin. --- Send in a voice message:
We're taking an intermission from our tour of the Drycast archives to appreciate the soundtrack of one 13-year-old driving simulator. --- Send in a voice message:
Scottish programmer and anime authority Dysrexia joins Kale, BMW, and David Blue to discuss American shortcomings, advertising, the irony-infected internet and anime culture, video games, Tumblr, niche comedy, the new Rolls-Royce SUV, and the story of our discovery and subsequent (unintentional) destruction of a cartoon breast-loving YouTuber. --- Send in a voice message:
James Wilson — the originator of post-modernism and heir to Roger Ebert’s legacy — joins BMW, Kale, and David Blue to fight millennial existence, his Jetta, Anderson Cooper, and the Superbowl. --- Send in a voice message:
Studio Eat is filled to burst when BMW and David Blue introduce our excellent, talented rapper friend Shinji as James Wilson, CollinP, syrup, yzome, and Kale chime in to discuss discuss Big K.R.I.T.'s new album, Yo Gotti, Soulja Boy, Facebook, and Mesopotamian weight shaming. --- Send in a voice message:
Seattle electronic producer yzome joins CollinP, BMW, Kale, and David Blue to discuss his inhuman “trap from deep space,” the software he uses to create it, and the greater music scene within which it thrives. --- Send in a voice message:
The infamous producer and Music Jam co-creator Captain Ersatz joins David Blue, BMW, Kale, Terry, and Collin for a spot of roleplaying tabletop gaming at the We Are All Africans expo. --- Send in a voice message:
BMW and David Blue were honored to be joined by Syrupf to talk about their new projects and the obscured spaces of the Bandcamp and YouTube scenes. --- Send in a voice message:
CollinP and BMW join David Blue in Studio Eat to discuss GG Allen, watches, twinks, and TheCombineForum with a visit by Elk and Kale. The crew also begins work on the first draft of The Heterosexual Pledge. --- Send in a voice message:
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