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Author: Matt and Lisa Jacobson

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FAITHFUL LIFE is a weekly Podcast with hosts Matt & Lisa Jacobson, authors of the bestselling books, 100 Ways to Love Your Wife & 100 Ways to Love Your Husband (over 250,000 sold!) What does it mean to be a biblical Christian in Marriage, Parenting, Church, and Culture? Each episode takes on a vital issue and explores what The Word says about it – topics like sex, purity, growing in oneness as a married couple, difficult parenting issues, being a biblical Christian in a fallen world and much more, including practical steps for real success and deep growth in these areas. . . we laugh a lot, too! Join us for deep encouragement every week!
33 Episodes
The irony of forgiveness is that the wounded person has to do the forgiving. And yet, it is through forgiveness that God does His best work in our hearts. To have a genuinely close marriage, forgiveness is imperative. Do you know how to forgive? Are You a good forgiver?
Are you (or someone you know) living in continual struggle - and failure - with pornography? How about your thought life? Is that a place of purity? Many believe they are victims of this sin and can't truly get free and walk in victory. The Bible doesn't agree! Join the conversation to find total victory over the bondage of porn and start walking in strength, purity, and freedom!
The importance of total transparency with your spouse. Do you desire real oneness, genuine closeness, strength over the long term, and authentic peace in your marriage? Then never keep sin in your life hidden from your spouse. And, if you've made mistakes and sinned against him/her, there is a path forward.
This week Lisa and Matt share their own dark journey through the valley of shadows when their 5th child had a massive brain hemorrhage just before birth - about the Dr.'s diagnosis of complete brain failure and that she would never know them . . . if she lived . . . and how God brought hope to their hearts in the midst of the worst news. Has life taken you to a dark place? Where is your faith when you find yourself in the deepest valley? When life gives you a trial so severe, you don't know what to do next? God sees you and cares deeply? This is the place where faith is tested. Can we trust what God has said in His Word?
Do you know how to be the encourager that your husband needs? At some point the weight of the world is going to weigh down your husband’s spirit. At some point the clouds of adversity will darken his path. In that moment, in those days, during that season of life, are you using the power and the position as a wife that God has given you to encourage him in a way that will help sustain him through that difficult time?
How do Christian young people explore and develop relationships in a culture that cares nothing for biblical values? What advise would you give a single guy, woman?... What will you tell your own kids? Join the conversation as we interview our 20 year old daughter, Cambria Jacobson.
If asked, "Is your wife your priority?" What guy wouldn't answer, "Yes!"? But, is that how she feels? Or is she just one on a list of priorities, often losing out to the competition? Many husbands are eager to help when friends, neighbors, family, or the local church calls for help. There's always time for that . . . and the wife is left waiting, again and again. She's a good woman but, over time, the sparkle in her eye will dim and she'll withdraw to protect her heart. No wife wants to feel unimportant and undervalued by her husband. How can you change and give your wife proof that she is your #1 priority and doesn't have to compete with anything else? Or, make sure she never feels that way - ever!
Aaron and Jennifer Smith of Marriage After God Interview Matt and Lisa about the power your marriage has to impact the world around you. What is the message your marriage is communicating to everyone who knows and interacts with you (starting with your kids!)?
At the end of the day, what are the first word you speak to your husband/wife as they walk into the room? Do you greet each other with a joyful spirit, seeking to find the positive in your day to share? Or, are you "unloading" on each other with negativity? Your approach sets the course of the evening and weekend you will share. Do you realize the power your words, spirit, and attitude are bringing into your home?
It's God's expectation for every man who called himself "Christian" yet, even in the Bible, the question is asked, ". . . a faithful man, who can find?" Do you think of yourself as faithful - in everything? What does it mean to be a faithful man - from God's perspective?
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Danielle Parr

Really loving this podcast! I listen to many hours of Podcasts weekly so it takes a lot for me to subscribe to a channel...the options are so vast! This one had me hooked from the start and now I'm a faithful listener. Highly recommend them! 🥰🥰🥰

Jul 17th

Drew Brid

Danielle Parr thank you, I may try it!

Jul 18th

Danielle Mack

This was such a good message. Thank you guys for breaking it down the way you did. I just took so many notes and feel very encouraged.

Jul 14th

Madhav Krishna

Danielle Mack good

Jul 14th

Christina Adams

lol, the teeth clinking! THAT happened to my husband and I at our wedding! We were both smiling so big that when we went to kiss, our teeth clinked. We had to have a redo. And we had kissed plenty before that moment.

Mar 22nd
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