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Eye of the Needle is a magazine-style podcast that aims to demystify the world of investing and shine a light on the people that look after your money. Featuring guests from the Columbia Threadneedle investments team and regular segments that cover personal finance and investing, Eye of the Needle is a must-listen for anyone looking to learn more about money, with a direct line to the people at the centre of Columbia Threadneedle Investments.
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It’s been a tumultuous six months in markets, with some of the worst performance since the 1980s. So what now for central banks trying to tackle inflation, what are the red flags we’re seeing and what can fixed income investors do about it? Gene Tannuzzo, Global Head of Fixed Income, and Alasdair Ross, Head of Investment Grade EMEA, try to answer these questions and more.
The first quarter of 2022 has seen fixed income markets experience an atypical correlation tantrum, with negative returns across regions and sectors. We speak to Gene Tannuzzo, Global Head of Fixed Income at Columbia Threadneedle Investments; Alasdair Ross, Head of European Fixed Income; and Brian Lavin, Head of High Yield, to find out why they are behaving this way.
We talk to Richard Colwell, Head of UK Equities, and Jeremy Smith, Portfolio Manager and Head of UK Research, about the much-maligned UK market, the themes, opportunities and challenges playing out there, and why the UK could be better placed than other international markets to prosper.
Deputy Global CIO and CIO EMEA, William Davies, talks about what the coming year might bring for companies, markets and fiscal policy.
Emerging markets are much changed from a decade ago. We talk to Dara White, Head of Global Emerging Markets Equity, and Derek Lin, Portfolio Manager and China specialist, about the major themes driving this universe, why it’s the most exciting time to be invested in EMs, and how we as investors navigate the opportunities and challenges posed by this large and diverse market
How should investors think about inflation and less accommodative monetary policy? In this episode of Credit Threads we discuss the US Federal Reserve and its intention to taper its asset purchases, and the inflation challenges facing central bankers globally. Featuring: Ed Al-Hussainy, Senior Rates & Currency Analyst, and Adrian Hilton, Head of Global Rates and Currency.
In this bonus episode we're talking to Ebele Nwangwu, Investment Analyst at Columbia Threadneedle, and Dennis Owusu-Sem, Oversight Relationship Manager at BMO Asset Management, about Black History Month in the UK – its importance and what it celebrates, what asset management can learn from it, and some key perspectives, challenges and opportunities specific to the industry.
In this episode of Credit Threads, we discuss the outlook for consumers and the ways bond investors can find opportunities in consumer debt. Featuring: Jason Callan, Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Structured Assets, Core & Core Plus; and Adrian Hilton, Head of Global Rates and Currency.
In the very first episode of our new fixed income podcast, Credit Threads, our bond specialists discuss how central banks respond to financial conditions, how they impact fixed income investing and how fund managers factor financial conditions into their decision-making.
With the help of Edward Al-Hussainy, Senior Interest Rate and Currency Analyst, and Adrian Hilton, Head of Global Rates and Emerging Market Debt, the Eye of the Needle team tackles the hot topic of potentially rising inflation, why it might happen, what it would mean for consumers, companies and investors, and how central banks might go about tackling it.
Covid-19: One Year On

Covid-19: One Year On


In this podcast from the Eye of the Needle team, Toby Nangle, Global Head of Asset Allocation at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, reflects on the extraordinary year we’ve had – a year that challenged families, companies, markets, economies and governments. From the immediate market reaction and trends that have accelerated in the last year, to the outlook for inflation, interest rates and asset classes, Toby offers his unique insight on the huge and ongoing impacts of the coronavirus.
In this episode we talk to portfolio manager Pauline Grange about global equities and investing in companies which, through their products or services, aim to address the world's biggest environmental and social challenges. We also look at the impact the coronavirus is having on the world around us and what this means for the future of societies and impact investing, and find out how Pauline is tackling the boredom of lockdown.
In this US election podcast special, Mark King and Carine Walker quiz Nicolas Janvier, Head of US Equities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, on: how markets have behaved after previous elections; whether the Covid-19 crisis will affect the vote; and what might a Biden or a Trump win mean for markets and sectors.  
In the latest lockdown episode from the Eye of the Needle team, we talk to Francis Ellison, Client Portfolio Manager European equities, and Daisuke Nomoto, Portfolio Manager Japanese equities. Francis talks about the types of business that have done well in Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic, and what investment style might remain in fashion for some time yet; while Daisuke talks Japanese stimulus and the outlook for corporate Japan.
In this lockdown episode from the Eye of the Needle team, we talk to Toby Nangle, Global Head of Asset Allocation, and Nadia Grant, Head of US Equities. They dive into the impacts on markets brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic, what it’s like managing money in such an environment, and how they see the future for Multi-asset and US equities.
In this bonus episode we’re talking to Maya Bhandari, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager, and Tammie Tang, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. They tell us about their routes into asset management and their respective asset classes, how the industry has changed over the past decade, and offer advice to women aspiring to work in finance.
It’s episode seven, and we’re talking to Philip Dicken, Head of European Equities, and Mine Tezgul, European Smaller Companies Portfolio Manager. We take a deep dive into the European equity market, and how it might be affected by wider macro conditions, look at why smaller companies are so compelling, and talk about their long-term investment philosophies. We also find out what they’re watching and reading away from the office, and look at three things to do with your IFA this month.
This episode we’re talking to portfolio managers Dave Dudding and Scott Woods from the Global Equities desk. They take a deep dive into the world of global equities, both small and large cap; talk us through their investment philosophies; discuss the benefits of competitive moats; and why company visits are so important. We also get into their favourite books and films and a north/south London football rivalry ...
This episode we shine the spotlight on the hot topic of Responsible Investment, as we talk to Simon Bond, Director of Responsible Investment Portfolio Management. We take a deep dive into the world of social impact investment, discussing the difference between doing the right thing and doing the thing right; social bonds; and the declaration of a climate emergency. We also talk books, films and spreads for your bread ...
It’s episode four of our podcast and this time we’re chatting to Deputy Global Head of Fixed Income, Gene Tannuzzo. We discuss what it is that sets his asset class apart, how we approach risk, and our global perspective. He also makes a mockery of our 60-second challenge, discusses global supply chains, and reveals his favourite books and films.