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Author: Alex & Leah

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Hello and welcome to Finding Our Balance, a series of healthy holistic conversations with fitness enthusiasts, health professionals & athletes. We are your hosts, Leah & Alex, two regular working women trying to live our best lives whilst learning the dos & don'ts along the way. Through this series, we dive deep into the frequently asked questions surrounding all things health, exercise, wellness and food. Through our conversations we aim to build the foundation for a healthy balanced life suited to you! If you're searching for guidance or to obtain more knowledge or whether you're needing motivation to kick your health and wellness goals....tune in to Finding Our Balance.
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4 Episodes
In episode 4, we sit down and chat with Dr Katherine Iscoe, speaker, author and shoe addict. With over 10 years of experience studying the way the body works, Dr Katherine is a body confidence expert with a bachelor, master and doctorate degree in Health Sciences and over 20 clinical papers and abstracts to her name. She is an exercise physiologist and is the recipient of multiple awards in recognition of her academic excellence. Having gone through mental and physical demons herself, she is now striving to change peoples lives for the better through effective evidence-based solutions. Dr Katherine was an absolute delight to talk to, her energy is infectious and she is such a strong, positive influence. We can't wait for you to listen!
Mitchell Orval

Mitchell Orval


Welcome back to episode 3, I sit down and chat to Mitchell Orval an inspirational man that uses his social media platform in a positive way to influence people. Mitch doesn't take life too serious and is all about having fun and a laugh. In this episode, we hear about his health journey and how gut health issues forced him to make a change for his health.
Welcome back, in episode 2 we chat to the incredible Sarah Kneebone. Who began her holistic journey when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis. In this episode, Sarah dives deep into her story highlighting her struggles and her tips for forming healthy long lasting habits. Sarah has recently become qualified as a health and wellness coach, aiming to help other women their struggles with chronic illnesses. Follow Sarah on instagram at @mojohealthspace
Welcome to our first episode!!! In episode 1 we sit down with Jack Parker and James Asensi, two passionate trainers from Code 5 Balgowlah. We discuss the importance of strength and conditioning training primarily for women. The boys have a wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry and we are very excited to share this episode with you!Follow @code5_fitness
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