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The F23 Podcast is a conversation based podcast with interesting, inspiring, inter-dimensional beings of wonder who have chosen a human form for this incarnation. In conversation with me Jamie Dodds (Pope Flag-dag the Brave) sharing their experiences, journeys, learning and un-learning from their off the map adventures through the counterculture.
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Welcome to E31 of the F23 Podcast feat Lou Hemmerman - In this podcast we discuss recovery from burnout and trauma tuning in to Lou's wonderful dedication to these healing needs through Buddhist principles. She utilises her skills and talents in this field for the Ulex project working with activist groups to build psycho-social resilience. She is also a founder member of a Ecodharma and a brilliant human being I'm delighted to call her a friend. She has always been a fantastic chef of delicious plant based meals and finds fun through playing with children and teaching them English and still somehow finds time to build her own dharma practice. Links to find out more are below.The Ulex project: me Twitter: @JimtheidamondTheme tune by Tom Baker and Daisy Eris Campbell
Welcome to Episode 30 of the F23 Podcast Blame it on Blake Special. What's this all about you might well wonder, well I'll tell you. This podcast was recorded at the Northern Launch of the latest book by one of the greatest writers of our times, John Higgs. The event ran across and afternoon and evening with range of turns and performances that are too many to mention here and as the day unfolded so did my podcast guest net and I captured some of those people and recorded a conversation with them which I'm very excited now to be able to share with you. It's a 3 course podcast with David Bramwell as he starter, John for the main course and a sticky toffee Myra with Ben custard for desert. A veritable delight of some of the most wonderful  beings to grace the show and you should pin-back your ears and eat your fill of words.Find John HiggsWebpage: @johnhiggsFind David BramwellWebpage: @drbramwellFind Ben GrahamWebpage: @bengrahamwriterFind Myra StewartWebpage: meTwitter: @Jimthediamond Music by Tom Baker
In this episode I'm joined by Harry Wheeler, dream worker and film maker, and Alan Creedon mindfulness teacher. The podcast was recorded round a campfire beneath the moon and stars, a special shoutout to Louis for recording us. A unique podcast recorded in the spring if this year I know you'll love our smokey fireside chatFollow me on twitter @Jimthediamond Support the podcast Alan: http://endless-river.orgFind Harry: www.harrywheelerfilmphotography.ukSupport Louis: "Home | Golden Lion Sounds"
Welcome back to the podcast my podcast besty Brenton Clutterbuck, and why wouldn't you want to spend an hour in company of this plucky discordian writer, thinker and pranker? We discuss his love of french philosophies and the parallels that exist in Discordianism.  I talk about a seminal teen experience on shrooms. get this little slice of disco joy in your ears!Find Brenton:Twitter: @ChasingErisSoundcloud: organised body of Eris: Find JamieTwitter: @JimthediamondTheme tune: Daisy Eris Campbell & Tom Baker 
F23 Podcast E27 Feat Nana D

F23 Podcast E27 Feat Nana D


Welcome to E27 of the F23 Podcast in conversation with Jamie this week is his Hip-Hop brother Nana D a film maker, singer song writer, performer and lovely person. we talk about his involvement Xam bushman in South Africa and the film he made documenting their rediscovery of their heritage, their recovery from alcoholism and journey of empowerment and self discovery. we also talk about his own rediscovery of his voice with the drop of his fist tune since lockdown Energy. links to both below.These are our stories: @madebynanadFind me: @JimthediamondTheme tune by Daisy Eris Campbell & Tom Baker
Welcome to E26 which finds me whispering the introduction to this fabulous podcast in the box room and trying not to wake a sleeping toddler. my guest today is Megan Clifton. Megan is an F23 director (so we've organised a few events together), a musician, performer and immersive theatre company director and we talk about all these things, and some magic too, in this wonderful conversation. she's just bursting with the fire of creative energy and beware this might just make your device burst into flames!!!Find Megan; Jamie;Twitter: @JimthdiamondTheme tune by Tom Baker & Daisy Eris Cmapbell
