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Networking the Talents and Gifts of God's Children
1407 Episodes
Sometimes in the New Testament, the writers use the metaphor of running a race, describing the Christian life. This race is not a sprint, it's a demanding race over a lifetime.
A discussion with Pastor Christian White regarding the attention span of church congregations. One of the goals of a sermon should get to the gospel, as the central theme.
We continue the series of having a better relationship with your children and teenagers. In this episode, you'll learn why children constantly say NO, and how you can control it.
Picture a major football player, playing with a major team, and becoming a powerhouse. However, there is one twist to this player, Jake the Snake Olson is BLIND.
Enrique Berumen shares his testimony of being raised as a Christian, but eventually turned his back on Christ and ended up homeless. Christ's love is what brought Enrique back to Christ.
Conflict happens in everyone lives. We've all had disagreements from time to time, a spouse, family member, even our friends. Discover how to find the resolution of all conflicts.
Holiness is somewhat difficult to understand, but one of the outstanding characters of Christ is santification. The way to be holy is to completely separate our spirit from the spirit of the world and be sanctified.
Writing and Singing Ronnie Hinson, writer of the Light House, is traveling doing the will of God to bless the Kingdom with his talent of gospel singing.
Episode 1522 - Another episode of Nancy Harmon and some great stories in this episode. The Jesus Connection brings some of the finest old time southern gospel singers. Episode 1516
When the world attacks, we seem to lose our joy. Pastor Troy teaches us how to hang on to joy. The devil tries to steal it, but let's not allow it.
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