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As a busy entrepreneurial family, you are faced with hundreds of ways to invest your time, money, and energy daily. But are you investing where it really counts?  We believe the best investment we can make as spouses and parents is always in our own personal growth and self-development. But what happens when one person in the couple grows more than the other? Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! In this show, we share the importance of growing together in marriage rather than growing apart. We understand this can be easier said than done. We all grow at different speeds and in different ways. Plus, when you have young kids, you and your spouse may be in different seasons in life when it comes to careers or personal goals. Recently we took a trip to Texas together, and it reminded us of how far we have come in our own personal development journey. Trust us, we aren’t anywhere near finished, but we are proud of the journey so far. Hit play to hear our advice for growing together with your spouse, practical examples of how we learn and have shared experiences together, how to respond if your spouse doesn’t want to grow with you and so much more.  Being willing to try new things and step out of our comfort zones to grow and become greater is one of the best gifts we can give our kids. They are watching our every move and learning how to do this thing called life so let’s show them how to invest in their greatest asset, themselves!  Ps: To learn more about our Family Brand Program, check out: More Of What’s Inside: What prevents relationships from growing apart How Melissa developed her own identity and new skills Our recent trip to Austin, Texas Why we take four annual getaways together to focus on personal growth How to spark conversations by sharing a podcast The importance of self-awareness Overcoming the victim mentality Growing apart can happen to every couple  And much more! Links For This Episode:  Song- Ben Platt "Grow as We Go" Family Brand Podcast-How To Plan and Execute a Couple's Trip: Website: Social: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:42 What inspired today’s conversation 2:06 The special ability only leaders have 6:27  The importance of growing together  8:30 How Melissa’s personal development journey started  11:36 The value of a shared experience  15:00 The truth about growth and transformation 17:38 Lyrics all couples need to hear  19:41 What to do if you’re the only one growing 21:35 Only you can take ownership of you
Have you ever thought, “I REALLY wish I/we had more time!” If so, you are going to love this episode. Dan Martell is an entrepreneur, angel investor and became a highly sought-after coach in the SaaS industry after exiting three technology companies within a ten-year period. He’s also an Ironman athlete, philanthropist, husband, and father of two incredible boys. We recently had the opportunity to take him and his wife, Renee through our Family Brand Level Up Your Family program. This week he launched his amazing book ‘Buy Back Your Time’. Dan is an expert when it comes to figuring out how to free up more of your time so you can do the things that light you up while making more income and a bigger impact in the world. One of the things we constantly hear from families is they don’t feel like they have enough time. And, oftentimes this seems impossible for families to figure out how to take back their time. There are so many demands coming at them from every direction. In this episode, Dan will share some really creative and practical ways that every family can take back more of their time, so they can focus on being a family, doing the things that light them up, and making a big difference in the world. In fact, we have already begun to experience the benefits of what Dan teaches. Recently, we implemented one of his strategies to buy back a significant amount of time each week that we are now using to further our mission of building and strengthening families. If you like this episode, check out the links below to connect with Dan or join the Family Brand Program!  More Of What’s Inside: A first look into Dan’s new book - Buy Back Your Time Practical examples of how we are creating more time in our week You deserve to make your life a little easier by outsourcing  Invest in activities that bring you happiness and financial success How to support your community by outsourcing and delegating tasks like meal prep, grocery shopping A million-dollar lifestyle is more achievable than you think! Common struggles that hold back most families from living their dreams Why Dan is a raving fan of the Family Brand Program How Dan positively transformed all the relationships in his life And much more!   Links For This Episode:  Dan on Instagram: Dan on LinkedIn: Book- "Buy Back Your Time" by Dan Martell: Website: Social: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 1:28 Get to know Dan Martell 2:13 The biggest changes most families struggle with  4:30 The moment everything changed for Dan 7:33 When Dan started buying his time 10:50 Dan’s advice for every family who needs more time 13:26 Overcoming the shame of outsourcing  18:34 Teaching your kids responsibility even when you outsource help at home 22:28 the power of investing in your family  28:00 Learning from others and how they save time 34:48 Reframing your mindset to worthiness and possibility
Parenting is a challenging journey, full of uncertainty and self-doubt.  It can be hard to know if you are doing the right thing when it comes to parenting your kids and loving them on an individual level to ensure all their needs are met both emotionally and physically. Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! Melissa here for another show and If you agree with the statement above, this episode will blow your mind. Fair warning before you dive into today’s content, you may want to grab a pin and paper or your digital equivalent so you can take notes. This episode is packed with valuable tips all parents need to hear!  Hit play to meet the one and only Crystal Haitsma. Crystal is known as the “parenting coach” and talks with us about how to trust yourself as a parent. Crystal has a unique approach to parenting and I was excited to hear more about it face-to-face.  I stumbled upon Crystal's Instagram and after scrolling through a few posts I had to know more. I  was immediately drawn to her connection-based parenting method. Crystal explains that the connection-based parenting method is all about building a strong relationship with your children and It's about being present, listening actively, and understanding your child's perspective. It's not about being tyrannical or controlling but rather about being a guide for your child and learning how to help and love them in the best way possible. For most of us, this approach to parenting is 100% the opposite of what we experienced growing up.  