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The Extreme Perspectives podcast introduces you to people who see things differently and think differently. Fresh perspectives from the edges of culture. Listen to them. Learn from them. Challenge the status quo.

In a world where we read the same books, use the same methodologies, and tap into the same resources, we need something radically different to deliver breakthrough ideas. Each episode will present you with a new lens with which to view your world.

Hone your ability to tackle challenges differently by thinking outside the mainstream. Breakthroughs are found by engaging those living in the future, today.

Be inspired by the misfit, rebels, outliers, and crazy ones.
26 Episodes
Ajit Madan is an outlier, ex-investment banker, innovator, and master tea sommelier. Together with Jeremy Brown, they discuss the similarities between innovation and tea-making; the art, science, and intuition required in both. Ajit’s journey has taken him from a D at GCSE maths, to a successful career in investment banking. Surviving the 2008 financial crash was the prompt he needed that gave him the confidence to follow his passions; the healing arts, tea, and tennis. As the UK’s first master tea sommelier, he is at the forefront of wellness teas; innovating and changing the way people consume the world's 2nd most popular drink. Listen as he shares stories of custom blends, a 1000-year-old tea tree, and innovations that can be made in this ancient tradition. Find out what makes the perfect cup of English Breakfast and learn about the science that is starting to emerge around both tea and innovation. Serve up a cuppa and settle in as we spill the tea.
Dr. Adam Kitt is a misfit, doctor of social science, cognitive diversity expert, and head of the Sense Worldwide R&D team. Through ongoing collaborations with University College London (UCL) and The Sense Network, Adam and his team are exploring the science behind breakthrough innovation. The result is a cognitive diversity algorithm that ensures the Sense Worldwide team includes the right perspectives, at the right stages of the innovation process, where they have optimal impact. Adam believes that his findings are going to profoundly impact the way teams of the future are designed and their rate of success in delivering breakthrough results. Learn about the science behind the magic.
Jacqui is a transitional outlier, nomad, community advocate, and serial entrepreneur. Her friends aren’t sure if she is a spy or an escort, because she is always jet-setting between her bases in the USA, Australia, Mexico, and the UK. The truth is that she's a digital nomad. She works just 4 hours per week... but across each of her businesses; from camper vans to ghost hunting, and acting to real estate. Jacqui believes in the need for communities like The Sense Network and recalls shaping the future of Sense Worldwide clients. Globe-trot with Extreme Perspectives.
Mark Landini is a hyperactive outlier, adopted Aussie, and accomplished retail designer. Mark channels his ADHD in a perpetual hunt for simplicity. This unique perspective helps him see through facades and reveal hidden truths. As an expert in retail experience design, Mark believes we often see change but mistake it for progress. We are duped into believing innovation has taken place, but rather it is a change that is detrimental to both customers and suppliers. Listen in as we talk shop, everything from great British designers and design firms like Pentagram, to BBQs and everything that's wrong with supermarkets. Have a browse with Extreme Perspectives.
Noa Menhaim is a geological outlier, author, literary editor, and proprietor of many intellectual rabbit holes. She describes herself as the crazy aunt who badgers people with weird and wonderful facts. She decided to consolidated all of her tidbits into a book, The Life Fantastic. The pages are crammed so full, the content overflows into the margins. Listen in as we find out how myths are made, why some disappear, and how Noa does her research. Dive into a world of unicorns, witches, mermaids, and werewolves. Notepads at the ready.
Emily is a crazy one, science teacher, creative thinking world champion, and catalyst. She believes that schools are about a mindset, not a building. At her school, Emily is known as the crazy teacher who sets fires and organises the most enjoyable after-school clubs. As a scientist, she instills an experimental mindset in her students. And while she adores science, she thinks students are beginning to miss out on the arts. Sit down, ears open, and expand you mind.
Stories are for the listener. Find your voice, find your story. Beatrice started her career as a journalist, but the medium didn't offer the freedom to tell stories in the way she felt they deserved, so she became a documentary filmmaker. She believes that listening is an important part of storytelling, because they are for the listener, not the teller. Gather around the campfire as we discuss how to find your story, find your voice, and how to tell your story well with Extreme Perspectives.
We are all made of sound. From cymatics to sacred shapes, and dolphin-assisted births. When Nat broke her back she had a vision that inspired her journey of exploration. After multiple false starts, she found her calling with IAM SOUND. She is creating a platform dedicated to the study and appreciation of sound. From cymatics to the power of humming and dolphin-assisted births to the sound of the planets. Tune in to Extreme Perspectives and listen to what resonates for you.
Be like water. Finding new philosophies, coping with anxiety, and dodging cars. Shamash is an engineer by training, but he quickly realized that it wasn’t the right path for him. He shifted his focus to teaching and practical philosophy, where his journey led him to become an authority on ACT mindfulness. Listen in as we discuss the power of community, techniques for coping with anxiety, the wisdom of Bruce Lee, and why car dodging is a skill practitioners of mindfulness must master. Zoom out with Extreme Perspectives.
