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The FIVE Minute Bark - Where host Dennis Langlais has impacting conversations with other entrepreneurs share life's meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution. We dig deep to uncover the core roots of change where many enter a "Next Level Peak Performance" state that surges them through unsurmountable obstacles lined with fear, pain, or perceived danger. Guests and Listeners are Relentless Rebels that invest our lives in a ticket to ride on an epic journey filled with entrepreneurial spirt, creativity with the clear end goal . . . . . Financial Freedom

Guests Like Russell Brunson, Sean Stephenson, Steven Weatherford, Michael O’Neal - The Solopreneur Hour, Jairek Robbins - Tony Robbins son, Kate Erickson of EO Fire, Alex Charfen, Greg Walker, Nicholas Bayerle, Steve Olsher - Reinvention Radio .
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Jacqueline Lauren Renan is the founder of Jacqueline Lauren Design, an intuitive brand strategy and design company. Jacqueline merges 16 years of graphic design knowledge with an understanding of how energy & intention affect our lives and our businesses. She also understands the importance of listening, both to her clients and her own divine guidance. By following her inner wisdom and transforming her self-limiting beliefs, she allowed herself the freedom to expand and not follow the status quo, she moved from a toxic urban environment onto a beautiful horse farm and she also purchased a ticket to a podcasting event without knowing why at the time. Recently guidance came in the form of a dream. Jacqueline was instructed to create Realign with the Divine. It is a newly launched podcast interview series that increases the visibility of healers and shares the personal stories of their awakenings. The show also discusses alternative healing modalities & the benefits of plant medicine. Jacqueline aims to support all that walk the path back to their highest selves regardless of where they are on their journeys.   Design Website:  Podcast Website: E: Instagram: Facebook: Jacqueline Lauren Renan Intuitive Brand Building
Jennie Edwards - Build Trust Through Storytelling and Convert Prospects To New Clients   OFFER: FREE COMPLEMENTARY INSPIRATION SESSION Know what stories to town from your life experiences, how to tell them, and who to tell them to.  
Lorianne Vaughan-Speaks  helps speakers authors and podcasters grow their presence online in social media platforms such as linkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Visit: After working for a thought leader for over 15 years (who retired at 75) - i found myself unemployed at 60. I knew I had many skills the industry could use so I started my own virtual assistance company supporting speakers/authors and podcasters in an effort to grow and scale their businesses.
Marie-Elizabeth Mali was an awesome guest on the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast Starving for connection.... As passionate creators and entrepreneurs, our intimate relationship can tend to take a back seat to our work until it starts to drain us and and we can't show up as powerfully at work as we'd like. Some changes in mindset and skills can help us thrive in both instead of feeling like we're stuck in a love triangle that can't be solved. Take The Quiz at:   Related to:  Relationship coaching for creatives and entrepreneurs
Chat with Chetan Parkyn about Human Design Visit Chetan's website for your free human design report at: Website: Chetan has gifts that he employs to reintroduce people to themselves as a unique individual with a specific life journey to fulfill. Among other things he works with "Human Design" an objective 21st Century Self-remembering device that indicates an individual's personality blueprint for their lifetime. Chetan explains what the blueprint is and how to use it in the most natural way, according to an individual's specific Design for their life. Chetan has three books published worldwide in multiple languages on Human Design, and he teaches and reads for people all over the world.
Asha Mankowska America's Favorite Business coach is on the FIVE Minute Bark. Asha is a long time friend and such a brilliant mind for helping business owners. "The ones who listen and implement" usually win she says as we enjoyed a wonderful hike with her two dogs. Join us as Asha shares a wealth of great insight and some success she has enjoyed in here wonderful life.  Find more information on Asha at  
Today on the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast we speak with FormerNFL Kicker / Pro Athlete Steven Weatherford about the hard work it takes to become the BEST at anything you want to succeed at. We did this interview at Chiltonic - a Cryotherapy facility in Encinitas CA - Just awesome !!
Anmol Singh is on the FIVE Minute Bark sharing his new book  Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life I was not only excited to interview Anmol because of his book but also is a well-know trader. In the past I loved trading and wanted to learn more about what the future of trading is. Anmol also has programs available at Where you can learn the top 3 reasons why trading is growing rapidly worldwide.  As we talk about his new book "Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life" you will see that Anmol is a very serious person but fun at the same time and is determined to help others understand what he calls the "10 Keys" Starting with INVEST IN YOUR SELF  Join us for this riveting conversation about these 10 keys as well as some insight on his principal company Live Traders.  Anmol's Book can be purchased at  
Headline: In May 2017 I moved from MN to Maui, alone, sight unseen to live my dream life. 
 Sub Headline: My desire for a bigger and better life, more fulfillment and more joy constantly pushes me outside my comfort zone. Are you living life on your own terms or following the pack and letting your fears rule your life? What is life nudging you to do that you’re ignoring? Episode Description: Family and many friends thought I was crazy and at times, so did I. I was following my inner guidance nudging me to move, despite my fears. I called on my Spiritual Team and Angels to guide me and used my Feng Shui training to: 
- Sell my house in record time
- Find places to live on Maui easily
- Manifest an incredible car
 My whole life has changed and is truly magical now!