Learning how to parent in a new way can seem daunting at first or your temptation may be to run out and grab every book you can find on parenting and self-development you can find. Either way, you’ll learn during our conversation that building a better relationship with your child may be easier than you think. Why? Because you have everything you need to succeed inside you. Crystal reminds us of the fundamental truths of self-care and how if we take care of ourselves we can better serve our kids and families. You’ll also hear her advice on how to trust your intuition, how to overcome the battles in your mind, how to not repeat the pain of your past and so much more.  It's okay to make mistakes and remember that being a perfect parent is impossible. However, we know there is always room for growth! We look forward to relistening to this episode over and over again to learn more from Crystal. To reach out to us or learn more about our guests, follow the links below!    More Of What’s Inside: Crystal’s approach as a parenting coach Why it’s so easy to want a certain behavior from your kids It’s never too late to change your relationship with your kids Self-healing is both daunting and empowering The difference between thought work and emotional work What to do if you feel like melting down Melisa gets coached live on the podcast How Crystal got started parenting coaching  The power of connection based parenting And much more!   Links For This Episode:  Instagram: Crystal's Podcast: Crystal's Parenting Personality Quiz: Link to Crystal's Mindset Journal for Parents: Book- By Gordon Neufeld- "Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers": Book-by Deborah MacNamara PhD- "Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like One)": Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:52 How Crystal and Melissa met  1:33 What Crystal does as a parenting couch 7:01 What is connection-based parenting  9:35 How to show up with different energy with your kids 14:50 Shifting your perspective as a parent 17:01 Why it’s important to connect with your teenager  22:28 You have the power inside of yourself for you or your kids 27:18 Your past will affect your parenting  31:47 How to start being a better parent today 35:20 What to do when you’re overly stimulated 40:02 Teaching your kids how to process emotions  45:57  How to learn more from Crystal  47:57 Books about parenting you may love 51:33 How to take control of your thoughts and mindset
New Year, New Vision. If you want to have a great 2023, creating a clear vision is the #1 way to get the most out of your new year. Plus, it’s more fun and easier than you think!  Welcome to the Family Brand Podcast! If you are new here, you may not know that we are big believers in vision boards. At one point in our lives, we would have been skeptical about the idea and have chalked it up to a “woo-woo” exercise and completely written it off.  However, after years of seeing firsthand how Vision Boards can pay off and help you manifest your dreams and intentions…we are 100% convinced that every family should adopt this tradition! Creating them as a family can be a fun and meaningful activity for all ages.   First, start by talking about a few goals. This can include personal goals, such as learning a new skill or starting a new hobby, as well as family goals, like saving for a vacation or improving your health. By having this conversation, you can get a better understanding of what each family member is hoping to accomplish and how you can support each other in reaching your goals. This year we had the opportunity to look back on our vision boards from 2022 and everyone in the family was amazed at how many things from our boards came to life throughout the year. From words we embodied to awards we worked towards, to visiting the same locations we saw in a magazine. Watching our kids see their goals come to pass has been one of the most powerful things we have experienced as parents.  By setting goals and visualizing your future together, you can create a roadmap for success and strengthen your connections with your loved ones. In this episode, we share how we created our Vision Boards for 2023, what words we picked for the year and why, how we helped our kids complete their boards, and how we plan to use them throughout the calendar year. We will also cover what practical materials you’ll need to create them so that by the end of the show, you’ll be ready to start your own! So why wait? Gather your family and get started on your vision boards for 2023 today! For more help and to get to most out of the experience, download our full activity pack: Inside you’ll find out with main activities: Reflection of the past year Family Awards Ceremony Vision Boards creation  These three activities can help children understand the concept of time, the power of setting goals, encourage positive habits, reinforce their identity and uniqueness, plus so much more!   More Of What’s Inside: What’s on our 2023 vision board Why you should start with a word or a phrase for the year How our family is disconnecting from devices more this year The “simplify, expand and simplify” framework  Why we had a great Christmas break as a family  A few lessons we learned in 2022 The importance of having a vision board A few goals that came to pass last year Our “words” for 2023 and how we plan to live them out The brain science behind a vision board And much more!   Links For This Episode:  Book- "The GO-Giver" by Bob Burg: Link to the New Years Bundle:   Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:43 Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! 1:18 Let’s talk about vision boards! 3:16 How we come up with our “word” for the year 4:22 Crazy adventures that came true because our vision boards 6:43 Advice for people who have never made a vision board 8:47 Mellisa’s word for 2023 12:40 Unpacking your “word” even further 16:02 It’s the year to get off the sidelines  18:06 Why we love camping as a family  20:54 Chris’ word for 2023 23:54 How to promote peace in our home
