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Networking the Talents and Gifts of God's Children
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Our guest, Charlene Baktamarian and Pastor LeaAnn discuss the topics of being chosen by God. Pastor LeaAnn shares some of her testimony of how she was chosen as a young lady and Charlene speaks some prophetic word.
It's estimated that 1 out of 6 words that Jesus spoke, in the Bible, has to do with relationships to material things. He spoke about money and possessions 5 times more than any other subject.
Not only should you love God, but God says to love your neighbors as yourself. Everyone is your neighbor. Boy, what a command, but we can do it. This week, love someone you don't like.
Let's make our home healthier and more environmentally friendly, while saving money. Our guest Actor Ed Begley Jr shows us how.
The joys that God brought to earth by sending His son is unspeakable. Melvin encourages us on this show that we have a merry Christmas with the birth of our eternal Savior, Christ Jesus.
If you love to hear children sing for God, you're going to love this show. Josh and Ashley bring the entire family on board and you'll hear their young children sing.
Episode 1525 - Another episode of Nancy Harmon and some great stories in this episode. The Jesus Connection brings some of the finest old time southern gospel singers.
The story of Lazarus being bond up in the tomb comes to life as Pastor Troy uncovers what it must have been like to be unwrapped. Unwrapped from what binds you in life.
Grieving is very tough, but grieving without the Holy Spirit is almost unbearable. We find rest in Jesus, rest in our faith that God will bring us through anything.
As Christian, this question is asked many times, especially when we need God to perform His will into our lives. As you watch this inspirational teaching, you'll be encouraged with what God has in store for you.
We won’t experience the goodness of God if we don’t believe the goodness of God. Believing is in a continuum with experiencing. When we experience God’s goodness, our capacity to believe expands greatly!
Deborah and her guests explain how God brought the vision of the Woman 2 Woman ministry and team. They talk about the lives that are being changed and what God is doing to build women.
Kingdom Greatness - In this opening lesson, Mike compares the criteria for achieving greatness both in the world and in the Spirit.
Steve Finn is the author of Seed To Division - How God Inspired Ideas Become Reality, speaks about how God raised his dream into a reality.
Part 2 - Our guest today, Vesta Smith, the President and CEO of American Heritage Society of Georgia, discuss the topic of God's Army. As you watch, you'll be inspired to become a part of this Army.
We flip the seats today with our guest today, Charlene Baktamarian, from the TV show God's View, filmed in Cheyenne, Colorado. In this show, Charlene interviews LeaAnn while very powerful prophetic words come out.
In the series from the book of Matthews titled Principles To Live By, Pastor Spradlin discusses one of our favorite passages of the Bible; The Lord's Prayer.
Survivors of Abuse are very strong people. Things that happened to you as a child, or as an adult, is very traumatic, and yet can be overcome. Rhonda Green teaches how to pull back the veil in her book, Seven Ways To Free Your Mind After Abuse.
With special guest, Nicole Ives, the topic today is Inconsideration. From relationships to the food we eat, more consideration needs to be developed to create a more positive outlook in life.
In a world that is always tearing things down, from emotions to relationships, let's place ourselves into a position to life up.
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