 Since 2013 I have been helping clients create magic in their lives. Everything from…
- Meeting their soul mate to.. 
- Changing careers and…
- Getting 7 new clients in a month to…
- Calling back in almost $100,000 in one fell swoop
 Guest credibility: Self-employed since 2005 Founded Finding Your Fiji in 2013 Ran jewelry and gold buying business x 10 years Business degree from the University of St. Thomas Certified Feng Shui Practitioner having completed over 99 hours of training to obtain her Certification through the Wind and Water School of Feng Shui. On the board of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) serving as Membership Director & also an IFSG Red Ribbon Practitioner Certified Angel Card Reader Contributing expert on Graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University and Business Mastery program Studied with Brendan Burchard via High Performance Academy, 10x Academy and World’s Greatest Speaker Training Studied with Bo Eason and Roger Love on the power of story, speaking and stage presence Testimonial: I am excited about my business again! "I was amazed by the information that came through. Not only did I receive reassurance, but I received real advice for my soul.  The session gave me restored hope and a sense of balance and peace. Kim went above and beyond, sending me tactical and practical information that I can use. I feel more equipped to handle each day and am excited about my business again.

I can't say enough wonderful things about my session with Kim. It's like nothing I've ever tried before. It was extremely helpful and fun too! I highly recommend her!

Anonymous Testimonial #2: Best tool I’ve ever had! "Kim's 12 month Forecast is the best tool I’ve ever had.  It's almost too good to be laid out my business plan for the year!

Kim's readings have been to the T. With a 2 hour reading, I don’t feel rushed and there is ample time for healing and to have my questions answered. I will always make time for my tune-up! Thanks Kim for helping me navigate life!!!”

Ivy Ellerby, Eastern Design and Home Staging 
 I help people with: Kim’s Feng Shui expertise, psychic abilities, personal development and business knowledge create a unique approach to resolving your business and life issues related to: Money 
Business decisions, Energetically attracting clients, Employee issues
Making life changes 

Combining Feng Shui (creating an environment that energetically supports you) with Intuitive guidance (help from non-physical) and years of business expertise brings awareness to those things that are keeping you stuck and helps bring Harmony to your Head, your Heart and your Home. Kim is passionate about creating a life and business filled with ease, daily magic and joy and guiding you in “Finding Your Fiji”, whatever that may be for you! Client Success Examples: When I met my client Amanda, she was struggling with both time and money, not having enough of either! You know how it is when you’re feeling out of control and pulled in too many different directions? She has a natural health center and runs her fitness business there as well as renting rooms to other health and holistic practitioners. She had 3 rooms empty for almost 2 months before she hired me for a Feng Shui consult and no one was expressing any interest in the spaces. Without the renter money, Amanda was having to do more personal training than she had the energy for and spending less time with her daughter. She had a long term lease on the space and admitted wondering how she’d make it through the next 4 years without going bankrupt. 2 days after our consult, she had a signed lease on one of the rooms. Within the 1st month of working with me she had 7 new clients. She has since rented another of the rooms and has the 3rd being rented on a part term basis. She literally tells everyone, “Kim changed my life!” Your Offer: FREE Gift – 9 Fast Feng Shui Fixes to Attract Abundance gives you my 9 best tips for keeping more of your money and bringing more of it flowing to you.
 Save $50 on a Business or Home Feng Shui Consultation or a ½ day VIP session with the coupon code PODCAST
Schedule here: Use Coupon Code ANGEL20 to save 20% on your 1st Private reading with me. Schedule a Private Reading: 💜 Join my Angel Message Circle!   Try it for the first month for only $9!  Then only $27/month thereafter
More deets here: FREE Daily and Monthly Readings + Feng Shui Tips on my YouTube Channel:
 Value action steps: When I met my client Amanda, she was struggling with both time and money, not having enough of either! You know how it is when you’re feeling out of control and pulled in too many different directions? She has a natural health center and runs her fitness business there as well as renting rooms to other health and holistic practitioners. She had 3 rooms empty for almost 2 months before she hired me for a Feng Shui consult and no one was expressing any interest in the spaces. Without the renter money, Amanda was having to do more personal training than she had the energy for and spending less time with her daughter. She had a long term lease on the space and admitted wondering how she’d make it through the next 4 years without going bankrupt. 2 days after our consult, she had a signed lease on one of the rooms. Within the 1st month of working with me she had 7 new clients. She has since rented another of the rooms and has the 3rd being rented on a part term basis. She literally tells everyone, “Kim changed my life!” Offer link:

Headline: Natasha Che: How to Grow Your Sales, Conversion And Customer Loyalty by Creating Profitable Audio Content Sub Headline: For Coaches, Influencers, and Entrepreneurial Experts Episode Description: Podcasting is THE hottest content marketing trend in town. Creating audio content, both free and paid, can create massive business results for experts, coaches and entrepreneurs...if done right. Join Natasha Che, founder of Soundwise, to learn how to create and sell audio programs that gets you more customers and sales, without slaving away on the content creation hamster wheel. Little known, Big difference... Do you know that audio is the ONLY growing segment in publishing? It is for a very good reason. And if you're an online entrepreneur and you're thinking of creating your next course or online program, understanding this macro trend in content consumption may well determine the success of your next program. Well known, Little Understood: Everyone wants to start a podcast these days, simply because everyone else does. But these 4 common mistakes most entrepreneurs