Nothing leads to better conversations like traveling on the open road.  Recently, we were traveling for a quick work trip and our four oldest kids were hanging out with friends for Christmas Break. We took our youngest to friends about an hour and a half away so we found ourselves with some alone time in the car.  We started talking about our kids individually and how we can love them more intentionally in 2023. It led to one of the most thought-provoking and powerful conversations we have ever had as parents. We left the trip with 3 questions that every parent should be asking if they want to up-level their parenting.  Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! Today on the show, we will let you in on our conversation and break down our answers to these 3 parenting questions. However, full disclosure is we haven’t fully finished this exercise ourselves, so we will all be doing it together.  After serious consideration, we decided to take some time with our answers and really lean in to find the most intentional ways to love our kids this year. It truly is a profound experience and we plan on making this process a part of our yearly routine.  Setting relationship goals and being strategic about how you lead your family doesn’t just apply to your kids. You can apply these same questions to your marriage and show your spouse more intentional love in the New Year.  And speaking of the New Year, don’t miss out on our FREE New Year’s Eve Bundle. We have a few ideas to help you create the most meaningful, fun, connected, positive, and awesome New Year's Party your family ever imagined!  Our plans consist of 3 main activities: Reflection of the past year Family Awards Ceremony Vision Boards creation  These 3 activities can help children understand the concept of time, the power of setting goals, encourage positive habits, reinforce their identity and uniqueness, plus so much more!  It will be your family's new favorite tradition! Get access now: More Of What’s Inside: How can we show up for each of our children Some tools and strategies to help your kids How are we finding the answers to these questions  The power of making investments in your family  A few examples of how we are applying our answers How to have the best year yet  And much more! Links For This Episode:  Link to the New Years' Eve Bundle: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:07 What’s inside this episode  2:00 A new tradition we are implementing as parents  4:24 Helping and loving your kids as individuals  5:05 How we are showing up for our kids this year 8:00 Making proactive investments in your family 11:03 Intentional goal setting for every relationship 12:01 How to capitalize off the new year
New Year's Eve is a special time for many people and families. It's a chance to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the year ahead.  Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! We are excited to share an update on our MOST requested topic of the year.  If you have heard our previous years episodes, we can cut to the chase! Get Your FREE New Years' Eve Party Bundle Here: (PDFs and Print outs included!) If you’re new around here, let us give you the rundown! After years of perfecting the perfect family New Year's Eve party, It’s now become one of our most beloved holidays and traditions in the Smith House.  However, we haven’t always looked forward to the end of the year like we do today. A few years ago, we were going through the motions and stayed up too late on New Year's Eve and then the whole family woke up groggy and grumpy on New Year’s Day.  The new year is supposed to be a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and just barely making it through the day on January 1st didn’t feel like how we wanted to start my new year.  Sound familiar? If so, we have a few ideas to help you create the most meaningful, fun, connected, positive, and awesome New Year's Party your family ever imagined!  Our plans consist of 3 main activities: Reflection of the past year Family Awards Ceremony Vision Boards creation  These 3 activities can help children understand the concept of time, the power of setting goals, encourage positive habits, reinforce their identity and uniqueness, plus so much more!  Having a meaningful New Year's Eve party with your kids can help set the tone for the rest of the year and set your family up for success. Don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself!  Every family that has tried these ideas said it was a game-changer for their relationships and helped transform the culture in their house throughout the new year. Hit play to see why our party plans even went viral last year on Instagram!  Get Your FREE New Years' Eve Party Bundle Here: (PDFs and Print outs included!) Feel free to take these ideas and resources and make them your own! Tag us in your pictures or contact us and tell us how your night goes @ourfamilybrand on Instagram. (Links below)   More Of What’s Inside: How to have the most meaningful New Year’s Eve party with your family How to get ahead of the game with your family awards night The impact of being acknowledged for something you’re doing This isn’t just something “cool” to do with your family  Why Chris personally looks forward to this transition  What other people are saying about our New Year's Eve party What gave us the idea to redesign our New Year’s Eve  And much more! Links For This Episode:  Link to the New Years' Eve Bundle: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:40 Why people have been requesting this episode  1:17 Why we love this tradition  2:25 What inspired our New Years Party Ideas 5:20 A look inside our Family Reward ceremony 6:01 The power of reflecting on your year 7:05 Kids love vision boards  8:23 How has this process impacted us 9:14 How to get your New Years' bundle FREE!   
Light, love, and positivity.  In our opinion, these are not just “new age” buzzwords. These are some of the most important things we can spread worldwide. And we all have the power to do it! Do you agree?  If so, we probably can agree that it can be easier said than done.  During the Holidays, it’s easier to keep things like that at the top of your mind, especially as you buy gifts and start creating memories with your family. Things like generosity and intentionality are built into your schedule. But what about the rest of the year?  How can we give away our light to anyone we meet, and what does that even mean?  Those are just some of the questions we want to tackle in today’s episode! Welcome to another episode of the family Brand podcast.  This conversation is short and sweet, but if you apply these ideas you’ll be rewarded for years to come. (Plus, everyone around you too.)  Hit play to hear why we think everyone has a light that the world needs, how to unleash your light, how to appreciate people more, what it looks like to acknowledge others, and so much more.  More Of What’s Inside: What does it mean to “give light”? The story of how our church asked us to deliver a nativity set  The best gifts aren’t necessarily physical gifts The gift of appreciation and affection Getting outside of yourself when you are giving Give more than just the perfect gift And much more!   Links For This Episode:  PDF-50 Ideas to Share Your Light: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 1:10 Let’s talk about giving light  2:46 Every gift can have some light 4:06 The Law Of Giving 5:45 You never know how far kindness can go  6:50 How Chris’ friend shows honor to others 8:41 How can you bring a little more light? 9:29 How to get a list of ideas on how to spread your light