I'm not dead yet. Being at the world's mercy, forgetting the pursuit of success, and embracing meditation. Simon is a graphic artist, martial artist, and bull whisperer. By embracing the ancient arts of kung fu, meditation, and mindfulness he has found a calm that allows him to live at the mercy of the world and forget the pursuit of traditional success. Listen in to a conversation that explores the misconceptions surrounding mindfulness, what happens when you contemplate death, and how to tame bulls with your mind. Take a trip with Extreme Perspectives.
The power of play. Embracing counter-culture, the DIY mentality, and the positive potential of AI. Pat is an 80s musician who used his platform to subtly introduce chart listeners to counter-culture and more recently to create a new festival for fellow misfits. Join us as we discuss the importance of play in a DIY culture and why we must embrace the positive potential of AI, rather than defaulting to a position of fear. See things differently and think differently with Extreme Perspectives.
Holistic medicine. In search of latent needs through an empathetic approach. Jerome is a medical doctor who is committed to adopting a holistic approach when establishing patient needs and deciding on suitable treatments. This empathetic approach leads him to see medicine as an art as much as it is a science. Join us for an enlightening conversation in which Jerome and Jeremy discuss the similarities between the world of holistic medicine and the search for latent needs within the breakthrough innovation space. Expand your mind with Extreme Perspectives.
Commoditizing human nature. From the principle of Lagom to the Cavendish banana. Joel Bravette is a polymath who has done it all. From girl band manager to youngest bar owner in the UK. Vegan rapper to human rights advocate. Web 3 evangelist to children's author. Gather by the campfire to listen to a tale of human nature and learn why we need to reconnect with our empathetic selves. Join us for an enlightening conversation as Joel introduces his Empathic Framework. See things differently, so you can think differently.
Startup School for Seniors. From hot tub ideation to bawdy basement blues. Suzanne is a serial entrepreneur who cut her teeth in television and tech. With her latest venture, 'Startup School For Seniors', she offers training to older adults wanting a seat at the table and an opportunity to prove the advantages of age. Listen in to a conversation that winds through the corporate world, the basements of Soho and the hot tub in which Suzanne and Co ideate their best concepts.
Learning to learn, and why education must change. In this episode of Extreme Perspectives we are speaking with misfit and the winner of the World Creative Thinking Championship, Gerard Darby. We explore the importance of ambiguity, education, theatre and how dyslexia needs to be reframed as a different way of thinking. We find needles in haystacks with Einstein, take the advice, “don’t try” from Charles Bukowski, discuss the merits of Hyper Island and the brilliance of the charity, The Ministry of Stories.
Taking the red pill with Etan Ilfeld. How not to be brainwashed by the mainstream. Etan is a tri-cultural, Mind Expander. A Polymath, Physicists, Publisher, Chess Champion, Gallerist AND Chief organiser of Mind Sports Olympiad. Listen in to the truly mind-expanding conversation. Ranging from the intersections of science, maths, media and art. To discussing why people play games and cheat. As well as exploring Zen aesthetics, the subconscious mind-state and the emergence of creative ideas. And if you are interested in participating in the Creative Thinking World Championships. Find out more here: -- Join The Sense Network: We’d love to know what YOU THINK, so leave us a comment. And share the episode with a friend if it expanded your mind!
Addiction: The pandemic within the pandemic. How to plan financially for the impact of recovery with Sharon and Michael Lewis, a cultural strategist and financial advisor duo. They are on a mission to better support individuals and families dealing with rising incidences of addiction and struggles with mental health. They describe this as "the pandemic within the pandemic." We talk about how the disruption of COVID-19 has normalised unhealthy behaviors with alcohol, drugs, social media and even work! How might we become more aware of this crisis? How might we be better informed to deal with recovery both emotionally and financially? -- Get in touch with Sharon & Michael... Sharon Lewis: Michael Lewis: Find out more about their mission with Tutor Financial: -- Join The Sense Network:
"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers." We know talking about sex can feel taboo, and this is what our next guest is trying to dispel through his work. Listen as we speak to REBEL, artist, filmmaker and photographer, Ricardo Scipio about sex positive representations. We discuss: The evolution of photography. The moral immaturity of Big Tech. Sexual art. Body positivity. Sexual expression. How porn is like junk food and WHY we need something more wholesome. We would love to know what you think about this episode? What does this mean to you? How did the conversation make you feel? Does it leave a lasting impression? Do you have feedback, advice or a perspective to share with Ricardo? Let us know in comments; we'd love for this to be an open discussion with varying points of view!
In this episode we are speaking with the ‘NON-LINEAR HUMAN’, husband, dad, venture capitalist, coach and chief of staff Alex Dunsdon. Listen as we discuss life, the universe and everything from Education to Monetary Policy. Thoughts traps and how to get out of them to unleash your true self. And how we need to speak to diverse people, different brains and life experiences to advance the world and start making it a better place. -- Join The Sense Network:
Today we are speaking with the ‘OUTLIER’, third culture kid, innovator, conscious consumer, and founder of Buy Less But Better, Alex Rückheim. Keep listening as we discuss how creativity can be designed out of us and how we need to build and nurture it; the importance of observing the world around us to ask WHY and dig deeper; his 8 year quest to end blind consumerism - to live better with less that lasts longer #buylessbutbetter; and the importance of pausing, reflecting and thinking twice before we make our purchasing decisions to help end blind consumerism. -- Join The Sense Network: Learn more about Buy Less But Better: