DiscoverMyths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships From the Inside Out
Myths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships From the Inside Out
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Myths, Mating, & Mindset: Redesigning Relationships From the Inside Out

Author: Devon Evans, Relationship Coach

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Blending a mixture of erotic short stories, expert advice, and private conversations with real people, Devon encourages you to think outside the box and design your relationships from the ground up. For private coaching, visit You can support the Myths, Mating, & Mindset podcast at
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Looking for more eroticism, vitality, and aliveness? Today we take a deep dive into lust and living orgasmicly by summarizing the key takeaways from Esther Perel's Sessions Live 2019 on 'In Search of Eros: A multidisciplinary approach to love, lust, and commitment'. We talk about: - what living with erotic intelligence means - the complexities of porn, including validating our sexual interests & as a tool for self-exploration - recovering from trauma and integrating pleasure - the burden men usually face as the sexual director - where/how do we begin to learn about sensual pleasure   CO-HOSTS: Devon Evans, Relationship Coach + Sex Coach in Training and Tasha Jackson, MA, MFT, Psychotherapist and Author of Master Dater. Find us at and
Today is the final Mental & Emotional Release work that I completed with Tamara Smith, Master Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner who specializes in trauma and grief coaching. In order to keep it short, I'm only sharing 2 of the 5 major emotions I released during this personal coaching session: sadness and anger, among the others being fear, guilt, and worry. Find Tamara at
Little did I know going into this coaching session how much my anger and unworthiness from my childhood was affecting my ability to accept prosperity. During my private session with Tamara Smith, Master NLP Practitioner, who specializes in grief and trauma, you get to hear how these limiting beliefs surfaced as a drinking problem in my 20s and had me in AA before I even turned the legal drinking age, how it affected my marriage in a damaging way, and why I'm so adamant to not pass on my shortcomings for my child's sake. Watch the video by going to my YouTube channel at Find out more about Tamara Smith and the Neuro-Linguistics Programming & Mental and Emotional Release sessions she offers clients at
If you could change one area of your life which would make an immediate improvement on all other areas of your life, what area would that be? What is one self-sabotaging behavior that is preventing you from flourishing in love & relationships? Today, I'm talking with Master NLP Practioner, Tamara Smith, about Neuro-Linguistics Programming and Mental and Emotional Release therapy, which is a neuro-scientific approach that allows people to release their emotional baggage and create major breakthroughs to their subconscious mind without going to years of therapy.
Here are 50 date ideas that will get you outside your comfort zone and off the couch. If you want to challenge yourself to do more with your romantic life and have some interactive adventures while doing it, you're going to want to hear this list! Also, the name of the game I mention in the episode is actually called Couplicious Sex Game (find it on Amazon here).  
Today's short erotic story is about a sci-fi writer who gets flown out for an event in Japan, and meets a sexy patron of erotica novels on his departing flight. To listen to the full episode for just $1 per episode, go to
In today’s erotic short story, Brian, a geeky nerd who doesn’t have an active social life, finds a sexy, digital reality game, and meets a woman named Jane who is drop dead gorgeous. In the game, they wind up having sex - lots of it. In fact, it’s the hottest fiery sex Brian has ever had. Over a period of months, he finds himself falling in love with Jane. One day, they decide to talk outside of the game so they exchange numbers and plan a time to talk. He finds himself enthralled by the idea of what they could do in real life if their digital sex is this hot. Listen to the full episode at
On today's show, my partner and I are discussing at least 5 lessons we've learned so far in opening our relationship after our sexy trip to Desire Resorts Riviera Maya (you can listen to our experience there on Episode 32). We talk about privacy vs secrecy, autonomy & freedom, regulating our emotions, and differentiation from our partners. For relationship or life coaching, you can book a private session with me at Become a Patreon member for just $2 per month at, allowing you access to 2 erotic short stories per month at $1 per episode!
Listen to this erotic love story about a man named Luke who reflects back on a distant memory of falling in love with a young woman at a pivotal time of growth and change in their lives. For access to the full episode, become a Patreon member for just $2 per month at, allowing you 2 stories per month at $1 per episode. For relationship or life coaching, you can book a private session with me at
Here are 10 ways you can revive your erotic spark in your current relationship. My partner, Aaron, and I each give 5 ways that you can revitalize the sexy energy for yourself and your beloved. Depending on if you're more vanilla or kinky, monogamous or not, you might find some inspiration in these playful ideas. Take my super short survey here so I can learn more about you as my audience - how kinky & monogamous are you? For relationship or life coaching, you can book a private session with me at You can support the Myths, Mating, & Mindset podcast at
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Hildas Shoulder

This is a very good topic.Its worse in Africa where dating people with physical disabilities was almost taboo.Things are changing slowly.Good job.

Feb 14th
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