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Networking the Talents and Gifts of God's Children
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Archibishop Ken McNatt teaches us that we are living in times when more than ever before we must put our trust completely in God's Word, what He has promised, what He has provided and what He has procured for the Saints of God.
Rick Green, a former Texas representative, a national speaker, radio host and author is Sam's guest today. Sam and Rick dive into discussion regarding the capitol, media and social media with regard to current events. You won't want to miss their breakdown of the events.
Do you dream? Do you even remember your dreams? You may say, my dreams are nuts and don't matter. Guest Barbie Beathhitt, a dream interpreter, talks about how we should pay close attention to our dreams.
Pastor Wayne and Dr. Jeanne address rising evil words spoken by government leaders, such as News Story Highlighting Congressman Nadler’s blasphemy against God. Also, Dr. Jeanne stresses the need to STAND UP to the 'woke' culture.
Faye continues her teaching on Psalm 119, verse 145 through 152. Faye talks about a comparison between humans and monkeys. Monkeys are animalistic in nature. Humans have higher capacity for learning, compassion and change. Listen to how she breaks this all down.
I Just Came to Talk With You Lord with Lee Turner, an Electrifying Gospel Piano Player Singing and Playing. She sings, she plays the piano like her hands are on fire. Just sit back and feel the anointing of her playing and singing.
The Bible says, do not engage in foolish and stupid arguments, 2 Timothy 2, verse 23. Those without the spirit cannot even understand the things of the spirit because the spirit is not within them. Which is why we need to be even more gentle in our instruction.
Part 2 - Rick Scadden, Assoc Pastor at City Point Church in Col. shares his testimony of childhood poverty, drugs, alcohol and a father in and out of jail. You don't want to miss hearing how he was led to the Lord by someone you would least expect.
Our guest today, Liz Mitchell, discuss the novel titled LIKE THE OCEAN MOVES. She developed the dream of writing from childhood, and discusses where the idea of the book came from.
Howard Nash is a writer, actor and producer. Born in Bronx, New York, he became an actor on TV, stage and film. He shares the transition he made from being an actor to stepping behind the camera and becoming a producer.
Women ARE daughters of the King. In their daily walk, do women like to be thought of as a princess? In the Kingdom of God, women are a joint-heir with Christ, enjoying privileges' of a King.
Brad Dacus talks about a big case in the Supreme Court dealing with the issue of Pro Life, directly addressing a law from the state of Louisiana, that was enacted to protect women, however the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.
The entire world is in chaos because we’ve created our own concepts and ideas of good and evil. Dr. Richards discusses the journey that is taking us away from God, alienating us from Him so that we can never have the life He promised.
Today's topic is Women of Faith. What does Faith mean to the modern day woman? She desires intimacy with the Lord. Always seeking God. Not living by fear but in faith. Standing on the word of God.
God's Prescription for Burnout - In this final lesson, Mike breaks down God's way of dealing with human stress especially when it leads to personal burnout.
Continuing the study of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12. The Gift of Working Miracles is today's lesson. Listen as Rebecca breaks down the purpose of the gifts that she has been studying these past weeks.
Self Discipline is the biggest difference between home school students. As you bring up your child in home schooling, teach them to be self disciplined with their time, the homework, and their activities during the day. Make their environment safe.
Guest Hope Benn talks with Julie about Kindness. Jesus comes to mind immediately when one thinks about Kindness. Guests Jenella and Terry Crosier share Terry's deathbed experience. He believes prayer saved him.
Sister Hema Arockiaraj's message is about Keys. God has given you the keys in your hands for you to use. The saints of the Lord shall greet one another and the words of the greeting are the keys that have been given to our hands.
Jeanette Bradley shares her testimony today. She is an author, teacher and co-founder of Radiant Pearls Ministries. Her testimony starts with her mother at a young age in Vietnam. You do not want to miss Jeanette's story.
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