Today we are coming to you live from our family road trip! Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! Every year around this time, the Smiths get a whole new look. You may think we are referring to ugly Christmas sweaters or our favorite Holiday outfits, but we are talking about our Cowboy hats and boots.  We take a trip to Las Vegas to see Chris compete in the National Rodeo Championships. If you haven’t known us long, this family hobby may surprise you. However, if you have been around awhile you know that we love the country scene as much as the surf scene!  We have a mixed bag of interests, hobbies, and things we like to do as a family. We love to go on adventures together so we find ourselves in the most interesting places and conversations.  Sometimes, those conversations can go south quickly. As you find the vision for your family and you create your “Family Brand.” you’ll discover fast that some people have a lot to say… It may feel like everyone has an opinion on your life and how you live it. Some people may even ask you why? Or proceed to tell you that you are wrong. Maybe you have experienced similar situations in your life. In this episode, we have an honest conversation about when you owe an explanation and when you don’t. In modern culture, we all spend too much time apologizing or explaining why we do things that matter to us.  Don’t get us wrong, of course, there are valid times to give someone an explanation, but for the most part, we want to encourage you to take back your power and give less energy to people who ask questions they don’t really care to know the answer to. Or people who ask questions just to knock you down.  We hope this episode encourages you and your family embraces more of what you want to do in the new year! If you liked this “coaching” style content, let us know! Reach out to us via the links below.  More Of What’s Inside: You don’t owe anyone an explanation When you told people you were moving to Hawaii Why you don’t have to apologize when you fail People are asking for an explanation are coming into your world and calendar How to take back your family's time How Mellissa now handles emails How often do you find yourself explaining yourself? Chris’ healthy journey in 2022  And much more!   Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:49 Our trip to Vegas 1:27 Why we love the Rodeo 2:12 You never have to explain yourself 3:47 A lot of people will question you  7:02 How to respond to people's questions 10:33 Don’t give away your power  14:28 What Chris has been working on lately 17:04 Pay attention to how you respond this week
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, they say… But is it really? LOL Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast, Chris and Melissa here for another honest conversation about what’s going on in the Smith world. If you’re like us, you love this time of year and all the beautiful memories we get to make with our kids of all ages.  However, as the years have gone by it feels like our schedule is packed and our family is spread thin across the board. It can be hard to navigate the Holiday season with family arrangements, expectations with traditions, checking off the gift list, and everything in between.  In other words, the to-do list is long but the hours are short. It feels more overwhelming than “the true Christmas Spirit.” Instead of just putting our heads down and finishing out the calendar year in the same routine, we decided to sit down and do a “family audit” so we can have a more peaceful Christmas and Holiday atmosphere in our home.  If that sounds good to you, hit play to hear more! During this conversation, we share how we plan to take back our schedule this season, how we plan to declutter our home before we bring more “stuff” via Christmas gifts, how we found out our kid's favorite traditions, and how we are prioritizing activities' accordingly and so much more!  Every family and Holiday culture is unique so feel free to take the ideas discussed in the show and make them your own! However you celebrate, we hope you take action on this episode. Even if you can eliminate one stressful thing in your life over the next few weeks it will be worth it! And, your kids will thank you.  - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Give your kids the gift of a last name they are proud of! Start building your own Family Brand today: More Of What’s Inside: What’s the biggest challenge facing your family? How we are outsourcing over 300 pieces of laundry every week Why we think it’s important to have your kids do chores How to take back your family’s time Why have we been asking “What’s going on with our house?” Updates on our new home Why we have grown to love a minimalist lifestyle Sometimes you just have to get rid of “stuff” in all areas   And much more!   Links For This Episode:  Book- "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo: Podcast- "Agreements vs. Expectations" -The Family Brand Podcast: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:40 Is it the most wonderful day of the year? 4:28 How minimalism can be freeing 8:40 Why our laundry life is insane  11:18 Finding joy in your home  15:28 How to make the Holiday less stressful 18:26 How to do a “family audit”
Relationships are the most fulfilling part of the human experience. It’s clear that none of us were designed to be alone and that’s one of the reasons why marriage is so powerful and life-giving for those who do it right.  For those who do it wrong, marriage and relationships can be stressful and traumatic. How do we know? Because we have had it both ways! We have experienced firsthand how handling conflict can make or break a relationship. Statistically,  we could all tell a story about how a conflict either in our own relationships or in our parent's relationships affected us negatively and shaped our worldview.  That’s why learning how to “fight well” and building a marriage and family culture that thrives and knows how to approach “healthy conflict”  is a key focus in the Smith house! Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! Today we are joined by Jayson and Ellen Gaddis from The Relationship School.  