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Hosted by Foreign Policy’s print magazine team, this weekly podcast brings together individuals who have been named to FP’s annual list of 100 Leading Global Thinkers - people whose ideas are changing the world and touching the lives of millions. Foreign Policy is the world’s leading media organization dedicated to providing leaders in business, finance, and government with real time insight and analysis into global affairs. As authoritative as it is dedicated to challenging wisdom, FP is unique in its ability to bring together the powerful with those committed to speaking truth to power.
30 Episodes
2015 Global Thinker Hanya Yanagihara and writer Meghan O'Rourke debate the limits of pain, empathy, and romance.
2015 Global Thinker Chigozie Obioma and novelist Taiye Selasi discuss whether the narrative of nationhood is the greatest story ever told.
2015 Global Thinker Marjan Minnesma and Gasland director Josh Fox debate the best—and perhaps only—way to spurn action on climate change: Terrify people.
From telenovelas to Sesame Street, 2013 Global Thinkers Noura al Kaabi and Saad Mohseni debate the importance of cultural imports in a localized entertainment industry.
2015 Global Thinker Tobias Zielony and writer Anna Badkhen debate how the West stereotypes—to dangerous effect—the Global South.
2015 Global Thinker Margot Wallström explains how she took on critics of her “feminist foreign policy"—and why gender equality is a matter of national security.
2015 Global Thinkers Zainab Ghadiyali, Erin Summers, and Nina Tandon debate the meaning—and reach—of diversity in the sciences.
2013 Global Thinker Gulalai Ismail and 2015 Global Thinker Leslee Udwin debate whether the patriarchal mindset so pervasive in South Asia can be reprogrammed—or if women must persevere in a rape culture.
2015 Global Thinker Fabrice Monteiro discusses how plastic-bag couture can teach a generation to respect its environment.
2011 Global Thinker Robert Zoellick and Jeffrey E. Garten discuss the future of emerging markets, gender equality, and the cyclical nature of globalization.
2015 Global Thinkers Matthew Heineman and Johanna Schwartz discuss the challenges of making a film—and earning a subject’s trust—amidst guns, violence, and suspicion.
2015 Global Thinkers Jim Obergefell and Andreja Pejic discuss divisions in the queer community and the scourge of P.C. culture
2015 Global Thinkers Ara Oshagan, Levon Parian, and Vahagn Thomasian discuss how the world hasn’t changed since the slaughter of their Armenian ancestors.
2015 Global Thinkers Robin Hammond and Adejoke Tugbiyele discuss how art can be used to upend the continent's tradition of LGBT persecution.
2015 Global Thinker Wai Wai Nu and Fortify Rights executive director Matthew Smith warn that democracy will mean little unless Muslims get a seat at the political table.
2015 Global Thinkers Abdalaziz Alhamza and Hussam Alissa, co-founders of Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, explain how they expose — and evade — atrocities in Syria.
2015 Global Thinkers Sonita Alizadeh and Helly Luv discuss how they’ve both used music to fight — against the Islamic State and against the institution of marriage.
2015 Global Thinker Chris Catrambone and 2011 Global Thinker Saskia Sassen discuss how Europe will benefit from the influx of migrants — if only it will let them in.
2015 Global Thinkers Miguel Nicolelis and Anthony Zador discuss the importance of funding creative neuroscience experiments when — and especially when — the outcome is unknown.
The Power of the Purse

The Power of the Purse


2015 Global Thinkers Shannon Schuyler and Amy-Willard Cross discuss the importance of supporting women in business — and penalizing those who won’t.
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David Evensen

Global Propaganda. Climate change science has been proven a tool of radical left wing politics. For 50 years climate scientists have been making a living selling fake data to gullable public. All of the claims fall flat. Pollution, over fishing and wilderness management are problems, mostly in the third world. If you are pushing climate change you are advocating the loss of human rights and freedoms, not the other way around. Al Gore has only increased his carbon foot print. Think about that.

Feb 26th
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