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Sandra Hill discusses her passion of being a life, business and career coach  focusing on helping move others out of those woulda, coulda, shoulda moments to build the life, business and career of their dreams. Contact information       Website -       LinkedIn - personal                     - business       Twitter -        Facebook - personal                        - business        Email -        
If you're on your spiritual path and still finding obstacles and resistances blocking the expansion of your everyday awareness, please explore my Centered 24-7 training.  You'll discover that a great deal of the frustration and anxiety you experience in daily life is because you're trying to fix something that just can't be fixed. Utilizing NLP, you learn a 6-Step process to help you return to your Center more quickly and easily, restore emotional balance, and savor more moments of presence, calm, and happiness in daily life.
My 12- Week Signature Coaching Program is: “Your Roadmap to Personal Fulfillment”   Click Funnel Profile Name is: Mary Anne Fielding, LCSW-R Course Name on Click Funnel: Easy 5 Step Framework for Professional Women: Erase Self-Doubt and Gain Confidence by Crushing Your Limiting Beliefs and Unlocking Your True Self   Contact Info: Instagram: mary_anne_therapist FB Business Page: Mary Anne Fielding, LCSW email:
You’ve heard the cliches—Happy Wife, Happy Life, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, and the key to a happy marriage is for the man to just say, “Yes, dear”. Adopting any of these leaves men out of the primary relationship in their lives. And that’s not good for them, their marriage, or, in reality, their wives. Because leaving almost fifty percent of the population out of relationships is a real problem. So how to invite them in? Author and Marriage Coach for Men Lesli Doares is here to share her thoughts on this. Good Guys, Great Husbands Facebook Group
Jeremy Stunt is helping successful senior executives escape the C-Suite so they can live the fulfilling lives they secretly crave. Get his free guide to the top 3 traps that may be holding you back at
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Tim Star

@ 19:25 - Great spur-of-the-moment question! Love the idea.

Sep 28th
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