Chris first met Jayson in a Mastermind program they are both members of and they quickly hit it off as they discovered they had a shared purpose of serving marriages and families at a high level. When we first heard about their transformative and yet practical advice for couples at The Relationship School, we knew we had to introduce them to YOU! Hit play to hear the Gaddis’ life-changing advice on what to do when your relationship isn’t working, how to approach hard conversations better, the #1 thing anyone can do to improve their marriage, how to have a stronger relationship, what to do when you don’t know what to say and so much more! If you are a legacy-minded person, you probably spend your time thinking about the most important things you can teach your children or grandchildren and what valuable lessons you can pass on to them. After this episode, we are more convinced than ever that mastering communication in our marriage is one of the best things we can do for future generations. Someone has to stop unhealthy cycles in your family line, why can’t that person be you?   Homework: Even if your marriage is going great right now, the wisdom Jayson and Ellen have on this topic is something we all can learn from. We left this conversation with two huge takeaways!  Creating a conflict resolution plan The importance of addressing things sooner rather than later What’s your biggest takeaway? Your homework from this episode is to TAKE ACTION on one of the topics that stood out to you from today’s conversation! For more free resources and programs to help you build your marriage or your own Family Brand, follow the links below! More Of What’s Inside: It’s through conflict that we build strong relationships How to have a conflict resolution process that you’ve agreed upon. Our recent interview on The Relationship School Podcast  A look into Jayson’s book on conflict resolution The danger of saying “we’re not good at communicating” Why timing really does matter  Coming out of a divorce mentally  A few things you should never say to your spouse  Jayson and Ellen Gaddis's best advice for all couples How Jayson and Ellen healed their past relationship wounds And much more!   Links For This Episode:  The Relationship School Website: Book-'Getting to Zero' by Jayson Gaddis: Relationship Mastery Training: Ellen's Website: Jayson's Website: 'The Relationship Upgrade Course' for Couples: The Relationship School Podcast: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode 2:06 Get to know Jayson and Ellen 4:26 How Jayson and Ellen met 9:26 Conflict isn’t always a negative thing 16:21 Why conflict needs a few rules 18:57 Avoid using all incommoding language  22:29 The #1 thing you can do to improve your marriage 27:18 The sooner you can talk  about an issue the better 31:21 Letting your “why” can't wait until later 35:11 How we are taking action about this episode 36:01 How to connect more with Jayson and Ellen Jayson Gaddis Bio:Jayson Gaddis, author, podcaster, speaker, and “personal trainer for relationships”, is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection. He got tired of complaining that street-level relationship skills are not taught in school, so he founded The Relationship School®, an impact-based company dedicated to helping individuals, couples and teams work out their differences in order to have indestructible relationships. He is the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® and Present Centered Relationship Coaching® and the Getting To Zero Method™. His new book Getting to Zero: How to work Through Conflict In Your High Stakes Relationships was voted Editors Choice, Best non-fiction, and Best Leadership and Business book in 2021 on Amazon. He’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids. They live in Boulder, Colorado. When he doesn’t live and breathe this relationship stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him. Ellen Boeder's bioEllen Boeder, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist and coach for couples in Boulder, Colorado, who has been interested in how relationships actually work for as long as she can remember. Studying with innovative researchers and cutting edge practitioners in the field of psychology, relationships, and also yoga, for over 20 years has helped her integrate her approach to working with people in a sensitive, straightforward, deeply informed and embodied way. The most high level training she does is usually at home with her husband and two young children, as she finds her way through the real, raw, and beautiful experience of being deeply intertwined with others. Ellen is also a faculty member for The Relationship School®, is a long time yoga practitioner, and writes a blog that incorporates her studies in psychology with her life experience as a mother, called Rearranged by Motherhood.
Authenticity. It’s a word that gets thrown around and overused these days. But what does it really mean? Today we want to talk about how to let your kids be themselves and how to feel like a less “controlling” parent. Don’t get us wrong, it’s important to have a healthy level of authority in your kids' lives as they grow up, but there is a difference between parenting, and infringing on one's free will and the ability to express themselves.  Chris and Melissa here welcoming you back to the Podcast! Here at Family Brand, part of what we do is teach families how to create their family vision statement and family values. One of our core goals as Smith’s is we want to create a culture where everyone in our family feels like they belong and are accepted.  Growing up and just through our own life experiences, the sense of “belonging” was a feeling we weren't super familiar with. We both found it hard to truly be ourselves and live from a place that we would call congruent. Learning our individual identity and what it meant to express ourselves has been a journey. (And one we are still on)  In today’s episode, we are going to share our experiences of learning how to be more authentic and how to create an environment where all of our kids know they can be exactly who they are. This can be easier said than done, so that’s why we are going to also share a few practical examples about how we are parenting our kids through everything from switching schools, bad haircuts, crazy outfits and so much more.  It’s easy to feel like we know best when it comes to how our kids should be or live their lives. Can you relate? If so, listen to the end to hear how Melissa is learning how to release control or “nagging” Mothering tendencies and step into a new level of relationship with our boys.  More Of What’s Inside: How to allow your children to be who they are The challenge of not trying to control everything around our kids The idea is that you can be who you want to be Are you more worried about what other people will think? Creating a culture of belonging  Can you allow people to be who they want to be? And much more! Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 1:00 The importance of just being you 3:06 How we are letting their kids be themselves 6:49 Everyone has an individual worldview 8:14 It’s not about what people think about you 12:55 A powerful mother and son night Mellissa recently  16:25 Creating a culture of belonging 29:23 Is there something you should release this week?