make when creating their podcast are costing them business results:1. Not having an end game 2. Not treating the podcast like a product offering3. Not building a community 4. Having having a scalable work process in place This Changes Everything... With Soundwise, selling and delivering on-demand audio courses and programs have never been easier. Our research shows that allowing listeners to buy your audios directly from the phone increases sales by 15% on average, other things equal. Not to mention the convenient, professional delivery that impresses your customers. Soundwise also gives podcast hosts the easiest way to leverage their podcast for growing their email list, building their tribe, and generating leads, without having to set up any convoluted tech themselves. Guest credibility: Natasha Che is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of Soundwise, the #1 mobile-focused audio publishing platform for experts, influencers and entrepreneurs to sell on-demand audios and convert more of their podcast listeners into customers.She is also a personal growth teacher and an award-winning podcast host. She currently hosts the top-of-iTunes podcast, The School of Intuition. Natasha has coached over 200 experts and entrepreneurs on how to use podcasting to grow their business. Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Podcast Movement, National Association of Broadcasters, Women’s Startup Lab, among others. She is the author of the upcoming book Podcast Conversion Secrets: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Your Podcast Listeners into Paying Customers.Natasha holds a PhD in Economics from Georgetown University and livesin Washington DC. Testimonial: 'When I asked my tribe how they felt about a membership website, versus a mobile app that's audio based but allows PDFs and photos, hands down they said the latter. With Soundwise I can incorporate my podcast as the free portion of my training offerings, but also sell subscription-based audios to my community. Plus, members don't need to login to another platform for interactive features. I have found Soundwise to be so refreshingly simple. I'm used to convoluted setups, and this was like a deep sigh of relief for me. They've made it so that using the app is a no brainer for people. Love it! - Dr. Kim Bloomer, Owner of Aspen Bloom Pet Care Testimonial #2: "I chose to create my teaching materials in audio, because my customers are busy parents who often don't have the blocks of time to read or watch content. Using Soundwise allows them to listen and learn about parenting from me while driving their kids around. I'm not necessarily tech savvy. That's why Soundwise is a godsend. Because their team held my hand through every step of setting up my soundcasts. They really have the best customer service!" - Evonne Weinhaus, best-selling author and relationship therapist I help people with: Coaches and experts who sell audio courses and programs want to sell more, deliver the content conveniently, and minimize copyright infringement risk. Soundwise delivers audio programs straight to the listeners' phones, allow them to listen on multiple devices without managing any files, and buy additional programs from the same publisher directly from their phone. It gives audio creators the flexibility and control as to how they want to sell their programs and increase the sales of their audios. Client Success Examples: Fahad is an entrepreneur who creates and sell spirituality related audio science fiction stories for children. He used to sell the audios through a Shopify store and deliver them through mp3 downloads from his website. After moving to Soundwise, sales increased 40% because after customers buy one season of his audio stories, they can easily buy the next season on the app from their phone, while listening to the first season. Plus it's a convenient listening experience for his customers, as they don't have to transfer and mange audio files and can take the stories wherever they go. Your Offer: Use Soundwise to1. Create, sell, and deliver your audio courses and programs.2. Leverage your podcast to build your email list and an engaged, interactive audience base.Use offer code FREE15 to get 15 day free and 30-day money back guarantee Value action steps: 1. If you have a podcast or are thinking of starting one, package it in the right way to highlight the value your offering in the show, and start using your podcast to collect email opt-ins. 2. If you're creating your next virtual course or online program, consider delivering it as an audio course. Survey your customers to see which option they like better. Offer link:
Podcast: FIVE Minute Bark Podcast Episode Title: Pete Canavan Hello - my name is Pete Canavan and I am a personal safety expert who can help keep your child safe in college. Threats from hazing incidents to identity thieves to active shooters and more concern us all. Safety is a top priority for students and parents, and I provide simple, actionable ways to reduce these threats and improve safety at college and beyond. College: Is Your Kid In Danger? Cyber and Personal Safety Black Belt Pete Canavan Has Them Covered...Online and Off Episode Description: Personal Safety Expert Pete Canavan will make you safer both online & offline in just minutes. Discover the critical safety secrets he has uncovered through his unique blend of experiences as an IT security consultant, self-defense instructor, university public safety officer, and event security professional. New college students are led to believe that sharing personal information and freely expressing their opinions on social media is expected and their right to free speech. What they fail to understand is that any information they reveal may be used to steal their identity, prevent them from being hired and possibly even get them hurt or killed. If they are not careful about what they post, it may limit their career advancement, significantly lower future earnings potential, and even cost them their lives. (It is well known that) college is a time for learning, experiencing and growing as a person...but it is little understood that it is also the point in time when students form relationships, political beliefs, attitudes, and habits that will shape them for the rest of their lives. The influence of their friends, teachers and the social and political climate on campus are huge factors in their development - both good and bad. Understanding and learning can help parents assist their sons and daughters avoid future pitfalls and grow up to