In this episode i chat with acid house music pioneer and we talk about his Journey to Nutopia and his music for Healing project that he has been running through lockdown. We talk about inspiration and creativity and over coming resistance. An enlightening conversation with a remarkable and inspirational counter cultural figure. Find Richard:Twitter: @MrRichardNorrisBandcamp: Jamie:Twitter: @JimthediamondTheme tune by Daisy Eris Campbell & Tom Baker
The final (for now) F23 Podcast Lost Tape feat Claudia Boulton. I accidentally deleted this conversation from my sound card, and with a little help from some friends, saved about half the audio and it's really worth taking that time to listen to.  Claudia is an awesome being and you will love hearing about her time in feminist theatre  company Beryl and the Perils and her experiences with the Institute for Ecotechnics is not to be missed. Claudia is a writer, actor, producer and performer in both productions of The Cosmic Trigger Play. Find Claudia:Twitter: @cloudbolt23Unfinished  Histories: Mycelium: JamieTwitter: @JimtheidamondTheme by Daisy Eris Campbell & Tom Baker
Welcome to episode 24 of the F23 podcast and today my guest is Terry Logan. Terry is a singer song writer and a regular at Festival 23 events. This has been one of my favourite conversations of the series so far and I find Terry talking about discovering her voice and the importance of her music and being a diva really inspiring. She also talks about her love of Festival 23.Find Terry:Twitter: @terryloganmusicYouTube: Valley Pride: Jamie:Twitter:@JimthediamondTheme tune: Daisy Eris Campbell & Tom Baker
Episode 23 had to be a special one, and it really is a hail Eris of an episode! Feat 'Rasa' Richard Rasa. Rasa is one half of Hilaritas Press an independent publishing company releasing reissues of the works of the great modern day mystic Robert Anton Wilson ( the other half being his daughter Christina).  If you are a fan of Pope Bob then this episode is for you. We talk about; his friendship with Bob, how Rasa got to know him and what it was like spending time with the great man, the process of reissuing his books, Starseed Signals and how the this lost manuscript was saved quite literally at the last moment from the dumpster of doom . We also talk about Rasa's  Starseed music and experiences with psychedelics. This really is one not to be missed, and what is clear by the end of this conversation that much like RAW, we have the honour spending time with a truly good and great human.Find Rasa:Musician at Starseed: www.starseedmusic.netDesigner at Pelorian Digital: www.pelorian.comThe RAW Trust’s Hilaritas Press: hilaritaspress.comThe Robert Anton Wilson Trust: rawtrust.comThe Robert Anton Wilson Website: rawilson.comFlying Lasagna Enterprises: flyinglasagnaenterprises.comRAW’s Guns and Dope Party: Twitter: @rasadeva Twitter: @TheRAWTrustWatch the Cismic Trigger Nutopia event: me:Twitter: @JimtheidamondTheme tune by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom BakerNotorious courtesy of:
Welcome to the F23 Podcast Sama'an Ashrawi a Palestinian American Producer, Journalist and Podcast host. We talk about, and Sama'an tells the story of, another Palestinian American called Geeby Dajani an inspiring tale of trailblazing pioneer on the New York punk and Hip-Hop scene. As will become clear Geeby had been in my life since my teens I'd just never noticed him before until I discovered his story in Sama'an's journalism. So if you've ever watch the movie The Warriors, listened to the Beastie Boys or watched that CBGBs footage of Bad Brains then geeby has been in your life, take a listen and find out more.Find Sama'an:Twitter: @SamaanAshrawiPodcast me:@JimthediamondGeebyFrontline Nubian - Step to The Rear Circuit Organ - The Other Rock Show
Recorded at The Willowman Festival in 2017 you are treated to 2 hosts and 5 guests. My co-host is Micky C and I loved doing this with him. Hopefully we will do something like this together at festivals again soon. The 5 remarkable guests are:Tommy Calderbank (@TockyTom) - talking Dr Who, John Higgs and archetypesAnwen Burrows (@AiryFairyNews) - talking Festival 23 and the Cosmic Trigger playDaisy Campbell (@DaisyEris) - talking Cosmic Trigger Play, Ken Campbell and gastromancyTracy Casling-Andoniou - taking working class representation on the screen and This is EnglandMichelle Jones - talking psilocybin  trials for treating depressionCosmic Trigger Script available here tune by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom BakerBackground music of to all who make this possible if you like the show please share and rate. 