WARNING: We know a lot of our listeners listen to our show with kiddos in the car or in the room. That’s why we wanted to let you know at the top that we are going to be covering the topic of pornography and keeping your kids safe from assault. We won't go into graphic detail or anything like that, but our conversation is more geared toward the parents or guardians of kids.  Welcome to episode 103 of the Family Brand Podcast! Okay, it’s time to have some #RealTalk about porn and how to protect our kids in 2022 and beyond. Technology isn’t going anywhere and we are a part of a forerunning generation of Parents who are learning what it means to have a healthy approach to screens and the internet.  We are excited to welcome special guest Kristen Jensen to the show to help cover this very important topic of kids and pornography. After getting many DMs and questions from parents in our Family Brand Course about this topic we knew we had to bring in an expert. Kristen is the founder of and the Author of the number one bestselling book “Good pictures, bad pictures” the guide to “porn proofing”  young kids. She is also the executive producer of the brain defense, digital safety curriculum, a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators. During this powerful conversation, Kristen will share briefly about her journey and why she is so passionate about this topic. You’ll also get practical tips and advice on what to do if your kids have already seen porn, how to start protecting your kids now, how porn affects brain development, and more!  We hope you leave this conversation feeling empowered and equipped to have a better conversation about porn and other important topics in your home. Also, if you have parents in your friend group or community, please share this information with them!    More Of What’s Inside: The brain science of porn The difference between a thinking and feeling brain  When the average kid first sees porn How to help your kids be safer on the internet  Why parents should always stay calm around this topic What to say to your kids about porn (at any age)  How to teach your kids sex/body parts aren’t “bad” Helping your kids have a healthy approach to sex Where art crosses the line into porn And much more!   Links For This Episode:  Defend Young Minds Website: Book- 'Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.' by Kristen Jenson: Book- "Good Pictures Bad Pictures" by Kristen Jenson: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:07 What’s inside this episode  3:45 How Kristen Jenson became passionate about this topic  7:45 The best time to start the conversation with your children 11:29 Taking control of the conversation  17:05 The effects of addictions on the brain  20:23 What to do if your kids have seen porn 30:35 Why 7-11 is such an important age  36:00 Porn is the opposite of healthy sex 41:36 Final thoughts and advice 
If you are a parent or have been in any sort of long-term relationship, there is a good chance that you have experienced a fight or misunderstanding because the root of the issue wasn’t addressed sooner… We have all been there! It can be hard to discern when is the best time to bring up a “touchy” topic that could lead to further conflict or hurt feelings if not handled correctly. How we approach these conversations can be the defining factor in the other party feeling loved or totally rejected.  Especially when these conversations are ones with your kids, it’s important to make sure you’re not coming from an angry or emotionally charged place. This of course is easier said than done and none of us are perfect! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take practical steps to have more powerful conversations and healing conflict in your home.  Welcome to episode 102 of the Family Brand Podcast! What conversations are you avoiding having with your loved ones? Maybe you were hurt by something they did or didn’t do. Or, something they said or didn’t say. Unfortunately, unmet expectations and unintended pain happen more often than we would like it to.  That’s why we wanted to take a full episode to talk about this important topic. Hit play to hear our thoughts and advice on how to have hard conversations, how to stay calm even in the hardest situations, why it’s important to address things quickly and not wait, plus so much more!  This episode is short, but it’s pretty powerful and packed. As always, if you want to take your Family Brand to the next level, join our official course now:    More Of What’s Inside: Why timing is everything when it comes to communication How do you know when to address an issue vs. keep your mouth shut? The power of sharing feedback in an effective way Would rather address it or clean up a mess later? What Melissa has been learning and reading about How Chris has seen conversations go poorly  Handling conflict with your kids  Healthy conversations can transform your family culture  And much more!   Links For This Episode:  Book-"How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:42 Why we think this topic is so important 4:47 How to define what’s worth addressing  6:46 Learning from those older and wiser 11:00 No one wants to feel like their wrong 15:01 You are responsible for your response 16:24 The power of teaching your kids how to have healthy conflict 
Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here, as the end of October draws near, we are getting close to a yearly family tradition of ours. It’s one that has taught our whole family about where we come from and now we get an opportunity to celebrate them every year!  If you are one of our OG listeners, you may remember this conversation from this time last year. If you are new around here, this may be a whole new concept for you! Either way, we hope you enjoy this episode and we hope it helps creatine lasting memories for years to come.  We were first introduced to this tradition by a good friend of ours back in Arizona, we were lucky enough to be invited and learn more about our friend’s histories as well as our own. If you’ve been listening to Family Brand long you know that some of our biggest values are that our kids know they belong and have a strong identity in who they are. There have been countless studies on why it’s important for people to know their ancestors and how the stories they left behind can only make us stronger.  Join us as we discuss how we like to celebrate our family through this day, the fun we have in researching our family history, and even how we keep honoring our ancestors the entire year. You’ll get our best tips and practices on how you can dive into your family history and how to throw a Dia De Los Muertos party that will have your kids excited to learn about their heritage. This tradition has not only been great to learn about the far past but has created an amazing opportunity for us to hear the stories of our parents, and grandparents as well, only strengthening our sense of family.  We hope this episode inspires you to jump into your own history and share with your family the great pride that comes with knowing who you are. If you do decide to celebrate this tradition with your family tag us on Instagram @ourfamilybrand so we can celebrate with you!   More Of What’s Inside: Why we started celebrating Dia De Los Muertos The importance of knowing your heritage Honoring our ancestors all year long The tradition of Dia De Los Muertos Finding identity through your ancestors Enrolling the whole family in the tradition How we get our kids excited about their ancestors Making dishes to honor our heritage Where you can look into your family history And much more! LINKS: Article: NY Times - The Family Stories That Bind Us Website: Social: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: Free course:   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:42 What to expect today! 2:26 Why knowing your family heritage is important 4:33 The ancient history of Dia De Los Muertos 5:55 What we all can learn from Disney’s CoCo 8:12 Why this is more than just another party 8:57 Party inspiration and tips you can replicate 11:10 A few recipes we made and why 13:13 The importance of keeping your family photos 14:05 How you can start learning more about your history today 15:09 Closing thoughts and tips
