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Networking the Talents and Gifts of God's Children
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Dr Bita Badakhshan helps people all over the world. Her incredible medical knowledge reaches out beyond the four walls of her office. She teaches the effects of not building up your immunity system, and much more.
As we continue in the book of Matthew, of course written by a man named Matthew, that was inspired by God. Today's story is about how Matthew came to faith in Christ.
News is conglomerate of negative news - it's what they search for. As Christian we should filter out as much bad news as possible - keeping our hearts filled with joy so we can edify others.
Our legendary guests today has inspired millions of people with their songs. Now they are inspiring people yet in another way. It's our pleasure to discuss the topic of prostate cancer with Billy Davis Jr and Marilyn McCoo.
As the song states, What a Friend We Have in Jesus. One of the best, most reliable friends we can have is Jesus. And relying on him to mimic, we can become the person we need to be as a friend.
Featuring great southern gospel artist with another episode of Nancy Harmon and some great stories in this episode. The Jesus Connection brings some of the finest old time southern gospel singers. Episode 1621
Our guest today will inspire you. Oma Joseph grew up with praying grandparents that taught the straight and narrow. Inspiring him to walk with God, he became a community business man that writes books. We'll learn that a delay in life is not a denial.
There is strength in the words that you speak, even life and death is in the power of the tongue. As we move in our walk with Christ, it's very important that we speak His words in our lives and the very things we go through to accomplish victory.
More interviews from Content 19 Christian Media Conference. Isaac has the opportunity to attend and interview some great Christian Media professionals. Watch as he interviews Dr Joe Martin, Cassie and Chason Laing, Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren, and Alicia Joy LeBlanc, along with Kiesha and Stephen Lewis.
God has plans for you to move into your destiny. There is no one that does not have a destiny and purpose. Our faith is the assurance and confirmation to achieve your destiny.
We did get an operator’s manual for life in the Bible, but because people don’t trust what God said they struggle to work the plan. Jesus taught us everything we need to know to have life at its best; He taught us the keys of the Kingdom.
Passage 7 – John 17 The Promise Fulfilled - The final lesson ties together the seven passages and explains the ultimate goal of salvation.
Patrice Faye Little is the author of Out of Crazy, Born Genius. She has an incredible story of abuse in her younger life, and is very articulate in telling her story. She's doing all she can to set others free.
Prophet Doug Addison brings the message today from My Gathering Place International church service. His word will lift you up, and encourage you as you walk in the year 2020.
Today's lesson is about four friends that would stop at nothing to get their friend to Jesus. What are you willing to do for your friends? Follow the message, some great ideas may come to you.
Our guest today, Maura Gale on the TV show Dynasty, shares with us, from a worldly view, the challenges of being in the world, but not of the world. She recognizes that without God, nothing is going to be in your favor.
With all the negativity in the world today, we actually can do something about it - edify one another. Let's put on an attitude of encouragement and lift others up.
Is a person responsible to tell another friend that a third party they are dealing with has a disease? Well, someone is being sued for it. Watch the outcome to see if you're correct, or not.
Part 2 - Repentance is necessary! It changes our values, it changes our lifestyle. It brings a conviction to move us closer to our Savior. Listen to all the points of why repentance is necessary to follow Christ.
How great is God's goodness, and how abundant is God's goodness for those who fear you. God waits to pour out His goodness on His obedient children. Let's take courage of what God can do for us.
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