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Facing Love in Cyprus

Author: Nuné & Jordy

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Facing Love in Cyprus is a podcast created by Nuné and Jordy with the intention of opening up conversations about life, people, our relationship to the self, difficult emotional states, how to navigate through all with more awareness & compassion, and to bridge the gap created by the illusion of separation.
6 Episodes
We have noticed how much we try to control our own lives, like an undeniable need for survival. In a cozy and candid conversation, we explore the roots of this need, seeking to understand why it arises and how it shapes our experiences. We share personal stories and insights, creating a safe space to explore […] The post Facing Love in Cyprus – Episode 6: The need to control our lives (1/12/2023) first appeared on Island Talks.
Forgiveness can touch upon even the smallest inconveniences, like missing out on doing your laundry as you had promised yourself after days of procrastination. It can also involve the more challenging task of forgiving yourself for accepting abusive behavior from those around you, or even harder still, for recognizing moments when you may have been […] The post Facing Love in Cyprus – Episode 5: Forgiving yourself 100 times (1/10/2023) first appeared on Island Talks.
Life is like a train station with everyone boarding different trains heading to various destinations. Yet, strange enough, many of us can’t shake the feeling that our train has left the station without us 🚂 In this episode we take a closer look at the  experience of “feeling behind in life” and explore the crisis […] The post Facing Love in Cyprus – Episode 4: Feeling Behind in Life (1/9/2023) first appeared on Island Talks.
In this episode we discuss the idea of being compassionate after you have experienced a betrayal. We explore the topic through our own personal experience with more intimate relationships we have had and come to conclusions of how it’s possible to do this and why it’s also so important. The post Facing Love in Cyprus – Episode 3: Compassion after betrayal (2/8/2023) first appeared on Island Talks.
Anger is one of the most intense feelings in our human experience, a feeling that can lead us to act in very harmful ways. In this episode, we explore anger as a feeling, how important it is for our wellbeing and also the negative effects of it on both us and the people around us. […] The post Facing Love in Cyprus – Episode 2: Being angry with Love (1/7/2023) first appeared on Island Talks.
Welcome to our podcast! We wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves to you, tell you a little about what we are intending to do here and what you can expect from us, which we discovered to be the unexpected.  We also discovered we are pro-naps and resting, we want community more than anything […] The post Facing Love in Cyprus – Episode 1: Facing love in an island (1/6/2023) first appeared on Island Talks.
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