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Faces of Change with Marshall Ganz

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Faces of Change with Marshall Ganz explores the stories of people developing leadership and enabling communities to create change all over the world.
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In our latest Faces of Change podcast, Marshall Ganz sat down with Arisha Hatch, the Vice President and Managing Director of Campaigns at Color of Change. Color of Change is the United States largest digital racial justice organization, with over 1.7 million members. They are on a mission to empower black communities to organize to improve the lives of Black people and build lasting political power for Black people. Marshall and Arisha chart the rise of Color of Change, how they are building the power of black communities across the United States, and explore Arisha’s own journey to social movement leadership. 
The building of the Sunrise MovementEver wondered how the Green New Deal was catapulted onto the national agenda in the United States?It’s impossible to answer this question without talking about the Sunrise Movement: the movement of young people in the United States who are uniting to stop the climate crisis.In our latest Faces of Change podcast, Marshall Ganz sits down with Dyanna Jaye, Sunrise’s Co-Founder and Organizing Director, to chart the rise of a movement that has rocked the political establishment, and to learn about Dyanna’s own journey to climate justice leadership.Dyanna shares Sunrise’s movement building ‘DNA’, taking us from the moment they were thrust onto the national stage after the high profile sit-in protest outside Nancy Pelosi’s Office with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, through to how they are scaling a national movement driven by thousands of young people in local communities at this time of social distancing and deep uncertainty.Dyanna and Marshall also explore the power of sustained learning for building powerful movements and how we can seize this very moment to create the change our communities want.Get ready for an hour of learning, inspiration and hope. This one is well worth it!Hosted by Marshall Ganz and produced by James Sleep.
Mariali is the co-Founder of Vía Educación, the trailblazing civil society and education organization that is combining community organizing and innovative education approaches to build the citizenship skills of children and young people.Mariali and Vía Educación’s work on citizenship education is being implemented as part of Mexico’s national curriculum.Embedding this into the curriculum is just the foundation, requiring the organizing of teachers and communities to embed the framework and tools across the country.Their work on the ground is focused on both upskilling children and young people with citizenship skills and creating spaces to exercise their agency on the issues they care about — including the environment and development.Mariali sat down with Marshall Ganz to share how they're doing it and what called her to leadership. 
Faces of Change is an ongoing series from the Leading Change Network to tell the stories of people developing leadership and enabling communities to create change all over the world.Marshall Ganz sits down with Nisreen Haj Ahmad to explore her inspiring journey to leadership.From a young girl forced to leave Palestine with her family, returning years later to advise the Palestinian team on peace negotiations with Israel, through to discovering organizing and committing herself to building new civic leadership across the Middle East
Throughout the world people who have accepted responsibility for leadership, their communities, and their allies are stepping up with courage and showing us that change is possible.Marshall Ganz sits down with leaders from around the world each month to explore how these people were called to leadership, how they organize their communities, and how they’ve begun building the power their people need to achieve real change.This month Marshall sits down with Art Reyes, the Executive Director of We the People-Michigan, a statewide multi-racial community organization that is building people-power for social and economic justice in Michigan.Their mission is to transform the politics of Michigan from the ground up, moving away from simply mobilizing around elections, but by embedding the organizing infrastructure needed for people to shape politics from their community up.In Marshall’s conversation with Art, we learn how he was called to organizing at an early age, and is leading an innovative – and challenging – effort in one of the most segregated states in America.We also hear how mastery of the organizing craft grows form sustained learning across diverse domains, issues and communities, and what it takes for people to mobilize the power they need to shape their communities, their politics and their state.
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