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Forward Radio is listener-sponsored, volunteer-powered, community radio WFMP-LP Louisville, Kentucky, broadcasting at 106.5fm and live-streaming at We launched in April 9, 2017 as a grassroots media project of the Louisville chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). Enjoy this selection of our archived local programs, and if you like what you hear, please donate to keep us on-air at It costs $20/day to keep this programming coming your way.
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On this week’s edition of Sustainability Now!, your host, Justin Mog, comes in from the sun for a chat with Nancy Givens, Wallace McMullen & Sam Avery from 100% REAL (Renewable Energy Alliance of Louisville). They are a group of concerned citizens who have been pushing for a year to get Louisville’s Metro Council to adopt a 100% Renewable Energy Resolution. It is being reintroduced this month under the sponsorship of Councilman Brandon Coan. Over 132 US cities and 9 states now have committed to 100% renewable energy.Read more about it at involved with Louisville Climate Action at https://www.louisvillecan.orgAs always, our interview is followed by your community action calendar for the week, so get your calendars out and get ready to take action for sustainability NOW!Sustainability Now! airs on FORward Radio, 106.5fm, WFMP-LP Louisville, every Monday at 6pm and repeats Tuesdays at 12am and 10am. Find us at http://forwardradio.orgThe music in this podcast is used by permission from the fantastic Louisville band, Appalatin. Explore their inspiring music at
Part Two of our discussion of Tulsi Gabbard's OFFA.
Tulsi Gabbard's Off Fossil Fuels Act is the most detail and rigorous of the Congressional proposals relating to the Green New Deal.
Bernie Sanders' Climate Resolution, introduced into the Senate and the House of Representatives in July of 2019
Bernie Sanders' climate emergency resolution.
This month Sassy Latte and Melissa discuss the conversation around intentional weight loss (IWL) in body positive and fat positive space. Is IWL always a bad thing? What is the goal of body justice? And how does power and autonomy play into this discussion?
Dr. Robert W. Korn is Professor Emeritus of Biology at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. He has published more than 50 research papers, mostly in the area of developmental biology. He was one of the first to apply computer modeling to the study of cellular and plant development.Bench Talk is a weekly program that airs on WFMP Louisville FORward Radio 106.5 FM ( every Monday at 7:30 pm, Tuesday at 11:30 am, and Wednesday at 7:30 am.Visit our Facebook page for links to some of Dr. Korn's articles: is from 'The Four Seasons' by Antonio Vivaldi (1723). The 1st concerto 'Spring' (1st movement) was performed by John Harrison and the Wichita State University Chamber Players in 2011. This public domain recording was provided by
In this episode, I talk about how important and fun it is to engage in climate activism. We also continue reviewing the resolution introduced into the Senate by Bernie Sanders and the House of Representatives by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Your Host Joe & Annie have a mission! This isn't our conversation, its our Community’s Conversation!Our show's mission is to offer hope to the still suffering alcoholics and drug addicts in our community. Addiction is the most misunderstood disease of our time. Addicts and alcoholics feel separate, different and alone in our society more than ever. We, as a show, are determined to dispel myths, misconceptions, and societal stigma of this disease and those afflicted by it. By tuning in weekly our listeners will be exposed to personal stories and tragedies from addicts and alcoholics themselves. In addition, our show's purpose is to transmit hope, awareness, and shed light on the growing population of those recovering from this fatal illness. By carrying a message each week of depth and weight on the topic of addiction, we aspire to make a positive impact on this ever growing epidemic that is killing people in record numbers in our city as well as globally.
We are so excited to introduce you to our guest today, Rheonna Nicole, a spoken word artist and poet. 4 years ago she started an all female poetry slam In Louisville KY called Lipstick Wars. She started in a small theater that holds 600. That filled up and the next year she filled another theater that held 1200. This year Lipstick Wars is being held in Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, a venue that holds more than 2300 people. Rheonna is a woman who will not take no for an answer. She is an example of how persistence and dedication pay off. Rheonna tells us how a poetry slam is perfect for a competitive person, why women benefit from having a female only event and why the classic black poets such as Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou are still her biggest influences even in the age of social media. Rheonna is such a joy to interview. Her positivity is contagious and it comes across over the airwaves. Right before this broadcast we received the news that Lipstick Wars is going on the road and will be in Lexington KY October 12 at the Carnegie Center. good news for our friends in that part of the state.You can find us on FB, instagram (@perksofbeingabookloverpod) and on our blog site at www.perksofbeingabooklover.comPerks airs on Forward Radio 106.5 FM and every Wednesday at 6 pm, Thursdays at 6 am and 12 pm. We have purchased the rights to the theme music used.
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