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Forward Radio is listener-sponsored, volunteer-powered, community radio WFMP-LP Louisville, Kentucky, broadcasting at 106.5fm and live-streaming at We launched in April 9, 2017 as a grassroots media project of the Louisville chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). Enjoy this selection of our archived local programs, and if you like what you hear, please donate to keep us on-air at It costs $20/day to keep this programming coming your way.
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Former District Judge Sadiqa Reynolds is the first woman to serve as President and CEO of Louisville Urban League. Her work on jobs, justice, education health and housing has garnered the attention and coverage of CNN, FOX News, the NY Times and other national media outlets. Reynolds was the first African American woman to clerk for the Kentucky Supreme Court, and also the first African American to serve Kentucky as Inspector General. Sadiqa and the LUL have been instrumental in terms of organizing and leading the "Justice for Breonna Movement."
Single Payer Radio Dr. Bornstein/October 26, 2020 by FORward Radio
It’s spooky season and we would be remiss if we didn’t explore a bit the things that make us unsettled and feel that four letter word FEAR. Our guest this week, Tim Waggoner, is a horror and dark fantasy writer who has been recognized in his field with awards such as the Shirley Jackson and the Bram Stoker Award. He is also an educator at heart. He is a professor at Sinclair College in Dayton OH where he teaches a wide variety of writing classes from basic composition all the way up to novel writing and tips for getting published. He has recently published a book that is a comprehensive guide to the craft of writing horror fiction called Writing in the Dark. Tim talks to us about why dinosaurs were the thing as a little boy that made him first interested in reading, how empathy is an ingredient that distinguishes good horror from bad horror writing, why the darkness is blank space to inspire his imagination, and all about the devil’s bargain that writer’s make. Books Mentioned in This Episode: 1- Writing in the Dark by Tim Waggoner 2- The Men Upstairs (novella) by Tim Waggoner 3- The Winter's Box (novella) by Tim Waggoner 4- Dark and Distant Voices by Tim Waggoner 5- Alone with the Horrors by Ramsey Campbell 6- Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir 7- Unleashing the Artist Within: Breaking Through Blocks and Restoring Creative Purpose by Eric Maisel 8- Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel 9- The Shining by Stephen King 10- The Woman in Black by Susan Hill 11- Kill Creek by Scott Thomas 12 - The Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery series by Lawrence Block 13- The Terror by Dan Simmons Movies mentioned-- 1- The Babadook 2- Hereditary 3- The Terror (series)on Hulu 4- Finian's Rainbow (musical on film)
This is a re-broadcast of an online forum featuring the three Family Court Judge candidates running in Jefferson County in the 2020 General Election. It was put on by the Louisville Bar Association and the Women Lawyer's Association of Jefferson County.
K.A. Owens interviews the late Sue Speed and the late Mary Margaret Mulvihill. Interview date: Thursday June 13, 2019. Topic-the development of the Coalition For the Homeless in Louisville, Kentucky
Hear Al Franken, Laurie Garrett, and Andy Slavitt discuss the approaching rollout of a vaccine for the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus. How is the White House interfering with public health policy-making and science? Then hear updates on the FDA meeting slated for Oct. 22nd. Part of this episode is from the Al Franken Podcast of Sept. 13 2020: Here is the link to the online FDA meeting (10 am, Thurs, Oct. 22): Bench Talk is a weekly program that airs on WFMP Louisville FORward Radio 106.5 FM ( every Monday at 7:30 pm, Tuesday at 11:30 am, and Wednesday at 7:30 am. Visit our Facebook page for links to the articles discussed in this episode:
Meet Lance Newman II - Louisville's own Renaissance Man, and a person of many talents. Lance talks to us about how he grew into art and used both his focus and drive to grow into a community leader in Louisville, KY.
