DiscoverMyths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships From the Inside Out
Myths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships From the Inside Out
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Myths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships From the Inside Out

Author: Devon Evans, Relationship Coach

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Blending a mixture of erotic short stories, expert advice, and private conversations with real people, Devon encourages you to think outside the box and design your relationships from the ground up. For private coaching, visit
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Listen to this private conversation with a newly polyamorous couple about how they transitioned from traditional monogamy into polyamory, and what they've learned about this relationship style and love in general. We talk about the desire to cheat, how to establish boundaries, the uncertainty of relationship longevity, the importance of honesty, and the partner possessiveness a lot of us struggle with. They also give some tips for meeting and connecting with other like-minded individuals who are open to exploring polyamory and open relationships.  
(Warning: this episode contains explicit content) Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, & Mindset is one of our sexy short stories. This time, it’s about a dancer on a cruise ship named Kim who falls for her boss, and winds up feeling the freedom of surrender. I would absolutely LOVE it if you would write me a review on iTunes to show some love and support for the show. Your enthusiasm for my work means a lot to me, and keeping the show alive with shares, likes, and reviews is what keeps my wheels turning! Thank you so much and enjoy the episode. :)
Want to stop having painful sex, both anal and vaginal, and even use orgasms as pain relievers? Former vagina coach, Dr. Monika Stefanowicz, helps women and men who experience pelvic pain reclaim their sex lives. She teaches her patients how to improve bladder control (postpartum or otherwise), how to have tighter sex, and how to compassionately view ourselves in relation to chronic pain to enjoy sexual pleasure again. Dr. Monika is not your typical doctor who can often seem unapproachable and sterilized. Instead, she makes talking about sexual pain fun and lighthearted, adding in humor to the conversations about pee, poop, and sex! Visit her at
Today’s episode of Myths, Mating, and Mindset is an erotic short story about a woman named Laney who has always fantasized about having a room full of sexy men that she gets to use for her pleasure, making them wait in line to please her. And she finally gets her wish.
BDSM, Kink, and Fetishes are the topics I have the pleasure of exploring on today’s episode of Myths, Mating, & Mindset with Sex Therapist, Dr. Melvin Phillips. We unpack some common misconceptions about the psychology of kink, the roles of dominance and submission, how pleasure and pain relate, and how to play safely and consensually. Dr. Phillips offers advice and guidance on how to introduce BDSM and kink into your relationships and where to find like-minded people near you. Visit Dr. Phillips at
Let’s talk opening up relationships! Today's podcast is about our sexy vacation to Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya. We're talking about how to navigate the conversation of opening up your relationship, how to communicate your wants & wishes inside and outside the bedroom, your wandering desire for others, and how to invite another couple/single to play with you while staying at a sexy resort like Desire. Visit my website and book a private coaching session with me at
This is part 2 of our conversation on masculinity where we get real about the challenges men face with strict gender conformity and how it ties in with relationships. Today we’re focusing on sex - the myths, the misconceptions, and the reflections. We unpack some of the biases and challenges that men face in the bedroom. Here are a few of the ideas we discuss: Boys’ first experiences with porn and sexual excitement - who is teaching boys about sexual education? Exploring Erectile Dysfunction as a manifestation of a vulnerable internal state of mind: anxiety, self-esteem, body-image, depression, performance anxiety, etc. What are some ways that men would prefer to be treated in relationships? Keeping your partner current on what you want from the relationship sexually and emotionally The importance of sexual communication within relationships and during the heat of the moment The myth that men are “easy” and constantly “ready to go” sexually The patriarchal policing of men by using the term “gay” for a man who doesn’t follow the hetero-normative male code Sexual fluidity is not the same thing as sexual orientation, and the stereotypes of men who are more sexual fluid with the same sex  
Today, I’m sitting down with a room full of diverse men to talk about the challenges of masculinity. The reason I wanted to facilitate this discussion is to bring to light some of the points and perspectives on what it means to be a man in modern day, told by men. Everyone, regardless of how they present or identify, should have a vested interest in loosening the tight grip of patriarchal masculinity because it not only hurts women and LGBTQ people, but it hurts men, too. Here are a few of the ideas we discuss: The overwhelming statistics of violence by men, not just to others, but to themselves (suicide), and the gaping void of close friends they can turn to in crisis within individualistic societies The myth of the “real man”... who is this mythical man?! The lack of vulnerability men are “allowed” to show, especially when it affects their physical and emotional wellbeing When the tough guise of manliness serves a purpose as an adaptive mechanism (combat zones, police force, etc) versus when it’s maladaptive (in family life, relationships, with our children, etc) The lack of healthy leadership for boys as they transition into adulthood, that directly impacts their ability to be good, present fathers and learn how to enjoy their sexuality in a healthy way The socialization of men into being autonomous and not asking for help, even when situations are dire
Today, I’m talking about transgression - what’s behind it, why do we do it, and how do we make sense of it within committed relationships. And because you can’t really talk about transgression without mentioning monogamy and attraction for others, we’re talking about that, too. Oh, and a disclaimer before you hear this episode: the vibe we’re putting off in this episode did not happen overnight. It took years for us to be this open, honest, and playful with each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Today, I talk with trusted hot sex advisor to millions, the famous Susan Bratton, as she shares all the ways women can orgasm, how to initiate dirty talk, her favorite sex toys, and much more. Susan is a champion and advocate for all who desire passionate relationships. Considered the “Dear Abby of Sex,” Susan’s fresh approach and original ideas have helped millions of people of all ages and across the gender spectrum transform sex into passion.  
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Hildas Shoulder

This is a very good topic.Its worse in Africa where dating people with physical disabilities was almost taboo.Things are changing slowly.Good job.

Feb 14th
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