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All about living in apartments (condos), from dealing with your committee to getting on with neighbours and - a dose of healthy skepticism about dubious developers.
44 Episodes
This week, JimmyT and Sue Williams discuss the brand new empty flats that investors are "warehousing" - keeping them locked up and unlived in -  until the property market improves.Then there's the new report about the massive costs facing owners in buildings with flammable cladding - and why our state governments need to do more to help owners..And finally a look at people who get elected to their strata committees for all the worst reasons.Please enjoy ... share ... like ... subscribe.
Jimmy Thomson and Sue Williams discuss apartment living in the new Russia and the email exchange that cost a Manly tenant $120,000 in a defamation case.
JimmyT and fitness trainer Shannon Cleary discuss what works and what doesn't in apartment block gyms ... and what to do if you don't have one.
JimmyT talks to Tim Sara, a senior  manager at one of Australia's biggest strata management companies - and reveals both the light and dark side of a challenging career.
Jimmy T and Sue Williams explore the latest developments in the strataverse ... and come up with some very odd stories indeed.
There's a revolution in strata law on the way in Victoria. Fire sprinkler systems are  mandatory for mid-rise apartment blocks in NSW. And what's the best way to charge electric cars in strata schemes? JimmyT and Sue Williams discuss the issues of the week ...
With property prices plummeting across our major cities, JimmyT and Sue Williams identify where apartment values are plummeting, where they're holding and where off-the-plan purchasers are being told they can't walk away from new units that are worth less than they agreed to pay for them when the signed the contracts.
JimmyT and Sue Williams ask the big questions about the new strata minister ... like, who is he? Plus the best and worst of Australia's strata laws and what makes an ordinary pet a "support animal".
Jimmy Thomson and Sue Williams take a wry - and slightly bruised - look at what's attracting mail to the Flat Chat Forum.
Jimmy Thomson talks to Sue Williams about why she loves apartment living and would never live in a house.
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