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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.
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CEO and Founder of Tiare Rose, Kim Castellano, offers a behind-the-scenes view of the new multi-channel sustainable retailer with a single technologically advanced brick and mortar store, an e-commerce retail platform, text-to shop based shopping and livestream shopping which showcases only sustainable brands. See for privacy information.
Drawing on use cases, such as the work with adidas, Max Winograd (Vice President, Connected Products, Avery Dennison) shares insights into digital triggers and how they are enabling brands to create more sustainable, resilient and circular supply chains. Opaque supply chains are one of the most systemic issues in the fashion industry, we have the tech to solve this issue but why is adoption not yet solved? Max is responsible for leading Avery Dennison's digital venture, which has built the world's leading connected product cloud, enabling any everyday item to have a unique digital identity. It is already being used by adidas which will tag all of the 1.2 billion products it makes each year. adidas is utilizing the cloud-based platform for circularity and unique consumer-product interactions. It means buyers will be able to sell products back to adidas, giving them a second life. As well as adidas, three of the five largest apparel companies in the world are using it. With guest host Simeon Siegel. See for privacy information.
Digital-only fashion house republiqe will drop a limited edition, matching pair of bespoke digital outfits, a puffer jacket and a dress, which will be auctioned separately as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), at the forefront of this booming digital revolution. The one-of-a-kind digital outfits will be available online for auction for one month starting today and concluding on Tuesday, 4th May. Additionally, republiqe will donate 50% of the proceeds to Britain's National Health Service (NHS) in tribute to their fight against the ongoing pandemic. Founded in Singapore, republiqe is the world’s first digital-only luxury fashion brand that can be worn in virtual realities. Taking the lead in addressing the detrimental and irreparable climate crisis caused by our fast fashion culture, republiqe first launched the innovative solution to climate crisis via an eco-friendly wardrobe last August. . Founder and Creative Director of republiqe, James Gaubert joins to discuss: fashion brands revolutionizing community support during a pandemic via NFTs; what can we expect next from digital fashion and the cryptocurrency space; and, aside from adopting sustainability methods within the business in fashion, how else is fashion contributing positively on a larger scale to humankind? With guest host Ilan Tito. See for privacy information.
Some time ago while we on location at Shoptalk, we invited NewStore CEO Stephan Schambach  onto the show. NewStore is a mobile platform that enables retailers to run their physical stores on an iPhone. Recently on another MouthMedia podcast, Retail is Your Business, Stephen joined Marc Raco and Rebecca Fitts to discuss his new report that assessed nearly 200 brands – while many retailers have done a good job of implementing services during COVID to make the customer experience more convenient and safe, like BOPIS and curbside pickup, online storefronts and physical locations are not truly integrated. Therefore, they have “paper mache” omnichannel capabilities that will soon fail as they aren’t long-term solutions. We thoughts this useful discussion would be of value to our Fashion Is Your Business listeners, so here’s that conversation, right here on FIYB. Enjoy! See for privacy information.
With a finger on the pulse of all things culture, Retail Prophet’s Director of Insights Reilly Stephens leverages her understanding and network in the music, tech, marketing and advertising industry to keep the team up to speed on grassroots movement and trends. On "Retail Is Your Business" podcast, she shares insights on how brands and retailers have navigated the pandemic, opportunities and challenges, along with thoughts on drones, user-generated content, and digital fashion, and the roles of media and content in building better bridges between physical and digital commerce. With host Rebecca Fitts. See for privacy information.
Paving the path to revolutionize not just re-commerce, but the entire retail industry, Fashionphile announced an investment and minority stake from global retailer Neiman Marcus Group. The strategic partnership makes Neiman Marcus the first major luxury retailer to expand into the pre-owned market, a move that will include the opening of physical Fashionphile selling studios inside Neiman Marcus locations across the country. Sarah Davis is the  Founder, President and fashion technology pioneer who invented the re-commerce category when it comes to luxury handbags and accessories with the start of her company Fashionphile, and she shares her experience launching the largest online platform for buying and selling ultra-luxury handbags and accessories (first as an eBay incubator), the lessons she's learned as the leader of a company that just celebrated its 20-year anniversary this year, and the future of retail and its intersections with innovative authentication technology and sustainability. See for privacy information.
CALA is the world's first fashion house technology that makes it easy for creative influencers to design, produce, and deliver their own fully-custom apparel. CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Wyatt takes us inside CALA, including how CALA offers creators the customized elegance of couture fashion with the manufacturing capabilities of the largest mass-market players, instead of the need for creators to try to do it all themselves or limiting their creativity to what print-on-demand companies or single factory cut and sew shops can provide. See for privacy information.
Online multi-brand concept store and wholesale e-commerce platform The Folklore distributes luxury designer fashion and lifestyle products from Africa and the diaspora to  global consumers and retailers. Founder Amira Rasool shares the primary mission to supply the world with greater access to luxury goods from Africa and the diaspora in a convenient, ethical and curated manner; the path to building a brand from dragging stuffed suitcases across the world to a major partnership; navigating the pandemic; and serious musical taste. See for privacy information.
There's a shift in consumer interest to a digital-first shopping format and retailers have been rapidly reinventing their business operating models to align with the current environment. Karl Haller, Partner, Consumer Center of Competency (CoC) Leader at IBM joins to go inside this story.   See for privacy information.