be successful, productive members of society. Almost every day we are shocked by news of another problem at a college or university. From hazing incidents to active shooters to identity theft and stolen items, there are many reasons why staying safe in college has become the top priority for many students and their parents. You must learn what threats exist in order to stay safe, and cyber and personal safety black belt Pete Canavan has them and off in his newest book, "The Ultimate Guide to College Safety." Guest credibility: Pete Canavan has worked as a self-employed information technology consultant since 1995, keeping his clients' computers, networks and accounts safe and secure. As a martial artist and self-defense instructor for over 20 years, Pete trains others through classes and workshops on how to protect themselves from all manner of physical threats to their personal safety. He is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in both Hapkido and TaeKwonDo and is an expert with over a dozen martial arts weapons. Pete has also worked as a university public safety officer and event security professional and is familiar with many of the threats that face all of us in both public and private settings. He is a certified Lethal Weapons Agent under Pennsylvania's Act 235. In addition he is certified in First Aid, CPR, AED use and naloxone (opiod reversal) administration. A former radio show host, Pete has made it his mission to educate others on how to protect themselves from the multitude of threats to personal safety and security that exist due to his blend of professional experiences which make him uniquely qualified to do so. He has been quoted in and has written articles for major periodicals including USA Today, the NY Post, and The Washington Post. Testimonial: Master Pete makes a lot of sense and puts out extremely good advice. His written information is well written and structured. I have enjoyed his articles and videos a lot!" - J.D. (personal client) Testimonial #2: After reading and applying the concepts from just the first chapter of this book, I have a huge boost in my safety awareness and confidence. My advice is for every current and incoming college student to grab this right now!" Anna R, sophomore, Penn State University I help people with: There is a myth that most people believe, and that is in order to learn how to effectively protect yourself from physical threats you need years of martial arts training and have to spend a lot of money. This is simply not true, and so I solve the problem and dispel the myth that you must train for a long time in order to become proficient at self-defense. I can impart effective self-defense techniques in hours, not years through workshops and seminars. In addition, I teach others how to improve their online safety in minutes without having to be an IT security expert like me. I do this by explaining actionable steps that anyone can put to immediate use to protect themselves on the Internet from such threats as identity theft (the #1 crime in the US according to the FBI), securing social media accounts and learning how create uncrackable passwords. These are just some examples. This enables others to increase their personal safety and security to protect themselves both online and offline without having to be an expert in either martial arts or computers. My epiphany was when I realized a few years ago that not only was I teaching others how to increase their personal safety through my martial arts and self-defense teaching, but I had been helping my IT clients stay safe from online threats to their systems and accounts for years. With the rise in both cyberattacks and school shootings, I knew that I was in the unique position to be able to help people stay safe in both the digital world and the physical world. Client Success Examples: One client came to me who was shy, afraid and lacking confidence. She began training with me and putting my ideas and techniques into practice. I am proud to say that she has exceeded my expectations! She has turned into a confident woman that is pursuing endeavors she never dreamed possible and attributes the change to my instruction. Your Offer: For those listening today, I have a special bonus! If you visit before the end of the month, you will receive 3 free chapters from my "Ultimate Guide to College Safety" book. If you purchase the book from this web site ONLY, not only will you receive a 25% discount, but I will also mail you FREE of charge my "Self-Defense Survival Guide" book AND you will also receive 4 free reports including "Top 12 Anti-Burglary Tips", "The 4 Types of Attacker", "Self-Defense Items For Everyday Carry", and "How to Survive a Riot." These 4 reports are typically reserved for those who purchase my self-defense book, but they will be sent via email in PDF format to your audience. This offer will only be valid until the end of the month, so visit now and get 2 physical books for the price of 1, PLUS 4 additional reports absolutely FREE! Value action steps: In order to immediately increase your online safety, visit and request the free Online Safety Checklist. Also check out the many safety articles on the site. You can also purchase my latest book, "The Ultimate Guide to College Safety" there. Next, sign up for a free account at my self-defense website, and gain access to free tips and 4 free reports on various personal safety topics. You can also get my beginner's book on self-defense, the "Self-Defense Survival Guide" which contains over 200 photos there. Videos of the techniques in the book are also on the website for those who buy the book. Finally, visit my personal web site, if you are interested in learning more about me and having me to speak at your school or conduct a safety workshop or consult for your business or organization. Offer link:  
