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This podcast discusses the intersection of God & Geek Culture as the hosts and guests discuss Faith & Fandom
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ABOUT THIS EPISODE Everything comics is happening this July! “X-Men #1” is out….again. Kevin Smith is writing for “Masters of the Universe”, Booster Gold creator is returning, Sinister War, and Marvel is going manga! News from Episode 52 “New X-Men #1 Are… Fearless, Apparently“, Bleeding Cool “Masters of the Universe Netflix show gets comic prequel from Kevin Smith and Dark Horse“, Newsarama “DC Reveals New Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Series“, Comicbook “Doctor Octopus and Vulture Go to War – With Spider-Man in the Middle“, CBR “Marvel Meow: Marvel and Viz Media Begin Official Manga Collaboration“, Bleeding Cool Pulls from Episode 52 Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021) #2, Marvel Comics Firefly Brand New Verse #2, Boom! Studios Daredevil (2019) #29, Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #64, Marvel Comics The Joker #2, DC Comics Nightwing #79, DC Comics Batman: The Detective #1, DC Comics Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol. 21, Shueisha #1’s Worth Your Time Women of Marvel (2021) #1, Marvel Comics Way of X (2021) #1, Marvel Comics
Hector chats with Rebecca Godlove, a woman of many skills and talents, as they rabbit trail about Hamilton, the state of ministry & Christian content, reaching and loving the disenfranchised, & more! Rebecca's links and info:
ABOUT THIS EPISODE 4 weeks of comics to catch up on leave Chris and Hector with a lot of news and pulls to cover in today’s episode. Penguin House is getting into the comic publishing game and Superman sells for over 3 million dollars. All this and more in The Pull List 51. News from the Pull List 51: “Comic Store In Your Future – Walk Like A Penguin” – Bleeding Cool “Marvel to launch 3 new X-Men titles” – NewsaRama “Superman First Appearance in Action Comics #1 Sells for Record $3.25 Million” – ComicBook “AfterShock Comics Announces YA Imprint Seismic Press” – CBR “Marvel Announces New Moon Knight Series” – ComicBook Pulls from the Pull List 51: The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #63, Marvel Comics Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #2, Dark Horse Comics Fear Case #3, Dark Horse Comics Orcs #2, KaBOOM! Studios Suicide Squad (2021) #2, DC Comics Nightwing #78, DC Comics The Other History of the DC Universe #3, DC Comics Nocterra #2, Image Comics Firefly Brand New ‘Verse #1, Boom! Studios #1’s Worth Your Time: Geiger #1, Image Comics Beta Ray Bill (2021) #1, Marvel Comics
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
Hector sits down with Todd Turner of Mosaic Fan Art to discus the things active in their lives, the joys of creation, and why mushrooms are terrible on pizza.
This is an audio chapter from the upcoming Faith & Fandom Volume 8 called "Falcon & The Winter Soldier: Using Your Voice". Looking at some of the spiritual themes in Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Specifically using your voice for others. Spoilers for season 1 lie ahead. The print version of this can be found at 
Hector sits down to talk about his first time setting up in Artist's Alley at SC Comicon &  his first major show in the wake of the the pandemic. Also recommending some great food and places to enjoy nature in the Greenville, SC area. 