Providing marketing and inventory management services for manufacturers selling on Amazon, SupplyKick executes advertising, marketing, logistics, and brand and intellectual property protection for sellers to build businesses on Amazon. Founder/CEO Chris Palmer shares how SupplyKick acts on behalf of those businesses to increase their Amazon sales, helping protect their brand sin the process. See for privacy information.
As the largest young women’s media brand in the world, Cosmopolitan really knows their audience, which is why Nancy Berger (SVP and Publishing Director for Cosmopolitan, Women's Health and Seventeen) and team have looked closely at how their shopping habits have changed during this time. In addition, this past August, they have launched the first ever shopping event targeted to Gen-Z and Millennials called Hauliday. Nancy shares trends she has seen and offers insights into successful shopping events like Hauliday. See for privacy information.
Courser is the first supercharged, Hyper-luxe performance sneaker. Launched in December 2020, Courser is a radical departure from how most sneakers are built and produced. With Courser, husband and wife duo Michael Petry and Laurie Spiro hope to define a new frontier for footwear, combining athletic style and luxury to create a never before seen third space in the sneaker category: Hyper-luxe. Courser’s revolutionary first of its kind shoe is rebellious, exclusive, and innovative - for the gym and the street, valued at $825. Petry has a reputation as ‘The Brand Whisperer,’ known for growing brands such as Tumi, Prada, adidas and The Frye Company. It's an insightful, smart conversation on luxury-tech, entrepreneurship, the luxury footwear space and how it all interacts. See for privacy information.
The post-sales consumer experience is an area of the customer journey that's overlooked by many retailers. Tobias Buxhoidt, CEO and co-founder of parcelLab,  was recently on another Mouthmedia Network show “Retail is Your Business” with Marc Raco and retail expert Rebecca Fitts. Tobias has worked in logistics and warehouse operations for over 20 years and now helps over 500 retailers including Ikea, H&M, Puma, Farfetch, and Nespresso improve their post-sales operations and related consumer experience. See for privacy information.
Endear is on a mission to change the way the retail industry thinks about driving and tracking sales. Co-founder Leigh Sevin tells how Endear is on a mission to change the way the retail industry thinks about driving and tracking sales; how as retail's first omni-channel CRM, Endear empowers salespeople to do their best work over remote channels like email and text when face-to-face selling is slow or simply not an option; and how, with Endear's messaging platform, sales teams can reach out to more customers without sacrificing personal touch while the app tracks how outreach converts into sales, both online and in-store, so brands can reward salespeople for their efforts. See for privacy information.
The Lead’s Foremost 50 is the annual power list recognizing high-growth D2C brands that are reinventing and redefining the future of the fashion, retail, and consumer industries. Co-Founder & CEO, Noah Gellman and Chief Product Officer Sonal Gandhi offer insights into the Foremost 50 list, and The Lead’s mission to bridge the fashion, retail, and consumer industries with the global Silicon Valley through research, content and executive gatherings ranging from 35 people to 2,000. They share The Lead’s hyper-focus on innovation across the entire fashion-retail-commerce value chain including marketing, e-commerce, stores, supply chain, and more, and the work to reveal what is coming next and to help our community get ahead of it. See for privacy information.
Managing director of Cleo Capital and contributing editor at Marie Claire Magazine Sarah Kunst has served as a senior advisor at Bumble where she focused on their corporate VC arm Bumble Fund and on the board of the Michigan State University Foundation endowment. Sarah joins "Fashion Is Your Business" podcast and guest host Simeon Siegel to explore how the need for change is driving innovation. Sarah has been named a Future Innovator by Vanity Fair, Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 and a top 25 innovator in tech by Cool Hunting. She has been recognized for her work in Business Insider as a 30 under 30 Woman in Tech and Top African-American in Tech & Pitchbook Top Black VC To Watch and honored as a top woman in VC by the Wall St. Journal. See for privacy information.
Fashion sustainability initiative U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol has welcomed new member global retailer Gap Inc (brands include  Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta). Alice Hartley, Director of Product Sustainability at Gap Inc. and Dr. Gary Adams, President of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. talk through how Gap Inc., which already sources 57% of its cotton from sustainable sources, is joining the Trust Protocol to enable it to progress towards its target of using 100% sustainably sourced cotton across all its products by 2025.  See for privacy information.
Founders and former Athleta designers, Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco, who are committed to reducing the collective carbon footprint with their collection of well-edited, sustainable, and functional wardrobe essentials, share the inside story of epoque evolution. The company is all about providing well-edited pieces that can be worn 24/7, are easy to wash, quick to dry, and responsibly crafted with functional fabrics in solar power facilities, so women can live their life without having to shop or pack for it. Along with their latest FW20 Collection, epoque evolution chooses sustainable, organic, upcycled, deadstock and post-consumer waste recycled fibers, and works with mills that are committed to best practices. See for privacy information.
For the first time, e-commerce will not just be a channel for transactions – people can now actually browse and shop online, just like they did in-store. In this episode of "Retail Is Your Business" podcast, Ben Rodier, Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer at Salesfloor, shares how the company offers a mobile application platform designed for store associates so they can personalize each interaction with consumers, whether that’s in-store, online, on social – any channel, helping clients get a 10x lift in online conversions and 47% increase in average order values, compared to traditional e-commerce metrics. Salesfloor is enabling store associates to go virtual where consumers are met on retailer and brand websites by an associate from a local store near the consumer and can help guide the shopping experience by offering product / apparel recommendations, can demo items via live video chat, etc. See for privacy information.
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