Headline: How to live your Purpose and create the life you're called to live Sub Headline: The 7 levels of the life you're called to live Episode Description: The secret to life is to be who you really are and to do what you really, deeply want to do. This may sound selfish on the surface, but the truth is we give the most when we most fully express who we are. Little known, Big difference... Congruence is the ultimate source of power. When you're clear on what you stand for, big decisions and little decisions become easier, faster and better. And people will want to be part of what you're building. Well known, Little Understood: Most people want to focus on what they can control. Set goals, relentlessly pursue them and achieve them. But actually focusing on control leads to a loss of control, stress and missing out on life. This Changes Everything... There are ways to get congruence with your subconscious so the actions you want to take flow naturally. What you want to do is align all parts of yourself for success and joy rather than fighting against yourself. Guest credibility: Mike is a speaker, trainer and personal transformation artist. He has made it his obsession to understand why human beings do what they do and how to produce the greatest amount of change in the shortest amount of time. He has worked with clients in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. Some of his clients include FedEx, Allergan, Medtronic, the US Army, US Army Reserve and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Testimonial: Immediately after the class there was something internally that changed in me, and it was a strength that came. It was completely different. It was absolutely incredible. It was like two totally different people. I have stepped into so much business. I made $30,000 last month. I even had my husband about how I am totally handling things completely differently. He said you are dealing with people totally differently. I just felt so much strength. There is something that is so different about me now. My business has just exploded! I cant believe it!- Jeralyn Sommers - Andres Figueroa Testimonial #2: Mike is an amazing, charismatic teacher, who truly connected and cared about each and every student in my class.And the end result? Gone is the unsure, unclear, person I once was, hiding behind my mask of insecurity. In her place, I am clear, motivated and ready to venture out on a whole new life! I am smiling all the time -- from the inside out.Thank you, Mike Begala, for creating Life Purpose Mastery! Your genius idea has truly changed my life. - Cheryl Herbst I help people with: There came a time in my life when I really felt empty and direction less. I knew I wasn't expressing who I really was, the best of me. So I created a process for myself to get congruent on all levels of my life. When it worked, I had a fire inside me to share this and help others to experience the same. Client Success Examples: One woman I worked with had suffered from severe repeated traumas. We did a process to help increase self-esteem and self-confidence. She said her level of confidence was a 1 on a scale of 1 - 10. By the end of the process she said it was a 9. She went from having trouble leaving her home to being engaged in life and helping other people who have been through traumas. Your Offer: If this speaks to you, if you want to find out more, go to And if you want to get in touch with me on how to bring what we've talked about into your life, fill out the contact form and let's get in touch. Value action steps: If there's just one thing I could share it would be this - The top regret of the dying is I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself rather than what other people expected of me. If you had all the courage in the world, what would living a life true to yourself mean? What is it you most want to do, to be? Give yourself the clarity and the courage to do that! If you Offer link:  
Headline: From being laid off to having an EPIC Life!  Guest credibility: Korianne Mar, a seasoned real estate investor and a bestselling author of the book “Property: Master the Wealth”. She started investing in cash-flow real estate in 2001 and by 2009 she owned over 40 real estate projects and allows her to be financially independent from her other full-time business that she owned. She is currently investing over 1000 units in 5 different locations in the US. She now has a strong desire to help professional women to do the same. You can create streams of passive income to replace your full-time job by investing in cash-flow real estate properties which she calls an IDEAL investment. Testimonial: Korianne helped a full-time engineer to earn $4,500 passive income per month and have added over $450,000 to his net worth. Testimonial #2: Korianne also helped a husband who want to earn passive income that can replace his wife’s income so that she can be home full time with their children. He earns $2,500 passive income per month owning 6 income producing properties and add over $250K to his net worth. I help people with: What if your company got shut down like mine and you found yourself jobless? Do you have enough saving to live on? What if you can no longer work for any reason? Do you have saving to live on and if so for how long? Even if you are one of the very few that can say YES to these questions, do you feel like you have enough time to do only the things that you want to do? If you want to have streams of passive income, and more time and FREEDOM, then real estate cash flow investment is for you! Client Success Examples: In the case of the husband looking for a way to replace his wife’s income with real estate investing, he is now scaling his real estate investment even bigger and now plans to replace his own full-time income in the next 5-7 years. He has been working at the same job for 17 years and getting tired of it. He wants to have time to do the things that he loves which is more time to spend with his family and charity work that he is passionate about. Your Offer: Read Korianne’s bestselling book on Amazon today and start making your financial plan around cash flow real estate investments that can replace your active income job. You can truly be free from financial worry and have the FREEDOM to do what matters the most to you. Sum up Korianne’s interview by Warren Buffett’s quote. “If you can’t find a way to make your money work while you sleep, you will work for the rest of your life for it” Cash Flow Real Estate investment is the WAY! Value action steps: Learn as much as you can about cash flow real estate investing. 2. Start making your financial plan by asking questions: a. At what age do you plan to retire? b. How much do you need per month to live on without having an active income job? c. What is your plan to build up streams of passive income that you can live one without having to trade time for money? 3. Start to implement your plan and let time to work on your side. Buy one cash flow real estate project and learn as much as you can and then treat it as a business to scale up it to serve your lifestyle. When you get stuck, get help from a real estate expert. Find a mentor who has your interest at heart. Who can guide you to achieve financial independence.  