Hector reads the rough draft of the chapter on the Snyder Cut from the inevitable Faith & Fandom Book 8. Looking at Parallels between the journey of the Justice League film, and the story of the wheat and weeds in Matthew 13
Just a Millisecond is a podcast of honesty and vulnerability. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and expressions that don't fit conveniently into other boxes. This episode is on stress and anxiety
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
ABOUT THIS EPISODE It has been a slow couple of weeks in the comic book industry with Captain America turning 80 and funny number reporting with Keanu Reeves’ BRZKR #1. Chris and Hector (fighting back a cold)  talk about the Infinite Frontier from DC along with their Top 4 Pulls and the #1’s worth your time. News from The Pull List 49 “615,000 Copies Were Not Enough For Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1“, Bleeding Cool “Batman: Infinite Frontier’s Gotham City OFFICIALLY Has a New Dynamic Duo“, CBR “Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev’s Checkmate Now in June – Who Is Mr. King?“, Bleeding Cool “Meet the Gardener – Batman’s latest new mystery character“, Newsarama “Four Captain Americas to Unite in Upcoming Marvel Comics Miniseries“, Comicbook Because it Matters Infinite Frontier #0, DC Comics Top 4 Pulls from The Pull List 49 Fear Case #2, Dark Horse Comics Strange Academy (2020) #9, Marvel Comics Demon Days: X-Men (2021) #1, Marvel Comics Non-Stop Spider-Man (2021) #1, Marvel Comics The Joker #1, DC Comics Homesick Pilots #4, Image Comics Batman #106, DC Comics Daredevil (2019) #28, Marvel Comics #1’s Worth Your Time Karmen #1, Image Comics Nocterra #1, Image Comics
Afua Richardson, whose works include Black Panter World of Wakanda, XMen92, and HBO’s Lovecraft Country, joins Chris and Hector this week to talk about the tail end of pandemic life, her work on Lovecraft Country, and her upcoming book, Aquarius: The Book of Mer. Links from the show: Afua Richardson | Official Site “Book of Mer” | Official Site Docta Foos Lab Facebook Group
ABOUT THIS EPISODE Chris and Hector talk about the forthcoming theft of The Infinity Gauntlet …by Black Cat! On the DC Comics and Milestone Media side, Static is coming back with a new series along. Also, J.J. Abrams is taking on the Man of Steel, and Diamond comics are suffering the weather delays along with anyone else whose packages went through the midwest last week. The duo’s pulls from the last two weeks as well as their Top #1 picks in this week’s episode. News from The Pull List 48 “Black Cat steals the Infinity Gauntlet – and a Marvel event – this summer“, Newsarama “Static by Vita Ayala, Chris Cross, Nikolas Draper-Ivey – DC/Milestone“, Bleeding Cool News “Warner Bros. Celebrates Dwayne McDuffie’s Legacy With Special Documentary“, CBR “New Superman Movie Coming From JJ Abrams, Reportedly A Reboot“, Screen Rant “Todd McFarlane Launching New Spawn Comics“, Comicbook “More Diamond Comics Delays To Comic Shops This Week“, Bleeding Cool “TMNT: The Last Ronin #2 is IDW Publishing’s largest print run ever“, Newsarama Pulls from The Pull List 48 Crossover #4, Image Comics Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #1, Dark Horse Comics Stray Dogs #1, Image Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Last Ronin #2, IDW Comics Batwoman/Catwoman #3, DC Comics Batman Black & White #2, DC Comics King in Black (2020) #4, Marvel Comics Future State: Nightwing #2, DC Comics #1’s Worth Your Time Shadow Doctor #1, Aftershock Comics Chronicles of Faith: David #1, Brainy Pixel
ABOUT THIS EPISODE Chris and Hector catch us up on industry news, new comics and so much more. Diving into other content the guys talk “WW84” and “WandaVision”, what they liked and what they didn’t like so much. News from Episode 47: “X-Men go corporate in new X-Corp title Marvel says will ‘revolutionize the Marvel Universe'”, GamesRadar “DC Changes Name Of Batman: The Dark Knight to Batman: The Detective”, Bleeding Cool News “DC Introduces Batman’s Newest Major Villain: Miracle Molly”, Comic Book Resources “Image Comics Ends Line-Wide Returnability Programme”, Bleeding Cool News Pulls from Episode 47: Fear Case #1, Dark Horse Comics Daredevil (2019) #27, Marvel Comics The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys: National Anthem #5, Dark Horse Comics Radiant Black #1, Image Comics Star Wars: Darth Vader (2020) #10, Marvel Comics We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #5, Boom! Studios Future State: Dark Detective #3, DC Comics Home Sick Pilots #3, Image Comics #1’s from Episode 46: Orcs #1, Boom! Studios Man-Bat #1, DC Comics
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
Faith & Fandom 180 is a 3 minute devotional that airs weekly on LTN Radio
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