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Networking the Talents and Gifts of God's Children
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In this new series titled Living By Faith, we look at a message that Pastor Spradlin preached when his congregation could not gather. The message is about an old prophet from the Old Testament that is very relevant today.
Part 5 - Pastor Hema ministers to the people at the Punjab Revival at the Sunday Morning Service.
Why is recovery so tough? Paula, Ginny, and Evonna discuss the realities of the damage versus the healing process and for harmful human fantasies.
We step back a little in time and visit Capernaum ... well, the Capernaum Studios. This is a fun show we did during the Christmas season and enjoyed learning about the studios.
In shooting targets, we always aim for the center of the target. Moving towards God's will, it's important to live in the center of God's will. Rev. Sheila reads from the book of Proverbs to explain what the mark of the center is.
Breaking News!! Or is it? The term Breaking News is not what it used to be, and it has been diluted down to nothing. What does Breaking News mean to you?
There are many ways to stay fit, even during times that we can't get out. Should we exercise if we're sick? Today we talk to actor Morris Chestnut about his co-authored book called THE CUT.
Great News! God is not dead. Speaking about, did you see that movie? Our guests today, Troy and Tracy Dohun is the executive producer of God's Not Dead, The Movie. They are doing more than just movies for God.
During this time of disturbance in America, and the world, we can either have a revival in our soul, or just survive spiritually. Encouraging words will life your spirit and help you not to walk in fear, but in a heart revival.
Wherever there is disobedience, there is always a consequence to deal with. When God sets laws in place, obedience will brings rewards. Even with grace, obedience is a key factor in receiving rewards from God.
Winning Best Actress Award in her role in House Mother, Anita Cordell, she has also received two other nominations. She has a true mid-west charm about her, along with being a pastor's wife.
The show today deals with you not being an accident. There is a purpose in your life that needs to be unlocked. This will unleash the potential in your that you were designed, by God, for.
Discussions regarding the changes that churches have to adapt to during the virus. Pastor Beverly is experiencing that quite a few people are dealing with fear. Let's all bring peace and hope in God.
What's God saying to His Church today? What message is God conveying to the world? Have you been seeing 11:11, and what does it mean? Our guest today, Mark Taylor, a retired Florida Fireman was caught in the spirit, as God began to show him the future, in 2011. Not only did God show Mark that Trump would be President, God also showed him many other things.
God rules in our lives only to the degree that we allow Him to express Himself. Ask yourself: Do I believe in a God who is better than I ever imagined and has a life for me that is better than anything I have ever imagined?
Along with the many comedy skits, our guest today is recording artist Makita. Join us as she shares her testimony and moves us with her singing.
God's Strategy - In this session, Mike lays out God's practical and doable approach to loving those we can't stand.
Today's guest, Lynda Smith is the former CEO of the International Advocates for Children. She tell us of the plight of the most innocent among us, orphans and vulnerable children.
With everything happening in the political world today, should President Trump build the wall to prevent illegal immigrants from illegally crossing the border?
Part 2 - Chapter 13, in the book of Matthew, is one of the most complicated chapters in this gospel. Matthew lays out seven different parables that are difficult to interpret, but somehow they all tie in together. How so?
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