Headline: Eliminate Risk of loosing years of certifications, teamwork and structure by understanding your workforce. Sub Headline: In the next 30 minutes you learn the connection to profits and your work force. Episode Description: It’s your choice. You can choose whomever you want for your next event. And when it’s over, what do you want your attendees to say? Do you want to hear that you just hired another ‘dull’ speaker in their opinion? Or do you want them fired up, making REAL changes in what they do and singing your praise? If you want high-fives and happy attendees, then choose Spike Edwards for your next event. He is known for his Success in bringing safety issues in the workplace to the forefront and connecting leaders to their employees to increase profitability. It does not matter if your Audience is 5 or 500, Spike Edwards will leave them Excited and ready for more! Little known, Big difference... When companies take the time to to get familiar with their workforce Changes appear across all aspects fo the business. He who can connect the best Earns the most Well known, Little Understood: You have a safe business ... Everyone knows that you have to have a safe business but what is little known is that when you move on to quality then innovation, your profit skyrocket. This Changes Everything... Guest credibility: Testimonial: I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of speakers in my role as Executive Producer of TEDxSantaBarbara. Spike is one of the hardest-working presenters we ever featured on our stage. His daily regimen of walking 10,000 steps while rehearsing his talk extends into everything he does. His preparation for the speech of his life is consistent with how he approaches every challenge. I’ve enjoyed working with him for the past two years in his work post-TED and know that his attention to detail and conscientious work ethic are worth modeling.” - Mark Sylvester, Executive Producer Testimonial #2: “I have had the pleasure of working Spike Edwards on several occasions. He is the consummate professional. His skill in engaging and encouraging individuals to reach their full potential within their skill set, leads to the development of teams with an excellent ethos in safety and productivity, that is cost effective for our organization. He has a contagiously enthusiastic personality that captures the imagination of those fortunate enough to listen to him.” - John Broham. Owner BTOADS I help people with: Spike Edwards helps CEOs and business leaders to quickly discover the gaps and the deficiencies of their safety culture so that they can determine the level of risk lurking within the corporation and help them on a journey to unlock the vast profits, hidden in the operations through elisting the systems, structures and strategies that of the elite special forces as well as best in class or world-class businesses thus go creating a successful, productive, safer and profitable business from the get go Client Success Examples: Imagine a giant oil production station sitting in the middle of the ocean it was the jewel of the company out producing all the production facilities in the region The team that was sent out to increase production even further, decided due conditions being so good, that they would same time and money and not tie down the equipment as required. Four and a ½ Days later they were met with oil Erupting into the air Equipment falling into the crews as they Escaped to their lifeboats, Live’s were put at risk The company lost millions and millions of dollars all because of what I call stupid. As a result I was called in to head this project and turn the organisation around Before and I started I listen to department heads and what they wanted. When they had exhausted they wants and need I reviewed them and made 3 promises I would help get back the Trust the Company given away To the Government To the Client & Contractors And most importantly to the Workforce We would focus on a management system that worked in conjunction with PSP PROFITS SAFETY PRODUCTIVITY Help to increase productivity Along the way I had met many roadblocks and barriers: Like The Company Man – Who insisted it was my way or the highway Interdepartmental silos that had build up with people not communicating doing their own thing Intermittent construction works that came onto the facility and did not want to adopt our developing safety culture 18 months later the state of the promises were Production was at 112,000 bbls a day & increasing production $1.84 billion in the period. Intermittent Construct times were faster, safety and more cost effective and the government placed a positive inquiry into how were able to turn a organisation around in such a short time progressive and innovative manner. Your Offer: •For a free, •no obligation, 20-minute Flak Jacket Assessment to identify potential quality safety or procedural issues that may leave your business vulnerable to attack, loss or litigation. Value action steps: Sample Keynote / Training Topics . . . ✓ Safety is Dangerous -Increase Business Profitability by 700% in the next few years ✓ Communicate with your Workforce to increase Profits ✓ Build Trust and Re-Connect with your Workforce using the S.E.E.C+ Formula Offer link:
Headline: If you can Feel it, you can Heal it! Sub Headline: Discover how to partner with your most valuable and powerful asset for healing, performance and pleasure: Your Body Episode Description: You may not realize it, but old age doesn’t happen in old age. In fact, with children as you ng as three, the seeds of their patterns that will distort their body as a geriatric are already present. But what if you could short-circuit all that and create the future you actually want to live? People in nursing homes certainly didn’t plan on ending up there, but they also didn’t plan NOT to. Little known, Big difference... Well know Little Understood: This Changes Everything... Guest Experience: I’ve been a Physical Therapist for nearly 40 years. I spent 4 intensive years in a yoga Ashram, in a yoga-immersive lifestyle, and I studied most alternative therapies out there. I’ve been a personal trainer, a yoga therapist… you–name-it. But a car accident and the scar tissue from 2 life-saving surgeries left me nearly crippled. Unwilling to live the future that was promised by that situation, I took a 25-year, 25,000 hour journey to reclaim my body, youth and vitality. From my deep understanding about the Design and how to use it, I founded an entirely new and amazingly effective Bodywork system called The Burch Method. It reverses pain and aging and creates flow and freedom in a way