Welcome to episode 22 of the F23 Podcast feat Dave Lee. It was both an honour and a delight to spend an hour chatting with Dave and picking his brain about all sorts, and what a brilliant conversation we had, I was in a constant state of wow throughout. So if you want hear more about the energetic body, breath-work, rune magic and the origins of chaos magic itself then Dave is your man. I am Jamie Dodds and I hope you enjoy this episode of the F23 podcast as much as I enjoyed making it.Find Dave: @dleehpFind meTwitter: @JimthediamondTheme tune: Tom Baker & Daisy Eris Campbell
I'm very thrilled to welcome Colin Lyall, my latest guest to the F23 Podcast. Colin is a UFO enthusiast with a long time fascination in these unexplained happenings. He runs a UFO club in the town of Todmorden where we both live and we talk about his perspectives and take on UFO experiences, and he talks about something quite different to the NASA/military narrative. We also talk about our towns most famous and credible UFO encounter, that of PC Alan Godfrey. It's an especially fascinating conversation that I just know is going to see you travel to Todmorden and watch the skies. In fact after our very conversation I was compelled to visit the site of Alan's encounter as it is as you'll discover just round the corner from me.Follow me on Twitter @JimthediamondFacebook Alan tell his story here
Joshua Ellis is an American writer, journalist, musician and tech guy. While he's in London I wanted to hear from him, an American native his take on what is happening in the USA and he talks of the divisions, where they are rooted in the cultural and religious history of America and his thoughts and what might happen after the election. It's a mega conversation that we have and I hope you enjoy it!Find Josh on Facebook me on Twitter @JimthediamondFacebook by tune by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom Baker
Lua joins me on the podcast to talk about magic what it is, how it can offer liberation and empowerment and how intuition  can guide us. This is one of my favourite conversations of the series and reminds me how much I love talking to practitioners of chaos magic. Lua is a professional chaos witch living in Melbourne Australia and a very inspirational woman I'm totally thrilled to be bringing you this conversation.Find Lua at: me on Twitter @JimthediamondMusic courtesy of by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom Baker
Oliver Senton joins the podcast to share his experiences and insights from his life as an actor working in some of the most demanding pieces of theater staged in modern times. We talk about The Warp a 24 hour play, Cosmic Trigger and the impressions gained from these experiences. A really fascinating man I really enjoyed getting to spend this hour in his glorious company his tales and take on life will genuinely enliven your day.Find Oliver here me on Twitter @JimthediamondMusic Grimethorpe Collery BandTheme tune by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom Baker 
Keir Milburn is co-host on Novara Media's #ACFM Podcast author of the book Generation Left and a seasoned activist. I invited him on the show after listening to trip 12 of #ACFM something I recommend you do. We talk the Cosmic Right, conspiracy, protest and re-enchantment. It's a fantastic conversation and it was great to reconnect with Keir and and reflect on some of the ways our projects have come together in the past and he offers to deliver a consciousness raising workshop at an F23 event in the future so it looks like this will keep happening.Find Keir on Twitter @KeirMilburn#ACFM Podcast Left me on Twitter @JimthediamondMusic courtesy of: tune: Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom Baker
Michelle Olley is host of Journey to Nutopia events, a member of the Cosmic Trigger production team, used to work for Skin Magazine and hosted the most famous fetish night of the 90's Rubber Ball. We talk about the first time we met, the works of Robert Anton Wilson, belief systems and much more. I can't recommend enough attending the (sort of) monthly Journey To Nutopia events and I'm sure after you've heard our conversation you'll want to be there.Find Michelle on Twitter @journey2_nu me @JimthediamondMusic:Christian Death - When I was BedTheme tune by Daisy Eris Campbell and Tom Baker
Richard Adams is a Yorkshire based musician who releases music as The Declining Winter and was the co-founder of the group Hood. We talk about the music scene in Leeds around 20 years ago when we first met and the factors from that time and the people that drove DIY culture. We explore how place influences art and our collaboration on a track from Belmont Slopes,the most recent Declining winter album, called Later and Later Indeed in which we honour the memory of our good friend Archie a much respected sound engineer who passed away in 2016. It's a great conversation especially if you like the type of art people make in their bedrooms.Find Richard on Twitter @DecliningWinter Christian Death - When I was BedTheme Tune by Tom Baker and Daisy Eris Campbell
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