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Author: Gwartney Institute

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In Faith and Economics, economics professors Dr. Russ McCullough and Peter Jacobsen and philosophy professor Dr. Justin Clarke discuss big issues that impact economic freedom and human flourishing from a Christian perspective. This podcast is an initiative of the Gwartney Institute at Ottawa University.
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100 Episodes
Russ and Levi interview Dr. Jim Gwartney, our institute's namesake. This is a wide-ranging discussion on Jim's life, experience at Ottawa University, and his opinions on the state of the world economy. Common Sense Economics book
The Gwartney team talks about the Stanford Prison Experiment this week for our very special 100th episode. We are starting a trilogy and this episode starts it off with the corruption of power. Enjoy!
This week's episode the Gwartney team takes a look into expectations of faith. The book "The Marketplace of Christianity" by Robert Ekelund, Robert Hebert, and Robert Tollison is used as a reference in this podcast. The book helps open up a discussion about the difference between credence goods and meta-credence goods, and how they are connected in our faith. 
The Gwartney team discusses the problem of evil and suffering on this weeks podcast. 
The Gwartney team this week talks about the idea of a wealth tax. The show focuses in on what a wealth tax is, and why it doesn't look like it will work or want to be accepted as a new tax form along side the already in use, income and property tax. The team also talks about the biblical side of taxes. 
Russ and the Gwartney team discuss the talk that Dr. McCullough had to Kansas policy makers on an economic recovery plan with COVID.  Dr. Russ McCullough catches the policy makers attention with his presentation on, "Healthcare Capacity as a Policy Tool." Here is the link to the testimony, Dr McCullough starts at 1:42:35: And a link to the Policy Brief can be found here:
Dr. Russ McCullough takes students to Capitaf, which is Milton and Rose Friedman's summer home in Fairlee, VT. There the students and Russ discuss the books they read: "Free to Choose" and "Capitalism and Freedom" both written by Milton Friedman. 
The Gwartney team takes a deeper look into a ted talk titled "Why we're unhappy." The team talks about the policies and beliefs that Nat Ware proposes will fix the problem of unhappiness. The link to the ted talk is below.
The Gwartney Institute talks about the ethical theory of Hedonism. Is it true or is it false? Dr. Justin Clarke trys to bring Dr. McCullough and Dr. Jacobsen to the non-hedonist view point by delivering many examples of how it could be seen as false. 
The Gwartney Institute welcomes Peter Jacobsen to the team. Hearing about his journey of faith and economics. 
This week the Gwartney team is applying their conversations on the 3 positions of free will (Determinism, Libertarianism, and Compatibilism) to real life examples.
This week the Gwartney professors covered part 3 of the theory of free will; compatibilism 
This week the Gwartney professors covered part 2 of the theory of free will; libertarianism
Our two professors sat down this week to discuss part one of three on the theory of free will; determinism. 
The Gwartney team discusses government and police response to the instances of looting that have occurred during the recent protest and what the bible has to say on this topic. 
The Gwartney Institute tackles the hot topic of militarization of the police using the "Campaign Zero" policies from 2015. 
Drs. Dirk and Charity-Joy join the Gwartney team to discuss how economists can get swept up in visible information and miss some key invisible information in the decision-making process.
The Gwartney team dives into the philosophical trolley problem and discuss why people struggle with different scenarios. 
Charles Bryfogle joins the Gwartney team to discuss debt forgiveness and Christian jubilee as a potential solutions for economic collapse. 
The week the Gwartney teams discusses the morality and mechanics behind how the government is paying the stimulus for covid. 
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