that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Testimonial: From Jeff Walker, Internet Marketer and author of Launch: I live a very active lifestyle, including moutnain biking, running, kayaking and skiing. I love to do all those things (and more) and I play just as hard as I did 20 years ago. Of course, my body isn’t as forgiving as it used ot be… I’m in a constant battle to keep my muscles and joints pain-free. I worked with Erin, and the impact was dramatic! The pain was gone. I had more mobility and I was back on my bike. And I was now equipped with life-long strategies to keep me out of pain and on the trails – Erin Burch is a force to be reckoned with. Testimonial #2: One of my clients came to see me with intense wrist pain. He was scheduled for surgery the next day. I worked with him for 1 session and at the end of it, he cancelled his surgery. This saved him thousands of dollars in surgery, PT and loss of work time. I help people with: The problem with having a body is that it hurts, breaks down, gets injured and gets old, and eventually dies. I haven’t figured out the reversal of death yet, but I do a damn fine job with the rest of it. I see so many people walking around in bodies compromised from old injuries, surgeries, posture, pain and improper tension. It sucks to hurt, lose energy, vitality and that feeling that you can do anything that you had as a kid. I restore people to a younger-feeling, pain-free and radiant reality... And, I teach them how to stay there! Client Success Examples: Before working with Erin, I regularly had to use a wheelchair and walking boot due to multiple foot injuries and fractures. Since working with Erin two years ago, I have not had to use either the chair or the boot, and have successfully started a walking program pain-free!” ~ Amethyst Mahoney Founder of Spiritual Badass Today's Special Offer: If you are a woman in mid-life looking to have the second half of their life blow their mind, I’d like to have a conversation with you. I am creating a year-long program that takes you from exhausted, feeling like a has-been, to being the radiant one in the room, the alive, impossible-to-miss Goddess whose age is immaterial Take aways from todays episode: Alignment is your strongest configuration, so it makes sense to use it. If I gave a 2-year old a bunch of blocks and asked for a tower, he or she would stack them, right? Well, most of us fail that test when it comes to our body, starting with the feet. Look down at your feet. What direction are they facing? Have the toes pointed completley forward (feet parallel) and take your fist and it should just fit between your feet (much narrower than most people have them) Why? Because your feet should be directly stacked under your hips (and hips are narrower than the pelvis.) This begins to build the most powerful and invincibe way of standing available. Offer link:  
Headline: Today you will learn how to make yourself irresistibly magnetic to money so that money loves you and wants to stay with you. Sub Headline: Learn the fastest and most effective process to remove the blocks that have kept you from being IRRESISTIBLE TO MONEY Episode Description: If you don't like your finances, something has to change in your relationship, and will show you how to jumpstart that transformation. When you imagine your money as a real, flesh and blood person, worthy of your deepest admiration, you embark on an amazing, love-at-first-sight affair of the heart. Pennies on the ground are like chocolates on your pillow. I've had people report that within hours of hearing my talk, they've received unexpected money -tens of thousands of dollars or more! (Actually-I heard the day after my March appearance on Coast to Coast Radio about a family that had been trying to sell their house in San Marino, California, for months. They sold their house the next day for over a million dollars.) Little known, Big difference... Well know Little Understood: This Changes Everything... Guest Experience: "Money Goddess" MORGANA RAE is a ten time international #1 best selling author with over 22 years as a pioneer in personal development. She is widely regarded to be the world's leading Relationship with Money coach (ask Siri!), and she is a mentor coach to the mentors. Her clients are 6, 7, 8, and even 9-figure thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators around the world. Morgana's groundbreaking program for creating wealth has featured her on ABC, NBC, FOX, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal and hundreds more. As a sought after teacher on the topics of Wealth and Relationship, she's been a featured expert on programs with Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Marianne Williamson, Bob Proctor, and many others. Morgana's fans have called her the-Money Goddess because of the many documented stories of clients manifesting unexpected income of thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars within hours of changing their relationship with money. Morgana writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and artists to have a big impact in the world… and to heal the rift between heart, spirit, and money. Testimonial: I purchased your book and it literally turned my life around! I had trouble breaking through earning more than $4,000-$5,000 per month as that was what employers had conditioned me to receive. As an entrepreneur I knew I could do better but I had sticky beliefs. Well, after meeting my Money Honey things turned around quickly! I had a $21,000.00 month in June, and so far July has brought $12,500.00 my way. I adore my Money Honey! Thank you Morgana!!! You transformed my life!! Kim Robinson Testimonial #2: My first four weeks in the Results Accelerator Program has brought about several things for me: 1) $12,000 in contracted revenue (where my average as been $4500 a month, so big increase) 2) Quite a bit deeper reach in my own blocks and seeing how to use the money honey to help bring those to closure and healing 3) finally a space where I can share my own struggles without exposure publicly and can get support I need personally I've really appreciated the love and concern and care I've felt from others in my group. Its really been bolstering and empowering. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking support, community, encouragement, and more money! Marshall Burtcher I help people with: People call me a "Money Goddess" because of my reputation for rapid and dramatic results that feel like magic. But it's not really: Change happens at the speed of safety. If you’re knocking yourself out and not seeing the results you deserve, odds are high that you are protecting yourself from what you want. It's not a mistake. You're no fool. You have very good reasons to protect yourself from money, and they're not conscious. As long as you’re protecting yourself, you'll feel like you're driving with the brakes on. I make it safe to take your foot off the brake and to floor the accelerator instead. Client Success Examples: Probably Leslie (started in a very dark place, purchased my Money Goddess Experience, made over a million dollars the first month, still going strong) Or Pamela (first quarter million month in sales using my book on Amazon before she hired me) that turned into $3 million by the end of our first year working together… and she go married!) Today's Special Offer: Proven Steps To Be A Money Magnet Ebook In this NEWLY REVISED AND UPDATED e-book, Morgana lays out the fundamentals of her ground-breaking Financial Alchemy program. She walks you through the steps to create a RADICALLY new Relationship with Money. And you get a front row seat for the coaching process as you read the transcript of her coaching a complete stranger through the journey from Money Monster to Money Honey. (This is a $29.95 value.) Take aways from todays episode: Offer link:
Headline: Gain access to my over 6,000 hours of research on Alzheimer's disease that could save your life... Sub Headline: In the next 20 minutes learn How Ralph Sanchez is making a difference with life changing diets, and strategies you can take advantage of today.... Episode Description: Is there a solution to the pandemic of Alzheimer's disease? There is! A transformational paradigm shift in the quest for a solution to Alzheimer's disease that is centered on risk reduction and early detection and intervention, is now gaining momentum as a viable model for the abatement of this global crisis. Guest Experience: Ralph Sanchez is the author of "The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer's Disease", a book that Connects the dots between, type 2 diabetes, type 3 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.Ralph has spent nearly two decades intensively researching the risk factors and related etiologies of Alzheimer's and his passion is to share his insights on the AD pandemic, and how it can possibly apply to your own risk for cognitive decline as you age. Ralph can translate the complexities of diabetic brain theories into details everyone can understand and engages with authenticity about his own health challenges and how he continually battles for his own cognitive health. Testimonial: What a tremendous resource! Thank you for putting all of this great research in one place! I am also extremely interested in warding off a family history of Alzheimer's and Dementia. Medicine can be so very powerful when we are able to identify the biochemical inefficiencies, apply specific dietary and nutritional remedies and compile a protocol to heal not just an individual, but generations. Thank you Ralph! Tim Walsh LAC Testimonial #2: This is an incredible article! Very powerful information! Thank you so much for putting it together the way that you have. This information needs to get out to the masses. You explained that very well. Dr. Jones I help people with: Ralph Sanchez is the author of "The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer's Disease", a book that Connects the dots between, type 2 diabetes, type 3 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.Ralph has spent nearly two decades intensively researching the risk factors and related etiologies of Alzheimer's and his passion is to share his insights on the AD pandemic, and how it can possibly apply to your own risk for cognitive decline as you age. Ralph can translate the complexities of diabetic brain theories into details everyone can understand and engages with authenticity about his own health challenges and how he continually battles for his own cognitive health. Client Success Examples: Ralph Sanchez is the author of "The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer's Disease", a book that Connects the dots between, type 2 diabetes, type 3 diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.Ralph has spent nearly two decades intensively researching the risk factors and related etiologies of Alzheimer's and his passion is to share his insights on the AD pandemic, and how it can possibly apply to your own risk for cognitive decline as you age. Ralph can translate the complexities of diabetic brain theories into details everyone can understand and engages with authenticity about his own health challenges and how he continually battles for his own cognitive health. Today's Special Offer: Today's Podcast offer is available for a limited time only to listeners of the FIVE Minute Bark Podcast. Listeners who participate will be able to have a 30 minute discovery call with Ralph Sanchez. He will answer questions and concerns related to Alzheimers and share information so you can proactively recuse the risks Take aways from todays episode: 1. Ralphs will share groundbreaking ways to improved you mind, diet with exercises he has developed in over 5 years of research on Alzheimers. 2. Ralphs will share more groundbreaking strides in exercise programs specifically created for reducing the risk of Alzheimer's. 3. Ralph shares how his research on consistent use of brain stimulations. such as reading, building puzzles, and other fun hobbies that challenge the brain. Offer link:  
Headline: How one offer can make. you six-figures Sub Headline: Discover the 3 steps to simplify your business for more impact, influence, and income too! Episode Description: In this 5 Star Experience Where You Will Learn: 1) Exactly what number to focus on in business (hint: it's not the glorified 6 or 7 figure mark) 2) Simple hacks for increasing profit margins without having to increase your workload to make it happen 3) The best method for high achieving entrepreneurs to scale while actually decreasing their workload Guest Experience: MBA, with 9 business certifications Today's Special Offer: Want to know what your #1 Strategy you can use to boost your bottom line? Then check out this quiz and know the exact strategy you can use for your business stage. Take aways from todays episode: In this 5 Star Experience Where You What you will learn: 1) Exactly what number to focus on in business (hint: it's not the glorified 6 or 7 figure mark) 2) Simple hacks for increasing profit margins without having to increase your workload to make it happen 3) The best method for high achieving entrepreneurs to scale while actually decreasing their workload Offer link:
10/16 Elisa  Magill

10/16 Elisa Magill


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