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Our guest today, Mario Murillo, gives us powerful encouraging words to hold on to and stay in this fight. We are all warriors that God has chosen. Find out what Abraham did to the buzzards that got in the way, and who are the buzzards? Two anointed ministers that give you a message you can feel. Mario shares encouraging words to prophets that have been praying our President into office.
Pastor Spradlin continues in the book of James, chapter 1. What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do.
Pastor Leroy Doe talks today about Praising Through The Pain. He begins by quoting Psalm 100 for encouragement for the current times.
Our guest, Heather Friesen, talks about what it was like to fall over a 50 ft waterfall in Hawaii, and survive. How God had a hand in her survival.
Today continues the study of Psalm 119, 5th stanza, verses 33-40.
This show speaks of the steps of a different journey -a journey of what the world be in 2024. Here's an explanation of a show we should all see.
Author, Patricia Holbrook talks about the financial crisis in her own life that sent her on the quest to find the abundant life that John 10-10 speaks of in the Bible. God led her to begin ministering to women and eventually writing her book, Twelve Inches - Bridging the Gap Between What You Know About God and How You Feel.
DJ Perry, is an international artist mostly known for his work in the motion picture realm. This Michigan born actor, producer and writer has built an impressive career in the entertainment industry.
Today's very in depth discussion is about Who is God's Anointed and why they are set apart.
Brad explains what is being done to help protect the ability for pastors and ministers, to help those who are impacted and affected by mandates brought about by the Corona virus.
We are living in difficult times. God wants us to see what’s happening and properly understand the signs of the times. Join Dr. Richards as he examines the challenges facing us, using the Bible as a guide.
Spiritual Warfare, what is it and the truth about it. 40 percent of people today believe that satan DOES NOT exist. The Bible says, he comes to kill, steal and destroy. The panel discusses why we need to talk more about spiritual warfare in order to equip us for fighting it.
Ginny and Paula discuss finding the root of your problem instead of just managing addictions so you can truly heal. Maggie Kavanaugh talks about healing from childhood abuse.
The Theological Crisis - Part 1 - The author introduces Job's theological crisis through the speeches of Job's friends and Job's reply to each.
Today's topic, the Holy Spirit Led Ministry and how God has called not only pastors and teachers of the Word but He has also called YOU, right there at home. How can YOU fulfill that ministry? Listen and find out.
Today is about school work and chore checklist. Take advantage of the extra time your kids are home by incorporating chores between their studies. They might turn out to be pretty good little cleaners.
The subject today is understanding the Jewish feasts and how they relate to the end times and the coming of Christ for His church as it relates to the rapture with Pastor Wayne at Notes on LIfe.
Today the panel ministers to those who are living in fear. Current events have created great fear in many. Be comforted today as you are ministered to through prayer and the Word of God.
Continuing the study of James chapter 1, Verse 2. How To Respond When Things Get Tough on Today's Walk with Pastor Roger Spradlin.
Are the steps you're taking, steps that can make you free? Paula, Ginny, and Evonna discuss the steps you can take to get free from the lies of your past.
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