Welcome to the 100th episode of the Family Brand Podcast! That's crazy, right?  We are so excited to cross this milestone together. Honestly, we never thought we would keep going this long! It just goes to show that taking it one week at a time and staying consistent can help you reach any goal!  Over the past 100 episodes, we have had more fun than we ever thought possible. Maybe we would have talked with each other and recorded it, but what truly has made it so fun and life-giving is the fact that YOU join us every week!  We have been so humbled by your willingness to share the show with your friends, leave reviews, and hit subscribe so you never miss an episode. Without you, none of this would be possible! Our commitment is to keep bringing value to you and your family and help you become a stronger family through each episode. Here is to 100 more!  Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing what topic we should cover for our big milestone episode. We got feedback from friends and family and brainstormed what could be the best thing to do for our 100th time together.  After our recent family vacation, it was obvious that friendships and surrounding yourself with the right people were the best thing we could bring to you today. Hit play to hear how you can start leveling up your family's relationships with people who bring the best out of each other.  Surrounding ourselves with powerful families like yours has been key for us living a more fulfilling and prosperous life. We can’t stress the importance of rich relationships in 2022 and beyond. That’s why we encourage you to listen to the end to hear your “homework” from this episode if you want to start surrounding yourself with the right people today.  PS: If you want to create your own Family Brand and Values, head to: now!    More Of What’s Inside: Happy 100th episode!!! Our last-minute trip to Texas  Hilarious text from our mentor How the “right people” make you feel Why you need to take a friendship audit A quick recap of our fall family vacations Alternate topic ideas for episode 100 Be intentional with your kids friendships too And much more!   Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course:   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:42 Welcome back to the 100th episode of the Family Brand Podcast!  3:03 How we decided on our 100th topic   5:20 Why our most recent vacation was magical 8:59 You are who you hang out with! (Did your mom say that too? Lol)  11:33 Why we surround ourselves with people we vibe with  14:51 Be careful who you let speak into your life  17:22 The long-term benefits of relationships  19:12 Why you need to take a friendship audit today  
There is nothing like getting a workout AND listening to a great podcast. It’s like an exercise for your body and mind at the same time and it’s one of our favorite ways to start the day. The morning of this recording we hit the gym and listened to a powerful conversation with the one and only Jocko Willink. Obviously, that sparked up the conversation of discipline and what freedom really looks like. If you don’t know who Jocko Willink is, let us introduce him really fast. His given name is John Gretton and picked up the nickname "Jocko" during his time as a United States Navy officer where he served in the Navy SEALs and is a former member of SEAL Team 3. Not only is he an American hero, but he is a master of discipline and doing what it takes to be free. His type of mentality is not reserved for the high performers or elite operatives of our time. It’s a mindset we believe every family and parent could benefit from if they give it a try. Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! Hit play to hear our thoughts and personal journeys so far with discipline and staying in a highly-productive family schedule. This is one of those topics we could go back to over and over again and always have something new to say. That’s why we encourage you to listen with a pen and paper or open up a fresh notepad on your smartphone! Be listening for one action step you can take today. Also, If you want to create your own Family Brand and Values, head to: now!   More Of What’s Inside: Discipline and feelings shouldn’t  A powerful lesson we love about our boys t-shirt business  One of the most important areas to have discipline about The real ROI on investments Why anyone can learn the skill of discipline  What creates freedom in your family life How to know when it’s time to add more discipline in your life And much more!   Links For This Episode: Podcast Mentioned: Kids Book Mentioned: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 1:42 How our whole family can be more disabled 2:10 What’s the story you tell yourself about  4:30 How to future pace yourself 6:53 What freedom really looks like 10:36 How Mellissa approaches scheduling 13:15 The importance of family agreements 16:14 You may be braver than you think  19:00 A huge goal Chris has hit this year
Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! Recently, Melissa went on a personal development retreat with an incredible marriage and relationship expert. We don’t want to give away too much just yet about the trip because we will soon have them as a guest on the show!  However, while Melissa was away it was just Chris and the kids left to brave for themselves…. How do you think it went? LOL!  It actually went better than great! Everyone not only survived but thrived all week. On both sides too! The kids had some serious Dad bonding time and good memories and Mellissa got some time to invest in herself and continue her personal development journey.  When was the last time you invested in yourself? For the majority of our lives, we wouldn’t be able to answer that question. We NEVER used to invest in ourselves or try to intentionally work on self-care or development. Looking back now, we wish we would have started sooner.  That’s why we are so excited about today’s conversation! Hit play to hear our thoughts on investing in yourself at every stage in life, why we think it’s critical for unlocking your potential and so much more. Whether this is your first time listening or if you are a self-investment professional we hope you leave this conversation empowered and encouraged about your future! If you want to create your own Family Brand and Values, head to: now!  More Of What’s Inside: A look into Melissa’s exciting recent trip  Chris’ first experience investing in himself  Why do all parents need some time away The importance of doing check-ins with your   The real ROI of investing in yourself Practical examples of what personal investment looks like  If growth was easy everyone would be doing it  Our family quote of the year And much more!   Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:51 Chris and the kids week without Melissa (Everyone survived and thrived! Lol) 1:34 Why it’s important to invest in yourself 6:00 Looking for opportunities in every moment 10:34 Misconceptions about investing in yourself  14:20 Growth can be uncomfortable (and why it’s worth it) 17:49 Stop talking yourself out of your breakthrough  20:51 How to take the first step to your dreams