On this week’s Sustainability Now!, your host, Justin Mog, concludes a four week series of interviews with Kentuckians who have served abroad in the U.S. Peace Corps. Hannah Gray & Jozi Uebelhoer were both evacuated from Madagascar in the midst of their service when the COVID-19 global pandemic hit back in March. Hannah grew up in Jeffersontown and began her service back in April 2019 as an agriculture volunteer in the southern region of Madagascar. Jozi grew up in Charlestown, IN and served as an English teacher in Madagascar for just three months before she was evacuated due to COVID. Listen in to hear their stories and learn more about this highly diverse island nation, home to over 26 million people in the Indian Ocean. Learn more about the U.S. Peace Corps at As always, our feature is followed by your community action calendar for the week, so get your calendars out and get ready to take action for sustainability NOW! Sustainability Now! airs on FORward Radio, 106.5fm, WFMP-LP Louisville, every Monday at 6pm and repeats Tuesdays at 12am and 10am. Find us at The music in this podcast is courtesy of the local band Appalatin and is used by permission. Explore their delightful music at
On this week’s Truth to Power, we gather folks around the microphones for a community conversation about the union organizing work of Jane McAlevey, whose work is the current subject of the DSA Louisville Night & Day Schools. Jane McAlevey is a union organizer, scholar, author, and political commentator, who has contributed to The New York Times, The Nation, Jacobin, and many others. In June 2019, University of California, Berkeley Labor Center announced the appointment of McAlevey as a Senior Policy Fellow. She's written three books about power and strategy and the essential role of workers and trade unions in reversing income inequality and building a stronger democracy: Raising Expectations and Raising Hell (Verso Books, 2012), No Shortcuts - Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age (Oxford University Press, 2016), and her third book, A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy, published by Ecco Press in January 2020. Joining hosts Justin Mog (Sustainability Now!) and Hart Hagan (The Climate Report / Let’s Talk) is Jake Bush from the Louisville DSA (Democratic Socialists of America). Get involved and learn more at On Truth to Power each week, we gather Forward Radio programmers and friends to discuss the state of the world, the nation, the state, and the city! It's a community conversation like you won't hear anywhere else! Truth to Power airs every Sunday at 4pm, Monday at 2pm, and Tuesday at 9am on Louisville's grassroots, community radio station, Forward Radio 106.5fm WFMP and live streams at
Dr. Judy Heitzman from UofL's Kent School of Social Work is our critical thinking guest! Brian and I welcome our longtime colleague and friend Judy to talk with us about the ways in which critical thinking has influenced her work as an award-winning college instructor, a seasoned practitioner, and a thoughtful critical thinker in the world at large. Judy also talks about the particular ways in which critical thinking is relevant for social workers and how she discovered her professional passions. "Critical Thinking for Everyone" airs on FORward Radio, 106.5fm and, WFMP-LP Louisville, every Thursday at 5 pm EST and repeats Thursday at midnight and Friday at 11 am. Please listen live at Find us on Facebook at "Critical Thinking for Everyone". Our music is by Bensound, and it is free and available to anyone to
Dr. Wayne Tuckson discusses inequities and racism in our healthcare system
Public rally organized to defend the Affordable Care Act held in late January 2017 at the Portland Community Health Center
Members of Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare meet with members of the state's Health and Family Services Cabinet to discuss a national single payer healthcare system to eliminate current inequities and deliver healthcare justice to all Kentuckians.
Dissection of America's current housing crisis with Dean of Behavioral & Social Sciences at Jefferson Community & Technical College Mr. Leonard "Chip" Thomas reviewing Yale University sociologist Matthew Desmond's 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning text 'Evicted' (2016). We look at eviction and gentrification though the full spectrum of the social sciences (sociology, anthropology, history, administration, etc.) at both a personal and policy-orientated level; past and present, national and local.
Two years ago our guest Deedee Cummings decided she wanted to introduce a book festival to the city of Louisville, an event found in many other large cities but missing here. She and her team spent those two years planning and scheduling an event all about books and reading only to have 2020 happen, a terrible, no good, very bad year that has served as a wet blanket for most kinds of fun. Deedee was, of course, disappointed, but she was not deterred. The first annual Louisville Book Festival will take place October 23 and 24 virtually including a session with headliner Tomi Adeyemi, the New York Times bestselling writer of the Young Adult fantasy novel, Children of Blood and Bone. Cumming’s book festival has a unique mission statement: Literacy is a basic human right. She has worked to build an event that will bring both a reading culture and connection to the city as well as inspire children to dream. When you talk to Cummings, you realize that most of her adult life has been spent building up to something big. She has been a social worker and lawyer, and is currently a therapist, an author of children’s books, and the CEO of Make a Way Media, a company that promotes reading in all kinds of unique ways. Deedee tells us why a lack of books that feature brown faces or stories was the inspiration for the Louisville Book Festival, how a book festival can be a life-changing event, and what themes unite all the children’s books she has written. Books Mentioned in this Episode: 1- Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keane 2- Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J. Sobol 3- Blackout by John Rocco 4- The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison 5- Fahrenheit 451 by Kurt Vonnegut 6- The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas 7- Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess by Deedee Cummings 8- In the Nick of Time by Deedee Cummings 9- What We Found in the Corn Maze and How it Saved a Dragon by Henry Clark 10- Stamped by Ibram X. Kendi 11- White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo 12- The One and Only Bob by Katherine Applegate 13- Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston 14- Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi 15- Tom Petty's Southern Accents by Michael Washburn
K.A. Owens interviews (the now deceased)Tom Pearce, Co-Chair of the American Indian Movement- Indiana and Kentucky. Tom talks about the state of the world in August 2018.
Terrance and Brittany come together to discuss the life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and work together to understand and cope with their grief surrounding.
Featuring Kentucky Commission on Human Rights Education and Outreach employee Juan Peña- speaking on National Hispanic Heritage Month and how the Commission works to address the needs of immigrant and refugee populations across the Commonwealth.
We welcomed Judge Stephanie Burke to discuss the current Raise the Bar movement to address Kentucky Amendment 2 of the state constitution.
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