After we moved from Hawaii, we found our way back to small-town America on the mainland. Friday night nights, bike rides to our favorite spots, and every other Fall activity you can think of are in full swing for the Smith family, and it’s wonderful!  As the seasons change outside your window, they change just as quickly inside our homes as parents. We are experiencing this first hand as we parent 5 kids between the ages of 5 and 15. It takes A LOT of emotional intelligence and awareness to parent kids at different ages in the ways they need.  This is the type of stuff we don’t hear many parents and thought leaders talk about… That’s why in today’s episode, we share a powerful parenting analogy we can all relate to. In the spirit of Fall, it’s a football analogy, but even if you know nothing about football, this powerful concept of parenting and coaching in different seasons will still resonate with you.  Hit play to hear how Parenting is like a Football game and how you can write your family's “game-winning playbook” We share authentically what we have been learning in this season and what all the stages of parenting look like (even when they are out of the house), why this analogy can help you lead your family more powerfully and so much more.  This episode is short, but it’s pretty powerful and packed, and you’ll be ready to take action. Towards the end, we mention our Family Values and how we plan to use them more intentionally. If you want to create your own Family Brand and Values, head to: now!    More Of What’s Inside: Happy Fall! When to play the role of a quarterback  When to play the role of a coach When to play the role of a cheerleader When God comes into play How to design your offense strategy   How to parent more authentically  Your parenting skills can adapt over time Give yourself grace and know it’s okay to be new at this And much more!   Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 Audio warning and what’s inside the show! 0:56 Melissa’s football analogy  2:09 The different seasons of parenting 6:56 Kids have to learn their own lessons sometimes  9:06 When to move into the cheerleader position 10:10 How your family values are your offense playbook 13:54 Your kids don’t dictate your happiness and fulfillment 15:15 How to be more honest with your kids about
Trigger warning: In this episode, we talk about mental health issues and experiences with raising a kid with thoughts of suicide. If you find any of these topics overwhelming or triggering, we encourage you to skip this episode for now and come back when you are ready.  September is Suicide awareness month. This episode originally was published in September of 2022. Whether you hear this episode around that time or in the future, take some time to be aware of the ones you love. It can be easy to get into your own routine and not pick up on the warning signs from those around you. If you see someone exhibiting signs of Suicidal thoughts or tendencies. It’s time to speak up and do what you can to get them help. Dial 988 for immediate help or check out the resources below.  Welcome to episode 96 of the Family Brand Podcast! Today we are joined by two incredible people who we are excited to know and introduce you to. Hit play to meet Justin and Megan Martin! A few weeks ago, we got an Instagram notification that someone we didn't know (Megan) tagged us in a new post.  When we clicked through to see the picture… Our hearts were overflowing with gratitude and honor. Megan shared a picture of their wall where their “Family Values” were hanging and the caption expressed her experience with our Family Brand Program. It was so humbling to hear how these total strangers heard the podcast and took action on creating a better future for their families.  Of course, they didn’t stay strangers for long because we had to send them a DM and get to know them. We are so glad we did because this family and their story are nothing short of amazing. During this conversation, the Martins will authentically share all the ups and downs of helping their kid walk through a dark season of depression and other mental health issues.  After the pandemic, physical and mental health is a top priority for many of us. If you are growing in this area as a family, we hope this conversation will help you navigate whatever life throws at you and give you more tools you need to succeed! To connect with us and see the resources mentioned during this show, follow the links below!    More Of What’s Inside: Raising Teens in 2022  Life as an entrepreneurial family  How we met Justin and Megan  A few silver linings of the pandemic  How to help your kid in the valley of depression Suicidal signs to look for  The most helpless a parent can feel How The Martins created the Family Brand And much more!   Links From This Episode:  Website-Suicide Prevention Tools Website- Suicide Prevention Skills Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:02 Why this conversation matters more than ever 2:51 Get to know Justin and Megan Martin 9:16 When you find out your kid is suicidal… 24:50 What it takes to turn your family around  30:00 The power of showing up as a community for those snuggling  42:41 Advice for parents worried about their kids' mental health  46:28 Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak
Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! Melissa here, for a solo cast.  If I am being honest, I have put this episode off for a while... I’ve known in the back of my mind that this conversation was going to be important for many of you listening but I knew it would make me a bit emotional. You see, we just closed an amazing chapter in the Smith house and are bravely stepping into uncharted territory.  Our baby girl is off to Kindergarten. That means, for the first time in 15 years I have no little ones in the house and my “mom life” looks COMPLETELY different.  Whether your kids are young or out of the house, getting married, going off to college, job hunting or learning how to walk,  transition seasons can be hard for us parents. I’ve spent weeks journaling and thoughtfully reflecting on our time raising our littles.  The time of reflecting has really given me a new level of thankfulness and perspective. In this episode, I want to share with you the page out of my journal that perfectly encapsulates my thoughts and feelings about this season. It’s raw and authentic and I am excited to let you in on the process.  I hope that this episode gives you language to the feelings you may be going through, remind you that the best is yet to come, and to be the first (or maybe only) person to say “GOOD JOB!” on finishing the last season strong.  For more free resources and to start creating your own Family Brand, follow the links below! Have thoughts or feedback on this episode? Swipe up to find our social media links too!    More Of What’s Inside: How I used busy work to avoid my feelings The ups and downs of the last season What Mom’s really need to hear  Our time homeschooling Don’t lose your identity Every season has its own beauty My advice for parents in transitions Why it’s important to start dreaming about the future  And much more!   Links From This Episode:  Link to Instagram Post: Website: Social:  Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter:  Free course: Episode Minute By Minute: 0:52 Why I’ve been putting off this episode… 4:27 An honest page out of Mellissa’s journal  6:34 Advice for when your baby goes to Kindergarten  9:08 Why it’s important to be still and process  12:13 One book all moms should read during this season 15:14 A quote that will refresh your soul 
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